Monday, November 14, 2016

So Here's the Deal...

I've been giving this whole blogging thing some thought over the weekend and here are my conclusions:

  • This blog is my journal.  I write it for me. I love re-reading older entries to remember what I was doing, what the kids might have done, news about my garden, pictures of my "field trips". Even though I haven't published an update for last week, I have been somewhat keeping track of some of the things that I did.  I do want to publish it so I can re-read it in future months and years. Same with my Day Books (which help me plan), etc.  Greg doesn't read my blog and neither do my kids. I don't even tell them what the title of it is. It's my little oasis of fake privacy on the internet :) The point is, I don't write for other people.   I love my blog.

  • But I can't deal with social interaction right now. I just can't. It's not you, it's me.  All the readers who have been commenting have been perfectly delightful people (save for the spammers but I suspect they're robots anyway) and I have enjoyed chatting with you. However, right now I just can't seem to muster anything to say to anyone.  I haven't been approving comments (or answering emails), not because they're offensive in any way, shape or form, but because doing so would require me to respond.  Give me a little more time, I will publish the comments and respond but right now I can't muster the energy and I have other things that I should be doing (that I can't seem to make myself do!). I also haven't been commenting on other blogs even though I have been reading (some) of them.  It's all part of the same apathy that I feel right now towards socialization.  I shall come out of it, but it's not going to happen in the next couple of weeks, I don't think.

  • So I've decided that, for now, I'm going to publish my posts without enabling comments.  It will allow me to keep this journal that I do cherish (I have a terrible memory) and help my productivity because, weirdly, if I don't write down what I have done, then I don't do anything.  Also I won't torment myself with the perceived pressure to have to engage with people when, right now, I just can't.

  • I considered making the blog private so no one but me can read it, but I think some of us need mindless therapy right now. I know that reading about how so-and-so line dried her clothes this week or blew a bunch of money on snacks is actually helping me cope with things.  Because I'm sick of the news cycle.  It's like reading romance novels: to me it's enjoyable and mindless. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. So,  this is my small way of helping those same-minded people. It's not much, but it's all I can do right now.

  • Life is cyclical. I shall come out of the slump and, when I feel more social, I will re-open comments and start commenting on other blogs, myself, again.  All I know is that it's probably not going to be for some weeks.  I make no guarantees that I will reply to emails because of the same reasons stated above.  

  • Because I'm being awkwardly asocial, I don't know how to end this, so here's a chocolate donut  :)

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