Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Grocery Shopping This Week

Wednesday is my main shopping day. My official 2016 weekly grocery budget is $100/wk for 4 people (2 adults, 2 teens) but I really aim to spend $50 or less.

This wasn't a very exciting week.  Few of what I bought was actually on sale and I didn't visit any stores where I could get things for free with gift cards or great coupon deals.  Plus, I went over budget this week as I needed to stock up on whiskey and I grabbed a few items that weren't on my list, and I didn't redeem any rebates on food.

However, I'm still very much under budget for the month so we're doing OK.

Let's see how I did!

Budget for the week: $100.00
Total OOP: $104.93
Rebates expected: $0.00
Total spent after rebates: $104.93
Money left in budget this week: over budget

Money left in budget for the month ($500 = 5 weeks @ $100): $157.87

Baking Supplies: $3.58 OOP

  1. The last couple of times I looked for chocolate chips at Aldi, they didn't have the mini chips that I prefer so I grabbed 2 bags when I saw them today. I almost bought more but they go on sale at $1.59 around the holidays so I'll stock up then.
  • 2 bags mini chocolate chips (Aldi) @ $1.79 each = $3.58

Beverages: $59.72 OOP

  1. One of Greg's indulgences is a bourbon after dinner. Thankfully though, he is no snob and the cheap Kentucky Gentleman bourbon is good enough for him.  I buy it 4 bottles at a time so I can qualify for the 10% off discount (and that way I only have to go there once every couple of months!)
  2. I was just saying yesterday that I couldn't wait to drink flavored coffee again so when I saw this seasonal item at Aldi priced at $1.99, I decided to treat myself.

  • 4 bottles whiskey (Winn Dixie) @ $14.99 each with Customer Rewards card, minus 10% discount for buying 4 bottles, + tax = $57.73
  • 1 canister vanilla caramel non dairy powder creamer (Aldi) @ $1.99

Breads/Baked Goods: $1.70 OOP
  • 2 loaves white bread (Aldi) @ $0.85 each = $1.70

 Cereals: $0.00 OOP
  • None

Dairy: $6.43 OOP
  1. Ricotta cheese wasn't on my list but since I bought 4 boxes of lasagna noodles last week, I figured I might as well get it!
  2. Whipped cream also wasn't on my list but I have a pumpkin pie to bake and my men always ask me if we have any whipped cream or vanilla ice cream to go with it, so I decided to spoil them.
  • 16 oz container ricotta cheese (Aldi) 2 $1.79
  • 4 cups yogurt (Aldi) @ $0.39 each = $1.56
  • 1 container light sour cream (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 can whipped cream (Save A Lot) @ $1.79

Dry/Pantry/Freezer Goods: $0.00 OOP 
  • None
Produce/Juice: $12.94
  1. Sometimes I'm inconsistent, but I try to count the canned veggies as "produce".  I just bought a large can similar to these at Aldi last week for $1.39 so when I saw them at $1.00 at Dollar Tree, I decided to stock up. It makes a tasty and easy side dish when I make burgers or pulled pork sandwiches.
  • 2.79 lbs bananas (Aldi) @ $0.44/lb = $1.23
  • 6 lbs gala apples (Aldi) on sale@ 3 lbs for $1.69  = $3.38
  • 2.52 lbs grapes (Save A Lot) @ $1.79/lb = $4.26
  • 2.62 lbs papaya (Save A Lot), on sale @ $0.79/lb = $2.07
  • 2 large cans baked beans (Dollar Tree) @ $1.00 each = $2.00

Proteins: $7.97 OOP
  1. I couldn't resist beef on 50% clearance. I'll cook it in the crockpot at some point.
  • 1 lb oven roasted turkey (Aldi) @ $3.49
  • 1 box breakfast sausages (Aldi) @ $1.09
  • 1.36 lbs beef bottom roast (Save A Lot), on 50% off clearance @ $2.49 lb = $3.39

Snacks: $12.59 OOP and received $1.50 in Balance Rewards
  1. Snacks is almost always my "problem area".  We already had protein bars but a couple of times I was stuck without any when they didn't restock so i grabbed 2 more boxes.
  2. I thought I'd make taco salad tonight with the tortilla chips, but now I'm thinking i'll make chicken burgers instead so the chips will be used for something else. Like my snacks :)
  3. Greg really liked that generic Cherry Garcia ice cream last week so I decided to treat him again because I love him.
  4. The donuts weren't necessary but at 75 cents a box, they'll make both kids happy... and it gives me a day's respite from baking, lol.
  • 2 boxes protein bars (Aldi) @ $1.99 each = $3.98
  • 1 pint ice cream (Aldi) @ $1.99
  • 1 package peanut butter crackers (Aldi) @ $0.89
  • 1 box Swiss rolls (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 4-ct package chocolate pudding cups (Aldi) @ $0.89
  • 1bag tortilla chips (Aldi) @ $1.19
  • 1 box powdered donuts (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @ $0.75
  • 1 bag Trolli sour worms (Walgreens), on sale @ $1.50 plus $0.11 in tax = $1.61 and received $1.50 back in Balance Rewards
Did you get any great deals at the grocery store this week?  Please link up or share your finds in the comments :)


  1. I think you did very well. Going over the weekly budget by less than $5 is quite acceptable, I think.

    1. True, especially since we're under budget for the month anyway (I only have 1 week left in my October budget). Now eating out... oh my, we've spent A LOT of money this month and the month is only about halfway over. Gulp.

  2. I think you did well, Nathalie. I have never seen the powdered creamer in our Aldi, but I have bought the liquid vanilla caramel flavored creamer and, oh my, it was gooooood! I also like the Italian sweet cream flavor.
    I have never seen the mini chocolate chips at our Aldi. I am going to look for them next time I go there. Last year they had the peanut butter chocolate chips but so far I am not seeing them this year. Hopefully they will have them again around the holidays and I can stock up.
    You and Greg make me smile. You sound like such a cute couple. I giggled when you said you decided to treat him with the ice cream again cause you love him. ;)

    1. You know what would be cuter? If he actually went to buy me donuts on Sunday mornings without my having to whine about it. Even when I whine that I want donuts, he doesn't go. And a Dunkin' Donuts just opened this summer 5 minutes from our house so he doesn't have a good excuse. LOL.

      I've seen those liquid creamers. I'm always tempted but then I'd be afraid they'd go bad in the fridge. So the powder is fine, especially now that it's not as humid as it was this summer.

      My Aldi used to only have the mini chocolate chips occasionally but over the last year, they've carried them year-round. I don't think I've ever seen the peanut butter chips, but they do have the butterscotch ones at my store.

  3. Great price on the beef bottom roast....and leftovers. Mmmm. "I decided to treat him again because I love him." Awwww!

    1. I do rag on him a lot but the truth is... I love, love him! Plus, if he gets plumper, I'll look thinner next to him without having to diet myself.

  4. That was a ton of things this week!! I want some of those powdered doughnuts!! My son's favorites are the mini ones that have the cinnamon powdered sugar on them. YUM!!! Looks like you did great with getting things and I am sure the month w2ith end up under with that much left!!

    1. I need to remember to not buy those donuts next time. The kids don't really care for them so half the box is sitting there on the kitchen table and no one is touching them. It's not such a good deal if no one eats them!

  5. I love love love those flavored coffee creamers! I always buy them when they are on sale (sometimes Publix has BOGOs) or at Aldi. My sister, who drinks her coffee black, turns her nose up at me and my "coffee-milk-sugar-beverage." Hrrrmmmpppfff.

    Not sure if my comments on your Monday and Tuesday posts went through. I was reading and commenting last night, maybe I was too tired to think straight, hahaha.

    1. Greg also drank his coffee black back when he drank coffee so I had to suffer and could never drink flavored coffee because he drank coffee all day and hogged the coffee pot. So I'm quite happy that he's quit coffee and now I can drink whatever I want, hahaha. That creamer is quite good... but not calorie free, unfortunately :(

      I did publish one of your earlier comments last night before I fell asleep, and then the rest of them just now :) No, you're not senile!


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