Thursday, October 6, 2016

Waiting... (Thursday 10/6/16, 5:30 p.m.)

Not much has been happening although our city's emergency services have been sounding their sirens quite a bit this afternoon.  SR 50 is a major evacuation route from the East Coast to the West Coast and it runs through our city so I expect they're dealing with heavy traffic and all that it entails.

We had some rain and gusts of wind but nothing bad so far.

This morning I focused on doing the last of the laundry, running the dishwasher, starting dinner in the crockpot (we're having chicken tacos), and rearranging the house so the stuff that I don't want flying around has been put away in closets (photos, external drives, important papers, etc...).

Greg went to our RaceTrac station at about noon, hoping that they had gotten more gas, and they had. He did have to circle for a while to find a pump that worked, but he was able to finish gassing up his truck.  Later on, he and our son moved the backyard bench to behind the shed (presumably it would hit the shed if it went flying)  and Greg moved all 3 of our vehicles to the backyard, trying to locate them away from the most likely large trees to fall down and also not to close to the 2 power lines that criss cross our backyard. It was harder than it looked.

I also filtered water in our Brita pitcher, enough to fill 2 gallons to keep in our "safe" rooms should we need to get in there. Those are the closet under the stairs, where I will stash the cats and kittens in their carriers, and the main but tiny bathroom , where we would go because it doesn't have any windows either.  The two rooms are just about 5-6 feet away from one another.  I stashed bowls in the closet for the cats (need to move some of their food in there too, in case) and plastic cups and some snacks in the bathroom for us, along with the battery-operated weather radio, charging cables for our phones (the radio is also a charging station) and a battery operated lantern.  Last night Greg was able to tighten the faucets in the shower stall enough that it's not dripping right now so I told everyone to take a shower upstairs this morning so we don't have to deal with excess humidity from the water leak on top of the heat that we'll have in the room if we have to lock ourselves in there.

Since then, we've been waiting, and waiting.  The kittens have been napping and playing and napping. Princess insists on napping on my chest so I just surfed the net while watching the local news, which is the same stuff on repeat,  I contacted my two local friends and made sure they were prepared and knew that we have a generator (my one friend has one too), emailed back and forth with my brothers and my mom, replied to blog comments.

There's really nothing else for us to do until the hurricane hits. Well, I said I would cook tuna patties for tomorrow in advance, so I will do that tonight.  The storms are supposed to be hitting after midnight and then all day tomorrow.

As I mentioned, Middle Son made it to his dad's last night, in East Orlando. I offered for him and Oldest Son to come here but they both said they felt safe where they were. I hope they are.

So there you have it. This is what is happening in South Lake County right now.

Princess taking a nap on daddy, for a change...

Explorer is holding on to his pillow :)

Tabby Kitty is hogging a whole couch by himself!

Male Cat is still trying to pretend to be a kitten!

Mean kitty and New Kitty are enjoying the cat lounge.

Daughter is working on some stuff while watching Netflix

Son is trying to cram as much video game playing before we lose power (and now so is Greg!)
And me?  I'm watching the news non-stop!


  1. UGH!! Waiting is the hardest but you sound really prepared. I am sure that it is horrible to get everything ready. Do you have a generator or are you cooking everything in the house on the grill?? I am sure you will have lots of creativity but we grilled a pizza once without power and it was amazing so I can't wait to hear about all your creativity. Crossing my fingers that you keep power for as long as possible!!! Do you fill up the tub with water? We just had this conversation at the playground the other day because my parents always did when we were preparing for bad weather and my husband thinks that I am crazy!!

    1. Thanks for reminding me, as a matter of fact I had forgotten to fill it. Yes, you do need to fill your bathtub because if the water is out or you're under a boiling order, you need it to take marine showers at the sink. You also need it to flush your toilets, although I think I'd use the jugs of cat litter filled with rainwater first because I don't want to be carrying buckets of water from the bathtub upstairs to the toilet that flushes best downstairs! The main thing is... you don't want to be using your potable water to do things like wash yourself or flush the toilets!

      We do have a generator that we bought last year so no creativity from me, lol. I'll be warming up the many cans of food we have and cooking pasta on the camping stove. We'll barbecue the meats from the freezer only if we run out of power or we can't run the generator for a long time because it's raining (you can't run it in the rain).

      But I really hope that we don't lose power because I don't think our area would be a priority for the repair crews!

      Well, off to fill up the bathtub :)

  2. Hoping you and your family weather the storm ok.
    Prayers for your safety


  3. I know the storm is about to hit you tonight. I have been at the hospital again with my hubby all day. They are admitting him. You are in my thoughts as well. Stay safe.

    1. Susan... I'm worried about you and especially Sweetie. What is going on?! Are you guys OK? Is it because of his ongoing cough?! Email me!

      Don't worry about us, you have enough to handle.

  4. Scary stuff, but it sounds like you're prepared. Be safe!

    1. Thanks very much, Joe. The situation has much improved (for us at least) since last night, with a weakening to cat 3 and the eye moving about 10 miles eastward so Florida might be spared the "catastrophic damage" that everyone was forecasting, although there will still be significant damage, I expect. Right now it's starting to rain harder at my house and the wind is definitely picking up.

  5. I agree with Alison's comment - waiting is the hardest part. This was my first time dealing with a hurricane and I found the waiting and waiting and waiting quite stressful. Of course you know that, too.


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