Monday, January 16, 2017

Domestic Monday? Hmm, Nah ~ Monday 1/16/17

Today's Google Doodle. 

I was thinking about this yesterday and I'm not sure if today will be Domestic Monday or not, as I stated in my Day Book this morning.  Greg is off due to the holiday and our son is home from school.  The weather looks to be beautiful and I've love to go somewhere, but we have to take the family car in for maintenance and go pick it up by 5, and I promised Youngest Son that I would help him with a project that requires us to go to Publix, probably this afternoon.  So I guess we'll stay home. Greg has a big presentation tomorrow so he said he had to work for a couple of hours today to get ready for it. Poop.

The kittens drove me wild last night!  I went to bed late because I was trying to catch up on blogs, and then Tabby Kitty and Explorer thought my bed was a wrestling ring so I literally kicked them off the bed. Princess had already decided they were a PITA so she had disappeared somewhere.  She reappeared at 7 a.m. to wake me up.  I'm not sure why my fitness tracker app thinks I was awake all those times last night because I only got up to use the bathroom once.

Daughter is being dropped off by her dad or brother tonight.

Well, dang, my To Do List is a complete repeat from yesterday's (ok, almost) and I have to add tasks to it so I don't forget to do them. Arrgh.

  • Watch "Sherlock" (but probably while I fold the laundry tomorrow)
  • Read details of Diabetic Exchange program 
  • Do my foot exercises DONE
  • Exercise DONE
  • Finish putting away Christmas decorations
  • Wipe out a USB stick for library
  • Greg and I need to assign the IRA contributions to specific funds 
  • Vacuum fridge coils
  • Declutter under window seat in Exercise Room
  • Compare music libraries between the 2 laptops and finish moving what's missing to my new laptop
  • Figure out what software I still need to move/reinstall on new laptop
  • Trying syncing my phone on new laptop
  • Clean litter box upstairs DONE
  • Add Osmocote plant food to rose and hibiscus bushes
  • Read Kiplinger's magazine
  • Clip Tabby Kitty's back claws and Explorer's claws 
  • Type up and post my menu for the upcoming week DONE
  • Defrost meat for dinner DONE
  • Clip coupons DONE
  • Sort coupons
  • Charge my fitness tracker? 
  • Do the laundry DONE
  • Fold the laundry
  • Put the laundry away
  • Sweep and fake mop the kitchen
  • Help son with AP project DONE
  • Take the Focus to the garage DONE
  • Pick up the Focus from the garage DONE
  • Put DD214 away
  • Juice the grapefruits Nope!
  • Make lemon poppyseed muffins or/and lemon squares with the "grapefruits"!
  • Pick the oranges
  • Zest the oranges and freeze
  • Check if iTunes charged me for RunMeter upgrade DONE
  • Enter MyCokeRewards DONE
  • Cook black beans in pressure cooker (Tuesday but I didn't want to forget about it)
  • Harvest a green onion stalk for dinner Didn't need to do as plans changed slightly
  • Bake something with an ingredient from the side-by-side freezer (this week)
  • Pluck my chin (I keep on forgetting to do that and it's driving me crazy!) DONE
  • Order cat grass/oat grass for the kitties DONE

  • I opened the windows this morning as it was gloriously cool :)

  • Still using up "stretched" milk in my morning cereal!

  • Greg finished a box of Grape Nuts last night and saved me the box and bag. I put the bag aside to be washed and dried so I can reuse it as a freezer bag and I recycled the box.

  • Earning Swagbucks with automatic videos on my laptop. My 1st goal is 100 SB today, meh.

  • Kellogg's confirmed that they applied my Rice Krispies purchases to my KFR account.

  • They also sent me a code for a free Shutterfly notebook that I won't use since shipping is so high, usually. If anyone wants the code, email me (see "Contact Me" in the sidebar).

  • RecycleBank emailed me that my points were about to expire. I used to earn points on RecycleBank to redeem for a free subscription to Entertainment Weekly but I don't read it anymore, plus the hypocrisy of promoting green living and shilling magazines is pissing me off so I stopped earning points on RecycleBank altogether. Then, they used to have coupons that I could actually redeem my points for and use at Walmart (for that Parsley Plus cleaner, which I love) but now it's coupons for brands I'd have to buy at Whole Paycheck, probably, so never mind. I had about 850 points so I made a $3 donation to the Arbor Day Foundation (750 points) and I entered a giveaway for an $100 Amazon gift card twice (100 points).

  • Greg and I dropped off the Focus at our garage. Our trusted garagist had done the research to see what needed to be done at 60K miles and informed me that the air filter on that car doesn't get replaced... the whole air filter assembly needs to be replaced and it costs over $100. However, there is a footnote that it should only be replaced every 150K miles so we're good :) I had him drop the tire rotation from his list (since 3 of the 4 new tires have been replaced in the past 3 weeks) as well.  He'll call me later on (they're going to check the brakes) and I'll pick it up before 5 p.m.

  • On our way home, I asked Greg to stop by RaceTrac and I picked up a free Apple Crumb muffin in exchange for a survey reward code, for our son.

  • As I said it is lovely outside and Greg didn't want to go anywhere today as he wants to repair his leaf blower and has some work to do for his presentation, so I decided to sit on my patio, where I am right now. It's been weeks, nay, months since I've sat out there and it feels great!  Sadly, no birds but a squirrel who I think is pissed that I'm re-establishing possession of my own backyard, because it is screaming at me.  Too bad for you, squirrel!

  • I'm doing 2 super loads of laundry in cold/cold. I hung my clothes, all the undies/socks/exercise clothes and the cleaning cloths/cloth napkins out on the racks outside and Greg's clothes and the bath towels went in the dryer on the Auto Moisture Sensing setting. I need to remember to check the dryer as soon as it stops so I can hang Greg's work pants and flannel shirts and save myself some ironing!

  • I used an old newspaper plastic sleeve to collect the "treasures" deposited in the upstairs litter box.

  • I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards credits.

  • I defrosted a pound of ground turkey in the microwave and browned it with an onion for the 3-bean turkey chili that I cooked in the crockpot for dinner. I didn't feel like looking for the exact cans that the recipe called for, so I grabbed a can of Great Northern beans, one of garbanzo beans and one of light red kidney beans.  I will also cook the large 2 baking potatoes that are about to go bad. My thought was to serve some of the chili on top of the potatoes.

  • While I was in the kitchen, I fixed myself lunch: an "egg salad" sandwich, a spinach salad with blueberries and a little bit of crushed pecans (I used Light Raspberry Walnut dressing), 8 small crunchy toasts with caviar (need to finish it, it's from the Christmas buffet!) and a Dole Mixations cup (one that hadn't spoiled already).  I ate my lunch out on the patio, it's so lovely outside.

  • Greg used the part bought from RepairClinic last week to repair the leaf blower and blew the leaves off the side and the front of the house (and also raked them). He couldn't clean the patio since my laundry was hanging there!  Woohoo for a frugal husband willing to try to fix things himself instead of buying new tools.

  •  Yeah, however he is looking at buying himself an expensive pair of headphones to replace the less expensive headphones that the kittens chewed through because he claims that he couldn't repair them. Arumpf.  To his credit, I pointed out that the Microsoft Store gift card was only 3,500 credits on Microsoft Rewards yesterday but he told me he'd redeem his credits for an Amazon gift card instead (5,250) to help defray the cost of the headphones.  Then I suggested he checks the price of the ones in the Microsoft store since they sent me a 20% discount; he did, but they're much more expensive than what he could buy on Amazon, according to him, even with the discount.  Later on, I exhorted him to purchase whatever pair he wanted since he games so much and the better the headphone, the least I will have to hear any of the scary noises coming from his games, lol.

  • The car was ready to be picked up by 1 p.m.  I told the garagist we'd pick it up by closing time (5 p.m.) so our projects (and relaxing time on the patio!) aren't interrupted. I suggested to Youngest Son that he comes along so we can stop by Publix on the way home, that'll save time and gas. He agreed.

  • I was able to reach my 1st daily goal in Swagbucks, let's see if I can reach my 2nd Daily Goal for a bigger bonus :)

  • I researched the current APY rate for Discover Bank Savings accounts since they had sent me documentation on that. We're earning pretty much nothing at USAA so I'd be interesting in moving at least part of our savings to an FDIC-insured account that yields more interest. I had discussed it with Greg and he's leaving it entirely up to me.  I don't like teamwork but when it comes to our money, I don't like being the one in charge of all the decisions because if I screw up, then there's no one else to blame, hahaha.  So I need to make a decision on that. I'm also looking at CD laddering for part of our savings.  It's a lot to consider and I haven't even yet thought about our brokerage account's performance!

  • Greg started and ran the generator for several minutes, which is part of the monthly maintenance to make sure the gas line doesn't gunk up, etc.  Hurricane season is only a short 5.5 months away now, so we need to make sure everything is in shape for that.

  • Last week, I took our live Christmas wreath off our front door and set it on top of one of our yard waste trash bins. I had meant to take it apart to put the pine branches in the yard waste bin and save the metallic wreath frame, the florist wire and the ribbon (to donate) but I forgot. My wonderful husband did just that this afternoon. He was going to put the stuff in his shed "in case he needed it for something" but I told him I was planning on donating it. He doesn't need it now so he didn't mind. I'm happy that I'm married to someone who, like me, sees the value in keeping items that others might throw away so that we might repurpose them!

  • I noticed that my lottery ticket expired on Saturday night. I'll check if I won anything with the magical scanning machine at Publix tonight and I'll take a few months' break from buying another one. I know that some people say that it's a tax on the stupid. I think that if you can afford to pay your bills, your money is yours to spend as you see fit.  I enjoy being able to dream about winning the lottery and helping my friends and family (and have Greg retire ASAP!) so the couple of dollars that I spend a week is well worth it. I know that millions of people spend more than that at Starbucks on ONE drink so it doesn't keep me up at night. Plus the money I invest in my dreaming goes back to Education in Florida, and our educational system needs all the help it can get.  But.  I also can dream in other ways so I'll limit myself to two or three $20 runs (10 drawings in advance) this year.

  • I found a cat grass kit for just $2.97 on Amazon but it's an add-on item price.  I checked my wishlist and there's really nothing else that I want to order right now, so I put it in my cart and will discuss with Greg which headphones he wanted to order. I'll get the cat grass when he orders the headphones. I'm only ordering one kit because I'm not sure that our cats will actually like it. If they do, I might do a subscription.

  • I entered the lone Powerade bottle cap code that I had into MyCokeRewards and earned 3 MCR points.

  • Not sure if this is a frugal success... it doesn't look like I'm getting charged for the upgrade to RunMeter elite. The payment didn't hit my credit card. I pulled up my iTunes purchases and it's not in there. However, the app itself now says "Elite" when I turn it on and all the features seem to have been enabled.  However, even though it is linked to MyFitnessPal account, it didn't transfer any activity from yesterday.  Also, I can't find the promised setting that would allow the timer to pause when I'm walking and then I pause, which is the main reason why I upgraded in the first place! Oh, never mind, I found it (note to self: "Stop Detection" must be turned ON in the settings. So I guess it is a frugal success.  Not sure why iTunes doesn't have a record of my purchase...

  • I decided to buy my own copy of "Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles" instead of copying pages of the library booklet that I had borrowed. It's only $6 and I have $17 in Amazon gift cards so it's free to me :)

  • I unlocked new MobiSave and Ibotta offers.

  • We went to pick up the Focus from the garage. I charged the OOP to our Amex so I can earn 1% in Rewards as I would like to order a new CVS gift card soon :)

  • Greg went straight home and Youngest Son and I stopped by Publix to do research for his AP Human Geography project. I didn't buy anything :)

  • Then we dropped off my 2 library books at the library's drop-off box. No late fees and now the pressure to read the one fiction book is gone.  I called my daughter on the way to ask if she would be home for dinner but her brother, Middle Son, will drop off her after dinner. So I don't have to feed her tonight, nor pay for gas or tolls to get her back. Plus, I might get to see Middle Son if he comes in :)

  • Back home Greg was hungry and the turkey chili was ready so we had an early dinner. Instead of baking the potatoes, though, I just used up a bag of tortilla chips, crumbled in the chili; It was delicious and we have leftovers that I plan to use for dinner over pasta tomorrow night.

  • I exercised for free at home by using my recumbent bike while listening to Frasier on Netflix and catching up on blogs on my Kindle.

  • Middle Son came in for a few minutes so I got to wish him happy birthday again and confirm that he's definitely interested in coming on our road trip with us this summer. Yay!

  • Gas:
    • to drop off the car at the garage (2 vehicles)
    • to pick up the car from the garage (2 vehicles)
    • to start and run the generator (monthly maintenance)

  • Really good gaming headphones for Greg!

  • The kittens knocked off my bottle of sweet Mirin cooking wine and it spilled all over one corner of the kitchen, arrgh.  

  • I had wanted to make a spinach grapefruit salad like Laura had suggested to me, with one or two of my neighbor's free grapefruit but I cut a couple of them open and they're so tart, they taste like lemons. They look like lemons too. But they're not lemons, they're from the same tree that has been producing grapefruit all these years!  Weird. So I guess I'll zest them and use them as lemons. I might need to make lemon poppyseed muffins and lemon squares this week!

  • I had to throw away yet another Dole Fruit Mixations cup!  Arrgh.
Bad cup on the left (see the domed top?), good cup on the right (concave top).

  • The sun and reduced amount of hours I got last night are conspiring to make me sleepy on the back porch. I don't think it's going to be a very productive "Domestic Monday"!

  • Yeah, I don't know who Martin Luthur King is, Swagbucks. Sheesh. I'm embarrassed for the person who made that typo on Martin Luther King's birthday, no less.  It's not like it's a federal holiday or that he was a very important American or anything...

  • When we got our Amazon Prime Membership again in January of 2015, I had invited all 4 kids to share in the Prime shipping benefit.  Only Middle Son & Daughter had accepted. I never converted the account to that Amazon Family that they keep on pushing (Greg just uses my login so we share the same account, which means that my thrillers and romance novels appear on his Kindle even though I specifically mention that I want them to go on MY Kindle, and his historical memoirs appear on mine, no big deal) so Middle Son and Daughter are still getting free Prime shipping. However, I just realized that Youngest Son never accepted the invite and now it's too late as I can't add anybody else anymore unless I convert to Amazon Family and then Middle Son and Daughter will lose the free shipping.  This came about because Youngest Son yesterday was ordering himself some customized LEGO sets on Amazon (he'd been squirreling the gift cards family members had given him for several years so he has a couple of hundreds of dollars in gift cards!) and I was telling him to wait until I got home so I could invite him to share Prime and so he could get free shipping. Well, I can't. It wouldn't have benefited him yesterday after all because 2 of his items had free shipping built-in anyway and the 3rd is coming from overseas, I think.  But, moving forward, it means that he'll have to pay for shipping unless I convert our account.  I guess I'll see what happens once Middle Son and Daughter can support themselves.

  • The trash collection truck came by today. Mondays isn't trash collection day, though. Tuesdays are.  So I was confused. We didn't put out our trash cans but some neighbors must have because we heard the truck stop several times throughout the neighborhood. I had signed up for e-bill pay several years ago so they email me the water bill but I never ever receive any attachments even though they mail announcements and such to those who still get their bills in the mail. I have requested on several occasions for the Utility department to save the attachments as pdf and email them to me (and others like me) but they've never replied and I've never gotten them.  I've also asked them to post them on their website. No reply, nothing posted.  So I'm guessing they changed our collection day without telling us?!  I'll put out the bins tomorrow and if they don't show up, I'm going to march myself to City Hall, which might be bad because I think I'm ovulating and I get really really bitchy at that time of the month.

  • Car maintenance: $203.98
  • Cat grass, Florida Edibles book, Greg's headphones: $75.42
  • An offer for a free notebook from Kellogg's and Shutterfly
  • A free Apple Crumb muffin from RaceTrac with survey reward code
  • A copy of "Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles" from Amazon, with gift cards earned on Microsoft Rewards
  • A cat grass kit from Amazon, with gift cards earned on Microsoft Rewards

  • Fed the cats
  • Aired out the house
  • Wrote my Day Book post and planned my week
  • Donated my RecycleBank points and entered a giveaway
  • Dropped off the car at the garage
  • Picked up breakfast at RaceTrac for Youngest Son
  • Made my bed
  • Cleaned the upstairs litter box
  • Did the laundry
  • Cleaned up after a couple of kitten messes
  • Cooked dinner in the crockpot
  • Hung the laundry to dry
  • Posted my Weekly Dinner Menu
  • Worked on reaching my 2nd goal in Swagbucks
  • Clipped coupons
  • Researched Discover Bank's rates
  • Went to get the car from the garage
  • Helped son with his project
  • Called daughter
  • Returned the library book
  • Set the dinner table
  • Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and started it
  • Put away the leftovers
  • Placed order on Amazon

  • I don't think the fitness tracker is giving me the correct information about my sleep patterns because I certainly wasn't awake all those times they said I was, unless I'm a sleepwalker.
  • I drank 2 cups of water before the first sip of coffee :)
  • Breakfast was a bowl of real Rice Krispies this time, with 1/4 cup of blueberries and 1 cup of ~2% milk. I drank Cinnamon Churro coffee.
  • I did my foot exercises
  • Lunch was an egg salad sandwich, a spinach blueberry pecan salad, 8 mini caviar toasts, and a Dole Mixations cup. I drank water.
  • Afternoon snacks were an apple and a yogurt. I drank water.
  • Dinner was 3-bean turkey chili and some tortillas chips. I drank water and then decaf instant coffee.
  • Exercise was riding my recumbent bike. I don't have exact numbers because I was biking for a while and then Middle Son and Daughter came in and we talked for just a few minutes but my counter reset itself in the meantime. Grrr. I biked after that for 32 minutes (5.72 miles) so I'm ing to guess that altogether I biked for at least 42 minutes and about 7.25 miles.
  • As of 9:33 p.m., I have logged 9,452 steps today. I have?! Hmmm.... I don't know about that.
  • For a beautiful morning on my back patio
  • For an honest garagist
  • For an alert Youngest Son who noticed the kittens had broken a bottle and prevented a larger mess
  • For a husband who took NO! for an answer when he proposed to move the drying laundry racks away from the patio (and myself too, I suppose) so he could blow the leaves off the roof and off the patio. I was comfy and I didn't want a bunch of dirt flying around my clean clothes!  I asked him to do it next weekend :)


  • There was a mourning dove on the electric wire, facing a neighbor's house this morning so I took a quick picture.
But the sun hadn't completely come out yet so my picture didn't turn out too nice.

There are oranges on my tree. I'll need to harvest them and zest them.

If the rose bushes keep on growing roses, I won't be able to prune them back!

One small strawberry is growing from the one plant that has survived so far...

The verbena plants are blooming again.

Once the sun warmed up the patio, the basil was abuzz with bees... but none of my pictures captured any bees!

A few lizards came out to play as well.

And I finally succeeded in photographing what I think is a Giant Orange Sulphur butterfly on the verbena.

It was a lovely day in our backyard!
How was your Monday? Did you get the day off?


  1. Your roses are really beautiful. We are not in rose season now, so I enjoy seeing your pictures.

    1. Thank you. Technically, I should be cutting the bushes back down this month but the one bush keeps on giving me new flowers right now so I'm going to wait a little longer and enjoy them too!

  2. That pink rose is gorgeous! Another one to print and frame!

    No, no, no, you misunderstood the squirrel! That's my friend, Scraggy Tail! He was just happy to see you on the patio, again! He was saying, "You are back! Where have you been? I've missed you! No one has been filling the feeders with treats! How about some peanuts or sunflower seeds?" :D

    1. You are now my official squirrel translator :) The thing is, the feeders have been full for months! No one seems to care, the birds aren't coming and the squirrels aren't even trying. Maybe that seed mix isn't good? I have a huge bag of it!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful!

    I had to work on Monday, and so did my husband. LOL on the "Martin Luthur King Jr." sale. I frequently take pictures of typos and post them on Facebook, always commenting, "That's what happens when you lay off all the proofreaders!" (Proofreading reports is a big part of my job).

    1. Typos and spelling mistakes on "official" stuff like billboards and forms and newspaper articles drive me bonkers. But then I re-read my blog posts and find so many errors, it's embarrassing! I really ought to do the "Preview" before publishing my posts but by then I'm so tired, I don't even think that I would notice the mistakes.

      I think it's hysterical that someone whose first language isn't English is in charge of proofreading!


Anything you'd like to add? Share away!