Sunday, January 1, 2017

Personal Goals for 2017

Last year I posted a huge list of goals and although I named them "Frugal and Financial Goals", I had thrown in health-related goals in there as well. Of course being healthy is bring frugal, but I felt that it didn't really fit in there. Plus I wanted to set additional personal goals for myself so I decided to list those separately.

Family - Keep in Touch

  • Call my mom once a month.  I really don't like talking on the phone anymore, but there is something to be said about hearing your mom's voice and being able to chat about everything and anything and laughing and crying about events.  I'm paying for an international plan on my phone so I can get cheaper rates when I call France, and yet I almost never call. So I'm going to try and call her once a month.  She has a challenging schedule, especially with the time difference (6 hours) but I will try.
  • Start a blog in French so I can share stories and pictures with my family.  I think it'll be easier than emailing and I can still avoid going on Facebook, which I do not want to use.
  • Write to my great aunt once a month. It doesn't have to be a long letter, a postcard that I buy or make would be enough, and she would enjoy it.
  • Continue to correspond with Oldest Son's GF. Send her a short email once in a while asking her how she's doing.
  • Schedule regular lunches with Middle Son.
  • Go on day trips/field trips with Daughter (before she goes to college)
  • Invite Youngest Son to join me in an activity once a month and don't take "no thank you" for an answer.
  • Most of our dinners at home should be at the dinner table. No more of this constant: let's all eat in front of our computers nonsense!
Friends - Support Them and Allow Them to Support Me
  • Continue monthly lunches with my friend Juliet (unless I start working for her and we get enough chatting going on with that!)
  • Make sure to meet with BFF once a month, even if it means that I have to go down to her neck of the woods. 
  • Check on my French BFF  and her family regularly via email.
  • Reopen blog comments and start engaging with other bloggers again.

Health - Start my 5th Decade on the Right Foot and Not Because The Left One Hurts!
  • Lose 50 lbs by the time I'm 50
  • Input all my food intake into MyFitnessPal or sign up for WeightWatchers again
  • Exercise portion control!
  • Exercise at home every week day, no excuse, for at least 30 minutes
  • Take at least 2 walks a month with Greg
  • If/when we go out to eat, drink only water and order salads and other low-calorie meals.
  • Drink at least 32 oz of water a day (plus 2 cups of coffee)
  • Deal with my plantar fasciitis by:
    • buying a boot from CVS and wearing it at night while needed
    • practicing stretching exercises every day
    • icing my foot when it hurts (keep ice pack where I can reach it in freezer)
    • losing weight!
  • Get trifocals
  • Go to the GYN and get mammogram

Education (general) - Stop Wallowing in Ignorance!
  • Read the manual for my dSRL camera
  • Read the dSLR e-book that I purchased
  • Read one non-fiction book per month
  • Learn at least one new skill such as sewing something, crocket, knitting...
Entertainment - But Have **Some** Fun Too!
  • Read at least two fiction books per month (refer to my 2016 reading goals since I didn't read most of those books!)
  • Limit my mindless TV watching
  • Limit my mindless internet surfing or at least do it while I'm exercising.
  • Go on field trips on my own: P.E.A.R. park, Leu Botanical Gardens, local museums and attractions, county and state parks...

Volunteering - Be More Generous of My Time
  • Join the Friends of the Library
  • Volunteer as a driver with the American Cancer Society

Homefront - Don't Be So Lazy!
  • Set a 15 minute timer everyday and try to do as many housework chores as possible during that time
  • Unload the dishwasher every morning and reload it during the day.
  • Declutter the house, it's starting to look like a hoarder lives in here.
  • Mop the kitchen once a week. It's good exercise!
  • Vacuum or sweep the rest of the house once a week
  • Buy fewer snacks. It's better for everyone. Look into making healthier snacks for everyone each week.


  1. You are so funny. I love reading your blog posts. And in a day or two I might come up with a list of personal goals, since several have leaped into my mind already. But as you know, I hesitate to commit myself in writing because I am terrible at following through. For one thing, life happens. And I get so easily distracted. But I will try.

    1. You could do like I did and write them down and then ignore them :) I agree that life happens and then there are other things that we'd rather be doing. Ooooh, that happens to me all.the.time!

  2. I just made the same resolution with my call her more often. I hate talking on the phone (emailing and texting seems more convenient), but my Mom doesn't "do" computers and cell phones, so that's the only option.

    About setting that 15-minute timer for housework...have you ever done Flylady?

    1. I read about Flylady years ago and it sounded OK and then I think that the first thing she recommended was to always wear shoes in the house (for one reason or another) and my rule is that shoes should NEVER be worn in the house (but I was stricter about it then than I am now) so I said "forget it!". Honestly, I think it was the perfect excuse for me to get out of the whole thing, hahaha.

      Do you do follow the Flylady method?

      Why is it that we don't like talking on the phone so much?! Back before texting existed, I didn't mind it so much at all! I don't even like texting, when I think about it. Email is just perfect for me.

    2. I "did" Flylady a number of years ago and it did help me. The shoes I wear in the house (when I do housework/cleaning) are new gym shoes. I only wear them for inside the house, for cleaning and the treadmill. After about six month, those shoes "graduate" to become outside shoes, never to be worn inside again. LOL.

    3. You have special shoes just for cleaning and the treadmill? You are a maniac!

  3. I like the idea of dividing your goals into personal and financial. Mine are all lumped together, but since this is my first year really trying to track things like you...I think I'll see how it goes and then maybe change next year.

    Your goals are a good reminder to make nurturing the important relationships in my life a priority!

    1. I'm thinking about writing a list of goals at the beginning of each month that include goals from both my personal list and my financial list so I don't lose sight of them. However, I was busy doing other things today so I haven't firmed up my January list yet. I do need to try to keep it simple though, knowing me I'm going to want to include everything and that's setting myself up for failure.

      However, I already have one walk with Greg under my belt so it feels nice to know I've already accomplished at least one of my goals (granted, this one was pretty easy!).

      How was your hike today?

  4. Another set of excellent goals! I haven't even made any goals for the year, yet, and you've already accomplished one! Way to go!

    1. So many goals, though. I'm a little overwhelmed and I didn't even list everything that I probably should have. The thing is with me, if I don't list it, I definitely forget about it!'

      Have you decided whether you're going back to the office this week or staying home a little longer? I would imagine that this might impact some of your goals, as well as whether your Daughter comes back to live with you or not.

      You've been a great inspiration to me this past year, Bless. Thanks consciously thinking about things to be grateful for every day to seeing how much you accomplished despite your medical hurdles to the great relationship you have with your daughter, extended family, and neighbors. My world is a little brighter "knowing" you. I wish you the best of the best in 2017!

    2. Aw, thank you, Nathalie. I really appreciate you saying that. I have decided I will work from home this week, too, and see how I feel next week. I figured, as long as my supervisor is urging me to take it easy, I shall! :D Besides, it is probably best to avoid the office during the peak of flu season!


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