Friday, January 27, 2017

Food Waste Friday

  • I had to throw away about half a loaf of the Blueberry Oatmeal Glazed Bread that I had baked. No one but me ate it and it had started to take the taste of the metallic pan since I had left it in there. Yuck.

  • I also had to throw away 2 tomatoes from my garden that had spoiled.

    • Last Friday I baked Blueberry Oatmeal bread and used up 2 cups of sour milk, along with finishing a jar of unsweetened applesauce that was threatening to go bad.

    • I made a salad with a wrinkly piece of cucumber and wrinkled grape tomatoes as well.

    • I remembered to put the papayas in the fridge as soon as they were done ripening and before they spoiled!

    • We ate all the leftovers! 
    I'd love to hear how YOU did this week! Feel free to post links back to your own Food Waste Friday posts in the comments.

    This post was inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girlwho started blogging about her food waste back in 2008.


    1. I tossed half a packet of pre-toasted bread as it smelled rancid. I didn't want to risk trying it, with my upset tummy and all. I also tossed the last 4 slices of regular bread from a loaf of bread that had been sitting on my counter since early December. I didn't like the taste of that bread, so I wasn't eating it!

      1. Rancid pre-toasted bread doesn't sound good. I guess you could have made breadcrumbs from it and rejuvenated it in the oven with some fried herbs and then kept them in the fridge, but if you don't use those then it's better to pitch it... or feed the birds with it? I can't believe that the regular bread lasted that long on your counter!

        All in all, you didn't have a lot of waste so kudos to you!


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