Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Recap: February Goals Vs. Accomplishments

I'm checking in to see how I did on my February Goals.  I'm going to sort them into Completed, In Progress, and Failed/Not Accomplished for Personal Goals and Financial Goals.

Analysis: even though I didn't get to cross everything off my list, I'm very happy with my progress!

  1. Purge my T-shirt drawers 
  2. Reorganize the gardening supplies area in breezeway 
  3. Call my mom   on 2/17
  4. Send a V-day card to a friend
  5. Send V-day email to Oldest Son's GF and Oldest Son 
  6. Schedule lunch with Middle Son He came for dinner and a visit on 2/20, I went to visit him on 2/24
  7. Schedule outing with Daughter Leu Botanical Gardens on 2/17
  8. Schedule outing with Youngest Son Batman LEGO movie on 2/19
  9. Go on a walk every weekend with Greg every weekend indeed!
  10. Visit at least 2 new state parks, with or without Greg - DONE! We visited 4 new state parks in February and also went back to one we had already visited.
  11. Have lunch or visit with each of my two IRL friends 
  12. Read at least part of my dSLR camera manual Read most of the manual for my new "bridge" camera.
  13. No screens past 11 p.m. 99% of the time
  14. Vacuum fridge coils (last done in late January) on 2/28
  15. Mend at least 2 items from the mending basket Did all the mending
  16. Drop off donations at thrift store 
  17. Look for a reasonably priced white noise machine for my bedroom 
  18. Inventory what I need to make new self-watering bins (spend less than $50 total) I just needed soil, but I won't buy it until I'm actually ready to plant something.
  19. Water the garden once a week when it hasn't rained It rained several times, I didn't water at all save for when I was dumping cooking water in one of the rose pots!
  20. Move all missing music files from external drive to my laptop
  21. Try syncing my phone on iTunes 
  22. Reinstall programs that I copied to external drive on my laptop 
  23. Reinstall fonts that I copied to external drive on my laptop Decided I didn't need them

In Progress/Partly Accomplished
  1. Purge file cabinet Purged half of it (bottom drawer)
  2. If/when we go out to eat, drink only water and order salads and other low-calorie meals  Mostly done.
  3. Lose another 5 lbs (for a total of 13.8 lbs total loss since 1/1) I only lost 2.6 lbs this month, but 11.4 lbs since 1/1 so I'm still on track to lose 5 lbs per month, on average :)
  4. Make a list of my local elected officials and how to contact them in progress
  5. Start contacting my local elected officials and letting them know what I think about their voting record Emailed the congressman and both senators.
  6. Set a 15 minute timer everyday and try to do as many housework chores as possible during that time I did it only 4 times "formally" but having it as a "to do" actually helped me be more productive with my chores.
  7. Unload the dishwasher every morning and reload it during the day dishwasher failed in mid February. Doing the dishes by hand.
  8. Mop/fake mop the kitchen once a week fake mopped on 2/7 and on 2/27
  9. Vacuum or sweep the rest of the house once a week vacuumed down/stairs on 2/6, swept main stairs and the whole downstairs on 2/22
  10. Read:
    1. In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware (e-book borrowed from library) Book expired, didn't like the beginning much
    2. Mercer Girls by Libbie Hawker (ebook on loan from Amazon Prime Reading) Tried to read it, was terrible, gave up
Failed/Didn't Do
  1. Write a letter or card to my great aunt
  2. Drink at least 32 oz of water a day 
  3. Exercise on my recumbent bike every week night for at least 35 minutes 
  4. Schedule eye doctor exam to ask for trifocals 
  5. Wash kitchen windows
  6. Scrub patio pavers with bleach on a cool day (wear old clothes!)
  7. Turn the compost bin at least once didn't do it because of the squash seedlings growing in there
  8. Have Greg unhook the hose from the house and set it up with new hose reel! He didn't do it even though I asked him to do it on several occasions and he promised that he would!
  9. Wipe old laptop of confidential/personal information
  1. Add $166.66 to our Emergency Fund
  2. Continue to collect tax documents and start filing out the tax forms Filed on 2/28!
  3. Earn at least one $25 gift card in Swagbucks DONE, earned 2
  4. Earn two $5 gift cards in Microsoft Rewards 
  5. NO MORE THAN ONE COOK'S NIGHT OUT this month! - Already done on 1/31 (counting it for Feb)
  6. Buy fewer snacks I'm very happy about this!
  7. Continue to track all expenses in my spreadsheets 
  8. Report all expenses on the blog, daily 
  9. Continue avoiding food waste as much as possible and reporting on Food Waste every Friday 
  10. Calculate our Net Worth on 2/1 
  11. Gardening expenses to remain under $50 I didn't spend anything on gardening
  12. Read the latest issue of Kiplinger Magazine 
  13. Make sure Greg assigns cash sitting in his IRA to actual funds 
  14. Continue tracking Greg's paystubs in my spreadsheets 
  15. Continue tracking all of our expenses 
  16. Stay on top of RaceTrac surveys I took several surveys and I have survey reward codes ready to be redeemed.
In Progress/Partly Accomplished
  1. Continue to try to spend only $50 per week for food - I tried :)
  2. Continue avoiding going out to eat: pack picnics, plan meals taking into account what's going on on certain days and how I'm likely to be feeling about cooking on those days work in progress
  3. When eating out/ordering in drink water and order low-cost, healthier foods Drank water and ordered healthier foods in most cases, but didn't pay too much attention to the cost.
  4. Continue to try to purchase as many items from the thrift store as possible Didn't need anything from the thrift store this month.
  5. Set dates and a budget for summer road trip We have tentative dates, I hadn't set a budget.
  6. Continue passing on items and coupons to my BFF in progress (gave her cat food and treats on 2/2, mailed her coupons on 2/7)
Failed/Didn't Do
  1. Call my bank to combine the two IRA accounts

Bring on March :)  Did you set goals for February? How did you do in meeting them?


    1. You accomplished so many of them! You did wonderfully well, I think! Woo hoo! Give yourself a big pat on the back!

      1. I laughed at you woo hoo! Thanks, Bless :)

    2. Replies
      1. Thanks! It was a race to the finish on the last day of the month so I could have more things crossed off, but I guess that's why I challenge myself in such a way. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration to do the same in March.

    3. I see so many things on your list that I should be doing, too. You're gonna guilt me into doing stuff, aren't you?

      1. Ha! No I only like to guilt my kids and husband into doing this, my friends are free to do as they please :) Out of curiosity, though, which tasks are you feeling guilty of not doing?

    4. Vacuuming the fridge coils...backing up my computer (well, photos and some documents at least)...and many, many more. *Hangs head in shame*

      I know at some point I'll do it, but it really should be done on a somewhat regular basis.

      Wash windows...ugh. Good thing my mother lives thousands of miles away and won't ever come to my house!!!


    Anything you'd like to add? Share away!