Monday, October 10, 2016

Indulgent and Lazy Monday ~ 10/10/16

Blah I don't feel domestic at all this morning! I peeked at the weather report yesterday, saw that the temps will be in the 80s all week, and longed to go sit on my back patio and observe the birdies, once again.   Also, now that the kittens are sleeping with me at night (sigh), I really need a break from their constant attention.

So it's 9:55 am as I write this and I've been sitting on the back patio for 2 hours. It's in the 60's! I was wearing my exercise clothes (tank top) and I enjoyed the cooler weather so much that it took me a whole hour to decide to go get a cardigan because I was indeed cold :) 

However, the birdies didn't get the memo that our regular dates were back on, because none showed at the feeders:(

The signage didn't seem to help :(

I even posted a sentry but he had nothing to report all morning.

Still, as I was typing this, a new-to-me bird perched itself on the electric wire above the backyard! How exciting! I was able to photograph it before it took off. It didn't visit the feeder either. Maybe I should provide other foods than seeds. Suet? Mealworms? I shall investigate.

No squirrels either, they must have evacuated for the Hurricane. I can't say that I'm sad about that, but the backyard is eerily quiet and still and I don't think I like it!

Squirrel butt... but that was taken several hours later!
I'm typing this on my phone, which is challenging. Btw, if you had installed the Blogger app on your device, don't remove it! Google deleted it from the App Store, as I just found out, so you wouldn't be able to reinstall it. It's imperfect, but at least it's semi-functional.

My daughter helped her older brother move into his new apartment this weekend. This is Oldest Son who is not talking to me (or I'm not talking to him, at this point I don't even know anymore, but it really doesn't matter, it doesn't seem that either of us is in a rush to re-establish contact).  Apparently he is still working part-time at Starbucks and trying to get a job at a music school and learning the piano because far more people want to take piano lessons than trumpet lessons.  The new apartment is a one-bedroom apartment down in a pretty ritzy area of Southeast Orlando, which is he sharing with his girlfriend, who is still in college.  Last I had heard, her parents weren't in favor of her moving in with him and were threatening to cut off support (she still lived at home) if she did, so I hope that they ran the numbers and that they'll be able to live on his income. But none of that is my business.  Still, I had a couple of items to give them for them they moved in and I wish I had remembered to send them with my daughter on Saturday but with the hurricane, I completely forgot about it. I don't really care if they'll be well-received or not at this point, I just want them out of my house (and one of them had been purchased specifically for my son before our falling out. Have I missed my son?  Probably about how much as he's missing me.

It's now 5:19 p.m. and I'm now on the laptop. I stayed on the back patio until about 1 p.m.  I really needed a break from the kittens! I had opened the windows throughout the house and turned off the AC.  The cats enjoyed smelling the fresh air and the temp was "only" 76F (in living room) and 77F (in kitchen) when I got back inside.

I was feeling guilty not spending time with the kittens but as soon as I got back in the living room, they came swarming and we cuddled and I watched them play and then they took a very long nap on me. That's fine, I enjoyed it and I was finishing a library book on my Kindle and then reading blogs anyway.

So really nothing got done today (that's the lazy part). Well, I'm lying;

  • I baked rolls
  • I did the dishes
  • I finished a library book
  • I ate M&Ms and a whole bunch of other crap (that's the indulgent part)
And in order not to feel crappy about it (because Greg was hard at work at the office and our son hard at work at school while I lounged in the sun on the back patio eating M&Ms because I needed to escape three cute kittens for a few hours! and also because I didn't exercise), I'm not posting my To Do List today either. So there.

And then, I thought to myself "Why should I feel crappy about it?! I've been pretty much single-handedly taking care of the newborn then toddler kittens since August 30 and I was the only one who did any preparation for the hurricane and also did 100% of the worrying."  So no, dang it, I don't feel guilty.


  • I brewed 2 pots of half caf with the free decaf coffee won from Wawa. 

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work. 

  • Our son packed a lunch and rode the school bus. 

  • I defrosted another half loaf of chocolate pumpkin bread for his after-school snack. 

  • I defrosted black bean soup with chicken for dinner tonight. 

  • I made cheddar wheat roll dough in the breadmaker to bake rolls later on. However, I had a brain fart and used AP flour instead of bread flour when I read "white flour" so I hope the dough will still work! Update: it worked :)

  • I unlocked new offers in Ibotta, MobiSave and SavingStar. 

  • I had already planned a menu for the week but I have to tweak it a little. 

  • I'm not doing laundry today as I did it on Thursday night.  That's not really saving water or electricity unless you count the fact that I wouldn't have run "super" loads so in this sense, it did.

  • I uploaded digital manufacturer coupons to my Publix digital wallet. 

  • RaceTrac released a BOGO doughnut coupon in their app, but I get free donuts with the survey reward codes anyway. 

  • It's so nice outside, I just want to sit here and veg all day:) (Confession: that's what I ended up doing all day anyway).

  • I checked the weekly ads for CVS and Walgreens (I forgot to do that on Friday) and took notes of what I want to buy this week. If my CVS stocked up on 12-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper, it looks like that's what Greg will be getting for his birthday :)

  • I tweaked the menu a lot! I looked at my freezer and started defrosting stuff at random because I need to make room for Thanksgiving turkeys! 

  • I ran a full load of dishes in the dishwasher while my rolls were resting. The dough rose fine so maybe AP flour won't be too bad!

  • I wiped my countertop with my homemade orange peel degreaser.   

  • Lunch was the last of the taco shredded chicken (finally!) from last week and the few rigatoni noodles left from last night, with half a papaya. I ate on the porch, blissfully all by myself!  The kittens don't venture out of the living room and I feel slightly guilty about not paying them attention right now. 

  •  I finished reading the e-book from the library that I had started yesterday (so good and suspenseful!). Gotta love the library and e-books. I really prefer "real" books but it's nice not to have to drive anywhere when I want to read something!

  • This isn't really a "frugal" success because I spent $44 on it, but the new carpet for the cats came in and 2 out of 3 kittens highly recommend it!  Tabby Kitty and Princess went nuts over it pretty much instantly :) There was much running around, and jumping around, and scratching and biting it and exploring it and trying to fish a toy mouse that I had put in there on purpose.  Much success!  I'm sure Explorer will come around... at some point.

  • Another kind of success was telling the kittens who wanted to take  a nap on me, just now (5:30 p.m.) that they needed to go nap somewhere else because I'm a little over having hot fuzzy cats all over me for hours, now that we share the same bed on top of that. It's harder keeping them out of my bed (unless I leave them to have the bedroom and I sleep on the couch downstairs, which I might do because I'm just not sleeping well).  So two of them are sleeping in the "basket" of the cat tree and the other is curled up on the couch against my hip.  I feel like a big meanie but enough is enough!
That was taken earlier, when they took an almost 2 hour nap on me (the others were on my shoulder).
  • My daughter asked if she could stay at her BFF's past dinner time tonight. I don't know if that means they'll feed her dinner but I hope so?  It would be a nice way for them to thank her for driving the BFF to her own appointment with the UCF advisor, no? (the BFF doesn't have a car).  I told my daughter she had to be home by 9 p.m. because I go to sleep at about that time these days and I can't sleep until I know she's safely home. She hasn't replied so I'm sure she wasn't too happy. Oh well.

  • Once again Chili's offered me enough bonus points for a free appetizer if I go eat there in the next couple of days. I won't but I uploaded the offer to my account, all the same.  You never know!

  • AT&T texted me that, due to the hurricane, post-paid customers, such as ourselves, in selected areas "affected by the hurricane" who went over their data limit between 10/6 and 10/11 won't be charged extra.  They're also extending the AT&T Go customers' coverage by 4 days for free.  My county is included in the list, although we really didn't have any effects of the hurricane. Plus we didn't go over our data plan anyway since we didn't lose internet and were on Wifi the whole time.  But that's nice of them (not that they're not way overcharging us every day, anyway!).

  • I wanted to order new walking shoes from Kohl's today to use that $5 in Kohl's cash that they gifted me but that expires today or tomorrow but the 30% off code doesn't start until 10/13.  I did find a pair of shoes in a brand that I don't know but that people are raving about so I figured I'd try it, but the pair I want is not on sale, at $80. Even with my $20 in Kohl's cash and my 20% off Friends and Family code, I'd be spending about $60 including shipping. So I figured I'd wait until 10/13 to see if I might get a better deal then because I also should be able to get free shipping, I'm hoping. It might only be marginally better (10% off $80 being higher than the $5 in Kohl's cash that I won't be able to use), but I'm not sure.

  • I earned the daily Bing Rewards credits.  I also earned a few Swagbucks.

  • I printed coupons via Swagbucks and Smartsource.

  • Today, I received the "free" mug from WUCF in exchange for my donation.

  • I printed a coupon that Kellogg's had emailed me.

  • I borrowed 2 more e-books from my library system on my Kindle Fire and returned the one that I finished reading today.

  • Gas for my daughter and her BFF to drive to the state college to meet with the UCF advisor.

  • Not a frugal failure but a couple of health-related failures: I ate a bunch of crap today (M&Ms, a couple of slices of chocolate chip pumpkin bread, a whole lot of tortilla chips!) and didn't log my food (again!) and I didn't exercise.

  • Almost no birds visited my backyards the whole morning.  That depressed me. Hence my header picture using one of my plastic owls, lol.

Were you able to make time for yourself, today?


  1. That cat carpet looks very cool!

    And now I want M&Ms. (Which I have some put up and hid from Bubby, he goes crazy for them "CAN! CAN! CAN!", Bubby speak for candy)

    1. The kittens are crazy over it! It's made of recycled bottles and you can reposition it however you want to make it different each time. My whole living room is Kitten-Land right now, as Greg mentioned, lol.

      The M&Ms I ate were from a bag I bought on clearance a few weeks ago that I had put aside for the kids' stockings. Ooops. I have to hide them from myself but I came across them when I was putting stuff away in preparation for the hurricane. Arrgh. I really should just turn into one of those people who just goes shopping on Xmas Eve.

  2. This is just my opinion but I bet your son misses you lots. Let's face it, unless one had "Mommie Dearest" for a mother, you love and need your mom. Sadly, our pride often gets in the way of admitting it.

    1. Thanks, Theresa, but I think he has too much going on right now to miss me. I'd still like to know what exactly happened that triggered his "get out of my life, you're not wanted" outburst out of the blue, but I'm not going to torment myself over it.

      At some point he'll want me back in his life and we'll go from there. Or maybe not. I myself have spent more time, in my adult life, NOT speaking with my dad than actually being on good terms with him, so he's getting that from me, I guess. I wish him the best, though, and part of me worries that he's making bad financial decisions but there's nothing I can do about it. I just never expected this to happen, not in a million years. As a mom, you sacrifice a lot for your children, so for them to reject you like this, I won't lie, it did hurt a lot.

  3. Looks like 2 out of 3 kittens were having a very good time with their new carpet! No doubt Explorer will enjoy it, too, once he discovers it.

    It sounds like you were pretty productive even if you say you were lazy. You baked rolls, did dishes, cleaned counters, exercised your jaw muscles chewing on M & M's, etc. ;)

    I hope you will have a good day, tomorrow.

  4. "exercised your jaw muscles chewing on M & M's", LOLOLOLOL. Oh my, now I'm thinking I should have eaten MORE of them! Thanks for this, Bless.

  5. How about that. I got more exercise that I realized yesterday because I had some M=M's also. :)

    1. We were all being so healthy without even realizing it! Plus my M&M's were bought on clearance so I'm thinking they must have lost a lot of their calories in the process too :)

  6. You know, I've always believed if you buy candy at 50% off that it means the calories, too.

    *Gets up to get some of those coffee nut M&Ms*

    1. So it's a consensus, then. Yay! And you know, I have yet to buy those coffee nut M&Ms and now I'm really dying to try them. I need to put them on my shopping list!


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