Friday, February 10, 2017

Food Waste Friday ~ 2/10/17

  • I had to throw away a small cup of pineapple pieces that had turned brown in the pantry. It likely was over a year old, though.

  • I was negligent in not saving the extra rice that I had cooked for my son last weekend, in the fridge. Instead, I just covered the dish and left it on the counter.  Even though it was plain rice and seemed OK after a couple of days, it just wasn't appetizing and I just threw it away. It was about a cup of rice :(

    • I reused a chicken carcass and chicken bones to make chicken stock last Friday. I also threw in a bag of homegrown eggplant slices since we won't eat it otherwise.

    • We ate all the leftovers.
    I'd love to hear how YOU did this week! Feel free to post links back to your own Food Waste Friday posts in the comments.

    This post was inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girlwho started blogging about her food waste back in 2008.


    1. Hi Natalie, Thank you for the reminder on the Kohl's cash. i had another offer in my discover deals this month. I was able to order a Christmas Tree Storage Bag on sale plus code and coupon. This was an item that was on my "list" of wants andI have been waiting for a great price.

      Also, great job on making good choices today at the restaurants, I find that sometimes it IS tough to make good choices (that meet my nutrition goals) in restaurants when the food looks/ smells so. yummy.


      1. Yay! Congratulations on keeping a list of wants and holding off until you could get a great deal!

        Thank you for your encouragement. It is hard to try to be "good" when eating out, isn't it? Especially when one doesn't have much willpower, as I lack. But when making my choice last night, I remembered that I had already eaten out for lunch AND afternoon snack, so that made my "let's not get the Reuben" choice a little easier.

        My daughter ordered breakfast for dinner, as she always does, and when they brought her huge plate of really yummy looking pancakes, there was a lady at the table next to ours who was mesmerized by the pancakes and I thought she'd reach out and grab one, lol! She was a tiny thing and had just finished her own dinner, but as she got up, she started talking to my daughter about how good the pancakes looked and how she was craving some now, lol. She was very nice and apologized for interrupting our meal, and we were all laughing with her about how she was craving pancakes after finishing a big dinner at Cracker Barrel!

    2. Congratulations to your daughter!

      Sigh -- my husband is one of those who can eat and eat and not gain. Then all he has to do is cut out one snack and drop weight. I can totally sympathize!

      1. Thank you so much! Sigh... those men! It is unfair!!


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