Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tired ~ Sunday 10/9/16

Last night. Oh, last night.  I was exhausted at about 10ish and the kittens were all tuckered out as well.  Greg helped me carry them upstairs. I brushed my teeth, got in bed, and then the kittens were ready to partay!  Jumping everywhere, fighting, crunching on food, climbing on furniture... and then the first kitten made its appearance in my bed. It was Tabby Kitty, surprisingly, and he squeezed his way all the way down my thigh to the bottom of the bed, under the duvet.

Soon, 2 more kittens appeared, one settling itself on my shoulder, the other across my neck.  It's sweet but, people, I'm a middle aged woman who doesn't think people should sleep with their pets (ha!  Famous last words!) and who gets hot flashes already as it is without the help of three heat-producing kittens sticking to her all night, and who moves a lot at night because she can't find a position comfortable enough for several hours in a row.  So needless to say, it was a long night.  They would get up and go eat (slide down the down duvet "swiiiiiiish!", jump onto the hardword floor "thump!" piddle paddle to their bowl "pat pat pat!" and eat some kitten kibbles "crunch, crunch, crunch" and then do the reverse, except that it's apparently hard for them to hang on to to duvet to climb up so then they cry so I can pick them up, or they launch themselves at the bed and don't quite make it and then you keep on hearing "thump!  thump!  THUMP!" and you feel bad that a little kitten is going through all that only because it want to sleep with YOU!  So you pick it up and bring it in bed with you, after you turn on the fan because, darn it, it's HOT and then you worry that they'll be cold.

And then a few hours later, when you feel that you still haven't slept a wink, you decide that you don't care what they do or feel and you turn on your side to try to get comfortable and then they snuggle against your back, all three of them at different intervals, and you're thinking that if you turn around in your sleep you'll crush them, so then you don't sleep very well anyway.

Sigh. So, long night but not particularly restful :)

Tabby Kitty woke me up at 7:02 a.m., which was great, actually, because Greg had said he was getting up at 7 a.m. to drive to Colt Creek State Park in Polk County and I wanted to go too.  So I fed the kittens (again!) and went to take a shower.  Meanwhile, Greg got up, brought the kittens downstairs, packed us PBJs for our trip.

We left before 8 a.m. and got to Colt Creek State Park at about 8:40 a.m. or so. Our son had declined to come, once again. We should make him come, but neither of us really felts like dealing with a surly teenager on a beautiful day, and today was gorgeous!  More about it later on this week. We came home right after noon.

Once again, no To Do List from Hell today because it's Sunday and who wants to feel guilty about not doing chores on a Sunday?  Not me.

  • I brewed a pot of half decaf coffee. I had forgotten that when I had mixed a bag of free decaf (won from Wawa) and regular Maxwell House coffee (bought on BOGO sale with coupons several months ago) last month, I had gotten 2 containers of half decaf!  So I found the 2nd container in my pantry last week and started using it this morning.  Half free :)  I poured most of it in a travel mug to bring with me.

  • Greg packed us PBJs for lunch but I also brought a banana, several packets of peanut butter crackers, and a pack of Dole fruit pouches.

  • The Sunday paper wasn't in the driveway when we left and I thought that maybe I wouldn't get it again today. But it was there when we got home. I'm missing the Smartsource insert, though. I got the Redplum and a Publix store coupon brochure.

  • On the way to the state park, I uploaded new CVS store coupon to my app.

  • When we got back, I had another 2 chicken tacos with the shredded chicken taco meat from several nights ago (and we still have more!) and half a papaya.

  • I had worked on Bing Rewards last night and reached the amount of points needed to get a $5 Amazon gift card but hadn't even realized it!  So today I ordered the gift card, woohoo!

  • I did nothing this afternoon. As soon as I sat on the couch, the kittens crawled on me and played and then took naps. Eventually, I fell asleep too, I was so tired. First I slept sitting up, and then I had to lie down.  I had a kitten in the curve of my belly and one kitten in my neck. who handed up sprawled halfway across my face, lol.  I was still wearing my exercise tank top and the AC made the living room cold so the next time Greg got up, I whispered to ask if he could hand me my blanket that was on the other couch and once he had covered us up, I slept... about 20 minutes because Tabby Kitty, who'd been asleep in the "basket" attachment of the new cat tree, woke up then and went to wake up his siblings too.  Then they were jumping around and fighting.

  • So I grabbed my Kindle and read a book!  Yay!  It was one of the KindleFirst free offerings from a couple of months ago, entitled "Interception", a translation of a French novel. Frankly, it irritated me and I didn't like it.

  • After that, I downloaded a Robert Crais e-book from my library system, entitled "Hostage". I read it years ago but decided to re-read it.  So that's what I'm doing tonight. I'm too tired and my foot hurts. I still think it's plantar fasciitis, the muscle that runs under my foot is painful to the touch. I was thinking it might be a bone spur yesterday. I really need to get serious again about doing the stretching exercises that I had found, every day, and not walk barefoot in the house, ever.  Ugh.

  • For dinner I just cooked a box of Ronzoni Rigate pasta and a package of Butterball Smoked Turkey sausage. The whole thing took 20 minutes and cost me less than $2.00.
Princess insisted on sleeping on my lap while dinner
was cooking, even though I warned her I was going to
have to get up in 10 minutes!
  • So I'm reading my book tonight instead of downloading yesterday and today's pictures and writing posts about our walks.  I'll have to do this during the week :)

  • Also, I have read comments and blog posts but I'm too tired to comment on other blogs coherently right now and even to publish the comments you all so kindly wrote, because I do want to reply to them too.  Again, I'll do that tomorrow. My apologies!

  • Gas to drive to Colt Creek State Park and back.
  • $4 for the state park entrance fee
  • Gas and tolls for my daughter to drive home (her dad will eventually refund me).

  • Greg didn't catch any fish but a little kid next to us did :)

  • Slept with the kittens
  • Fed the kittens
  • Packed snacks for our trip
  • Visited Colt Creek State Park with Greg
  • Cuddled with Mean Kitty
  • Ran dehumidifier in the downstairs bathroom
  • Provided napping facilities for the kittens (yep, they're on me again!)
  • Read a whole e-book
  • Started reading another one
  • Cooked dinner

  • We walked about 2 miles today. This is a complete guess as we stopped and walked parts of several trails.  Due to flooding conditions, we couldn't complete any of them.

  • My left heel hurts but not as much if I walk on sandy trails as opposed to paved trails. We walked mostly on sandy terrain today.

  • for a beautiful morning spent in nature with my husband
  • for cuddling kittens
  • for a short afternoon nap
How was your Sunday?


  1. Sounds like you had a good day even if you were tired. That picture of Tabby kitty in the "basket" is the cutest picture, ever! You have to print and frame it! Hope you'll have a more restful night, tonight.

    1. Yes! That will be my next free reprint from Walgreens, lol!

  2. Those kittens think you're they're mama!! It is a little scary when they're so little, though.

    Hope you get some good rest tonight.

    1. The vet technician had warned me, to my horror, that they would follow me everywhere, but I hadn't understood the scope of "everywhere"!

  3. I am glad you had such a nice Sunday. Here is was rainy and windy and I was dizzy and irritable from allergies. So dizzy I couldn't walk a straight line until I took allergy meds. I prepped a lot of food for the week and put up indoor Halloween lights and decorations.

    1. Sandie, I'm so sorry your comment didn't get published until today (11/5)! It just appeared today in my dashboard, along with a comment from another poster on the previous day's post! I guess Blogger is to to weird shenanigans again.

  4. I've been to Colt Creek State Park. We encountered a gopher tortoise there who followed us around. It really freaked out my husband.

    1. Ha! We actually encountered such a gopher tortoise right outside the toilet station on the General Van Fleet trail down in Polk County last Saturday. I have to post the pictures at some point. It was munching on grass just outside the toilet and seemed to come to us when we called out "here, turtle, turtle!" It was quite fast too! I wanted to try to feed it some leaves but Greg said it would probably crush my fingers with its jaws and I kept picturing the snapping turtle's jaws so I chickened out. But I guess we're not supposed to "harass" the wildlife anyway. But it was a nice change from all those gopher tortoises always running to their burrows as soon as they spot us coming down the trail!


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