Monday, November 7, 2016

Day Book: Monday 11/7/16

Outside my window... I have the windows open and I plan on keeping them open all day!  it's supposed to be in the 70s all week. I just heard a car drive by, but otherwise, it's quiet. No birds :(

I am thinking... that I should go get dressed and get started on some chores. Maybe.

I am thankful for... comfy PJs and the cool weather this week!

From the learning rooms... Youngest Son seemed to have a lot of homework this week, I saw him working a lot. I'm not sure what's going on with school for the kids this week, we didn't talk about it yesterday. I have to make myself start reading my dSLR camera manual this week!

From the kitchen... dishes, dishes, and more dishes. I'm sick of it.

I am wearing... the owl-themed PJs that I picked up at the thrift store last week. They're comfy.

I am creating... a plan for today.  I don't feel like doing anything, though.

I am going... to the library today to return DVDs and a book and hopefully pick up that Homeland DVD set that I hope will come in today. It would be a perfect day to walk there, but my foot still hurts from Saturday.  I could bike, but I also wanted to go to RaceTrac so I might end up driving.

I am reading... I have a couple of books that I started.  I think I'm going to give up on the science fiction book, it's not a genre that I really care for and the writing isn't that good.  I'll re-read "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly instead.

I am hoping... that Greg makes it to Vancouver OK today and that he has good flights. He really didn't want to go.

I am hearing...  WLOQ (smooth jazz) playing on the Roku.  A couple of birds have started to tweet outside.  The kittens jumping on top of one another and playing with their tunnel.

Around the house... I was wondering where the kittens had gone but one just came back into the living room and went to sniff out the window.  The other two are probably in the Cat Room with the big cats. They spend more and more time there.  Male Cat doesn't care. The two older females tolerate the kittens but do spit at them if they get too close or are in their way, lol.  Younger Son is at school, my daughter is at work, Greg is on his way to Canada.

One of my favorite things... Moser Roth Dark Orange Almond Chocolate chocolate from Aldi. Yummy!

A few plans for the rest of the week... No plans. Avoiding election coverage anxiety tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to tune in on Wednesday and find out which one we get saddled with. I don't get political on the blog so that's probably all I'm going to say about it.  Greg is gone until Friday night.  I need to try and stick to the new "themes" for my day, although I just told myself that Domestic Monday wasn't happening this week...  Alright, it's happening!  Domestic Monday, Gardening Tuesday, Groceries Wednesday, Photography Thursday, Financial (bleh!) Friday and then the Weekend. I also plan on watching: Homeland Season 2, The Americans Season 3 and 4 (I need to remember what happened during season 3 and then finally watch season 4!), probably some episodes of Third Rock from the Sun on Netflix as I fall asleep at night.

Here is the picture I am sharing... 

Tabby Kitty and New Kitty enjoying a good sniff of the outdoors this morning :) No, she didn't hiss at him. She's becoming much better at tolerating them. I wish that would rub off on Mean Kitty who is still... quite mean.


  1. Such a cute picture of the two kitties looking out the window! It's practically the same pose!

    Do away with the dishes! Use paper plates and plastic cups! Think of ways to cut down on the number of items that need to be washed. Mark each cup with family member's name or initial and make them reuse the cup all day - they can give it a quick rinse if they need to, between drinks. Would it help if everyone scrapes out or rinses his/her plate and stacks it directly in the dishwasher, instead of putting it in the sink or on the counter? Then all you have to do is run the dishwasher and deal with any pots and pans? Make one pot meals to cut down on the number of pots used for cooking. Do you dish out the food into serving dishes? If so, have everyone serve themselves directly from the cooking pots. Assign doing the dishes to the kids (yes, I know your daughter does the dishes sometimes to earn her car insurance, but make doing the dishes a regular chore for both?). I don't generally do this, but some people fill their sink with soapy water and leave the dishes in it so it is easier to just rinse them, later. Line your plates with foil, serve the food on the foil and toss the foil afterwards - the plate stays clean and doesn't need to be washed! Harvest a banana leaf on your next walk down to the lake; cut squares out of it, rinse the squares and use that on top of a plate, serve the food directly on the banana leaf squares; you can compost them afterwards (the banana leaf will impart a subtle flavor to the food that we think is desirable; if you hold the leaf over some heat, it will become malleable, so you can use it to wrap the food). Add "grow banana plants" to your gardening to do list, so you won't get into trouble for harvesting the leaves from the banana plants by the lake! :D (((HUGS)))

  2. That is such a cute pic of the kitties

  3. What an adorable photo of Tabby and New Kitty. Love it.
    Greg seems to spend a lot of time away in Vancouver. Poor Guy. Is it once every two months? No wonder he doesn't want to go. It may have been fun the first time; but Holy Moly, all that travel would get tedious. And the weather this winter is so crappy with more than normal amounts of rainfall. Maybe he will become more receptive to the idea of you going with him next time. Ha.

    1. He hates flying and it's a pretty brutal 8+ hours from Orlando to Vancouver with a layover. This time his 2nd flight on a small plane and he said it was very bumpy and he had a middle seat in between 2 fat people so he was miserable. Yeah, I guess he's had to go every couple of months. One of the people who now reports to him works there and then his boss is there too so there's really not a way around it... On top of that he flew to OH a couple of times too in the last couple of months so he's really over having to go anywhere. And when he comes back he only has one week at home before he and our son have to drive back to OH for Thanksgiving and the service for his dad. Some people thrive on traveling but he really hates it, poor guy. Maybe I should make him take over having to cook dinner every night and then he would start to appreciate staying in a really nice hotel and having free business dinners every night!

      With 6 cats at home now, I don't think I'm going to make it to Vancouver - or anywhere else - for quite a while, unless I go on my own and leave Greg to take care of the kitties.

  4. Oh, that's one of my favorite things, too, the orange chocolate from Aldi. I'm eating the rest of my gingerbread hearts right now.

    Vancouver sounds like such a cool city, but if you just have to go there on business, it probably would get old quickly.


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