Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lazy Day ~ Saturday 12/10/16

I think today is going to be a lazy day.  We all slept in!  It got chilly last night, so much so that, even though it was 67F in the living room at night, I went to get an extra comforter to keep on the couch.  The kittens loved it as every time I woke up to go to the bathroom (which was a lot, damn period!), I found 2, sometimes 3 kittens nestled between my legs. I was sorry that I had to make them move!

But as soon as I got back into "bed", they'd make themselves comfy again.  I ended up giving them their breakfast at 5:30 a.m. so they would let me sleep longer, and it worked!

It was 61F in the living room when I finally woke up, brrr.  The high today will only be 70F.  It's sunny right now with some clouds in the sky.  I haven't opened the windows, there's no need to until it warms up a little.

I just asked Greg if he had any plans today and he said he probably would go rake the leaves from the front yard. It needs to be done, that's true.  I suppose I should wrap some Christmas presents.  My daughter is working, later on today.  Our little town is having its Christmas Parade today and it's one block away from our house but I'm going to skip it. It was fun to watch when the kids were marching with the band and JROTC, years ago, but nowadays I have no interest.

I have some library books to finish and my Jim Gaffigan audio book so I think I'll keep myself busy with that, if the urge to wrap presents doesn't strike!

It's the weekend so I'm not posting the To Do List today.  Right now I'm listening to Smooth Jazz on WLOQ and I have a warm, purring Princess on my chest who is intent on licking my ear and giving me kisses and Tabby Kitty just showed up too. Pure bliss :)

  • Chilly weather means no AC and still no heat being turned on, yay!

  • Swagbucks confirmed that I will be getting a few SB for shopping on eBay via their portal.

  • This weekend is double search credit days on Bing Rewards again. I earned the maximum amount of credits.

  • I'm also earning a few Swagbucks by running the nGage and JunGroup videos this morning. My 1st goal is only 30 SB so I hope to reach it!  Update: I just earned 11 SB by doing a search through them so yeah, I should be able to reach it by midnight, lol.  I also registered for the Team Challenge that starts on Monday, although my birthday present is already a Swag-up so I'm guessing that I couldn't redeem both that one and the Team Challenge Swag-up on the same gift card so I'm not going to even try to qualify, I think.

  • I forgot to mention last night that when my daughter purchased milk last night, she forgot to charge it to my credit card and charged it to her debit card instead.  I offered to give her cash but she said to forget it.  I argued for half a second and then reminded myself of how annoying it is when you're trying to do something nice for someone and they argue with you about it (my French family does that all the time!) so I accepted the gift of a gallon of milk, lol :)

  • I'm supposed to be cooking the ribs in the crockpot today and it's already 11:00 a.m. so I should get to it!  Greg is pretty excited about it.  I hope they turn out good.

  • I previewed tomorrow's ads for CVS and Walgreens and added a couple of things to my CVS shopping list (milk, Kellogg's cereal).

  • I reached my 1st SB Daily Goal at 11:30 a.m. so I'm going to try to reach the 2nd Daily Goal, which is a mere 60 SB. We'll see what happens.  I'm at 1,945 SB total so getting closer to the $25 gc, probably the last one of the year.  Yep, I am planning on recapping my "Found Money/Free Money" earnings this year, probably in early January.

  • The kittens have sent all their toys under various pieces of furniture and I don't feel like crawling on all fours right now. I got another tiny mouse out of one of the baggies of cat toys that I had bought at the South Lake Animal League Thrift Store a few weeks back. I've been doling them out one at a time.  They love playing with those and I have been finding them in "
    "my bed".  At some point I need to pull the furniture away from the walls and get all those toys out of there.

  • Yesterday Greg ended up having a business lunch so he brought back the lunch of leftovers that I had packed for him and is having it for lunch today.

  • I washed and put away a length of foil so I can reuse it.

  • I washed a cereal bag so I can use it as a freezer bag.

  • I did end up pulling the window bench away from the wall and found several kitten toys under there, which I threw in the middle of the living room, so the kittens are going nuts right now :)

  • It's 71F outside at 1 p.m. so I just opened the windows.  Explorer ran to the window bench right away and is watching the leaves fall. Later on, Tabby Kitty did the same thing.

  • I reached my 2nd SB Daily Goal at 1:30 pm. so I'm calling it a day and now I'm going to read my library book :)

  • So I spent the afternoon and evening finishing a library book, taking a couple of naps with all three kittens on me while Swinging Christmas music was playing on Pandora, and then reading my Kindle First selection for the month ("The Missing" by Caroline Eriksson).  Greg did pretty much the same with his own books, and also played video games (he didn't feel like raking the leaves and I don't blame him!), while our son did some school work, cuddled with the adult cats, watching YouTube videos.  He also walked to watch part of the Christmas parade and got exactly one mint from some guy in a group of Jeep Wrangler owners. Why the Jeep Wranglers were in the Xmas parade appears to be a mystery.
Afternoon nap... with kittens
  • The ribs cooking in the crockpot smelled... gross. I wanted to throw up!  But Greg said they were delicious and he ate half of them. Good, he can have the other half for lunch tomorrow!  My son will probably heat up some chicken nuggets. I had a couple of PBJ sandwiches.

  • I finally remembered to look for a paper bag and I put the green bananas in there to try to get them to ripen. I'm really craving a banana, darn it! I might have to go to Publix tomorrow just to get some fruit.

  • I borrowed 2 e-books from the library.  I haven't read a JD Robb/Nora Roberts book in years but I wanted something really light :)

  • Gas for my daughter to drive to work and back.  

  • I had to compost 4 red potatoes that had gone bad.

  • Fed the kittens
  • Put ribs in crockpot
  • Earned some rewards
  • Replied to another email from Oldest Son's GF
  • Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
  • Cuddled with kittens
  • Read library books
  • Loaded the dishwasher throughout the day

  • For continued cool and non-humid weather. You appreciate that when you live in Florida!
  • For an afternoon nap with 3 kittens huddled on me, while the windows were open and soft swinging Christmas music was playing on the TV.
  • For my husband's lack of a sense of smell, lol.  He loved the ribs and I'm grateful that they didn't go to waste.
No Christmas gifts were wrapped in the writing of this blog post.