Friday, February 10, 2017

D-Day ~ Friday 2/10/17

Today is D-Day for daughter, which means that it's the day that the University of Florida (UF), her preferred school, releases their Decision as to who will be invited to attend in the Fall.  We're going to be on pins and needles all day, especially since we won't know until after 6 p.m.  I hope it's at 6 p.m. because she's having dinner with us but then she's driving to her dad's for the weekend and I kind of want to be with her when she finds out.  Oh, I hope she gets in, it would make her so happy, even though I think it'd be smarter for her to attend UCF. But she's worked so hard to be able to get in to UF. I hope she didn't hurt her chances by applying as a history major when in fact she would be changing her major to Computer Science at Preview in May if she makes it in...  Oh, I can't stand the suspense!

Is this stupid that this made me cry when I saw it on the UF website this morning?!  Under "Your Future is About to Change", it says "Be a Gator".  Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I hope Daughter gets accepted, she's been wanting to go to UF for so long and she's worked so hard for it... Dang it, I don't know why I'm crying!

I don't know what is going on with me, can not drinking water make you tired even though you drink coffee and Diet Coke?!  I was exhausted after dinner last night, even though I really didn't do much and certainly nothing taxing, and I had trouble keeping my eyes open at 9 p.m. So, instead of getting on the recumbent bike, as I was supposed to do, I laid down on the couch in between two kittens who seemed very comfortable, and fell asleep!  I didn't wake up until about 11 p.m.  Greg went to bed and I was hungry so I had a banana and then went to bed myself.  Well, between the fatigue, the non-stop hunger and now the crying at just seeing pictures of UF, I'm thinking my hormones are out of whack because of pre-menopause. I'm completely self-diagnosed but I know I'm right.  Sigh.  Menopause can't be here soon enough!

It's hard for me to tell which kitten is cuddling with me in the dark now, so this morning I thought Princess was the one loving on me, but it ended up being Explorer. I should know better, Explorer is my lover boy at night. He sticks to me like glue :)  When I woke up, he was asleep on my neck, curled up towards my throat, it was like wearing a kitten beard, lol. And he was purring. It was a little cold last night so I was very comfy!  We cuddled for a bit and then my alarm rang and the other two kittens came running into my bedroom for their breakfast, as I keep bowls of cat food in there.

Our high today is supposed to be 70F/21C.  It was chilly (for Florida!) this morning at 50F/10C. My son had a hard time falling asleep last night because he was coughing quite a bit so I had given him a dose of Delsym 12-hour cough syrup that helped a little, but I couldn't give it to him again this morning.  He was leaving with only a thin sweatshirt on so I had him put on a different jacket because he gets cold very fast (he seems to have inherited his father's "Michigander" genes and not my good old Polish peasant stock genes!) and he put on a down jacket that he had inherited from his grandfather.  I also always bring along my warm kitty blanket for him to cover himself in the SUV on the way to school, and then I turn on the heat for him!  When I dropped him off at school, the kid who came out in front of us was wearing a T-shirt.  But you know what?  I stopped by RaceTrac to get him a snack for after-school and the wind had picked up and it was cold. But by this afternoon he'll be too warm.

So I'm not opening the windows quite yet and the kittens are disappointed.

I drove by the lake this morning on my way home, and the rising sun was making the top of the trees all pink. It was lovely but I didn't stop to take a picture.  A sandhill crane walked across the street, I think it had come from visiting with the neighborhood rooster :)

Greg annoyed me this morning by announcing "honey!  I have lost 0.5 a lb to a lb every day this week!" and I said "stop talking right now. You need to get a male friend who can listen to this without getting bitter!" but he kept on talking and crowing about all the weight he's lost this week and he was annoying me :)  Why do men have all the advantages in life?! He doesn't even exercise every day!  He does walk some at lunch time and, OK, he logs his calories in MyFitnessPal and doesn't cheat.  But it's still not fair.

Speaking of which, today I'm having lunch with a friend at our Japanese restaurant.  I'll have the chicken teriyaki bento box and I'm thinking that I might go to walk after that. I'm close to the trail and then I can get it over with and not have to worry about exercising at night.  We'll see if I have the motivation this afternoon.

I heard from Susan last night.  She's been extremely busy having to deal with all the paperwork after her husband's passing but she's also been surrounded non-stop by her children and grand-children, and other family members and friends. She's doing OK.  Her dad and step-mom, sister and brother-in-law and herself will be going to spend a week in Cuba in a few days. It will be good, I think, for her to have a change of scenery and some time to breathe. Anyhoo, she thinks she'll go back to posting at some point after her return. She read everyone's messages here and appreciated every single one of them.

  • Make soup for tonight - We went out to dinner instead
  • Turn bread heels into bread crumbs
  • Earn Microsoft Rewards credits DONE
  • Input weight into WHBRHC DONE
  • Set 15 minute timer and try to accomplish as many chores as possible in that time  
  • Do the dishes (AFTER DINNER)  
  • Clean fridge - cleaned the bottom shelf
  • Sweep the downstairs bathroom
  • Vacuum the upstairs bedrooms
  • Sweep/vacuum the main stairwell
  • Make a dermatologist appointment for Youngest Son (after pediatrician apt)
  • Download all January pictures from my phone and camera to external drive
  • Back up external drive to its own external drive!
  • Start a list of the electric outlets that I want to get replaced
  • Do my foot exercises DONE
  • Exercise at least 35 minutes on my bike   Went on a walk instead
  • Find USB drive (NOT an SD card!) and clear it so Teen librarian to put photos of Youngest Son on it
  • Read 7-day library book!
  • Read e-library book in progress
  • Make sure Greg assigns specific funds to his IRA account 
  • Move missing Music files from External Drive to my Laptop 
  • Move/reinstall missing software on new laptop in progress, moved all the files to the External Drive
  • Trying syncing my phone on new laptop
  • Back-up my phone
  • Reset phone to factory settings
  • Upgrade to newer iOS
  • Wash litter box upstairs  
  • Add Osmocote plant food to rose and hibiscus bushes
  • Put away the clipped articles from Kiplinger's magazine 
  • Read new issue of Kiplinger's in progress
  • Wash kitchen windows
  • Inventory the pantry
  • Reorganize the gardening supplies area in breezeway
  • Purge file cabinet in progress (through "credit cards")
  • Finish ironing Greg's clothes while watching "Spy in the Wild" DONE
  • Take RaceTrac surveys  
  • Make lemon poppyseed muffins or/and lemon squares with the "grapefruits"!
  • Move fonts from external drive and reinstall on new laptop
  • Take my measurements
  • Sign up for Personal Capital?
  • Look into transplanting hyacinths in garden - Moved them outside since Explorer has started to jump on mantelpiece :(
  • Scrub patio pavers with bleach (wear old clothes and shoes, gloves and goggles)
  • Finish decluttering exercise room shelves
  • Try to hit my 1st Daily Goal on Swagbucks  DONE
  • Call my bank to consolidate my IRA accounts
  • Sit down with my daughter and show her how to file her taxes

  • My son packed a lunch to take to school.

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work.

  • I filtered more water for the kittens in my thrifted Brita pitcher and refilled the plastic gallon bottle that I've been reusing for a while.  They are mesmerized by water so as the pitcher was filtering, they all jumped up on the table to observe the water dripping... get down from the table!  

  • I started working on Swagbucks but my laptop froze again after a couple of videos.  Grrr. I restarted the videos before I left to drop off my son and that time, it worked fine. I think it's a certain video that makes it freeze?  My 1st daily goal is 80 SB. It would be nice to make it to the 14-day streak (4 more days!) but if I don't, I don't. I'm only at 17SB at 7:55 a.m. but I haven't started trying to take surveys yet.

  • I did earn the daily Microsoft Rewards credits.  That's always easy.

  • School drop off went really well, I think the colder temperature made people sleepy as there were fewer parents dropping off their kids this morning and leaving the parking lot was also surprisingly easy today. I like days like that!

  • I stopped by RaceTrac and redeemed a survey reward code for a free blueberry muffin for my son's after-school snack.  The cashier was all sunshiny and very pleasant, which is always nice. Some seem to resent that you're getting a freebie from their company.  I know some people aren't morning people or people people (heck I don't like people so I get it) but maybe if you work in a place where you interact with people all the time, try to spread your misery?  OKthanxbye.  I worked at Disney's Guest Relations for over 5 years in the theme parks so I know what you're going through, trust me. I still had a smile on my face even though I was being paid $4.65/hr to be nice to people who got very very cranky when the lines were long or it rained or they realized that they weren't at Universal Studios...  anyhoo, this morning's cashier was super nice and it made a big difference.

  • I think I know who the culprit (who nibbled on the donut yesterday) is... Princess was waiting for me on the kitchen table when I came home. No doubt she was waiting for Second Breakfast!  I put the muffin in the fridge, got her off the table, and texted Youngest Son that I had secured the muffin for him :)

  • I guess I should list as a success that Greg has lost 4.5 lbs this week. **grumble**

  • I entered my weight into Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and earned 20 BR points.

  • It's going to be really nice today so the AC isn't on (we didn't turn on the heat last night either) and I'll be opening the windows as soon as the weather warms up a bit.

  • Oh yay, the last survey that I had to take actually accepted me AND credited my account without any problems so I met my 1st SB daily goal. Woohoo!  That was a surprise.

  • I went to the Kohl's website to order the white noise machine that I wanted with the 30% off and free shipping code and the $20 in Kohl's cash that I got from Discover Deals this month.  My total was going to be $39.xx but before I pulled the plug, I checked Amazon again. Turns out, my Discover Rewards had hit. The machine was more than $20 cheaper on Amazon, and then I applied $19 in Discover Rewards, $10 in Microsoft Rewards gift cards, got free shipping AND selected the No Rush Shipping option that'll get me a $1 digital credit, and ended up paying only $15.59!  

  • So now I still have $20 to spend on Kohl's... maybe another pair of walking capris?  Nobody needs anything... Yep I found a pair of Fila (my favorite brand) capris with a "media size pocket" (so exciting! my other pants don't have any pockets) for just $5.99 after all the discounts, woohoo!  I went through Swagbucks so I'll earn about 18 SB (3 SB per dollar spent) and I earned 6 Yes2You Rewards points.

  • ABC Wine & Spirits sent me a coupon for a free bottle of wine if I spend $35 this weekend. It's tempting because I can always use white wine in my cooking, but I just spent $160 in their store last month so I really don't need any more booze... I printed the coupon just in case, but more than likely I won't use it.

  • I opened the windows in the living room at 9:55 a.m. because Explorer was a little restless, but it's cold! I need a sweater, stat!  And he's not even looking out the windows now...

  • I'm donating my son's former hiking boots to my friend for the boy who she is fostering.  I put them near my purse so I won't forget to bring them to her at lunch today.

  • I requested a free Gillette razor in Middle Son's name. It should be a coupon that he'll receive at his dad's.  I texted him to let him know and warned him he'd have to pay the tax on it... unless he gives me the coupon and then I'll redeem it for him and pay the tax :) Update: it looks like it's actually a free razor with purchase of cartridges.  Oops. Still, I might be able to get a good deal at CVS and Middle Son can always use razors...

  • I ironed Greg's clothes while watching the 2nd episode of "Spy in the Wild" and really enjoyed it. As usual, Princess was trying to "help".
At first she was just hiding in the tunnel behind my chair...

But then she jumped on my lap and I had to keep her from jumping on the ironing board. So inquisitive!
  • I applied patches to holes in the elbows of one of Greg's plaid shirts. I guess I should have made sure that I had 2 patches of the same color before ironing them on, oh well!

  • I also applied a patch to the crotch area of one of my pairs of shorts.  I love those shorts because it's difficult to find shorts for women (in my size and preferably at a thrift store) with cargo pockets to hold my phone and keys and stuff when I'm out and about... 

  • And in taking a selfie of Princess and myself, I realized that I had a hole in the T-shirt that I was wearing, so I quickly mended it before it was time to go meet my friend for lunch.

  • The 2nd episode of the "Spy in the Wild" show dealt with animal intelligence and it was really interesting. The part that made me laugh the most was when they showed the clumsy male chimp trying to use a stick to get some bugs out of a log and contrasted it with how patient and skilled the female (mother) was. Ha!  But my favorite part by far is when they showed otters. Because I looooooove otters. They're so cute. I took some screen shots :)

I can't stand it. It's so cute!

Here the mom with a newborn pup.

The baby can't go underwater because it doesn't develope waterproof fur until he's 3 months old.

But she still needs to feed herself, so she grooms him and while she does this, she blows air into his fur.

That makes him buoyant and she lets him float there, asleep, while she goes underwater to fish for clams.  I never knew that about otters!
  • I had lunch with my friend, which is always fun. I drank water and the Bento box, which is quite a lot of varied foods (miso soup, side salad, 3 pieces of sushi, 2 pot-stickers, and then some teriyaki chicken) was only $9.95. My lunch came to under $13 with a 20% tip included.  We had some good conversation and at the end, when my friend was talking about how much driving she does for her real estate business, I suggested that she needed a driver so she would be able to work on the phone and do paperwork while she was being driven around.  She got really excited about it and asked if I would want to be her driver and I said "Sure!". So we'll see if that comes to anything :)

  • Before leaving for lunch, I had asked my daughter if she would want to go walking with me afterwards and she had said yes. So now I'm waiting until she finished to watch an episode of "The Office" and then we'll drive to the Lake Minneola Trail to go walk.

  • This is weird, but a friend of my son last week asked if he could touch his beard and my son replied "You can, but for $1!" so today the friend brought a $1 bill and asked to touch his beard again. And my son made $1.  LOL.

  • My daughter and I took the Focus to go walk on the Lake Minneola Trail.  We walked 3 miles!  I didn't take any pictures, which is a shame because twice we saw an osprey flying pretty low right over us!

  • After our walk we drove to the Racetrac station that has the ice cream bar and redeemed our coupons for a free cake cone. I picked the lowest calorie frozen yogurt and didn't fill my cone :)

  • We filled up the Focus's tank for $2.15/gallon and I got a receipt with which I will get a new freebie.  I let my daughter input her loyalty number so she could earn the points (she redeems them for free merchandise). I hadn't brought my Discover card along so I charged the gas to my Amazon Visa, though, so I'll only earn 1% back in Rewards instead of 5%.

  • Back home, I checked the mail and found the $54.99 refund check from Quicken and a free sample of Zing sweetener. I deposited my refund check right away into my bank account by using the bank's app on my daughter's phone since it doesn't work on my phone anymore.

  • I checked the ad previews for Walgreens and CVS for next week, but I won't need milk and there's really nothing else that interests me so I'll probably skip shopping there. I need to check when my $1 ECB expires, though.

  • At 6 p.m. my Daughter checked the UF website and... was accepted!!!! Woohoo!  My BFF son's got accepted as well, along with a couple of my daughter's friends :)  We're going out to dinner at Cracker Barrel (my daughter's choice) to celebrate, Greg will meet us there :)

  • I was good at Cracker Barrel. I really wanted the Reuben Platter but I had something from the  "wholesome" menu, some Apple BBQ Grilled Chicken Breast with steamed veggie medley and a small cup of cucumber tomato onion salad (not pictured). I did have one corn muffin, which I regretted because I don't like corn muffins :) I drank water.
Lean but very good! 
  • Also, we had kidded our son that the chicken tenders he had ordered had some in Kid Meal size because it didn't look like a lot of food, and when we looked at the bill... we were charged for a kid's meal!  Now, my son is 15, close to 6-ft tall, and had a beard. I mean, a pretty impressive beard for his age.  But, hey!  We saved half the cost of what he would have eaten, lol!  And now that I look at the receipt even more closely, I realize that they didn't charge us for the milk that my daughter ordered halfway through the meal.

  • I asked for a bag and brought home the remaining 2 corn muffins with pats of butter and the little syrup bottle that my daughter hadn't finished.

  • After dinner, Greg needed gas because his tank was almost empty so I suggested we go to the RaceTrac station further down a nearby road so we could redeem the $4 coupon for free ice cream from Greg's app for our son. However, once we got there, he didn't have the coupon on his app!  We're not sure why since they didn't expire for another 3-4 days...  So we bought our son ice cream. It was a little over $4 but he qualified for the State competition so that was his reward, lol. I charged it to my Discover in the hope that it'd qualify for the 5% Rewards, and I made sure to get my receipt so I could earn a freebie.  In the meantime, Greg got us another receipt with which I will get another freebie, charged the gas to his Discover for 5% back in Rewards, and earned loyalty points on his app.

  • My daughter drove safely to her dad's for the weekend.

  • Gas:
    • to drop off my son at school
    • and tolls for Greg to commute
    • to meet my friend for lunch
    • to go to the trail with my daughter and get a snack
    • to meet Greg at the restaurant
    • to go get gas and a snack for our son

  • Monthly lunch with my friend

  • A white noise machine

  • A new pair of capri walking pants

  • Dinner to celebrate my daughter's admission into UF

  • Ice Cream to celebrate our son's invitation to the FBLA State Competition

  • I'm sick of all those articles telling me to file my taxes ASAP in order to avoid identity and tax return theft... my brokerage firm won't have my forms available for another week and if I needed other forms I might have to wait until MAY!  Also, I have no idea whether we'll get a refund or not. I'm guessing not. Still, it's stressful enough to have to deal with the mess that is the IRS and overly complicated tax forms, I don't need the daily reminder that there are crooks everywhere (who only get 2 years in jail for identity theft, really?! Because you know their sentence will be reduced on the other counts.  I say put them in jail and throw away the key!)

  • Amazon: $15.59 (white noise machine)
  • Kohl' $5.99 (walking capris)
  • Japanese restaurant: $12.80 (lunch)
  • RaceTrac: $8.69 (gas for family car)
  • Cracker Barrel: $43.87 (dinner for 4)
  • RaceTrac: $48.90 (gas)
  • RaceTrac: $4.12 (ice cream)

  • a blueberry muffin at RaceTrac, with survey reward code
  • requested a free Gillette razor for Middle Son (with cartridge purchase), I hope he gets it! I told him to give it to me and I'll look for a deal on the cartridges.
  • two cake cones at RaceTrac, with my and my daughter's app coupons
  • a free sample of Zing sweetener, from the manufacturer
  • we weren't charged for my daughter's milk at dinner

  • Fed the kittens
  • Packed Greg's lunch
  • Prepped his breakfast
  • Drove my son to school
  • Got him a snack
  • Worked on my Rewards programs
  • Cuddled with a kitten
  • Placed Amazon and Kohl's orders
  • Replied to blog comments
  • Texted with Middle Son
  • Ironed Greg's clothes while watching my show
  • Applied patches to clothing to mend them
  • Texted with my BFF
  • Mended a Tshirt
  • Went to lunch with a friend
  • Went to walk with my daughter
  • Went to get a free snack
  • Cuddled with a kitten
  • Celebrated my daughter's admission into UF :)
  • Got ice cream for our son and gassed up the truck
  • Cuddled with a couple  kitten :)

  • Sleep was good... too good!
  • Breakfast was a bowl of Rice Krispies with fresh strawberries and 1 cup of ~2% milk
  • Mid morning snack was 2 pieces of buttered toast
  • Lunch was chicken teriyaki bento box. I drank water.
  • Afternoon snack was a cake cone of frozen yogurt
  • Dinner was Cracker Barrel: Grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies and tomato cucumber onion salad, I drank water. I also had a corn muffin.
  • Water consumption was just a little bit.
  • Exercise was a 3-mile walk (57:54)
  • Foot exercises were performed
  • for a pleasant cashier at RaceTrac this morning
  • for an entertaining lunch with my friend
  • for cuddling kittens
  • for a lovely and energetic walk with my daughter
  • for my daughter's happiness at having been accepted into UF!
  • for a nice family dinner

For Judy B. and Mae :)

I don't remember if this was Princess or Explorer!  I think it was Princess trying to eat my

Explorer coming for a little cuddle tonight :)

How was your Friday? Are you ready for the weekend?!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance at UF! That is very exciting. I was a history major, although I don't think I declared anything on my funny to read about these processes and try to remember my own experiences. :)

    The story about your son's friend made me laugh. Teens are such goofballs.

    And finally, I think your Princess is a spirit sister to Lady Beast. I am looking forward to more stories featuring her escapades. Also, otters are adorable.

    1. Thanks! She'll be able to change her major at Preview, which will be in May or June, but in the meantime she needs to apply for a dorm ASAP and might not be able to get into the Engineering Hall that she wanted since she didn't declare a Computer Science major, she might not be able to get into the dorm she wants. I told her to call them last week to see if there was a way around it, but of course she said she would call and then didn't. Ugh. But she'll figure it out.

      I forgot to mention yesterday that my daughter found Princess on the mantelpiece yesterday while I was at lunch. She knocked several things down in the process, but she made it and was munching on the cat food since I had put the bowls up there to prevent Male Cat from eating it (he's a bit dumb so he hasn't figured out how to get up there yet). So... what this really means is no more scented candles for me for a while :( wouldn't want her to set herself and the house on fire!

  2. Oh my goodness! I got a good laugh when I saw that cat meme. Yes, that is definitely Mae! 😁 Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to your daughter on being accepted to UF!! How exciting! 🐊 I really like Cracker Barrel but sadly, California doesn't have them. When my sister lived in Texas and we traveled about it was my restaurant of choice. Have a good weekend.

    1. I thought it would make you laugh :)

      Thanks for the congrats, we're so excited! I like the little gator in your comment!

      Cracker Barrel is delicious, isn't it? I thought, however, that I had made a terrible mistake when I opened the tantalizing menu and remembered that I was on a diet, but then I spotted their "wholesome" part of the menu with the calories listed and I was able to resist the Reuben without so much trouble after all. So it's nice to know that I don't have to avoid that restaurant while trying to lose weight!

  3. By the way...your kittens are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. Yes, they really are, aren't they? hahaha. This reminds me that I need to remember to post pictures of my brother's cats (the ones that I *think* are Norwegian Forest cats), they are truly gorgeous creatures.

  4. Congratulations on your daughter's acceptance to UF! I know it is an exciting day for her!

    1. Thanks, Anne! She was not convinced that she would get in because she takes after me, never wanting to take things for granted. But the rest of us never had too much doubt :) She's worked really hard for this, it's so rewarding to see her so happy. Now I'm hoping she'll also be offered a scholarship but if she is, I think we wouldn't know until early March.

  5. Yay! Congratulations to your daughter for getting accepted to the university of her choice! Well done! How nice that you all went out to dinner to celebrate! So, by when does she have to decide which college she'll attend or has she already decided?

    1. She has to put down the tuition deposit by May 1st and she had already done that with UCF when she had convinced herself that she would go THERE because the major she thought she wanted to pursue wasn't offered at UF. Ah, impulsiveness will be her downfall! Right now she seems determined to want to go to UF and pursue Computer Science so I'm expecting that she will be putting down the $200 shortly to secure her spot, apply for a dorm (she's also going to be looking at apartments with her dad on Monday, who knows Gainesville fairly well as he attended UF for a year himself), and refund her dad for the $200 that he had put down at UCF for her :)

  6. Congratulations to your daughter! I spent Fri morning very stressed trying to get my Mom to appointments in very bad road conditions. We got over a foot of snow Thursday Then I taught from 3-7. Went to bed at 9 and now,heading off to open studio for 7 am.

    1. Thank you, Sandie!

      Oh my, I read about the snowstorms you all are having, it sounds dreadful. A blogger I read who lives in BC, Canada, said she had 3 feet of snow in her backyard. Please be safe on the roads! Maybe it's a good time to stay in this weekend. Did Grandpa P make it back from Florida or is he stuck here with all those flight cancellations?

    2. Enjoy your last day of freedom! I read that another blizzard is on the way, maybe his flight will be postponed for a few days...

  7. While necessary, women's hormones sure don't make life easy most of the time. You are probably right about your fatigue symptoms being caused by hormone flucutations, but I'd go to the doctor to be sure. Maybe your thyroid is having problems, you need more vitamin D or some other thing that could be easily fixed so you would feel better.

    1. Isn't that so unfair?!

      Thank you for your advice, I sincerely appreciate it. But I'm someone who doesn't like taking any kind of drugs and I'm also not into natural remedies, so I will stubbornly and maybe irrationally refuse to go to the doctor's (I also really do not like doctors, most of whom are way too content to prescribe you a pill to get you on your way). If it becomes a huge issue, I will go, but for now it's nothing that unmanageable with just more sleep and probably taking better care of myself by drinking a lot more water than what I've been drinking these days and making sure I eat less carbs.

      But the hormones are definitely playing a role. I was crying at pictures of UF yesterday! I'm not sad that my daughter is going at all. I also cried last year when we went to visit the campus and we sat down for the introductory video. So maybe I'm in denial and I AM a little sad :)

  8. I'm so glad for your daughter, and for you!

  9. Hi Nathalie,
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your daughter! Anxious to hear ( :
    I have a question for you re: Microsoft rewards... I have yet to have the choice of a Amazon or any other kind of gift card... it's all Microsoft stuff.. Have you ever had this happen? The site said that Amazon and Starbucks are not always available... but I've had points since mid January and they are still not listed under rewards. I figured I'd just wait until they are up.. but wondered what your input was on this situation.
    The diet is going a little better..6 lbs. now.. yeah! Just like you I'm hungry (even when I shouldn't really be ) : so hungry for honemade cookies... but have kept the urge at bay so far!)

    1. Thanks, Bonnie, she got in!!

      Wow, 6 lbs, it's wonderful Bonnie! I weigh in tomorrow morning and it's probably not going to be good, I've been awful at it this month :( Good for you for resisting the cookies!

      As far MS Rewards is concerned, did you set your goal, originally, for an Amazon gift card or something else? Since mine was set for an Amazon gc, my progress is always recorded towards that goal so when I want to redeem my points, I just click on the link that shows up above my goal. Here it is, if you want to try it... maybe it'll take you to the $5 Amazon gc?!

      Another thing to try is: at the top left of your screen, under the blue bar that has "Account, Your Info, etc...", the line underneath shows "Earn" and then "Rewards" (and then "Status" and "Winner"). When I click on "Rewards", then I can see all the options to redeem points. Let me know if any of those worked for you! Good luck!

  10. Nathalie,
    Congrats to your daughter!!! Thanks for your info on microsoft rewards! Your link worked but when I clicked it.. it said not available ) : It wasn't available originally either to set as a goal when I began. I'm just going to continue to wait it out. Hope it show up before too long. Keep plugging on the diet... I feel like a yo-yo with my weight ) :

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Sorry it's not available to you. I would keep checking, I guess. Did you check under the "rewards" area in case the link was coded just to me?

      I was good today with the diet, resisted buying anything at McDonald's for myself when Greg stopped to get himself a snack after our walk :) Good luck with yours!

  11. Nathalie,
    Good will power! I have been regularly checking the rewards area ) : I'l just wait it out!
    My husband said i should mention that we make microwave popcorn frequently to fill ourselves up!... It's got lots of fiber and quite low in calories (and a very frugal snack). We buy the kernels and pop them in a brown lunch bag taped shut. It's 1/4 C kernels, 1/4 tsp. oil, and 1/4 tsp popcorn seasoning salt. If you had that with the diet can Coke you are trying to use up it is at least filling... although not as yummy as a doughnut or cookie Lol.

    1. Please thank your hubby for the reminder! I indeed have bags of popcorn kernels and an air popper that I like to use. I make air popped kettle corn with coconut oil, a little butter and some salt and sugar. Not very healthy but delicious! I just consistently forget to make popcorn as a snack, I don't know why! I'll have to remember to make some this week.

  12. Congratulations to your daughter!

    Hey, I have one of those little Cracker Barrel syrup bottles, too!

    1. Thanks!

      My kids love tiny things so most of them have a small bottle of Cracker Barrel syrup (hopefully empty!) in the mess that are their rooms. What is it with small versions of things that have us collect them?!


Anything you'd like to add? Share away!