Monday, January 16, 2017

Day Book: Monday 1/16/17

Outside my window... it's nice and crisp (59F/15F) at 8 a.m. and the sun looks like it'll be shining today. Indeed, our high is supposed to be 80F/26.6C.  I just opened the windows for the kitties and that we can all hear the birds chirping in the nearby trees.

I am thinking... that I'm not sure whether today will be Domestic Monday or not. It's a holiday so Greg and our son are home, which never makes me feel like cleaning anything.

I am thankful for... having my men at home with me today and my daughter coming home tonight.

From the learning rooms... Daughter is taking 2 classes at the state college that ended up being hybrid classes so she doesn't always have to go in. I guess every other week or so they assign her online work instead of in-person classes.  That kind of messed up her plan to give rides to her BFF who has a very similar schedule but is taking different classes, but the BFF is taking her Driver's License driving test this week so hopefully she will pass and won't depend on Daughter to get to her classes.  Daughter is also taking an additional 2 online college classes so she has a full plate.  She actually created a Google calendar with her class schedule for me, as I had been nagging her to organize herself virtually and not just on paper in her bedroom. Yay!  Not we'll see if she maintains it!  Youngest Son is taking the Learner's Permit written test this week and attending a Future Business Leader's of America awards ceremony out of town on Friday so he will be missing all his classes. He's not excited as he doesn't want to have to catch up on the work over the weekend and I don't blame him!  As for me, I have got to read the Diabetic Exchange information that I printed yesterday!  I'm also running out of time in the month to read the latest issue of Kiplinger Magazine and my dSLR manual. Arrgh. Let's not mention fiction books to read for pleasure. That ain't happening either.

From the kitchen... the kitchen is clean!  I'd like to pat my back a little for having done the dishes at night every night since shortly after Christmas.  I have a menu put together for the week but I need to research the actual recipes and fill out my regular categories before I post it so it'll be later today.

I am wearing... the same clothes as yesterday since I only wore them a few hours: khahi capris from a thrift store (I love them, they make me feel skinny!), a very soft and comfy Merino black T-shirt from Target (bought for $5 during a sale) and my fuzzy black slippers.

I am creating... hmmm, what I am creating?  I don't think anything... I do want to get started on the French blog for my mom, though. Maybe today.

I am going... with Greg to take our Ford Focus in to the garage for its 60K maintenance appointment today. We'll leave it there and go pick it up this afternoon. Youngest Son wants me to take him to Publix this afternoon so I can take pictures of various food items for an AP Human Geography project. I'm only taking the pictures because it is required that he is in every single picture so kids don't cheat on the project.  We'll probably stop by RaceTrac to get a freebie snack for him to make our trip count a little bit more and allow me not to have to bake today!

I am reading... aargh, nothing unless you count blogs and the news.  I think I'm going to take the fiction books off my January goals. I could make the time to read them but I don't feel like reading them so why force myself?!

I am hoping... that this week won't bring another bout of depression. I'm skimming the news, not really reading anything in depth because between the kerfuffle with the local politicos in my own city, the Orlando cop killer they still haven't found and You Know Who getting inaugurated (the horror!), there's really nothing pleasant to read about. And that's only in our own country. Ugh.  OK, I'll stop as I had said "no politics" but it's going to be impossible to ignore him from and his train of nutcases from now on, ugh, ugh, ugh. If you don't want to read my blog after this, that's OK, I also hate it when bloggers interject their politics in their frugal blogs, I have indeed stopped reading MANY blogs since the election. Have a nice life :)

I am hearing... traffic on the nearby highway, the kittens chasing one another.

Around the house... Greg and our son are still asleep.  The house is reasonably clean but still a little messy. I'll probably take the dead seedling trays out to the backyard since the kittens keep on digging in the dirt, but that'll give them more room to rump around on the breezeway countertop, right next to my pineapple jars, arrgh. They are kind of driving me nuts, I've had to yell at them several times this morning.

One of my favorite things...  I'm a Colgate girl and I get it for free at CVS all the time so when I bought several tubes of Crest Be toothpaste on clearance at Publix for 25 cents a tube a few years ago, I must have been out of my mind!  It was bothering me that it was still sitting there in my stash recently, as everyone always picks the tube of Colgate when it's time to replace it, so when I run out of toothpaste in the upstairs bathroom, I picked myself a Crest tube and was ready to hate it.  But.... this is Vanilla Mint flavored and it makes me feel like I'm eating a muffin right after I get up!  The perfect toothpaste for the gal on a diet :)  I don't even know if they still make it, but I have something like 6 tubes of Crest Be in my stash so I'm set for a while. I ought to check if they're all Vanilla Mint...

A few plans for the rest of the week... dropping off the Focus for maintenance today and helping Youngest Son with his project, celebrating (virtually) Middle Son's actual birthday (21!),  grocery shopping, taking Youngest Son to take the Learner's Permit test, and on Saturday morning attempting to obtain a free sapling(s) of crepe myrtle from a local giveaway at the Lake Hiawatha Preserve.  On Sunday Daughter and I will be attending the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in Mount Dora and getting the kittens ready for their surgery the next morning as all three of them will be getting fixed at the same time. I'll be a basket case.

Here's the picture I'm sharing...  My sister and her husband spent the weekend in Honfleur in Normandy and she posted this picture on Instagram...  I want to go :)

Have a good week!


  1. Ooh, that's a very pretty picture your sister shared! Looks like a lovely place for a holiday. As for the inauguration, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. :)

    1. I'm going to practice Lamaze breathing for the foreseeable future :)


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