Monday, January 9, 2017

Day Book: Monday 1/9/17

Outside my window... it's cold!  44F/7C, not as cold as we expected it to get but still cold. The sun is up but at a low angle.

I am thinking... that I wish I could go back to bed!

I am thankful for... heat in my house, warm clothes and warm coffee.

From the learning rooms... my daughter starts her new semester this week, Middle Son doesn't start until next week.  I forgot to have my usual "so what's happening at school this week?" discussion with the kids last night so I'm not sure what's on Youngest Son's plate.  I know that he has to stay after school today to have the FBLA group picture taken.  He's volunteering at the library a couple of times this week, as usual, and working on his Optimist Club Oratorical contest. He decided to present the speech that he had written instead of re-writing an essay, thinking it was the easy way out, but I think he discounts the fact that I don't want him to do a piss-poor job just to say he did it, so I plan on making him rehearse reading it, timing himself, making eye contact with the crowd, walking the "stage", so he has a good chance of winning.  And I need to make an appointment for him to take the driving permit test soon, so he probably needs to bone up on the road rules.

From the kitchen... I've been so good at doing the dishes and cleaning up the sink at night!  I made a menu for the week that will be published later on this morning.  Today I need to bake something to get rid of the sour milk and also to make a snack for my son. I might make crêpes and pancakes that I will freeze.  I'll be starting the crockpot at 11 a.m. to make Simmered Split Pea Soup.

I am wearing... I was lazy this morning and just put on yesterday's clothes: black 3/4 sleeve Tshirt with a soft beige and grey scraf wrapped around my neck, black jeans and my garden clogs since I forgot my slippers upstairs and I haven't been back there yet.

I am creating... well nothing crafty but I printed a birthday card for Middle Son yesterday!

I am going... to pick up Youngest Son from school this afternoon since he has to stay later than usual.  Otherwise, I'm not planning on leaving the house today.

I am reading... I still haven't read "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them past the first couple of pages". I've been so busy that I actually have a hard time finding a slot to read.  Plus, if I read, I have to eat so subconsciously I might be avoiding reading?

I am hoping... that Greg either goes to the doctor or gets better. He never did go, saying he was feeling better but he's not.  Grrr.

I am hearing... the Peter White station on Pandora, the heat blowing, the kittens playing.

Around the house... my daughter is still asleep, the kittens are playing, the big cats are just sitting there, trying to conserve their energy, and it's Domestic Monday so I need to get going on my chores.

One of my favorite things... right now it's the soft scarf that came with my T-shirt. I have a set in black and another one in red. I bought them at Kohl's 3 years ago, right before going to France on Christmas Eve. I don't get to wear the scarves very often down here but as soon as it gets cold, I put them on.  They're soft, almost like having a kitten around my neck at all times!

A few plans for the rest of the week... going to take New Kitty to her annual check-up tomorrow, Wednesday is Grocery Shopping Day and Youngest Son's birthday and I need to drop off my bike to be fixed,  I have a lunch scheduled with a friend on Thursday,  and on Saturday I need Youngest Son and Greg to come with me to AT&T so we can turn off Greg's line and have them switch Youngest Son's iPhone 4 for Greg's old iPhone 5S.  I suppose we'll go walking either on the same day or on Sunday. And then exercising and dieting and drinking my water all week!  Those are my plans. What about you?

Here's the picture I'm sharing...
The kittens hovering over, waiting for me to finish my morning cereal so they can lick the bowl clean. It used to be worse... I used to have to fend them off to eat my breakfast!  But talk about pressure!  I can no longer take my time to eat while reading the news because it's like "Are you done yet?  No? How about now?  How about now? How about now?"

Have a good week!


  1. Replies
    1. BRRRRR! Stay warm and off the roads if you can!

  2. Stay warm! I have to venture out for classes this afternoon and evening, but am otherwise planning on hunkering down with cats and blankets.

    Your note about using up your sour milk reminded me that I need to make some quick breads using the kefir that has been in my fridge for a while. I found some recipes on the Stonyfield Farms website and I hope they are good!

    1. Stay warm as well! It's now in the mid 50's so I turned off the heat. The kittens want to cuddle but it's Domestic Monday so I have lots of things to accomplish and I've been pushing them away, they look sad :(

      Ooh, if you're gonna be baking a lot, I might need to stay away from your blog, hahahaha.

  3. We once had a cat who had to have a little bit of my morning cup of tea! Every morning, I had to pour a little of my tea to a saucer and she'd drink her share while I drank mine! It's chilly, here, too, or, at least, I am feeling cold! I'm wearing a sweater and a scarf, socks, and sitting right in front of the heater! I know I am going to freeze when I go to the office - they keep it so cold, there.

    1. That is too funny! Did she hold her little toe up in the air, trying to look distinguished? hahaha.

      Sounds like you are going to have to bring your warmest clothes to the office when you go back. When I worked at the local elementary school, my office was right next door to the computer lab and shared the same ventilation system. So since it gets to hot in there with all the computers, they always had the AC blowing to cool the lab down, even when it was cold outside. Well, I was absolutely freezing in my office, it was horrible. There was nothing that could be done but layer up and sometimes even wear my heavy jacket and gloves (in Florida! Indoors!) because it was so cold. I wasn't allowed to bring in a space heater because of the budget problems (those things use a lot of electricity) and it was a very poor school. I was ever so glad not to renew my contract at the end of that year!

  4. I read your Daybook, which was enough to get me inspired to start mine. But in the end, I scrapped it. I used to save about 2 tbsp of milk in the bottom of my cereal bowl for Brucie. He would appear very nonchalant and could care less if I saved him some or not, but he would start to pace and give me the evil eye the closer to the end I got to finishing. Too funny. And now he is gone to live in the new apartment. The dog and I both miss him.

    1. Aww you were a good cat mommy! I was surprised to read that Brucie went with your son. I didn't realize that it was his pet. Maybe you and the dog need a new kitten?


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