Monday, February 6, 2017

Day Book - Monday 2/6/17

Outside my window... it's just about 7 a.m. and it's foggy. The sun is in the process of rising, I suppose. It's 52F/11C but it's supposed to get up to 78F/25.5C today!

I am thinking... that I don't know how much I'll get accomplished today. Right now I'm tired.

I am thankful for... not having to drive my son to school in that fog this morning and for not having caught whatever bug he has... yet.

From the learning rooms... my daughter doesn't have to go to in-person classes today.  She finds out on Friday if she's been accepted to UF. Her plan is to go spend the weekend at her dad's and if she was accepted, he will go to Gainesville on Monday with her to look for an apartment.  Youngest Son's teachers almost all replied to my emails last night, I was impressed, being that it was Sunday. A bunch of them said "no work, get healthy!", which was really nice. But they were mostly the elective teachers :)  His AP teacher said she wouldn't penalize him for turning the big project in late but he also has a unit test scheduled for tomorrow and to be honest, I don't think he'll be back at school tomorrow.  I want him to take it easy today and rest.

From the kitchen... Well, I'm not back on the dishwashing wagon as I completely forgot to do them last night so I woke up to a dirty kitchen again and I wasn't happy with myself at all!  So I need to do that.  I had also forgotten to unplug the crockpot (I had left it to cook longer since the potatoes hadn't finished cooking) but Greg did that for me. So we'll have that for dinner tonight. (Scalloped potatoes and ham).

I am wearing... my PJs!

I am creating... nuttin', honey.

I am going... to take Princess to the vet's this morning for her to get her stitches out.

I am reading... blogs and the news.  I know that I should be taking time to enjoy some books but right now I just don't feel the urge to read.

I am hoping... that Youngest Son gets over the bug he has soon and that the rest of us don't catch it. Historically, he's been sick for 4-5 days when he caught something.

I am hearing... Greg in the shower, the cats moving around in the Cat Room, distant traffic on the highway several blocks away.

Around the house... Daughter is still asleep, I gave Youngest Son a Tylenol at 6:15 a.m. and instructed him to sleep as much as he could, Greg is getting ready for work. Princess just settled herself for a nap (already?) on the back of the futon, her little face nuzzled against my kitty blanket. The other kittens are bugging the older cats.

A few plans for the rest of the week... So vet's this morning, monitoring my sick child, grocery shopping, daughter finds out if she's been accepted to UF or not, lunch with a friend, Middle Son finds out if he won anything in a Photography contest he entered a few months ago, Greg and I will try to visit another state park over the weekend. So we could have several things to celebrate... or not!

Sorry, I'm skipping one of the favorite things (can't think of anything this morning!) and the picture since I've been posting all the good pictures day by day :)

Have a good week!


  1. Hi- just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I also live in Florida; in fact, this fall it will be 20 years. Hard to believe! My youngest daughter graduated from UF- I just love Gainesville. DD was in the dorm 2 years and then several apartments! She immediately got her master's, moved to Austin for jobs with her SO, moved to San Franciso, married and now is a SAHM at age 29 to my 2 year old GD. Her husband is a UF graduate also and very smart (knows it too LOL) but makes a lot of money. I'm considerably older than you are but I love to save money and make lists. I'm off to visit clients now- I'm a support coordinator/case worker for persons with disabilities.

    1. Hi Nan! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words! Where in Florida are you? I've lived here for 30 years... the only state where I have lived and I can't imagine living anywhere else, although I do long for mountains sometimes :)

      A Gator family, sweet! My stepdaughter graduated from UF with a degree in nursing and my ex and his brother both attended UF as well. My daughter's been dreaming of attending UF for years and she's been flip-flopping a lot about which school she would attend if she does get accepted. She's earning her AA via dual enrollment while being a senior in high school this year and is a great student but UF is so competitive and I'm on the pessimistic side so I never want to take anything for granted. We are waiting for D-Day on Friday with baited breath :)

      Do you get to visit San Francisco often?

      I hope you had a great day!

  2. I hope your son will be able to fight off the bug and that no one else comes down with it. I hope your daughter gets good news and is accepted at UF. If so, will she be attending the Gainsville campus? Once upon a time (1978), I took a field zoology class there! Learned to identify a lot of turkey vultures, as they seemed to be quite plentiful on the walks we took. :D But I remember seeing some bald eagles, too, once, and they were beautiful. I still have my copy of Birds of North America field guide from that class (along with my copy of Birds of Ceylon, which is falling apart but I won't get rid of!) Hope you have a good day, today.

    1. Thanks, Bless. Yes, she would be attending the Gainesville campus. I'm not surprised that you still have those books from your studies, LOL! Did you commute from Jacksonville to attend your class in Gainesville, or did you live there for a semester?

    2. By that time, we had moved from Jacksonville to Palatka; I commuted from Palatka (it was about 45 miles each way?), twice a week, to attend the class (I think it was twice a week). That's when I had to learn how to drive - otherwise, I couldn't get to campus!

  3. I fell off the dish washing wagon last month and have been working hard to stay on again. Much as I don't want to do them, waking up to a clean kitchen really improves me morning!

    I hope your son feels better soon. There seems to be some bug going around lately.

    1. I didn't even realize how MUCH I loved my kitchen not being full of dirty dishes in the morning until I started waking up to a dirty kitchen again. Ugh. Tonight, I have GOT to do them right after dinner. No excuse.

      The flu is ramping up everywhere, it seems. His annual exam keeps on getting pushed back every year since it has to be exactly at least 1 year and 1 day since the last one as per insurance, so by the time I get him a flu shot at the pediatrician, the flu season is already either in full blast or past. If we go to Walgreens or another pharmacy, our plan refuses to pay for it. I think this coming year I'll just have to bite the bullet and make an appointment in the fall for just the flu shot, I guess.


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