Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day Book: Tuesday 12/20/16

Outside my window... It's  almost 8 a.m. and it's all gloomy outside although we don't have any rain in the forecast, according to Greg. I hope the sun makes an appearance today!  There is a slight breeze. It's going to be nice today (high of 72F/22C) but the humidity level is 96% right now so the windows are remaining closed.

I am thinking... that I ought to try to sleep some more before I have to go pick up my son from school at 11 a.m. because I didn't sleep well again and I'm tired.

I am thankful for... a purring kitten falling asleep on my chest right now :)

From the learning rooms... Youngest Son has 2 final exams this morning  and then 2 more tomorrow and then he'll be on vacation.  However, his AP Human Geography teacher gave them a project to work on over the break so he's not happy about it.  In all honestly, it sounds very easy and if he would just do it before the end of this week, then he would be able to enjoy his vacation much more.  Daughter is done with finals and doesn't work again until Saturday so she's excited to be able to "veg" for a few days.

From the kitchen... My streak of being good with the dishes has ended and I haven't done them in a couple of days but we've been busy and out and about so it's not a ton. I don't have a menu for the week and had told Greg I was planning on ordering in every night.  I meant it as a joke but that sounds like a plan to me, actually.  I should do some baking but Daughter is going to be home with "nothing" to do so I might enroll her to do all the baking since she likes it.

I am wearing... I got dressed as soon as I got up on the off chance I had to drive my son to school so I'm wearing the same light olive capris that I've been wearing for a few days already, and a black short-sleeved T-shirt. I'm barefoot at the moment.

I am creating... copies of files to be moved from laptop to laptop and from laptop to external drive. It's exhausting and every time I switch laptops I'm annoyed that they haven't invented a process to make this instantaneous.  Forget self-driving cars, we need laptops that can transfer their files by just touching the old laptop to the new one. And reinstall all the same programs without needing discs or downloads or freaking updates.  Am I still stressed over the move to a new laptop? You bet I am. I spent a lot of time dealing with this yesterday and I still have a bunch of stuff to do today.

I am going... to pick up my son at 11 a.m. and then to return some library materials and pick up some bread from Publix. Otherwise, I'm staying put today.

I am reading... instructions on how to switch files and connect phones to new computers without screwing up everything.

I am hoping... that I don't lose all my phone content as I connect it to my new laptop. I don't trust iTunes.  It's always something.

I am hearing... light traffic on a street nearby. The clicking of my and Greg's laptops (he's been up since earlier than me with a sour stomach and now he has a work emergency so he's working on his vacation!). The protests of the kitten asleep on my shoulder as I keep typing and it's shaking her a little and annoying her. Well now she knows how I felt all night as she was trying to smother me!

Around the house... Daughter had gotten up early as well because she was hungry but she went back to sleep. Son is at school, Greg is working next to me, the cats are all asleep. The house is kind of a mess.

One of my favorite things... well, not my new laptop, that's for sure. My old laptop: HP ProBook 4500 (I think?  I can't move to check because of the kitten).

A few plans for the rest of the week... Having to pick up my son early from school today and tomorrow, grocery shopping and last minute Xmas shopping for stocking stuff, Greg and I wanted to take more walks in new-to-us preserves so we might do that.  I suppose I should bake something for our Christmas dinner on Saturday?  I'm not really in the mood.  We'll be staying home this weekend.

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

The USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier was moored in the port of Marseille, France, yesterday and through my brother's connections, he was invited to board and visit it. He's a pilot so he was geeking out about it big time all weekend!  He posted a million pictures to Instagram (seriously, like 50, it was annoying to have to acknowledge every new notification on my phone!) and since I don't have any interesting picture to share, here's one he took from the aircraft carrier's deck, looking at the port of Marseille at night.

Have a good week!