Monday, November 21, 2016

Day Book: Monday 11/21/16

Outside my window... it's 48F outside and sunny. It looks like the squirrels chewed on my roselle plants and even tore off the branches. Grr. Our high will be 68F today and the temp will dip into the 40s for two more nights.

I am thinking... that I'm not expected to do anything this week.

I am thankful for... long-sleeved pajamas and furry kittens to keep me warm, as I refuse to turn on the heat.

From the learning rooms... Youngest son got an excused absence from school today and tomorrow so he and Greg could drive to OH for the service that's being held for Greg's dad later on in the week. He asked his teachers for make-up work and they all told him they didn't have any to give him. Presumably they won't learn anything new during those 2 days?  My daughter has classes through Wednesday.

From the kitchen... I told my daughter that I'm not cooking this week and that we'll eat out every night.  However, she worked late last night, is working late tonight and is spending the rest of the week at her dad's. So I'll probably survive on sandwiches because when it's dark outside at night, I don't feel like going to get food.  I have a little bit of dirty dishes to wash today and I prepped bread dough last night so I'll be baking boule bread... for said sandwiches.

I am wearing... I finally got to wear the long-sleeved top of the Vera Wang PJs I had bought on clearance. Until now, I'd been wearing the bottoms with an old T-shirt.  They're really comfy and just warm enough. I might stay in my PJs all day.

I am creating... nothing. anxiety.

I am going... nowhere today, probably.

I am reading... nothing at the moment. I had library e-books checked out to my Kindle but I think they expired.  I've been watching TV shows instead: "The Missing" on Amazon Prime/Starz (watched it yesterday) and I'm forcing myself to re-watch "Luther" on Netflix. I had stopped after the first 4 episodes the last time and hated it but that was a few years ago so maybe I'll like it better this time around.

I am hoping... that Greg and my son make it to OH ok. They left yesterday morning.

I am hearing... the adult cats eating their kibble in the kitchen, the kittens purring next to me. Some traffic on the street, I think it's a street sweeper.

Around the house... my daughter is still asleep, the kittens are settling down for a nap although we just woke up. I let them sleep downstairs with me last night since they've been escaping "their" bedroom anyway and it worked out OK although they took a long time to settle down and then insisted on sleeping on me even though there is a whole other couch that's unused and Greg's lounger!  It didn't bother me much since it was cold anyway.

One of my favorite things... all the German chocolate cookies from Aldi!

A few plans for the rest of the week... I blissfully have no plans. Wait. I'm lying, my daughter asked when we would go to World Market this week to do some holiday shopping so we decided to go after her class tomorrow and have dinner out together at the same time.  Otherwise, I truly have no plans.  The weather is going to be very nice the rest of the week (70s) so I should try to get some biking or walks done but it probably won't happen.  I'll probably get some books from the library in the next couple of weeks and settle myself on the patio.  I suppose I should go to Aldi and reload on German cookies too :)  I also need to mail the birthday card for my great aunt. I thought I was going to be too late but I realized last night that her birthday is 4 days later than I thought so I'm good.  I might have to take down the few fall decorations that I put up and switch them out for holiday stuff, although it's going to be very limited and I'm thinking that putting up a tree won't happen because of the kittens.  So much for not having any plans...

Here is the picture I am sharing... 

Source: National Geographic, I think.