Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sunny Day ~ Saturday, 10/8/16

I was exhausted last night and I begged Greg to help me with the kittens since they sleep me with upstairs now. He carried the litter box and their food bowls and I carried them and resolved that this morning, I would go get more kitten supplies from the thrift store so we don't have to keep moving their stuff up and down the stairs!

My daughter had complained that the kittens had spent the night jumping up on the bed and that they were very active at night. She must have neglected to mention that she was up on her laptop at the time, because I got into bed, turned off the light, heard the kittens crunch on their food for a few minutes, and then everything was quiet until 6:45 a.m.  I got up a couple of times to go to the bathroom and they were all nestled in their bed, asleep, like little angels :)

Tabby Kitty was the first one to wake up and started exploring the bedroom. Soon they were all jumping around but none of them were interested in cuddling with me on the bed :)

But the twins sure enjoyed a long nap on my chest and arm mid-morning!

Greg went to fish but didn't get a chance to catch anything. We made plans to go walking together in the afternoon.

My BFF texted me that her son was accepted at UCF!  Woohoo!  She had been worried that he might not get accepted anywhere, for some reason.

It's the weekend so I'm not posting a To-Do List :)


  • I brewed a free pot of French Vanilla coffee with coffee gifted to me several years ago.

  • SavingStar credited my account with $5.60!
  • I spent the morning catching up on the news online and listening to classical music while serving as a napping mat for 2 small gray kittens.  Tabby Kitty was nestled against my thigh :)

  • They're eating a lot more than I expected so I called the vet's to see if they had a spare bag of kitten food because it's hard to judge how long what I have left will last me.  They did have one bag in stock so I asked them to put it aside for me.

  • My daughter informed me that she was going to her dad's. Excuse me?  You don't inform me.  Not when you're driving MY car! I told her she wasn't going anywhere until I was satisfied that the road to East Orlando were clear and that all traffic lights were operating properly.  So I put her in charge of the research and I left to run errands.  She did call me after talking to her dad and make sure traffic lights in East Orlando were working, and checked the websites for the Florida Turnpike and East-West Expressway to make sure that they were clogged with evacuees trying to make it back to the East coast.  She did see that there was an accident on the turnpike so she was able to adjust her entrance point accordingly and avoid getting stuck in traffic. I gave her authorization to go and she made it there OK :)

  • I stopped at Save A Lot as a reflex, lol.  Since I was there, I checked out their produce and found papaya on sale for $0.79/lb and Bartlett pears also for $0.79/lb. I got some of each and also some bananas since I had eaten up our stock.  I'll make fall pear cake later on this week once the pears are a little more ripe.  I charged my OOP to USAA Visa for 10% back in Rewards.

  • I got my bag of kitten food from the vet's. Pricey ($16.99 for a small bag) but I want my kittens to grow up to be healthy cats.  I charged it to my USAA Visa card for 10% back in Rewards.   As a side note, I gave Male Cat more of those Friskies cat treats that I had gotten for free from Petco this summer for New Kitty's birthday and once again he threw them up almost right away.  I don't know what they put in that stuff that just upsets his tummy like that.

  • I'm thinking now that I really should stock up on a shitload of stuff this month and charge it to my USAA Visa because that 10% in Rewards expires at some point in November!

  • My next stop was the South Lake Animal League Thrift Store.  I had left an envelope of pet coupons in my SUV the last time I went shopping but hadn't had a chance to stop, so I donated them to the volunteers and they were very excited and appreciative.  I still have more at home that I didn't think to bring with me, I'll have to stop by again on Wednesday.
    • they didn't have any of the plain, uncovered litter boxes, but they did have the bottom part of a covered one, being sold for just $2.  I bought it and cut an opening into it when I got home so it'd be easier for the kittens to get in and out of.
    • I also found 2 more cushy pet beds, priced at $5.00 each
    • And a double food bowl for $1.75 (I think?  I took the stickers off so now I don't remember) and a plastic bowl that will be a water bowl for $1.00, I think.
    • I paid for the OOP with my USAA Visa card
    • I forgot to take a picture of the items, I'll have to take one tomorrow.

  • On my way home, I went to RaceTrac to redeem a survey reward code for a baked good for my son, but they hadn't gotten a delivery and had NO baked goods. Gasp!  They also didn't have any Monterey Chicken Hot Grill items so I left without getting anything.

  • I chatted with my next-door neighbors for a while when I got home.  She works for an insurance agent in Marion county and said they expected to get tons of calls yesterday but didn't receive one.  Either people had other things to do than to call their insurance agent, or there was a lot less damage amongst their clientele than we all thought there would be.

  • I washed the pet beds in cold/cold.  I'll dry them in the dryer, I think, although it's sunny outside so I should just put them on the patio. However, I can't move right now because of this, and my son is not answering my texts or phone calls!

  • The older cats' litter boxes smelled really, really bad so I took them outside to empty them and wash them with the hose.  While I was at it, I got all the patio stuff that I had put in the little shed out and put it back in place (bird feeders and poles, tomato cages, barbecue, etc.). I had to spray a stream of ants that had found my hummingbird feeders that I had neglected to rinse off before putting them away. Now I have to wash the hummingbird feeders.

  • Because the whole house smelled of ammonia (cat pee really stinks), I opened the windows for about 15 minutes and turned off the AC. But it was too hot and humid to keep them opened longer than that.  I had to close the windows, turn the AC back on, and I lit a new scented candle in the living room.  Hmm, it smells delicious!

  • My lunch was 2 chicken tacos, made with leftover taco meat cooked a couple of nights ago, and an apple.

  • Greg had brought sandwiches with him to go fishing and stopped by RaceTrac to redeem his app coupon for a free medium Diet Dr. Pepper.

  • Greg and I had a great time observing the kittens going wild with their toys when he got home and he cuddled with them before going to empty the large shed out of the patio furniture, etc. and put everything back in place. This is when the kittens decided to come take their nap on or against me so now I'm stuck on the couch.  I have college football on TV for background noise.

  • We got free exercise by walking on the General Van Fleet trail, although we did have to spend gas to get there.

  • When we checked the mail tonight, I found a 20% discount card from Kohl's for their next promotional period. However, someone already posted the 30% discount code on Slickdeals. I want to buy new walking shoes and use my $20 in Kohl's cash, so I'll just order the same ones as my current ones (Asics, hopefully they still carry that model!) online since I'll get free shipping as well.

  • While the kittens were sleeping on me tonight, I used my arms (they are on my shoulders) to earn the Bing Rewards credits for the day.  Them sleeping on my shoulders makes it a lot harder to type, so I'm counting that as my strength exercise for the day!

  • Gas and tolls for my daughter to go visit her father, although he will eventually refund me for those.

  • Gas for Greg to go fishing

  • Gas for Greg and myself to go to the trail and then exploring the backroads of Polk and Sumter County!

  • Dinner at the Mexican restaurant

Pollo Asado

  • I guess dinner out but I didn't feel like standing up on my bum foot to cook and we were tired and hungry.

  • Fed the kittens
  • Posted a Day Book post
  • Texted with my BFF
  • Ran errands
  • Chatted with the neighbors
  • Washed the litter boxes
  • Cut opening in new litter box
  • Washed new pet bedding
  • Emptied small shed
  • Sprayed for ants
  • Emailed my brother in Paris
  • Cuddled with the kittens
  • Went on a walk and then an exploration adventure with Greg
  • Picked up our son and went out to dinner
  • Cuddled with the kittens

  • Since we're planning on walking, I'm not going to use the recumbent bike today.

  • We walked 3 miles, but since the bottom of my left heel really hurt, we took our time and it took us about 1 h and 40 minutes.

  • For cuddly kittens who sleep through the night (please don't stop!)
  • For my blogging friends from Florida being safe
  • For my friendly next-door neighbors
  • That my BFF can stop stressing about her son getting into college :)
  • For a lovely time with my husband this afternoon


I wanted to tell you about our walk but it's already 10 p.m. and I just downloaded the photos and I haven't looked at them yet. So I'll have to write the post possibly tomorrow.  Sorry!

So we had a good day.  How was yours?


  1. I am so glad to read that the sun was shining after the storm! So grateful that the hurricane didn't cause more damage than it did. And thank you for letting us know that other bloggers in your area were safe. I've read all your posts, but haven't commented on each of them. I'm a bit behind with commenting on blogs!

  2. Oh my goodness, those kittens are so cute. Looks like they're starting to really get into exploring and playing. When they get a little older they might like those over the door toys that has a feather or a tassel on an elastic string. Our kittens would go crazy leaping up after that thing. until they got big enough that their weight just pulled the whole thing down. Slim was kind of crazy as a kitten and used to literally run up walls and climb door frames. I'm eager to see what kind of antics your three get up to. :)

    1. Laura, I'm so sorry that I'm nearly a month late publishing your comment! Something's up with Blogger as it just appeared in my dashboard today (11/5) along with another comment left from another posted for 10/6. I don't know what the deal is...

      Our kittens do love the feathers and tassels on the "sticks" that we have. Unfortunately, our house doesn't have door frames or, when we do, they're on doors that we keep closed (bedrooms) or where there are steps.

      Slim sounded like he was quite a climber! One of my brother's cats last year, when we were visiting, would "parkour" off the walls so he could climb and balance on top of the door jamb and just crouch there, for hours. It was very odd. He was a full-grown cat too!

  3. So glad the hurricane was not as bad as predicted. Every time they build up the storms and scare people into evacuating though I think the next time people will figure they can just ride it out (cuz hey hurricane x, y and z were supposed to be soooo deadly). Know what I mean?

    Your kittens are growing leaps and bounds (literally eh?!:)). Are you keeping all of them(and yes...I have likely asked you the same thing on numerous posts, lol).

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Yes, that's what some people will do and quite frankly those people are knuckleheads. There is absolutely NO reason for officials to "scare" people aside from trying to save their lives. I'll bet the 19 people who did die in tbe hurricane from Florida to North Carolina would prefer not to have died at all!

      Hurricanes are serious business. If ordered to evacuate, you should do so. Disclosure: Greg told me he wouldn't have evacuated and I'm planning on getting Rohypnol and a large club to knock him unconscious the next time a big hurricane comes our way. Cuz if I'm evacuating, HE is evacuating. End of discussion.

  4. I love their pink ears. Sorry about your foot.

    1. Thanks. I'm pretty sure it's plantar fasciitis. I need to do some daily stretching exercises and stop walking barefoot at home again. It's hard because I dislike tbe noise of the slippers on tbe hardwood floors and the tile (I walk like an elephant and part of our house is on a crawl space so it echoes through the house!)

  5. Bum foot? Did I miss something? I hope you don't hurt too much!

    The engineering firm where I work investigates a lot of claims on behalf of insurance companies. I have a feeling we'll be very busy the next few weeks, along with the insurance agents.

    We had dinner out last night, too. Something about being stuck in the house all day on Friday - we wanted to get out.

    1. It does sound you'll be busy, especially if your firm does business outside of Polk County too!

      I've been battling what I think is plantar fasciitis for a few months now. It's quite painful. I really shouldn't be walking on hard surfaces so much, but the weather is lovely right now and I need to lose weight! I really want Greg to get a bike so we can take bike rides instead of walks for a while. That'll help my foot. He's resisting the idea but I think he'll love it when we get started, especially since he thinks I won't be stopping every few feet to take pictures (how wrong can one be?!)

    2. I've dealt with plantar fasciitis on and off for a number of years. Right now, it's been gone for quite some time. When it flares up, I put ice on my heel and make sure I do the stretching exercises (YouTube has some videos). I always wear shoes, even inside the house (gym shoes). I hope yours goes away; you're right, it's very painful.

    3. Ice... yes, I need to dig out my bag of frozen peas, thanks for the reminder. I do need to remember to do the stretching exercises. CVS also sells a rolling platform type of apparatus for $20 that maybe I should get. And wearing shoes all the time, although right now my shoes hurt more than my slippers with their memory foam sole. I ordered new walking shoes that are supposed to be very comfortable so I'm hoping they are and I'll wear them indoors. I was wearing insoles for plantar fasciitis in my crappy Nike's today and the darn things kept on slipping so I had to take them off because it was hurting my heel and cutting off the circulation to my toes, but then I still walked quite a while without the insoles and my heel is killing me tonight. Off to find the peas. Thanks, Pixel!

  6. Small world! My aunt owns an insurance company in Marion. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time down in Ocala/Belleview area with my aunt and grandmother. I haven't been to FL in years. My hubby lived in St. Augustine & WPB for about 7 years as well. I told him that we could never live in FL because as a kid, I remember the bugs were HUGE! lol I don't do bugs, spiders or things with scales!

    1. Wow, maybe my neighbor works for your aunt! How funny! The bugs ARE pretty huge here, it's true. And there are a lot of them. You sound like my daughter. She doesn't do anything that has more than 4 legs :)


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