Wednesday, December 28, 2016

No Grocery Shopping This Week! ~ Wednesday 12/28/16

The kittens woke me up a couple of times this morning and by 7:30 a.m. I had decided to just get up because they were being so loud and unruly in my bedroom!

I opened the windows downstairs and, instantaneously, most of the cats were peering outside and sniffing the air. There were squirrels in the grass, some birds chirping somewhere, and a black and white cat just sitting in the backyard, staring at me.  I looked away because we are not adopting another stray cat. Grrr.

I've lost track of the days so I was a little startled to see my regular Grocery Day reminders pop up in my inbox this morning: eat breakfast before you leave, check the new Aldi and Save A Lot weekly ads first, etc. I'm NOT going grocery shopping this week and looking at the ads reinforced that. There's really nothing that is on sale that I need or want and I still have massive feelings of total failure about all the food I threw away yesterday so I'm not about to go and bring some more in!  That being said, I need to think of a plan for dinner tonight...

Next week, however, I might buy this from Aldi and try my hand at crocheting...

So cute!

I forgot to mention that when I checked the mail yesterday, I found a coupon for a free can of Campbell's soup that I had won in an instant win game.  I didn't expect it and Greg was excited because he's the one who eats the Campbell's cans of soup that I buy.  I told him I always bought it so I couldn't understand why he was so excited about it and he replied "I like free stuff!". Awwww, my hubby is a freebie convert!  hahaha.

My weather app says that the weather should be overcast all day but the sky looks blue to me, right now.  The sun is starting to appear above the roofs and trees to the east, casting golden glows in the Spanish Moss hanging from the oak tree across the street. It's quiet, although I can hear the distant traffic on the highway.

No plans for today. Yesterday, Greg suggested that we just watch LOTR on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I replied "It just doesn't sound like either of us is really excited about our LOTR marathon this year, maybe we ought to skip it."  So I'm thinking we're not going to watch the movies. He had lots of games to play and I can always find something else to do too, like writing end of year posts and trying to figure out goals for 2017.  I started doing that a couple of days ago and quickly became very overwhelmed.  Ugh.

I do have all the receipts from last week and this week so far to enter into my spreadsheets so I may start on that today.  I thought it would be fun to publish the details of all we've spent our money on this year, but now I'm starting to have heart palpitations about it because I know we really spent more than we ought to have (we're not in debt at all but still, we spent too much!) so maybe I won't, lol.

I have a few new spreadsheets that I want to set up for 2017 and I also need to reset the ones I used and liked this year for 2017. So, yep, I have work to do on the laptop so skipping many hours of LOTR doesn't bother me.

I thought that maybe Greg had forgotten that he had agreed to pay for me to take my daughter to France this summer, but he made a remark to her about it yesterday so I admitted that I thought he had completely forgotten about it (he'd had a couple of beers, some cider, and a spiked coffee so I wasn't sure how much of his generous offer was due to being a little... happy!).  My daughter didn't comment on it at all, not even to say "I can't wait!" so I'm not sure that she still wants to go?!  I know that I... don't. Isn't that awful?!  I just keep on reading about all the threats that they're uncovering over there and stressing over not only our safety but how I'm going to be able to walk through Paris if my feet still hurt, and then what to do about going or not going to go visit my mom, my great aunt, etc. and I'm talking myself out of it.  Another trip my daughter and I had thought we might want to do was drive to the Grand Canyon and visit places here in the US on the way and back and, honestly, that sounds better to me.  A long road trip.  So I'm going to talk to her about it and we'll see. I don't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do either.

I rebooted my laptop this morning so I'm able to run the nGage and JunGroup videos and my laptop isn't dragging. Yay. I'm trying to earn a few more Swagbucks. My 1st daily goal is 50 SB and my first Search Award of the day was only 8 SB so I'll need to put a little bit more work in reaching the goal today.

I earned the daily credits from Microsoft Rewards.

Here is another annoyance brought to you by Windows 10 (and apparently Windows 8 before it but I never used Windows 8 so I was blissfully unaware of this) but when you turn off your computer, it disables the keypad. Which means that when you boot up again and go to log in to Windows, if your password contains any numbers, you gets the "incorrect password" message unless you remember to hit your "num lock" key first.  I've found many people who have complained about this online since 2012 and it still hasn't been fixed.  There is no easy way to circumvent this either... you have to change something in the registry. I don't make changes in the registry because I don't trust that I won't screw up something else.  So I'm stuck with having to remember to hit that damn num lock key before I log in. Another annoyance, and this time it's an HP annoyance, is that no one thought to put in a light indicator that should show whether the num lock is engaged or not.  Years ago I had a laptop (desktop?) that had a little light on that key that came on when the num lock was on. It was super helpful.  Then I had a computer (Windows 98, maybe?) that showed "NUM" at the bottom of my screen when the num lock was engaged.  None of this nowadays and it's annoying. I mean, those are small things that make life easier why on earth would some dweeb take them away and not even make them available as an option?  I don't get it.  It's like companies WANT you to complain about them so they keep their names in the "news" or something. OK, rant over. Returning to regular programming.

I need to drink a lot more water today than I have this whole week (she says, pouring herself a 2nd cup of coffee) because I feel all.. rusted. My joints are stiff and my left knee is starting to feel tender again. I only woke up once to use the bathroom last night, sure sign that I don't have enough liquids in me.

Favorite time of the day?  When one of my kittens comes to me, purring (they even talk to me now, making soft meowing noises as they approach, at times), and curls up on my chest.  I watch them sleep and stroke them and whisper love words to them (my way of purring) and marvel at how perfect they are. It's as if I had made them myself, I'm so damn proud!  Their fur is amazingly soft and they are amazingly loving, even as they are more and more independent.

My daughter got up and went to take a shower. Almost immediately, Tabby Kitty started crying at the bathroom door. He's a daddy boy so I figured he thought Greg was in there!  So I brought him up to Greg's bedroom, which woke Greg up. He hadn't slept well or much, having some kind of allergy problem with his eyes that the allergy medicine wasn't helping, but he decided to get up.  Anyway.  Tabby Kitty spilled a cup of water on Greg's new iPhone 7.  I was so upset and jumped up to save the phone, but Greg informed me that the iPhone 7 is waterproof.  Indeed, it doesn't seem to have suffered, although I did rescue it and it barely had any water on it. Better safe than sorry!

For lunch, Greg made himself a sandwich and I had some chicken nuggets and the 2nd half of the papaya that I had cut for our Christmas dinner. I had stored that half in the fridge so it was fine.  Our son ate 2 of the Totino's pizza sticks that I had gotten for free at Publix after coupon. He's enjoying those so maybe I'll get him some more for his weekend meals.

My daughter went to run errands in Clermont. She was planning on buying supplies for her Etsy project. I asked her to pick me up the free bagel from Panera so she did.

I wrote a post about Good Things that Happened to Me in 2016. Gratitude is important.  I'm hoping it will lift the fog a little more.

I met my first daily goal for Swagbucks!  I'm stopping here today.

I've decided that for dinner tonight I will cook the marinated turkey tenderloin that I bought at Aldi last week and the corn on the cob, if it's still good. If not, pasta. That'll make the kids happy.

Consumerist has an article about 7 states where gas prices are set to rise in January, due to various tax increases. Florida is listed as one of them :( However, upon reading the article, our increase will be minimal. Still, I emailed the article to Greg, Middle Son and Daughter so they're aware.

At 2:15 p.m, I'm still in my PJs.  Greg just took a shower and asked if we could now close the windows and turn the AC on because it's 77F in the living room.  I was comfy but I guess...

I need to get back to my list of goals for 2017. It's stressing me because I didn't meet many of my 2016 goals and they're still important but I already doubt that I will meet them in 2017 as well because I just don't like dealing with people (I'm talking about finding an accountant, going to the GYN, etc.).  Ugh. I need to pare down my list.  By a lot.  OK, back to it.

A while later... I've written them and they will put on 1/1. Phew!  And to celebrate, I'm actually eating the free bagel that my daughter brought me back from Panera's :)

My son borrowed my bike to go to the library and attend the Teen Programming. I'm glad he's getting out of the house, getting some exercising and socializing under his belt. I'm such a hypocrite.

When he returned, he informed me that while he was attending the program, someone had stolen the front light that I had installed on my bike. It was an LED flashlight that attached to the front handlebar and was tight. The holder is still there, the flashlight isn't. I hope the thief gets run over by a car. Seriously. I had just bought it and we used the bike twice since I had installed it.

I got dressed to go check the mail and brought back the recycling bins to the house while I was at it.  In the mail, I found a full size bottle of Men Degree Dry Spray deodorant that I had ordered via an offer from Walmart. Freebie!  I gave it to Greg to use at the gym.

As I was getting dressed, I stepped on my scale. It was late afternoon and I'd been eating, but there's no denying the truth: I've put all the weight back on. Nobody to blame but myself but damn, back to square one again. I knew it because my clothes are very uncomfortable and my knee has been bugging me again. It's ridiculous to be failing at this over and over again.

My daughter was taking pictures of the shoes she had painted for her Etsy store outside, on a white piece of posterboard, with an old camera. I decided to see how the pictures would look with the lightbox kit that I, err,  Greg bought me for Christmas.  I've never used one so I wasn't even sure how to set it up but between then two of us, we figured it out. However, neither of us is a good photographer so the results weren't great.  We decided to try it again after learning how to use a lightbox!  I found these instructions which are very helpful...

She had saved me 2 Coke product bottle caps and gave them to me, so I added them to my stash. I'm also about to finish a 2L bottle of Diet Coke, so I'll add that cap to my stash as well and enter the codes on Monday.

I wrote a blog post, to be published on 1/1, about my personal goals for 2017.

I cooked dinner and while it was cooking, I unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it so it would be ready to run after dinner.  It was full.

We ate dinner all together at the kitchen table.  I've been very lax about having family dinners these past few months but I'm changing back to our regular routine.

I defrosted some ground beef for tomorrow's dinner. I was thinking "burgers" but I probably should make meatloaf. If so, I'll cook it in the roaster outdoors.

Greg's eyes were irritated this morning and tonight it's mine. However, I think it might be due to dehydration, not allergies.  I drank coffee and Diet Coke and a little bit of water and now I'm having hard cider. So probably dehydration.

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