Monday, February 27, 2017

Day Book: Monday 2/27/17

Outside my window... the sun is up at 7:13 a.m., the days are definitely getting longer!  It's chilly outside, in the mid 50's (about 13C) but it'll get up to 81F/27C today.

I am thinking... that today is the 3rd anniversary of my blog! Already?! Time flies!

I am thankful for... all of you readers who have been so kind to me, and all of you bloggers who share a slice of your life with us!  I'm a blog junkie, hahaha.

From the learning rooms... today Youngest Son takes the FSA Writing Test, which is the state-wide writing assessment.  On Thursday night he gives his speech to our district's Optimist Club membership for their annual Oratorical Contest.  I hope he does well, I'm nervous for him as it is the first time he does this. He is not memorizing the speech (unlike his sister) but other candidates have read theirs before. Footnote: he's only participating because I'm making him (there are cash prizes and usually few participants so the odds are very good, and it would be another accomplishment for his college application) and only participating in the oratorical contest because he wrote the speech thinking it was for the essay contest that had a different subject and didn't want to rewrite another essay.  I'm not sure what my Daughter has going on this week, probably her regular classes.

From the kitchen... Ugh. I didn't do the dishes at all this weekend so now they're waiting for me. Good thing it's Domestic Monday.  I also haven't written a menu or inventoried anything.  I'm going to be busy today!

I am wearing... I've decided to wear my walking capris as much as I can as they are so comfy!  So I'm wearing black and silver walking capris, a black V-neck Tshirt and my walking shoes.

I am creating... this week I want to write a letter to my great-aunt. I will do so in Powerpoint so I can include pictures and place them among the text (easier than using Word) and print it in color to mail to her to France. She's 89 and doesn't have a computer.

I am going... to bake, clean and organize today. Otherwise, nowhere.

I am reading... Florida Wildlife Magazine online.

I am hoping... that I have enough energy today to do all the things that I'm thinking I want to get done!  It's the end of the month and I should really try to hit some more of my February goals, darn it!

I am hearing... birds singing their little hearts out throughout the neighborhood!

Around the house... here is the difference between the kittens and the cats: when I open the windows, the kittens run everywhere excitedly, like a teen at their first job.  The older cats, upon hearing me open the windows, get up from their beds, arch their backs, yawn, stretch, and then amble towards the open windows like old-timers going to punch their timecards for the nth time and wishing for retirement already.  If you don't understand half of what I wrote, you're too young :)

Anyhoo, the kittens and cats are at the windows, Greg is getting ready to go to work, Daughter is still at her dad's and I just dropped off Youngest Son at school.

One of my favorite things... Arrgh, I thought of something last week and now I can't remember what it was!  So I'll go with my new Panasonic Lumix FZ-300 camera :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... it's kind of a mundane week: Domestic Monday and trying to hit my February goals, grocery shopping, Oratorical Contest and then fishing and hiking this weekend with Greg.  Possibly LARP sparring with Youngest Son if he wants to do that, and then we also should go ask the local gaming store if they still run a D&D game locally. Oh and work on our taxes, argh.

Here's the picture I'm sharing... I took this picture of Princess last week and I shared it with my French family along with the following caption: "In America, even our cats drink soda!".  Ha.

Have a good week!


  1. Ha, ha, cute picture of Princess! Good luck to your son on his writing test. Hope he did well!

    1. She is a cutie, isn't she? Thank you Bless, he said it went well.

  2. Your picture of Princess reminded me of my cat Fluffy from many, many years ago. She was a young kitten at the time, very curious about everything. I poured some soda over ice, which made a fizzing sound and also sound of ice cubes cracking. Fluffy of course had to check it out, jumped on the kitchen table, and stuck her face right over the glass...only to be sprayed in the face by the fizz. Oh my goodness, the face the made! She looked VERY insulted and walked off with her nose stuck in the air.

    1. LOL, curious kittens are the best entertainment, aren't they?


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