Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day Book: Saturday 10/8/16

Since my whole focus this week was on Hurricane Matthew and preparations, I decided to write a "Day Book" for today to help myself regroup and think of what needs to be done now. I'll also resume posting every day, I think.

Outside my window... it's nice and sunny at 9;34 a.m.  Everything is so quiet, though.

I am thinking... that I have no idea of what I should be doing. It's hard to do anything when I constantly have kittens on me. I have to wean them of that habit but they're babies and truth is, I enjoying the cuddling time.

I am thankful for... not having to deal with any aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, quite frankly.

From the learning rooms... I saw my son do schoolwork yesterday.  We already know he'll have to make up the 2 school days lost from this past week during Thanksgiving Week.  I'm not sure about my daughter.  She and her BFF have an appointment with a UCF advisor on Monday to ask them some questions. For instance, she is guaranteed acceptance into UCF because she will have earned her AA from an affiliated state college in May, but she doesn't know if she still has to officially apply, submit an essay, and if she does have to apply, does she apply as a freshman (as UF wants her to do) or as a transfer?  You'd think all those questions would have been addressed in their FAQs but apparently not.  She's strongly leaning towards UCF now, although she wants to live in a dorm and not commute from here nor live at her dad's (who lives within 2 miles of the UCF campus itself).

From the kitchen... I didn't do the dishes last night so that's one task I have to do today.  Dinner will be what I had planned to cook last night: pasta and grilled smoked turkey sausage and a spinach salad.  I might make spinach and mandarin salad for a change, if I have canned mandarins.

I am wearing... still in my PJs: grey bottom with while and blue polka dot flowers and a pink Vneck t-shirt as a top.

I am creating... as usual, nothing. I'm not creative so I really should just take that category out of my Day Book because it seems to create guilt in me.

I am going... to the vet's in a few minutes to pick up more kitten food for my voracious little beasts (I called them already and they put their last bag of it aside for me) and then to the thrift store to find another uncovered litter box, bed and food bowls so I can keep a set of those in my bedroom upstairs and not have to keep on moving them up and down every night and morning.  Greg and I might go for a walk this afternoon!

I am reading... nothing right now and I should get back to reading. I miss it and I need to finish the "Sri Lankan Cuisine" library book that is due soon and read those "Florida's Fabulous..." books too.

I am hoping... that Greg doesn't get stuck in the mud as he is about to go fishing and he likes to explore the back trails of the Withlacoochee Forest with his NOT four-wheel drive truck :)

I am hearing... kittens crunching on their food, Greg just walked in to kiss me goodbye, classical music on the Roku (IHeartradio, WQXR)

Around the house...  it's 10 am..  The kids are still asleep.  I still haven't put everything back in its place after stashing things everywhere in case we got hurricane damage.  But the house isn't messy, it's just not in its usual state.

One of my favorite things... they're not things but my very favorite right now are my kittens. I looooooove them.  I was tempted to adopt 3 more when my daughter texted on Thursday that her BFF's aunt had just found 3 kittens, about the same age as ours, in her boat in Orange County and doesn't want to keep them! I told Greg we'd have enough to have a kitten basketball team!  I was joking but then he brought it up this morning. Uh oh. No, we CANNOT have 9 cats.

A few plans for the rest of the weekend... Greg just mentioned we should go take a walk this afternoon.  I suppose I should move everything back in place, including all the pots back on the berm, the patio furniture, etc.

Here is the picture I am sharing... my view of the living room from the couch... it's all about the kittens now!  I can't wait until we get the special carpet that can be positioned for them to explore tunnels, etc. It'll be like having meerkats in the living room!


  1. ...having meerkats in the living room... hahaha, you are too funny!

    Going back to normal here, too. I guess that means folding some laundry. Dangit!

    1. I'm giving myself a break with the laundry this week as I did it again just before the hurricane. We have plenty of clothes. I don't feel like being very domestic today. How long can I milk that stress let-down after effect? 2, 3 weeks?!


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