Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nap Time! ~ Thursday 10/20/16

Every day brings new discoveries, here in Kitten World, and today the kittens discovered accessing the 2nd floor by themselves, as they followed me up the stairs when I went to take a shower.  So a new world of complications arose as we now have to block access to my daughter's and Greg's bedrooms (both of which have places where small kittens could get into the walls, which wouldn't be good).

But they've had fun exploring, climbing stairs up and down, and then practicing their climbing abilities some more on the large cat tree that's in the Cat Room.  They love climbing to the top but sometimes still cry out for someone to help them get down, hahaha.

Greg had decided to work from home today so I was able to leave the kittens with him as I went to meet my BFF for coffee at Wawa while her car was getting fitted with new tires.

It's a gorgeous day out today, and I've stopped being a snob about Wawa because we had the best time sitting outside while chatting, drinking the good coffee (only $0.79 any size!) and enjoying breakfast too!  I couldn't believe it when I told her that we should always meet there from now on, and forego more expensive places like Panera's or Starbucks, lol.  I don't even like Starbucks coffee anyway and their whole weird size system annoys me.

I stayed up late past 1:30 a.m. last night to read the library book that I had borrowed since it's a book I can only have for 7 days. It wasn't good but I was determined to finish it.  But I didn't like it.  I had been pinning for a new Myron Bolitar mystery for years but this was a disappointment. I brought the book with me today, thinking that I would return it to the library on my way home, and then I promptly forgot to do that!  I ought to just bike there...

To Do List
  • Crafty/Creative:
    • Finish painting squirrel sign and assemble it
    • Make a lightbox to take better pictures
    • Melt down old candles and make into new ones - in progress
    • Make "No Soliciting" sign for front door and another one for the other front door (we have two) - I think I'm also going to add "and don't leave your literature either, I'll vote for the other party if you do!"
  • Cleaning/Decluttering:
    • Dust the bedrooms (including son's fan) - in progress
    • Declutter linen closet
    • Clean kitchen cabinets - Partly done
    • Declutter the top of the fridge
    • Mend items in mending basket (add Greg's hat)
    • Declutter shelves over printer stand 
    • Declutter storage bench 
    • Declutter printer stand
    • Clean the fridge
    • Declutter gardening supplies chest
    • Defrost the freezer - scrapped off the top of the ice layer. Will need to defrost the whole thing.
    • Sweep/vacuum downstairs bathroom
    • Clean entry room front windows
    • Put up pictures on Art Room's walls
    • Iron
    • Sweep litter from upstairs - Done
    • Clean kitten litter boxes - Done
  • Cooking/Baking/Preserving:
    • Post menu for next week (Monday)
    • Defrost meat for tonight - Done
    • Bake cinnamon raisin cranberry bread
    • Bake pumpkin pie - Done
    • Make Roselle jelly
  • Education
    • Start watching Photography lectures online (see email)
    • Write posts about General Van Fleet Trail and research flora and fauna
    • Same with Colt Creek State Park
  • Entertainment
    • Plan an outing to Leu Botanical gardens or Bok Tower Gardens
    • Sign up for ranger hike in local nature preserve at the end of the month
    • Go for a walk with my camera - little lake near Downtown Clermont
  • Errands:
    • Mail Labels for Education to elementary school 
    • Go to Ace to get new broom handle for rubber broom and solar rechargeable batteries for the front yard solar lights -need to see which handle would fit.
    • Buy Greg a bike
    • Meet BFF for coffee - Done
    • Return library materials
  • Gardening/outdoors:
    • Transplant ferns into bare patch in front lawn to make shady planter
    • Scrub patio pavers with bleach to remove mildew (this might have to wait until the months when it's not quite so hot!)
    • Pull the raspberries and add roses in pots in their place
    • Add mulch to the vegetable garden once I have replaced the broken self-watering bins
    • Pull unwanted plants from center "planter" in the backyard, add soil, plant flowers, add edging around it (watch out for large roots that would be in the way). Make planter with other materials if edging doesn't work. (this will have to wait until Fall when it's not so hot and when I can plant wildflower seeds).
    • Turn the composting bin
    • Harvest the roselles - Done
    • Plant wildflower seeds
    • Plant seedlings outside
    • Measure diameter of feeder "tray" and get new bowl from thrift store
    • Add mealworms to tray feeder
  • Health:
    • Call gyneco to make annual appointment - I'll do that once I'm more comfortable with my weight because I know they'll be nagging me about it anyway.
    • Use recumbent bike 
    • Do 5 min of strength exercises 
    • Log food into My Fitness 
    • Record exercise in Walgreens Balance Rewards
    • Weigh myself (Wednesdays) 
  • Kittens/Cats
  • Maintenance:
    • See if I still have mildew-resistant white paint for bathroom ceiling
    • Get Greg to replace the ceiling tile in the entry room
    • Test the batteries in all 3 smoke detectors and replace as needed
    • Greg to call plumber
    • Remind Greg to re-secure chicken wire to AC unit and also to block off opening under front of the house
    • Scrub mildew off front of the house (porch, behind bushes, front stairs)
    • Install white beadboard in laundry room (will need to measure and purchase)
    • Install new stick-on tiles in laundry room (will need to remove ancient ones first)
    • Paint laundry room cabinets
    • Get Greg to fix/remove rotten wood on front porch
    • Make a list of which outlets need to be replaced and call Duke Energy Homewire Protection to schedule appointment
    • Ask electrician for estimate on installing outlet on front porch
    • Get on flat roof, sweep it, and clean out the front gutter
    • Ask Greg to install gutter screens on the front gutter
    • Have Greg block the opening in the back fence
    • Strengthen BlueTooth transmitter's cord with electric tape (in SUV) 
    • Pour Drano down the kitchen sink (for maintenance)
    • Schedule free in-home estimate with BathFitters - I emailed the rep who originally contacted me to say that they would be calling to complain about the 2 calls a day that I've been getting. I told them that I got the message and that I would call when I was good and ready and that right now they're making me NOT want to use them at all since I had already told them I didn't want to be getting phone calls.  They still called me a 3rd time today, hours after I emailed (I never got an answer to my email).  
  • Technology/Paperwork:
    • Caption old pictures that have already been scanned
    • Scan more old pictures
    • Create spreadsheet to track IRA contributions using ALL our old tax returns - Started but need to do more research.
    • Figure out if we should contribute to regular  or Roth IRAs for 2016 and fund them - I guess I need to wait until tax time next year, actually. I'll have until April 15, 2017 to fund 2016 IRAs so I need to work on taxes way sooner than I did this year so I'd have time to fund the IRAs and THEN file my taxes.
    • Download all blog photos from September to my external drive 
    • Back up my external drive to my other external drive
    • File the remaining loose recipes that I organized already in appropriate recipe binders
    • Purge filing cabinet upstairs
    • File paperwork - in progress!
    • Write new letter to great grand aunt (include kitten photos)
    • Scan what needs to be scanned (if anything)
    • Work on photo album for daughter's graduation
    • Reply to my French BFF's email
    • Start proceedings for deleting Yahoo Mail account
    • Replace music on my phone
    • Take RaceTrac surveys 
    • Update Net Worth document
    • Install Photoshop Elements 10 on son's PC
    • Input receipts in spreadsheets
  • Our son packed a lunch and rode the school bus.

  • Greg worked from home and saved us about $20 in the process in gas and tolls.

  • I brewed a pot of half caf coffee with the free decaf coffee that I had won from Wawa... I didn't mind it today as I used some of the vanilla caramel powdered non-dairy creamer from Aldi, which is good, by the way!

  • I redeemed my coupon for a free large coffee at Wawa :)  I picked hazelnut, yum. It wasn't bitter at all!

  • CVS emailed me a 30% off your purchase coupon that I uploaded to my ExtraCare card, in case I do end up there this weekend (unlikely, but you never know!).

  • SavingStar confirmed that I qualify for part of the Purex rebate requirement.

  • I spotted a squirrel in the garden so I went to check on my roselles... darn it, some of them had been eaten already!  So I harvested the rest of them, including some of the ones on the stunted plant.  I suppose that I should make roselle jelly this afternoon then. Tomorrow at the latest. OK, this weekend. Maybe.

  • I realized at 1:15 p.m. that I had never put the meat in the crockpot this morning so I told Greg we'd be having breakfast for dinner.  Mr. Drama King over there (will someone please tell my husband Breakfast for Dinner is perfectly acceptable?!) sighed and said "but there's still tiiiiime!"  arrgh. So I went into the kitchen, pulled a bunch of stuff out of the fridge (beef bottom roast bought on 50% clearance yesterday, the rest of a bag of mini carrots, 8 oz of white mushrooms, the rest of a bag of spinach) and picked a  Crockpot cookbook, which serendipitously opened at the page of  the Wild Mushroom Beef Stew!  So instead of wild mushrooms I'm using the white mushrooms and instead of celery and onion, I'm using the spinach.  Since I didn't add potatoes, I'll cook white rice to go with it.  It calls for 4 to 6 hours of cooking time on High and dinner is in 5 hours so, perfect!

  • And while I was in the kitchen, I warmed up the last of this morning's coffee in the microwave. The lack of sleep is making itself known, I'm really groggy.  While it warmed up, I decided I might as well make that pumpkin pie for Greg too.  The defrosted pumpkin puree smelled a tiny bit off but shhhh!  I added all the sugar and spices that the recipe calls for, a can of evaporated milk and a couple of eggs and it'll be OK once it's baked :)  I had also defrosted a puck of pie crust that I had made with vegetable shortening so it was still soft and actually rolled out very well with my marble rolling pin. I'm horrible at rolling it in a nice circle and I don't know how to crimp the sides (I've watched videos but I've long concluded that I'm physically incapable of such artistry!) so I cobbled together a pie crust that covered the entire deep pie dish (that I greased by reusing 2 margarine wrappers that I had frozen for that purpose) and put the whole thing in the oven.  One day I'll have to see if a pie dish fits in my electric roaster and try to bake one in there!

  • While I was looking in the fridge for the necessary ingredients, I found the apple fritter that I had gotten for my son yesterday so I put it on the table for him to have as a snack after school today.

  • Then I realized that I still hadn't had lunch, so I ate the little bit of leftover pasta from a couple of nights ago and made myself 2 fried egg sandwiches. I remembered to add the spare egg white that I had kept in my fridge.

  • I earned 800 KFR points by entering bonus code SPOO-KYBO-NUS4-U800 in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account!  I was also able to print a $1.00/1 any Kellogg's product coupon.

  • I watched some episodes of Law & Order from the DVDs borrowed from the library while doing other tasks on my laptop.

  • A Slickdeals user gave a heads-up that some Discover cardholders have an offer for $20 off a $20 order at Shutterfly via Discover Deals.  (Shipping is extra). I checked my card and I don't have it but Greg has it on his.  So I'll see if there's anything worth ordering for just tax and shipping.

  • I received some coupons for Target in the mail, including one for $5 off $10 in groceries!

  • I also received some coupons for Kohl's in the mail, including one for $10 off $25 valid only on Veteran's Day.

  • Gas to drive down to my BFF's and then Tire Kingdom and back home again.

  • I treated my BFF to breakfast at Wawa. She picked a latte and a muffin, and I had an omelet breakfast sandwich which was very delicious!  I charged the OOP to my USAA Visa card for 10% back.

  • Pixel mentioned in a comment that she always buys her Rykä shoes from Bealls when they have a sale and she has a coupon.  The closest Bealls for me is 20 miles away (about 30 minutes) in Winter Garden so I never shop there.  Sure enough, an ad came in today's paper for Bealls so I looked at it and their entire stock of Rykä shoes for ladies is on sale and there is a 20% off coupon too, which makes each pair $39.99 after the coupon.  Arrgh.  Well, I guess I saved the gas and the time and since I have a large SUV, it would probably would have cost me more than the $7-8 difference from what I paid at Kohl's.  Still, something to keep in time for the next time I want to buy some!

  • Kitten duty
  • Met my BFF for breakfast
  • Researched early voting
  • Emailed my BFF with information about early voting and also college scholarship blog
  • Uploaded some digital coupons
  • Harvested the roselles
  • Cuddled with my kittens
  • Commented on blogs
  • Started dinner in the crockpot
  • Baked a pumpkin pie
  • Emailed my daughter information about researching local elections and early voting
  • Played with the kittens
  • Cleaned the kitten litter boxes
  • Swept the litter that had spilled upstairs
  • Wiped down breezeway cabinet doors
  • Took a nap
  • Shared a job opportunity with my BFF 
  • Cooked rice to serve with dinner

  • I thought about going for a bike ride. And then I thought about going for a walk.  But I realized that I'm really tired because I only slept 5 hours last night so I didn't do either.

  • So at 4:30 p.m. Greg stopped working so I looked at him and asked if we could go take a nap now... and off we went to take a nap together!  We chatted very groggily for 5 minutes and then promptly fell asleep for almost an hour an a half.  I don't like napping but I felt much better after having slept!  Also... I miss our bed. Our mattress is very comfortable. But Greg fidgets a lot and we both wake up too much during the night so it's better if we keep sleeping apart. Still, I've got to get a more comfortable mattress for the bed that I use (once the kittens start sleeping downstairs with the other cats), and this was a reminder of it.
Source: The Huffington Post via Google Images

  • For my BFF thinking of asking me to come wait for her car with her :)
  • For a lovely afternoon nap with my hubby
  • For two purring kittens on my chest and shoulder as I'm typing this!


I can hear new birds in the trees around the house, some of which have very pretty songs, but it's hard to actually see them.  I did spot a nifty bird on the electric wire above the street so I snapped some pictures of it with the 40x digital zoom, but I don't know what kind of bird that is.

New flowers on my stunted roselle bush

The hibiscus is definitely back in shape!

A couple of pink roses opened up. Sorry for the poor pictures, I couldn't see my screen as I was snapping away on my phone!


I didn't get any pictures of the kittens on the stairs or going crazy on the cat tree... or even when New Kitty was "playing" (more like trying to kill!) a couple of them on the new Ripple Rug. But I did take these...

Explorer fell asleep on me before I had to leave this morning...

Princess and Tabby Kitty were ensconced in the "basket", their favorite napping spot.

Princess goes c-r-a-z-y- for Greg's beard in the mornings and it's a real love fest... she rubs herself all over him, it's quite funny. I had just washed my hair and after I took this picture, she moved to my shoulders and absolutely went nuts about my wet hair.  I don't think I'll ever need to go to the hairdresser again because she seems to enjoy messing and chewing cutting my hair!
When was the last time you took a nap?


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. You got a lot done, plus you got in a nap! Hope Greg appreciated the dinner you cooked and the pie you baked. :)

  2. Brucie is the same with me. I cannot escape a good "hair chew" with him around. After I have washed my hair, I have to try and stay away from him. Too funny!

    I almost went down for a nap yesterday. It was after working in the kitchen all morning and after having lunch, and it was still raining. BUT...I got started on my kids' Hallowe'en cards and kept going until they were done. Then I made a big pot of chili con carne for supper. So no nap yesterday, but at only 11 AM this morning, a nap is sounding pretty good. *laugh*

    I meant to tell you the other day that the free offers at Wawa's by buying a $5 gift card, is one of the most incredible deals I have ever heard of. The food looks really good, and the free beverages you received should be used up quickly on errand or shopping days.

    I bet the guys were happy with that pumpkin pie for dessert. How was the beef stew?

    1. I hope you had a chance to take a nap today. The beef stew was delicious, I'm glad I made rice to go with it since I hadn't put any potatoes in it.

      I wish we had a little bit of rain! It's back to being dry here, and I have to remember to water the potted plants.

      That Wawa deal is absolutely incredible! My BFF told me she couldn't partake because she doesn't have enough space on her phone to download the app. I'd be deleting all kinds of things to be able to download it if I were her. The food is indeed very good, I was the first one to be surprised! Who would have thought a gas station would be serving such good sandwiches?

  3. I found the apple fritter that I had gotten for my son yesterday so I put it on the table for him to have as a snack after school today...I don't have enough self control with apple fritters to be able to pull that off. If an apple fritter makes it into the area within 20 feet of me, it's my apple fritter!

    I'm a big fan of naps - I take one almost every Saturday and Sunday. The flowchart made me laugh out loud.

    1. I usually don't like to nap because I feel all groggy when I get up and then I feel like I've wasted part of the day away. But the last two naps I took were wonderful and I felt quite rested afterwards so I think I might need to incorporate them into my days as well. Hmmm, napping or exercising? What a hard choice :)

      I don't care for apple fritters myself, but if I ever make beignets again (my kids have been begging me to make Nutella-stuffed beignets... I might indulge them once of these days), someone will have to physically restrain me. The puffiness... the smell of the frying oil... I'm already salivating!


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