Monday, December 5, 2016

Day Book: Monday 12/5/16

Outside my window... it's 7:23 a.m. and 67F (19.4C).  The sky is very overcast, the sun hasn't come up yet. The windows are open yet I can't hear any birds, but that could also be because I have the dehumidifier running in the bathroom.  There is no traffic.  I saw the kittens' mom lying around on our back patio this morning, she ran off when I opened the sliding door and then I shooed her away from our backyard. In the one minute that I typed this, the sun has started to come up as I now see the hanging moss from across the street becoming golden as the rays hit it.  Our high should be 83F today (28.3C).

I am thinking... that I hope it does rain this week as we seem to have 3 days with a 50% chance of rain.

I am thankful for... the school bus showing up this morning. It didn't show up last Monday so I had to scramble to drive my son to the high school.  I thought it might not come this morning as he was still waiting past the pick up time, so I ran upstairs to get dressed, but it had come by the time I came back down.  I hate driving to the high school with all the other parents so I'm relieved that I didn't have to do it.

From the learning rooms... it's end of semester exams for my daughter this week and then she's off from state college for a whole month. Woo!  I think she's ready for the break and also she's more excited about her classes next semester since there won't be any math, I don't think.  She had to pick more electives in order to get her AA and I know that one of them will be astronomy.  I suppose that Middle Son is also having his end of semester exams this week, I'm not sure but since it's a state college as well, I'm guessing they're all on the same schedule.  Youngest Son is studying for his exams but his are in a couple of weeks. He does have a Computer Troubleshooting competition for the FBLA Club this Thursday.

From the kitchen... I did the dishes last night so it was really nice to wake up to a clean kitchen.  I have dough rising on the counter that I'll bake later on.  Dinner will be turkey tenderloin, probably some pasta and asparagus or zucchini on the side, I haven't decided.

I am wearing... tan capris from a thriftstore, a burgundy T-shirt, and my walking shoes since my left knee was bothering me so much yesterday that I had to wear my knee brace for half the day. I'm trying to avoid wearing it today hence the shoes.

I am creating... tomorrow is St Nicolas and I always celebrate it for the kids because I grew up with that tradition in Lorraine myself.  I usually set up a plate at night and put a clementine, chocolates and one present on it, the way my maternal grandmother did it.  Now that the Destroyer Kittens are here, I'll have to remember setting up an alarm so I can set up the plates just before my son gets up.  I don't even remember what I got them so I have to look at my list and try to remember where I stashed everything.

I am going...  if it were cooler today I might have gone to bike in Clermont and stopped by Panera to get my free bagel of the day but right now I don't feel like doing that. So I'm probably not going anywhere today.

I am reading... re-reading "Echo Burning" by Lee Child, an e-book that I borrowed from the library.

I am hoping... that my knee calms down.  I don't need to have a bum knee as I already have a bum elbow and a bum foot on the same side!  Losing weight and drinking more water would definitely be a good thing right now.

I am hearing... a cat using the litter box in the next room.  There aren't any birds singing outside (I turned off the dehumidifier) but the neighbor just took her dogs out and she always calls out to them very loudly when they invariably wander into our yard so I'm hearing her call one of the dogs right now as they never listen, lol.  I'm going to turn Pandora on so I can listen to some classical music.

Around the house... My son went to school, Greg just left for work. My daughter is sleeping in as she doesn't have to work until later on tonight.  The cats are all enjoying the open windows.

One of my favorite things... is being able to open the windows, even if it's just part of the day. And also my "new" windows (that we had installed in 2014) because they're so easy to open compared to the very old ones we had before.

A few plans for the rest of the week... St Nicolas celebration for the kids, Greg has a business dinner tomorrow so I may cook breakfast for dinner (just thinking aloud), taking my son to his dentist appointment on Wednesday, picking him up from his computer competition on Thursday, the kittens have a vet appointment on Friday.  Saturday is our town's Christmas parade that comes within a block of our house, but I think I'll skip it. Greg and I will probably go walk somewhere. He hasn't attempted to go hunting yet this year, I wonder if/when he will go.  I have some Christmas shopping to do so I might go to Clermont this week too.  It would be nice it I could finish my shopping and then start on wrapping the few items that we'll be giving out.

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

For my birthday, Greg (and the kids) gave me a set of mushroom solar lights, as I enjoyed the ones that Greg gave me for Christmas last year. Alas, two of those haven't worked since I put them away for Hurricane Matthew and I've been dejected about it because I really liked seeing them shine at night as I walked in the breezeway so I'm delighted to have new lights!  The mushroom lights are different from my other ones (which are a dragonfly, a hummingbird, and a butterfly) as the mushrooms are made of glass and they don't change color like my other lights do.  They also are set up in a daisy chain so I only need batteries for the main charging unit (in the foreground).  They're set up too close together for now and I can't see them really well from the window because of the put in front of them, so I need to reposition them. But they do glow in the dark and it makes my backyard a little whimsical.  All I need is a couple of gnomes, a few statues and a fake wishing well and I'll start transforming into my beloved grandmother, hahaha.

Have a good week!