Sunday, October 23, 2016

Miniature Panthers ~ Sunday 10/23/16

Another cool day today but I didn't open the windows until just now, at 10:30 a.m.

The kittens... have overnight, it seems, grown into mini panthers!  They were incredibly aggressive this morning and my legs are shredded to bits.  After a while the "twins" disappeared and I couldn't find them anywhere.  I suspect that they had gone upstairs and probably fallen asleep there. I didn't care, I just needed time when I wasn't being attacked!

Tabby Kitty was still around, playing on his own. Eventually he appeared between my crossed legs and ended up falling asleep there, purring all the while! It was a nice moment as, of the 3 kittens, he's the one who likes to cuddle the least.  So I enjoyed that.

I used my phone to upload some digital coupons and catch up on the news since using a laptop with him there was impossible, and when I tried clipping my coupons, he finally woke up. And then the other two reappeared and then The Great Shredding of Nathalie resumed.  Grrr.  Greg and our son were both laughing at me when they finally got up and I explained what had happened, but they're not the ones with gouges in their legs!

Before they started pouncing all over each other... while they were on my extended legs!

Greg had mentioned wanting to go fishing at Colt Creek State Park this morning and we had discussed leaving our house at no later than 7:30 a.m. so we could be at the park when it first opened as it seemed that the fishing peer was a popular spot when we were last there two weekends ago: a group of people were waiting for us to leave, apparently, when we had visited. I had wondered why they had camped under some trees off the parking lot, with their kids and their bikes, etc.  They were there for a long time and when we packed up our gears to leave, is when they picked up all of theirs -coolers, chairs, umbrellas, etc. - and came on the peer.  We had no idea that they'd been waiting and I'm glad because that would have stressed me!

Well, I woke up at about 7:30 a.m. and there was no sign of life from Greg so I figured he had been as tired as I was. Indeed that 3-mile walk yesterday really did us in, I could barely keep my eyes open last night!

So we didn't go fishing. I have no idea if we'll go anywhere today, it doesn't seem likely.

  • I brewed the now familiar pot of half decaf coffee, using the free bag of decaf coffee that I had won from Wawa.

  • The paper was delivered to my driveway (I had a 1-year subscription that I paid 1 penny for) and there were 2 coupon inserts in it.

  • I was also happy to find a Voter's Guide, consolidating the articles that they have published about various candidates. This will be a good starting point for the research I need to do prior to voting.

  • I uploaded digital store coupons to my CVS and Publix apps.

  • SavingStar credited my account with $5.55! 

  • I now have $54.40 in my SavingStar account!  I don't want to give them my bank account info for a transfer (why can't I request a check?!) and I don't want the money in Paypal because I rarely use Paypal. Their gift card options suck. So I opted to have the money transferred to my UPromise account. Why? Because I CAN request a check from Upromise!  It's a convoluted way to get my money, but I don't trust a rebate app with my banking information.  It'll probably 2 to 2.5 months to finally get my money!

  • I earned the daily Bing Rewards credits.

  • The temperature is cool again today so the AC is still OFF and I opened the windows at 10:30 a.m.  At almost 2 p.m. it's still only 71F in the living room! Update: the windows remained open all day. It's almost 8 p.m. and they're still open. It was glorious, I tell you, glorious!

  • I was able to qualify for a Swagbucks survey today so I earned more SB than I usually do these days and reached my 1st daily goal.
  • I printed a few coupons via Swagbucks, from Firefox Mozilla. When I first fired it up, I got an installer prompt and it asked me if I authorized Mozilla to make changes to my computer. I'm glad I set up my laptop to ask me for permission first. I said no, knowing that it was an update file for  Firefox and fearing that it wouldn't let me print the coupons anymore, just like what happened on my son's PC.  Then I tried reopening the browser again and this time it didn't prompt me to update and I was able to print the coupons.

  • I got another call from BathFitter today.  Greg told me I could block the calls on my phone, which I didn't know.  Now they'll get my voicemail automatically and it won't ring on my phone at all.  They never leave messages anyway.  

  • I hadn't done the dishes in a couple of days so I was able to run a full load in the dishwasher.  I think that's frugal :)

  • When it came time to marinade the steaks for dinner tonight, I looked and looked for bottled marinade and had to admit that it seemed that I had finally used up my stock.  Thankfully I remembered the box where I still had a few packets of sauce mixes that I had bought years ago and that the pantry moths hadn't destroyed... and there was one packet of herbed marinade so I mixed it with water, vinegar and oil and put the steaks to marinade in the fridge this afternoon.

  • Greg asked if I wanted to go walk this afternoon. Well, I do but I shouldn't because my heel was hurting really badly last night and still tender this morning. Poop. But then I remembered my bike so we're going to try the "I bike while you walk/run" solution to see how this works for us.

  • For lunch Greg and I made sandwiches with the left over chicken breast meat from a couple of nights ago. and we had pretzel sticks. We ate at different times. I ate my sandwiches (I made 2!) while watching a library DVD of Law & Order.  Greg was cutting some wood to build his sawhorses.

  • I'm glad Bless mentioned buying papaya on her most recent grocery post because I was overlooking the one that had been ripening on my table. I had half a papaya for lunch today and reused a cereal bag to save the second half in the fridge.

  • I took two RaceTrac surveys and earned two rewards codes which I will redeem for two freebies. Woohoo!

  • By the time Greg came back from chopping down the wood, he was tired and I had a sinus headache that Tylenol didn't seem to touch, so we decided not to go on the bike ride/walk.  Staying home saves us money since we're not driving anywhere.

  • I was craving cookies suddenly, so I decided to make Waffle Iron Cookies. Only my waffle iron finally bit the dust... only the bottom part will heat up.  So after the first 4 cookies didn't cook properly and had to be scrapped off, I baked the rest in the wall oven.

  • My phone screen stopped responding, I couldn't even turn it off!  I was stressing over it but Greg reminded me of a trick that I had told him about a couple of years ago when his iPhone had frozen: press and hold the On and HOME button at the same time for about 20 seconds to do a hard reboot.  It worked!  Phew!  My phone started working again once it rebooted.

  • For dinner I grilled the steaks on the barbecue outdoors and made mashed potatoes. I decided to heat up a can of No Salt Added green beans from my hurricane stash to go with that.

  • I mixed 1/3 gallon of water to 1/3 gallon of whole milk to stretch it.

  • The McDonald's app had 2 freebies today for the residents of the Orlando area (Orlando City Soccer home game freebies): one that I thought was for a free Big Mac and one for a free breakfast sausage burrito. I mentioned the free Big Mac to my son after dinner and he cajoled me into going to get it. Only once we got in the car, I noticed that it wasn't for a free Big Mac but for a Free Big Mac with the purchase of another Big Mac. Shoot.  He was disappointed but perked up when I told him about the free sausage burrito, which surprised me. So we went to get that. He said he was going to pack it for his lunch tomorrow... shades of his mother, he didn't want to make himself a sandwich, lol.

  • The only leftovers from dinner are mashed potatoes but I'm not stressing about Greg's lunch tomorrow since he told me that he'd been invited to a business lunch. Yay!

  • No splurges today save for the gas spent to drive the one mile and back to McDonald's.  My son wanted us to walk but my foot hurts and it was almost dark too.

  • Speaking of Wawa, I noticed that I didn't accrue any loyalty points when I bought my BFF breakfast the other day so I emailed them via the app: it seems that you only accrue loyalty points when you pay via the app, with the gift card that you uploaded. Well, that doesn't work for me as I want to use whatever credit card gives me the most Rewards :( 

  • Now that we have bought a new rechargeable battery for the drill that Greg's dad had passed on to him, the charger won't work with it. Arrgh. Greg wants to buy a new charger, I just want to buy a new drill.

  • I have to throw away my waffle iron that I've had for at least 15 years (and I think longer). I'll be looking for a new one at the thrift stores. In the meantime I still have the Belgian waffle iron that I had gotten for something like $3 after rebates at Kohl's a few years ago and the Mickey Mouse waffle iron that I had promised to give to my Oldest Son but that will now go to my Daughter.

  • Fed the kittens
  • Provided human scratch post duty!
  • Aired out the house
  • Uploaded coupons
  • Printed coupons
  • Clipped coupons
  • Caught up on blogs and on the news
  • Blocked stupid BathFitters on my phone. Yay!
  • Cleaned the kitten litter box upstairs
  • Ran a full load of dishes through the dishwasher
  • Washed the other dishes by hand
  • Washed 14 upcycled cereal and generic ziploc bags so they can be reused
  • Marinaded the steaks for dinner tonight
  • Took customer satisfaction surveys
  • Ran dehumidifier in the downstairs bathroom
  • Took a nap with Princess :)
  • Read a few pages of my library book
  • Cooked dinner
  • Drove to McDonald's to get a freebie
  • Organized the dirty dishes. I'll wash them tomorrow.

  • No change.
  • For Greg showing me how to block someone on my phone! I didn't know that was an option!  I wish he had told me that a week ago but better late than never :)
  • For freebies from McDonald's :)
  • For a lovely day spent at home with the windows open
  • For a lovely nap with one of my kittens once she calmed down


Despite all the scratching and biting that I had to suffer this morning, all three kittens took turns taking naps on me today!

Tabby Kitty

Explorer (I had put a blanket on him because the breeze was a little cool!). Ugh, I have the neck of an old turtle!
 And then the saga of Princess' nap on me this afternoon (I ended up falling asleep too!)
Phase #1

Phase #2

Phase #3 (The "Alien" phase! Yes, she was grabbing my face and pretty much giving me mouth to mouth while she was sleeping!)

Phase #4
It was a lovely nap, though, once I got used to the weight of a 2-lb kitten on my throat!

Now they're back to running everywhere like crazy, but it might be because I just got them all excited with the laser pointer, eh.

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing Sunday in your neck of the woods!


  1. You got them excited with a laser pointer? That's like giving espresso to a toddler!

    And wasn't the weather this weekend just wonderful? Our windows have been open for most of the day (we had to close them for a few hours this afternoon and turn on the AC, since it got too warm in the house).

    1. I was just trying to tire them out, but it had the opposite effect! At one point I had the red beam pointed at Greg's T-shirt while he was playing video games (insert evil laugh soundtrack!) and all three kittens raced across his desk and he was just "hi kittens!" and they came to a screeching halt and jumped on his chair instead of scaling his torso as I had intended. Grrr. So I remain the only person who was mauled by kittens today.

      It does feel mean to have them run after something they have no hope of ever catching so I just do it for a little bit because then I start to feel bad for them.

  2. How old are the kittens now? I can really tell how their growing from your pictures, which I love to see.

    1. They're between 8 and 9 weeks. I'm so glad that I'm able to take so many pictures of them, we only had a few of our other cats when they were kittens (and none of New Kitty since she was already grown when we adopted her). But back then we didn't have smartphones at our fingertips 24/7!

  3. Aw, look at those kitties cuddled up to their mommy for naps! So cute!

    1. They are deceptively cute at this stage. But today they were also like little Tasmanian Devils!

      However when I went to put on my PJs tonight, Tabby Kitty climbed up the stairs right after me and since it was close to 10 p.m., the time when I usually bring them up to my bedroom for the night, I just called the other two kittens from the top of the stairs, and one by one they came up as I called them. Awww, it was so cute seeing them answer their name and climbing up to meet me! And then I led them into the bedroom like the Pied Piper of Cats... and once I was sure that all three of them were in there, I turned off the light and closed the door for the night. I always feel guilty doing this but so far, knock on wood, they haven't cried out to be let out. Greg did hear them run around at about 3 a.m. last night so we'll wait a little longer to leave them downstairs to roam the house at night. We have hardwood floors and the house is on a crawl space so even small kittens make a lot of noise when they're running around!


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