Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Would Lose Weight, But I Don't Like Losing! ~ Wednesday 10/12/16

Another night away from the kittens but I didn't feel nearly as guilty this time :)  I took them up to my bedroom at 10:00 p.m.,  settled on the couch to read my library book, and fell asleep shortly after.  I didn't even hear Greg go up!

This morning I went to get them at about 6:30 a.m.  They once again were on top of my bed (so much for those cat beds I bought!) and didn't seem to have eaten much or used the litterbox, which is odd since, when I slept with them, they would eat all night!  They launched themselves at the food bowls when I turned on the light but I scooped them up and brought them downstairs so they could eat breakfast in the living room.

Today is Shopping Day and I'm blah about it.  I have a long list of stores I should visit but you know, I think I might skip the "deals" today and just go to Aldi.  I say that now but I do like "the hunt" so I'll probably end up going to all the stores and more. Sigh.

My daughter has an appointment at Walt Disney World Casting this afternoon to sign her new hire paperwork. I need to remind her to bring her passport and social security card with her since she put them away safely during the hurricane.

Today is usually "early release" day for the public school kids in my county, where they are released one hour earlier. But because of the one day of school missed because of a storm that we never did get, they have a regular schedule for 5 weeks.

I don't think I'm going to post my To Do List today because I'll be gone all morning shopping and then I'll be dealing with putting everything away and typing my Grocery Shopping post so, realistically, I won't get much else done!

  • I brewed a pof of half caf coffee, using the free bag of decaf that I had won from Wawa.

  • I packed leftovers in Greg's lunch.

  • Our son packed a lunch to take to school and rode the school bus.

  • Greg brought me a paper sleeve from the driveway before he left for school and we were both confused because I get the Thursday paper but not the Wednesday paper... after thinking hard about what day of the week it was (did we miss one?!), we concluded  the delivery person had made a mistake. When I opened the sleeve, it wasn't the paper per se, but a bunch of inserts, including 2 copies of last Sunday's coupon inserts!  Woohoo! 

  • Instead of clipping and sorting all the coupons that I had printed and from the inserts, I just cut out the ones that I knew I would be using today.

  • I left on my errands. I brought a travel mug of coffee with me and I had peanut butter crackers in my purse.

  • Even though I had said I would only go to Aldi, you all knew that I wouldn't, right?! Oh come on, you should know me by now...
    • RaceTrac#1: I redeemed a survey reward code for a free apple fritter donut for my son's snack.

    • Save  A Lot:
      • I only wanted the 3-lb bags of apples on sale for $1.99.  I found 2 bags of Golden delicious with 10 and 11 apples in them (the other varieties only had 9).
      • But then I circled the store's outside to see what clearances they might have and I noticed that ALL their deli pizzas were past their sell-by dates, by several days, without being marked down.  I grabbed 2 cheese pizzas and asked the cashier if I should get them for 50% off so she only rang 1 up.  Woohoo!   
      • My OOP was $9.47 and I paid with my USAA Visa (10% back)
      • I will get $0.25 back from Checkout 51 for the apples.

    • RaceTrac #2: Gas it 10 cents a gallon cheaper in Clermont (@ $2.09/gal) than in my neck of the woods, but I didn't need gas.  I redeemed another survey reward code for another free apple fritter donut for my son's snack (that one is in the fridge, for tomorrow).

    • SuperTarget:
      • All I wanted was strawberries.  Thankfully about half their stock was Driscoll's and they were "on sale" @ $2.99 a lb.  I bought 4 packages of 1 lb each and redeemed my 25% Cartwheel offer and (4) $1.00/1 coupons from the Driscoll's Consumer Advisory Panel.  I had forgotten to bring a bag and forgot to ask the cashier to give me the 5 cents off anyway since I told her not to give me any plastic bags.  Dang it. My OOP was $4.96 and I paid with USAA Visa (10% back)

    • CVS:  It was a super disappointing trip! I did 2 transactions:
      • Transaction #1:
        • I bought 1 gallon of whole milk on sale @ $2.69
        • I bought 2 cans of Campbell's cream of chicken soup, on sale @ $1.00 each and I redeemed a $1.00/2 digital store coupon and a $0.40/2 clipped coupon from an insert to get them for 30 cents each.
        • I wanted 2 dozen eggs on sale @ $0.99 each but they were out of them. I got a rain check and decided not to buy them anywhere else since I still have 2 dozens in the fridge.
        • I also wanted (3) 12-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper, on sale at 3 for $10 but there was a digital store coupon for $2.00/3 so I would have gotten them for $8.00.  However, they were completely out!  I got a raincheck but it's for the 3 for $10 price and if my store coupon expires first, I'll be out of luck.  I was planning by driving by another CVS to see if they had it and the eggs too, but later on I developed a headache and that CVS is out of my way, so I decided not to bother. Maybe I'll go back out later on in the week.
        • My OOP was $3.29 but it was all FREE to me since I paid with one of my CVS gift cards earned via our American Express Rewards program.
        • I will get $0.25 back from Ibotta for the milk.

      • Transaction #2:
        • I found a draft stopper on clearance. It was $9.99 originally but when I checked the price at the kiosk, it was marked down to 99 cents!  I was going to make a couple of them with cat litter, old panty hose, and fabric that I have (as I did last year) but this saves me work :)

        • I wanted new inserts for my extra pair of walking shoes to treat my plantar fasciitis.  CVS had an offer for all their CVS Health footcare for Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% off.  The only inserts they had that were marked specifically for plantar fasciitis were sold in a 2 pack for $23.99.  Oh well, I'll probably need to wear those for a while. I also bought a 2-pack of inserts for flat shoes, since I like to wear ballet flats a lot.  I got those for 50% off so they were $4.99.

        • At the register, the $2 "health" coupon that I had uploaded to my app yesterday was applied.
        • So my OOP was $28.04. At first it was $30.04 (before the coupon came off) and my cashier is so used to me paying very little for my stuff, that she read the total as "$3.04" and couldn't understand why the register was telling her that it was $30.04, lol. This is the 2nd time that it happens and it cracks me up.  I told her that sometimes, I do spend a lot of money :)
        • I paid with my USAA Visa card for 10% back.
        • I should have put one pair of insoles in my walking shoes right away but I didn't.  Consequently, my heel started hurting again today. Sometimes, I'm also dumb!  I was wearing my alternate pair of walking shoes since my regular pair got all wet and muddy when Greg and I were walking at Colt Creek State Park on Sunday and I still haven't cleaned them. I need to throw those inserts in the washing machine.

    • Home Depot:
      • Greg had told me that for Christmas, he wanted some metal sawhorse holders.  It's just the brackets and then you use 2 x 4's to build your own sawhorses. I'm not sure why he wanted that type instead of new sawhorses (his old ones that I had given him for Christmas many years ago are falling apart) but I found them for $6.97 a pair so I bought 2 boxes and I'll give them to him for his birthday since I didn't get the Diet Dr. Pepper.  OOP was $14.92 and I paid with USAA Visa (10% back)

      • I also bought a $75 Home Depot gift card.  I paid with my American Express (1% back, I think) and received a $15.00 statement credit because I had uploaded a special offer to my account. I will use the card for gardening and landscape projects in the Spring. Greg also has the same offer on his card, so if we go out to Leesburg this weekend, I'll ask him to stop by Home Depot there and we'll get a restaurant gift card this time, probably Red Lobster since we like to go there once in a while.

    • Aldi:
      • I thought it would be super busy but it wasn't, which was really nice.  I bought what was on my list but then I also stocked up on a few things:
        • Lint rollers, which were on sale for $1.99 a pack of 3.  With 6 cats at home, we need those!  I bought 2 packs because we still have some, I think.
        • Paper plates. I missed going to Walgreens to get those when they were on sale for $0.89 for 60. They're flimsy but I don't care since I have plastic holders for them.  However, Walgreens didn't have them on sale and I kind of need them because I hate doing the dishes so when we have pizza or grilled cheese, I'd rather use paper plates.  I paid $2.99 for 80 (I think) at Aldi, which is wayyyy more than I wanted to spend, but I also didn't want to go to Dollar Tree to see if they had any.
        • Cat litter.  I think I'm going to need to buy a lot more of it moving forward, lol.  I bought another 4 jugs today.
        • Lasagna noodles!  As I posted from the store, they don't always have those and today they had 2 cases of them right at the end of the Halloween candy aisle at my store, so I bought 4 boxes. That should last me a long time because I don't make lasagna all that often.
        • I bought 2 large cans of yams in syrup to make Greg's favorite Sweet Potato Casserole (or Yam casserole, in this case) for the holidays. Only when I got home, I realized that I already had one can in stock. Oh well!
        • Squashes!  After buying 2 large butternut squashes for $1.69 each at Aldi a couple of weeks ago (and I had also gotten one for pennies at Publix the week prior!), I couldn't resist them being on sale at Aldi this week for just 99 cents each.  So I bought 3 more!  Only my cashier, in his rush, kind of threw them into my cart so now one of them has a big gouge (didn't realize it until I got home) so I'll have to cook that one soon. No problem, I looooove Butternut Squash Soup!  I also bought 2 acorn squashes, at 99 cents each as well.
        • Jellied cranberry sauce for 99 cents. I bought 2 cans.  I probably could have gotten it cheaper if I had waited, but I didn't want to run the risk not to have any and that's the kind Greg and our son prefer.
        • I bought Greg a pint of generic Cherry Garcia ice cream. I've hidden it and he will have it for his birthday. It was just $1.99!
      • Add to that the regular stuff that I buy and my OOP for everything was $66.40.  I paid with USAA Visa for 10% back.
      • I will get $0.30 back from MobiSave (pretzels, bananas, bread).

    • Bath & Body Works: I redeemed a coupon for a free PocketBac. I picked the bottle with the Eiffel Tower on it, of course!   I'll probably give it to my BFF for Christmas.

    • Wawa: 
      • I had downloaded the app but forgotten to bring with me the log in information for my Wawa account that I had created several months ago!  So I spent some time in my car, signing up for a new account. It took a while because the app wasn't working well at first and then I got through confirming my account but then it wouldn't let me sign in so I had to request a new password, etc.  Grrr. Finally, it worked.  
      • So I went inside and bought a $5 Wawa gift card, that I charged to my USAA Visa for 10% back.  

      • I went back to my car, uploaded the gift card to my app, and instantaneously received 2 freebies, woohoo! 
        • A freebie for signing up (choice of coffee, fountain drink or Icee)

        • and another because they're giving away one freebie a week to their Rewards members for the rest of the year, which is why I invested $5, which is the smallest amount you can put on a gift card in-store.  This week's freebie was a 16 oz Handcrafted Latte.  I picked a Mint White Chocolate latte made with skim milk and NO whipped cream (yay me?). It was very sweet but delicious. 

    • Dentist:
      • My son needed more of the PreviDent Booster Plus toothpaste that's supposed to prevent cavities (but doesn't but I keep on buying it anyway!).  I chatted with the hygienists for a few minutes. They were supposed to have moved to a new building but construction is taking much longer than planned. Also my favorite receptionist retired and I didn't know :(  I think I might drop off a card and gc for her at some point, she was awesome.
      • Anyhoo, the OOP for that was $15 (FIFTEEN dollars for toothpaste that, so far, hasn't prevented cavities!) and I paid with my Health FSA account's Visa card so it was tax-free money that had already been set aside.

    • Chinese restaurant:
      • By the time I pulled up in the Publix parking lot, I was developing a headache and I was hungry so I stopped by the Chinese restaurant and ordered my usual General Tso's Combination Platter.  Cost was $9.90 and I paid with USAA Visa for 10% back.
      • While they were getting the order ready, I went to Publix, next door.

    • Publix:
      • I only bought the Barber Foods Chicken that was on BOGO at $5.49 each. I bought 6 boxes (4 boxes of the Breaded Chicken Cordon Bleu and 2 boxes of the Breaded Scallop and Lobster Stuffed Chicken) and redeemed (2) Buy 2, Get 1 free manufacturer coupons so I paid for 1 box and got 5 of them free. I was nervous that the older cashier would get confused and refuse the coupons but she didn't and she was very excited for me, which was cute, lol!  My OOP was $5.49 and I paid with my USAA Visa card for 10% back.  

      • If you keep track of me like Susan does, you might wonder why I'm not paying with the $25 Publix gift card that I got recently with our USAA Visa Rewards program. But that's because the card only gives us 10% back until mid November and I want to maximize our earnings (especially since it took me a couple of months to realize that the offer was on, grrr, so much reward money unearned!) so I'm paying for most everything with the USAA Visa card and I will return to use gift cards and various credit cards depending on the store after that offer has expired. And yes, I should have stopped paying for the CVS stuff with the gift cards as well during that time!

    • Library:
      • I picked up a season of Law & Order DVDs that I had put on hold.
      • I checked the donation pile and found an issue of Cook's Illustrated. The Frugal Girl always talks about Cook's Illustrated so I figured I would check it out... for free :)

  • I finally made it home at a little past noon.  I had left at about 9 a.m. so it wasn't too bad.  The kittens were awake and excited to see me, so we cuddled for a minute and then I unloaded the car, took my pictures, and put everything away. To my great relief, I did find room for everything in the fridge and the freezers :)

  • I submitted my receipts for rebates from Mobisave, Checkout 51, and Ibotta, after my accountant approved them, of course!

  • I couldn't eat all of my lunch so I'll have leftovers for tomorrow.

  • It started raining a bit at 1:15 p.m. (it also rained a bit last night). Every little amount of rain is water I don't have to spend to water my potted herbs and plants :)

  • My daughter texted me that her BFF got a job at Dollar General!  I'm going to have to start shopping there, lol.

  • I took an Advil for my headache. I don't like taking pills, but darn it, that thing wasn't going away and a little pill will take care of it in under 30 minutes so why suffer, right?

  • I had spotted some things that I wanted to purchase from a new catalog as Christmas gifts last night, but when I went to place the order, they no longer had that item. However, I found it on Amazon, cheaper and with Prime shipping (so free to me).  So I looked for the other items on Amazon and I found similar items, all with Prime shipping, so that'll save me money!  I charged them to my USAA Visa card for 10% back. I also went through Swagbucks so I should get 3% back in Swagbucks for 2/3 of my purchase since it qualifies for that rebate (I think?).

  • MobiSave and Checkout 51 credited my accounts.

  • My daughter found a Coke product cap somewhere and brought it back to me :)

  • I kept track of all our expenses in my various spreadsheets.

  • For dinner, I cooked one of the deli cheese pizzas bought today at 50% off clearance. My daughter didn't want to eat dinner as she ate her leftovers from Panda Express in the early evening.  My son wanted his slices plain. For Greg and myself, I used up some slices of Hormel pepperoni from a package that had been opened quite a while ago (it was in a baggie so it was fine but I wanted it gone!) and I sliced some fresh mushrooms from Aldi ($0.69 today for 8 oz) on there too.  I also made a spinach strawberry salad with half a bag of spinach from Aldi that had a sell-by date of 10/05 so I''ll be needing to make a lot more salads in the next couple of days!  I also opened a package of Driscoll's strawberries bought today at SuperTarget. What a disappointment!  3 of them were moldy (I cut off the moldy parts) and the rest are so soft that they are almost mushy. I wrote my observations in Sharpie on top of the box for when I take the survey on this particular box. I'm sure if the fault of the produce department manager at Target, not Driscoll's but driving the 40 minutes round trip to SuperTarget to return a package of strawberries that cost me just above $1.00 isn't worth the price of the gas.  I had looked at the package carefully, but the moldy bits were hidden on the inside, invisible from the outside.

  • I thought I was going to have to get a new oven thermometer because mine fell on the ground and broke apart, but I put it back together and it works just fine (it's not a high-tech device, just a cheapie one that I've had for years!).

  • I  earned the daily Bing Rewards credits and a few Swagbucks.

  • I entered bonus code SUMMERBONUS4MOMS in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account and earned 100 KFR points.

  • Gas to run errands today and for my daughter to drive to her college class and Walt Disney World.

  • Lunch from the Chinese restaurant for myself. However, my headache didn't go away.

  • Lunch from Panda Express for my daughter. Since she was going from the college to Walt Disney World directly, I told her to buy herself lunch and to charge it to my Discover card. She was appreciative :)

  • Gas to drive my son to the library for his teen program when it was raining.  He walked home shortly after because none of the other teens showed up :(

  • I've put on 2.8 lbs.  Bleh. 

  • I never looked at my receipt when I went to Save A Lot last Friday... the pears I bought weren't $0.79/lb! They were $0.79 EACH.  Arrrgh.  Good thing I only bought 3 pears.

  • I didn't ask my daughter if I could redeem her free bagel reward at Panera today because I thought she would eat lunch there and get it. But she got lunch from Panda Express instead and didn't redeem it either.  Arrgh.  All those lovely free bagels are being wasted. She's only redeemed it twice and it's already 10/12!

  • I noticed that the floor vent near Greg's desk (one of two in our living room) was barely blowing any air when the AC is on, which means that the duct in the crawl space under the house has fallen off again. Usually Greg fixes it with  duct tape.  So right now we're really cooling off the underside of the house. Grrr.  I doubt he'll want to go there tonight as it'll be dark outside, although he usually has to use his flashlight thingie that wraps around his head anyway.

  • Took down the recycling to the curb late last night
  • Packed Greg's lunch
  • Kitten feeding time
  • Cooked Greg's breakfast
  • Did a load of dishes
  • Wiped the countertop and cooktop
  • Perused sales ads for Aldi and Save A Lot
  • Commented on blogs
  • Worked on shopping list
  • Sorted some coupons
  • Ran errands
  • Documented my trip and put everything away
  • Submitted rebates
  • Tried to eat lunch while being attacked by kittens!
  • Put more stuff away that had been displaced because of the hurricane 
  • Placed an order for Christmas presents
  • Cuddled with kittens
  • Selected new offers in MobiSave
  • Drove my son to library
  • Provided "nap support" to one kitten
  • Input my receipts into my spreadsheets
  • Wrote my "Grocery Shopping" post
  • Cooked dinner
  • Cuddled with a kitten who needs to keep her claws to herself!
  • Provided "nap support" to two kittens
  • Replied to blog comments

  • The scale says that I put on 2.8 lbs, which, presumably, would be due to what I ate yesterday although I skipped dinner!

  • For friendly cashiers today
  • For cuddling kittens
  • For my daughter's BFF having been hired at a part-time job!
  • For Amazon.  I kind of love Amazon.  Not their creepy Echo thingie, though.


  1. Sorry you gained some weight, but I suppose there will be some fluctuations from week to week. Overall, though, your weight is down and that's what matters. Hope the numbers will be better, next week.

    1. Absolutely, especially when I have stopped logging my calories and only exercised 2 days in the past week. I only have myself to blame. And btw it's 8:38 a.m. and I'm already eyeing the Chinese food leftovers from lunch yesterday. Fall is making me HUNGRY!

  2. Where do your older cats sleep at night?

    1. In what I call the Cat Room, which is our large entryroom. They have their favorite spots there: a big stuffed chair, a whole couch, several cat trees, and male cat has his own dedicated chair with a pillow on top. They can roam freely throughout the house but they stay there. It used to be a 1 car garage that was converted into an entryroom back in the 70s. It's located between the kitchen (at one end of the house) and the breezeway that leads to the older part of the house where the living room and most of the bedrooms are, but aside from the entry door to the house itself and the sliding door leading to the backyard, there aren't any doors, the room is wide open to the rest of the house.

      The reason why I don't let the kittens sleep downstairs is that they're still small enough to fit under the doors of my son's and daughter's bedrooms. Our doors have large gaps at the bottom, probably for air circulation. An easy fix (which I use in my bedroom upstairs to keep them IN) would be to use a draft stopper, but I don't trust the kids to use them consistently. My son's bedroom is full of things that could be dangerous to kittens if they got into it and from my daughter's bedroom they could get into the walls, possibly. There aren't any doors to close off the living room or any other part of the house. I'm really being over protective, but until they're a little bigger, they'll sleep in my bedroom on their own. I think it'll only be another month at the most, they're getting bigger everyday. It's amazing to see them stretch out now and realize that they're at the very least 3 times the size they were when we found them on August 30th!

  3. "I don't like losing." OMG. That is funny. I am going to steal that line. You are still down. You have still lost weight overall. Sorry I can't make any helpful suggestions because it would come across as the pot calling the kettle black. I know how I am supposed to eat, but doing it is harder.

    You did great limiting your errands to only Aldi's and TWELVE other places. But who's counting? It only took 3 hours? You must be extremely organized to do that well. Great use of coupons again. One box of Barber chicken at regular price and five for FREE. I'm glad your cashier knows the value of good couponing. Some of them react like you are taking money straight from their paychecks. They don't seem to get that the stores will be reimbursed fully for the merchandise, and in fact will make more money through the increased sales.

    I have been enjoying your blogs while in the hospital this week. It was too difficult to make comments, so I didn't. But I want you to know that you both distracted and entertained me.

    1. Go ahead and steal it, I stole it from a T-shirt I spotted in a catalog, lol. 1 step forward and 2 steps back but it's really all my fault.

      Leave it to you to count how many stops I made, LOL. I understand about not commenting, don't worry, it's horrible to try to do that from a phone or even a tablet, so I usually wait until I'm back on my laptop, myself. I haven't felt like commenting much this week, I've been unmotivated to do anything and it's starting to get to me.

      I'll be checking your blog for an update on your Sweetie in a little bit, I'm finishing today's post first :)

    2. ...after my accountant approved them, of course! <-- This and the picture with it made me laugh out loud!

    3. They really enjoy every piece of paper that I put on the couch near me. Especially those little RaceTrac receipts, which is annoying because I need them for the freebies!


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