Saturday, October 8, 2016

PSA: Laura from All That Junk In My Trunk, in Jacksonville, is OK!

I should have posted this last night but I was very tired and went to bed right after I got her email.

Laura, her husband and the cats are OK.  They hadn't had power for 10 hours when she emailed me at about 10 pm and it was hard for them to get any news of how Jacksonville had fared because their cell phone coverage was spotty.  But she didn't report any damage at her house other than that.

I'm not sure where exactly she is in Jacksonville, which is a HUGE city in terms of superficy (at one time the largest in the country, not sure if that's still true).  I read this morning that the damage in Jacksonville wasn't as extensive as had been feared, although Jacksonville Beach was really battered (the pier had already washed away yesterday morning) and flooded.

I was very relieved to hear from her!

PS: Pixel Peeper from Thoughts From My Corner of the Couch in Lakeland is fine too, they, like us, didn't experience anything dramatic, thankfully.

Sandie, let us know how your sister and family fared in Belleview!


  1. They are AOK Nathalie, wind and rain but no major damage. Thanks for asking.

    1. That's great Sandie, thanks for letting me know!

  2. Thanks for keeping track of us, Nathalie! We ended up being without power for 30 hours. But luckily had no damage to our home or property. Lots of trees, limbs and fences down around us though, so we feel very lucky. We were really ready for that power to come back on, though!!

    1. I'll bet you were! I'm glad you got it back and that you didn't have any damage whatsoever!


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