Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pixel, I Won

Pictures taken in Astor, Lake County today at 4:08 p.m. by yours truly, after Greg made an heroic 3-point turn on a narrow road with deep ditches on each side so I could capture this momentous occasion, LOL.

With much love and glee,

Nathalie and Greg :)

PS: for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, my blogging friend Pixel Peeper from Lakeland and I have been in a friendly competition to see who would be the first to capture a cattle egret atop a cow for several months.  We had both seen them before but never taken a picture.  Greg didn't even believe me that egrets climbed on cows, until he spotted one himself off the 429 several weeks ago but didn't manage to take a picture of it for me.


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    1. Greg and I shared a big high five and a "woohoo!", hahaha.

  2. Yay! Congratulations! What a sight, and what a picture!!!

    The high five and woohoo are well deserved. :-)

    And may I add that Greg deserves some really yummy French goodies for that heroic 3-point turn so that you could get this picture. (Feel free to interpret "French goodies" any which way you see fit). I am so excited for you - I'm grinning from ear to ear!

    (It's still on my list of things to accomplish for 2017, so still wish me luck)

    1. LOL you are too funny! Greg appreciated your recognition for his heroism. We passed the cow and it was on his side of the road but he hadn't seen it and I screamed so loudly that he thought I had just seen a bear (we had been seeing a lot of "bear crossing" signs along the road) but I stammered "an egret on A COW!!!!" and he hit the brakes and made a 3-point turn right there and then as I screamed "Are you crazy?! We're going to get hit!" and he screamed back "This is an emergency! You have got to get a picture of the cow before the egret flies off!" and then we couldn't stop laughing. We're darn lucky that we didn't end up in one of the ditches on each side of the road or rear-ended by someone :)

      We'll have to think of a French goodie to give him. Hmm, French onion soup? Nope, he can't have onions. I don't like dogs so I suppose a French poodle is out of the question. Well, I can't think of anything then :)

      Yes, we DO wish you luck! You know that now we're conditioned to scrutinizing every cow pasture we pass, so maybe now we can try to see an egret on a different color cow!

  3. I love your picture! I've never seen an egret on a cow. Great job to you and Greg.

  4. I live in Alabama, I have seen them on cows before. Every time I hear the word egrets I start mentally singing a song we heard in a bar on the Disney property years and years ago. To the tune of My Way Egrets, I ate a few, but then again too few to mention. . . Why does crap like that stay in my brain forever?

    1. This is funny! You missed a comma so I couldn't place the song "My Way Egrets?!" so I had to look it up and doh, you meant "My Way" by Sinatra and, coincidentally, we had been listening to Sinatra earlier in the evening, lol. Now I'm going to have to start singing that version all day, thanks for that!

      It was surprisingly difficult (surprisingly because we live in a rural area so there are cows all over the place) to find an egret ON a cow. We saw plenty of egrets near cows, under cows, flying over cows, though!


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