Monday, October 31, 2016

Night Book: Halloween 2016 Edition

I completely forgot to do a Day Book today so I figured that since it's Halloween, I should do a Night Book!

Outside my window... it's dark since it's 9:30 p.m.  Everything is quiet, I don't think any trick or treaters walked down our street at all.

I am thinking... that I'm going to pick up my Kindle and read a little before falling asleep.

I am thankful for... not having to celebrate Halloween. I didn't grow up with it and only did it for the kids when they were little. And I did go all out and made sure we celebrated with loads of Halloween-related activities leading to the day, going Trick or Treating, handing out candy that had to include bloody eye-ball gumballs, gummy body parts and all that good stuff.  But now that the kids are grown (and my 14-year old lost interest years ago!), I have told everyone that I wasn't going to celebrate anymore and everyone is OK with it.  What a relief!

From the learning rooms... my daughter didn't have class today so she stayed at her dad's.  She is skipping class tomorrow to attend her Grand Floridian Resort training. Apparently they only provide it on Tuesdays so she talked to her college instructor about it. Youngest son is working on a school project that involves posterboard. I'm glad that I had some in stock!  I think he has a Future Business Leaders of America club meeting later on this week. Middle Son came to visit and shared that he will be moving in back with his dad when his lease ends at the end of December, at least for a semester, so he can save money.  He still hasn't decided if he will continue his studies past his 2-year degree. He has a photographer assistant gig on Wednesday in Volusia County for the New York-based photographer for whom he is a retouching intern.  By the way, that photographer has started paying him a little for his work. Only $10/hr but it's better than nothing. He said he was working about 10 hours a week for him right now.  He's talking about possibly going to spend a month in NYC next year at some point to see if he can make some contacts.

From the kitchen... I made Zuppa toscana and homemade rolls for dinner tonight. I also made Coriander Carrot soup for my lunch (and the rest of the week), Grape Nuts for Greg, and baked some Halloween-ish sugar cookies for my sons.

I am wearing... my PJs!

I am creating... a plan for new themes for my days... I realized today that I'm much more likely to get something accomplished, whether I feel like it or not, if I have declared that today was "X Day". For instance, I'm much more likely to clean and do housewife-like things on Mondays because for me Monday = Domestic Monday.  So I'm going to assign themes for each of the other days to see if it helps me weed through some projects that I really need to work on.  Stay tuned...

I am going... to read a library book on my Kindle as soon as I'm done typing this.  But first, I'll corral the kittens and take them upstairs to my their bedroom :)

I am reading... "Zero World" by Jason M. Hough

I am hoping... that I can get my son in to the dermatologist's office soon. Greg noticed that he has renewed acne on his back and he is right!

I am hearing... The Sorcerer's Apprentice playing on KUSC and the kittens charging through the living room, chasing one another...

Around the house... the kittens are busy chasing each other through my laundry baskets, on the bookshelves... trying to climb the drapes.  They're a little crazed right now.

One of my favorite things... the cat tunnel I bought the kittens and cats has been a source of much entertainment for them, and for us!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Greg is working from home tomorrow. I want to try to work in the garden some and I might do some grocery shopping too we'll see.  Errands on Wednesday. Nothing else planned on my calendar for the rest of the week so we'll see what happens.

Here is the picture I am sharing... I didn't decorate for Halloween but Nature did its own thing!


  1. I like the idea of themes for each day! :)
    You are such a fun mom! I'm sure your kiddos have some great Halloween memories. :)
    We took our rascals trick or treating last night. We weren't out too long, they don't ever feel a need to get as much candy as possible. Candy is not an everyday thing here so we don't go through a lot of it. They each declared they had more than enough when their bags were about a quarter of the way full. When we got home they counted their candy and they each got around 60 pieces, which is more than enough to last them past next Halloween. They were also kind enough to share a few pieces of the much desired chocolate with their sugar-craving parents. lol. All in all, it was a good night. My husband has been working 7 days a week for several weeks and we were happy that he came home early and we went out as a family. :)
    Tomorrow is my grocery shopping day and I am planning to hit 4 stores: Goodwill, Walmart, Dollar Tree and Aldi. Pork roasts are on sale at my Aldi tomorrow for $1.49/lb. and I am going to get at least 3 if there is no limit. My family drools when I put it in the crock pot with some water and a packet of dry onion soup mix, then I make gravy from the juices. The kids gobble it with mashed potatoes and my husband brings it in sandwiches for lunch the rest of the week. :)
    I wish there was a way to view the entire Aldi ad for the new sales week before tomorrow so I could really finish up my list. I appreciate the preview ad they give but it would be great to know exactly what produce will be on sale too. Oh well. Keeping my fingers crossed for lots of good deals to be had this month. :)

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Coincidentally my daughter and I were discussing Halloween tonight and she was saying that she remembered that I used to make a huge deal of Halloween and that she misses it now, LOL. I made our own tombstones to put in the front yard, played scary music in the window for when the kids came trick or treating, decorated the house, we baked cookies (I made a cemetery sheet cake one year) and had special Halloween crafts. One year I had them close their eyes and touch a cauliflower covered in jello (brains), peeled grapes (eyeballs), cold cooked spaghetti (guts?!), etc. We even had a fog machine at some point. I think I've earned my peace and quiet now, lol.

      How funny that your kids were done before their bags were full. My youngest was the same. He never really wanted to go trick or treating (being an introvert as we are) but we made him go with his siblings. He never really cared about the candy. However, my oldest two were all about the candy, hahaha. But I'd let them have 10 pieces on Halloween Night and then I took it all away. Most of it never got eaten (save for the chocolate... because I ate it, ha!) and they never even missed it.

      Your poor husband must be exhausted, working 7 days for weeks on end! I hope he gets to rest soon. Didn't you say that wintertime is slower for his industry? I don't remember what he does exactly, but perhaps you never shared that.

      I might have to get some pork roasts from Aldi tomorrow too. I just realized today that I was low on pork. Yum your pork recipe sounds delicious. Do you make your own dry onion soup mix? I've started making my own. I have no idea how to make gravy from scratch.

      I agree that it's frustrating that Aldi doesn't post a preview of their produce sales on their website! There is no way that they don't know what they're getting at least a week out!

      Have a great week, Dawn!

  2. What a clever idea to do a Halloween night book post! :) I, too, grew up without the Halloween tradition and didn't do anything to celebrate until my daughter was born. But I like to decorate a little bit.

    I like the idea of creating themes for the days. Each day has its assigned tasks. A variation on the old, "wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday", etc. You already have your Domestic Monday and Errands/Grocery Wednesday. Let us know what you decide for the other days.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well. Looking forward to reading your weekly update.

    1. The only Halloween "decorations" that I put up are the two pumpkins that I bought. They're sitting in one of the windows. Now I'm regretting having bought them because I don't have room to freeze the purée and we're all a little sick of pumpkin-flavored anything at this point! I hope they last a long while longer so I don't have to deal with them right away. I do have a couple more decorations out but they're fall-themed so they'll stay up through Thanksgiving.

      I hope the rest of your week goes well too!

  3. Love it! Zuppa Toscana always makes me drool. I should make some soon. I love the photo you shared -- that plant looks like it would make a great fairy garden.

    I finally posted! A daybook, too. ;)

    1. Thanks, Laura, the picture made me smile too when I saw it!

  4. It was fun doing a Hallowe'en night post. I am usually tied to the computer anyway on Hallowe'en. (I have always been the designated candy giver, while my Sweetie was the one who went out with the kids.) At 8:30, they were still coming to the door. That is why I had time to write two posts that night.

    Tomorrow I will try to do a Friday goals update. It will be November 3rd, but I will summarize my October goals (dismal as they are) and set some new goals for November.

    1. I was always the candy giver as Greg took the kids trick or treating as well, in later years. In earlier years, we all went trick or treating and then handed out candy when we got home. Back then we had tons of kids come by because our town was very tiny and I guess our neighborhood the only real "neighborhood" so all the kids who lived in the countryside would be dropped off by their parents in our downtown neighborhood. Nowadays, there are lots of subdivisions that have sprouted so no one comes to our area anymore unless it's to attend one of the several churches' "Fall Festival". That suits me just fine, though :)

      I'm sorry it took me so long to publish and reply to your comment. I've been feeling "blah" and unmotivated to do anything, including dealing with anything blogging-related! I do hope that you're having a nice weekend. Say hi to Mr. Sweetie for me!

  5. I love the photo of the dewdrop-covered spiderweb!

    1. It was such a fun sight on Halloween!


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