Monday, January 23, 2017

Day Book: Monday 1/23/17

Outside my window... it's cool (59F/15c) and wet because of last night's storms. I'm hearing some birds and there are squirrels digging in the yard. Oh and it just started raining again!

I am thinking... that I don't feel like doing anything today.

I am thankful for... the lack of tornadoes hitting our house last night!

From the learning rooms... I don't think there's anything special going on at school for the kids this week. Just a regular week.

From the kitchen... the weather was so worrisome yesterday that I broke my month-long streak of doing the dishes every night so now I have a sink full of dirty dishes. I didn't miss that!  I wrote a menu last night that will be published in a little bit.

I am wearing... tan shorts, a light brown V-neck T-shirt, and my walking shoes.

I am creating... nothing myself but I've done some research for supplies that my daughter might need for Etsy creations.

I am going... to get my kittens back from the vet's late this afternoon.

I am reading... I need to read another one of the library travel books to help plan this summer's trip, and the rest of the Kiplinger issue that I had started last week.

I am hoping... that the kittens are weathering their spaying/neutering "alterations" well!

I am hearing... the big cats eating their breakfast, the rain falling outside (I have the windows open)

Around the house... Daughter is still asleep. The big cats are reveling in a long day without any pesky kittens.  Greg is at work, Youngest Son is at school. I miss my kittens and I just want to veg and eat foods that are bad for me :(

One of my favorite things... my new fanny pack that Greg and I bought at Academy Sports & Outdoors for Christmas.  It transforms from a fanny pack to a small purse, which was really useful this weekend. I used it as a fanny pack on Saturday, and as a small purse on Sunday when I went out with my daughter and I didn't want to lug my regular and much heavier purse around the Antiques show and Mount Dora.

A few plans for the rest of the week... this is shaping up to be a quiet week, which is great because I want to be home as soon as possible to keep an eye on my recovering kittens :)  All I have planned is grocery shopping/errands (I'll stop by Publix on Tuesday morning to have an easier day on Wednesday), and on Saturday I'm planning on dragging Youngest Son on a Mommy Date to attend the Steam Punk & Industrial Show at Renninger's followed by lunch out and a treat at the same bakery my daughter and I went to yesterday. On Sunday, I'd like to go on a walk with Greg since it's supposed to be in the 60s.

Here's the picture I'm sharing... this comic strip was in the paper yesterday and made me laugh because it's pretty much Greg and me :)

Have a good week!


  1. I gotta send my mom that cartoon. My dad retired 3 years ago and they joke about it being "PP Day " @ the end of the month "Pension Payday" lol. MY father is half deaf from his years in the infantry, so really if this cartoon was reversed it would sum up their relationship πŸ˜‚.

  2. I am so glad you didn't have any tornadoes in your area. I do hope the kittens are doing well. It was raining here, earlier this morning, but now, it has stopped and the sun is trying to shine through the clouds. Hope you have a good day and a good rest of the week.

    1. Thanks,Bless! The kittens are home, they're very loopy and aren't listening to Dr's orders which are "NO jumping!" I do they settle down soon. I've locked them up in my bedroom with me, ordered take-out and my daughter is going to pick it up. Tomorrow they'll be able to go back downstairs and eat regularly but tonight they need to be kept separate from the big cats or they'll try to eat their food! They're only allowed 5-10 kibbles in about 90 more minutes.

      I'm glad you had some rain but then also were able to have some sunshine! Today was the same here: cloudy and rainy at time, sunny at others.

  3. I love Pickles - one of my favorite cartoons, because it always hits close to home. Ha!

    1. Yeah, you know you're getting old when the geriatric humor starts making a lot of SENSE, ha.


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