Friday, December 30, 2016

Lounging in My Jammies and A Walk at Lake Louisa State Park ~ Friday 12/30/16

I love her little judgmental face there! I think I'll keep on using that picture for new memes this year :)

This is going to be a very short post, because  I'm starting it at 8:30 p.m.!

What did I do all day?

  1. Worked on my 2016 Food & Beverages Expenses post
  2. Worked on my 2016: What We Spent On Everything Else post
  3. Went on a walk with Greg
  4. Took an hour bath
  5. Cooked dinner and did the dishes
I haven't even finished earning Microsoft Rewards yet and I have to catch up on emails, blogs, etc.

I did earn 40 SB in a search first thing this morning. Woo!  My 1st goal is 50 SB but it's 9:45 p.m. now and I have kittens sleeping on me so I don't know if I can earn more!

It was "cold" today in my neck of the woods!  It was 58F this afternoon.  I had to wear a jacket to go outside!

My morning was spent working on the Food & Beverages Expenses post.  Greg slept in. He felt much better this morning and his eyes weren't bloodshot and I don't think he took any allergy medication today at all. Yay!  He spent the rest of the morning reading his library book.  Our son slept until 11:30 a.m. or so. It was chilly in the living room and I had 2 kittens flanking me.

Tabby Kitty

My daughter left to go to her dad's early this morning.  She'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

We had leftovers for lunch. I made myself a delicious meatloaf sandwich!

In the afternoon. we went for a walk.  Greg headed to the General Van Fleet trail, and I wasn't too enthused because we seem to always go there and I want some more variety and to discover other trails and parks.  We drove the 15-20 minutes to the trailhead closer to SR 50 and when we got there, the parking lot was full. There were several couples walking and more people and kids getting ready with bikes and skates in the parking lot.  I said it was like walking at the Mall (I like it much better when we're the only ones there, or with only a few people on bikes) and that I didn't really want to walk there so he didn't even park!  He made a show of sighing very loudly and said "Well, WHERE do you want to go then?!" but you know what? He wasn't looking forward to walking with all those people either, it was all for show!

We thought for a minute and I suggested we go to Lake Louisa State Park, in Clermont.  We took the back roads to go to the back entrance.  The entry fee is $4 at that gate but we left $5 because Greg didn't have any change and I hadn't brought my purse.

We ended up walking part of the nature trail. We saw a few people at the beginning and Greg relished in telling them "Hello!!!" in a very loud voice just to annoy me because he knows that I think it's weird and annoying when everyone greets each other when they pass each other on the trail (you don't do that when you drive down the road or when you walk in a parking lot or at the mall or grocery store!). But after a short while we were gloriously alone and enjoyed our walk. We really didn't see anything exciting and I only took a few pictures.  

Because I expected to walk on a paved trail (General Van Fleet), I had worn my walking shoes instead of my new hiking boots. However, the Lake Louisa Hiking Trail is very sandy and in parts was muddy so I think the hiking boots would have been more appropriate. I think I might keep them in Greg's truck from now on, just in case.

It was easy to walk on this...

but not so much on that and there was a lot of "that"!

I thought I had seen a sign saying that this is "gator moss" but I can't find it online so I guess I misread the sign.

They did a lot of prescribed burns in the park but the vegetation is regrowing nice and green, already.

We saw nuthin'

I had to take this picture for Youngest Son. Once upon a time, this would have become a treasured pretend gun at my house!

It really was a gorgeous day to be out today.

Most of the flowers I see these days are yellow.

But here is a pink one. I can't look up its name because I have kittens nestled under the comforter that's on my belly right now (and it's making typing this very challenging!).

I spotted a lot of those unusual seeds but I knew not to touch them, for some reason. Back home, I looked them up and I'm glad I didn't because they're very toxic. (abrus precatorius). It's also extremely invasive and hard to get rid of.
We walked for about an hour and a half but didn't go very far because the trail was so sandy in places where it was a shared equestrian/hiking trail, that I had to slow down a lot.  So about 40 minutes before the finish line, we had been discussing tracking how far we walk, etc. and I remembered that I had the Runmeter app on my phone so I fired it up and started tracking us. At that time, we were still on a grassy trail so my pace was about a 22-min mile.

By the time we reached the truck, my pace had lessened to 1 hour and 8 minutes a mile!  ROFLMAO.  And my ass did hurt with all this walking in deep sand!

I only started up the app about halfway through our walk. I'll need to remember to
use it next time we go walking as we always guesstimate how far we've walked.
On the way home, we explored a road that I had always wanted to take, which was fun. So many houses in places we didn't even know where there!  

Back at home, I went to take an hour-long hot bubble bath. Aaaah! So enjoyable. Especially with some snacks and a bottle of hard cider!  I had planned on reading my library-ebook but I only was able to last 30 minutes. I shall not finish it as it ended up being more silly and irritating than interesting.  Then I read some blogs on my Kindle.  The whole time I was in the bath, there were kittens (Explorer, mostly) crying behind the door to be left in and scratching at the door.  Geez, Louise!  Eventually my son called out to let me know he was back from the park and I yelled back for him to come get the kittens so I did have 10 minutes of peace.  Greg had his headphones on the whole time so he was completely unaware!

Once changed into comfy jammies, I started to work on my "Other Expenses" post.  That was a lot of work as well and I'm not sure that I should have shared so much, but,there you have it. It sure helped me, in writing everything down as well as my thoughts, to put some kind of plan in place for next year.  

I cooked Coriander-Crusted Salmon and white rice for dinner. I didn't harvest lettuce from the garden, despite leaving myself an email reminder to do so, so no salad for us. We have leftovers of that too.

While it was cooking, I unloaded the dishwasher and then reloaded it and started it after the dinner dishes had been loaded.  Yay!

Greg informed me that Monday is also a day off for him, I had thought he was going back to work on Monday.  So we can still watch LOTR tomorrow, Sunday and Monday if we decide to do so.

However, this means that I'll probably start 2017 with a "Not So Domestic Monday". I have so much cleaning to do!

In desperation, I guess, Greg even did his own laundry today!  I was quite cross with him, although only because he didn't bother doing mine as well. Grrr.  LOL.

I've been listening to the Maroon 5 Pandora radio station today and I've really enjoyed it.

I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards credits and reminded Greg to earn his (he actually did earn them yesterday!).

I wanted to earn the last 10 SB I needed to hit my daily goal by playing Swagasaurus but it won't work for me on Chrome and it only worked for a couple of minutes on Edge although it wouldn't let me earn any SB.  Poop.

The season premiere of Sherlock is on PBS on Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST!  I guess my daughter and I will be watching it so any LOTR watching will have to be in the afternoon :)


  1. Those kittens have grown so much! Thanks for sharing the pictures from your walk. I don't think I've ever seen that type of moss, before! I'm glad you got to relax in your jammies. :)

    1. They're really mini cats now, aren't they? I guess soon I'll have to stop calling them "the kittens" but I think it might stick. 10 years from now I'll still be calling them "the kittens" and people will wonder if I'm losing my mind or eyesight.

      Greg thought that moss looked like cauliflower. Maybe that's what we should call it, "cauliflower moss" :)

    2. It looks very much like a type of reindeer moss (Cladonia rangiferina), which is actually a lichen, but I wouldn't have expected reindeer moss to grow in Florida. However, apparently it does and is called "deer moss"!

    3. That's it! Thank you so much for researching this for me! I was looking at a blog written by a professor of Botany about the mosses of Central Florida this morning and didn't spot this one but was thinking to myself "maybe it's not a moss, it's one of those other things..." but I couldn't remember the word "lichen" and I was sure that the sign had indicated "something something moss". You're a wealth of knowledge and resourcefulness!

  2. What a lovely way to spend the end of the year. You accomplished so much with your two end-of-year posts and still got to go on a fantastic hiking trail and a long, hot bubble bath. The photos are great, as usual. I spent another day hacking up a lung. I can't seem to shake this cold. Ugh!

    1. I'm worried about you, Susan. You should see a doctor, you wouldn't want that to turn into pneumonia.


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