Monday, October 17, 2016

Day Book: Monday 10/17/16

Outside my window... it's quiet and sunny.

I am thinking... that I love it when a kitten decides to take a nap on me... as one is right now!

I am thankful for... my kittens. I love them.

From the learning rooms... today is a day off school for my son (end of grading period). My daughter doesn't have to drive to college today either but she will work on her online classes.  I received an email this morning that there are 4 kids pre-registered for the New Driver Drugs and Alcohol mandatory class that my son has to attend before he can present himself for the Learner's Permit test.  They need at least 6 kids to hold the class so I hope 2 more sign up in the next month or he'll have to wait until February (I think) to take the next one.

From the kitchen... I baked a batch of Grape Nuts mixture first thing this morning.  It's cooling off right now and then I'll process it in the food processor and rebake it for an hour so it gets crispy.  I need to bake something with the pears and now I'm leaning towards a Fresh Pear Torta. I also need to check the pumpkin puree and pie crust that I had defrosted. If they didn't go bad, I'll bake a pumpkin pie. Dinner tonight will be those seasoned chicken breasts that I should have cooked several nights ago already.  I'll probably make some pasta to go with them.

I am wearing... still in my PJs!

I am creating... a To Do List :)

I am going... to watch Law & Order all day today!

I am reading... "The Scarecrow" by Michael Connelly

I am hoping... that the cost of the bathroom "remodels" won't be astronomical.

I am hearing... Law & Order episode playing in my Blu Ray player, a cat eating their food in the Cat Room

Around the house... Greg went to work, my son just got up a little while ago and is probably on his computer, my daughter is still sleeping, the kittens are taking a nap (Explorer is on my chest as I type this, he seems to enjoy the motion!).

One of my favorite things... my Kindle this past week. It provided me with reading materials and the ability to check my email, Feedly, and surf the net on the same device, and it provided the kittens with entertainment as I played the Cat Games-Catching Black Mice! movie for them on Amazon Prime Instant.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm waiting for the BathFitters people to contact me about coming to do an in-home estimate (hopefully Thursday), probably grocery shopping tomorrow as the kittens have their vet's appointment on Wednesday (deworming, first round of shots) and then I really need to motivate myself to cross off a lot of stuff off my To Do List already!

Here is the picture I am sharing... what else?


  1. Aww...look at that face! Melts my heart!

    I hope enough students sign up for the driving class so your son can take it now. Our schools here don't offer drivers ed. anymore; or, at least, my daughter's school system didn't.

    Hope you have a good day,today, and show that To Do list who is the boss! :D

    1. I hope so too because I'd like him to take the permit exam as soon as he turns 15 so he can get his driver's license as soon as he turns 16.

      Our school district has a scholarship program for the driver's ed course, that the kids take either after school over a number of weeks or on Saturday mornings over a number of weekends. The scholarships are first come, first served, I think and if he gets it (he has to obtain the permit first), he'd be our 5th kid to get it (Greg's oldest had refused to take driving lessons and consequently had to learn how to drive as an adult, which proved a hindrance). I hope he gets it. We'll teach him how to drive the stick shift ourselves anyway, but it's good practice and also the kids like driving with someone else than their parent (well, than me, because I'm not the calm person I ought to be!).

      "Show that To Do list Who Is the Boss" is going to be my new motto, lol. I need that printed on a t-shirt! Thanks, Bless!

  2. Your kittens are still very cute, I can see why you enjoy the cuddles xx


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