Saturday, March 25, 2017

An Easy & Lazy Day ~ Saturday 3/25/17

As we watched the movie last night, I must have sat in a weird position because my sciatic nerve started acting up as soon as the movie ended, and my leg throbbed so badly that I took an Advil before going to bed.

I still couldn't fall asleep so I went to get my Kindle Fire and my headphones and put on an episode of "Forensic Files" to distract me and help me fall asleep. It worked and I fell asleep almost right away, but when I woke up 90 minutes later to put away my Kindle,glasses and headphones, my leg was still throbbing.  Throughout the night, I kept waking up with my leg hurting and couldn't get comfortable. When my alarm rang at 6:30 a.m., I felt exhausted and went  to tell Greg that there was no way I'd be able to go kayaking this morning.  He himself hadn't slept well and had stomach problems, but he offered to take our son to his AP seminar on his own so I could go back to bed.  I never go back to bed but this morning, I thankfully did and ended up sleeping until 10 a.m.   I remember that I woke up at times with Explorer sitting on my chest, staring at me, and that the other two kittens came back to sleep with me too, taking place in bed with me at various times.

Meanwhile Greg drove our son to his AP seminar and came home to do some work on his laptop.  I decided to go pick up our son with him, and on the way home, Greg decided that he felt like having sushi so we called my daughter to see if she wanted to come to the Japanese restaurant with us, and since she did, we swung by the house to pick her up.

This was a car parked outside the building where our son was participating in his AP seminar. We thought it was hilarious!

We had lunch at the Japanese restaurant where I had had lunch yesterday.  The kids and I picked the teriyaki chicken bento box and had water. It's a good deal at $9.95 per person and also includes miso soup and a side salad. Greg had sushi and sashimi with soup and salad and also drank Diet Coke.  Well, after lunch his stomach started hurting again!

Greg's food.

The kids and I picked this.

During lunch, Youngest Son and I tried to convince my Daughter to start playing Dungeons and Dragons too as it really is right up her alley but she remains stubborn in refusing to play because it is "too geeky". Says the girl who want to study Computer Science, lol.

We went to Publix to return the DVD to the Redbox kiosk and I got the kids and I some snacks.  I pointed out the BOGO Haagen Dazs ice cream to my daughter and was annoyed when, at the register and right after paying, I realized that they had picked the full price Ben & Jerry's ice cream instead, which doubled the price of the snacks we were buying. Grrr.  The cashier sympathized and asked whether the kids had jobs, lol. I told her that my daughter would be buying my next snacks with her own money.

Greg had talked about going kayaking after 4 p.m. this afternoon and our son had expressed interest in going as well so I volunteered to stay home so they could both go since we only have 2 kayaks. However, Greg's stomach is still bothering him and he just went to take a nap at 1:30 p.m. so I'm not sure if they'll go.

I did nothing this afternoon. I played episodes of "Forensic Files" (Netflix) all afternoon but didn't really pay attention to them, I surfed the net, mostly. I just didn't feel like doing anything.

My daughter came to tell me she got a 98 on her really hard Anthropology mid-term. Yay!  She chose this class as an elective and it ended up being way more challenging than she anticipated and she's been to do a lot more work than she had expected.  I'm very proud of her!

Greg got up from his nap and said he felt like "he was having his period", lol, because he feels run-down and crampy and doesn't want to do anything. Well, I did tell him there's a lot more to having a period than just that, but we all have days when we just feel like staying home and vegging.  So he didn't go kayaking at all. I had warned our son about that so he wasn't disappointed.  Ha, never mind that. 5 minutes after I typed this paragraph, Greg announced that our son and he were going kayaking at the lake near our house :)

As far as frugal endeavors, I did the usual activities:

  • Swagbucks: played some automatic videos this afternoon while I was on the laptop and reached my low 1st daily goal of 30 SB.
  • I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards credits.
  • I entered my weight into Walgreens' BRHC and earned 20 BR points
  • I entered a bonus code (GAMETIMEGOODEATS) into Kellogg's Family Rewards and earned 25 KFR point.
  • I checked the ad previews for Walgreens and CVS and adjusted my shopping list. At CVS, I'll be using a rain check to get 3 12-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper for $10 and redeem a $10 ECB to get them free, a free coupon manufacturer coupon from Colgate to get toothpaste for free and get a $1.00 ECB too, and a half gallon of whole milk on sale for $1.99.  I won't be buying anything from Walgreens.

I spotted a fat squirrel getting fatter on my bird seed again.  Arrgh.

He jumps from the little trees.  I need to cut those down, probably.

For dinner, I made Breakfast for Dinner. I had picked up breakfast links at Publix this afternoon and I cooked scrambled eggs and pancakes.  For the pancakes, I mixed some powdered goat milk, left from when I fed the kittens for the first few weeks, with warm water instead of regular milk and homemade baking powder.

I myself skipped dinner.  I had eaten a whole box of mini eclairs (!) as my snack (they were on sale for $3.99) and I felt crappy about not having gone hiking or kayaking, so I got on my recumbent bike instead.  The last time I was on there was on February 8.  I've been so bad.  I watched 2 episodes of Forensic Files on Netflix while I was biking, and so spent 43 minutes on the bike and went 7.92 miles. Honestly, it felt really nice to do this. Maybe I should skip eating dinner every night and just exercise instead, hahaha.

After that, I did a lot of research on my new D&D character since I'll be playing it tomorrow. Would it surprise you to hear it's a female humanoid cat-like character called a Tabaxi?  LOL. I thought that would be very appropriate.  The kittens must have thought so too as they crowded around me while I was trying to read all the materials.  One was licking my arm, the other was trying to sit on my chest and the 3rd was sitting on my keyboard.  I had my son take a picture for posterity but Princess ran away.  Anyhoo, I had a good time researching my character although all the stats and details make my head hurt. I think Dungeons and Dragons isn't the kind of game where you can only be a casual player. You really have to be obsessive about it and I'm really not there yet. I hope tomorrow will be fun, though, and that I won't embarrass myself like I did on Thursday night when my character ended up doing nothing but stepping on a branch and alerting all the baddies to the presence of my cohort of adventurers.

Oh yeah, that's totally me, hahaha.
Anyhoo, I'm going to leave you now as I need to go learn about dragons, which are my "favorite enemy".  Yay?

How was your Saturday?  Did you do anything exciting?


  1. I watch Forensic Files too but could never fall asleep to it. The narrator's voice is tres terrifiant!

    1. Really? I'm still watching the 1st season, I think. Maybe they changed narrators :)

  2. Sorry to hear your leg was hurting you, Nathalie. Hope it is better now? Glad you were able to go back to sleep. Congratulations to your daughter on her excellent test grade! My Saturday was quiet. I had a pain in my arm, which woke me up at 6:30 a.m.! Like you, I, too, went back to sleep! Then, spent the rest of the day stressing about whether I was well enough to drive to the prayer gathering and giving rides to family. Eventually, I decided not to go and my cousin's daughter had to drive them to the prayer gathering!

    1. My leg did get better, thanks. It's the 2nd time that it happens this month so it's annoying. Getting old really stinks, doesn't it?! I'm glad your arm feels better now, Bless!

  3. Laughing about your D&D character. I'll have to ask son about the game. I wonder if he has played since he was a boy. It's a shame we sold all his books but he told DD she could sell and keep the cash. Sorry about that leg- just wait until you are my age heehee. I just try to not think about aches and sis hurt her knee Friday at her office. She said she tripped and fell on the tile floor. Here her son is recovering from knee surgery and she hurts hers. She figured just bruised. I'm going to stop by after church- they live about 30 minutes away so not far. I did make it to WalMart yesterday and bought some printer's ink. They seem to have the best price on my brand but it is still $$. I probably should buy a newer printer- business expense- but my old printer works just fine. I was looking for something to put into my granddaughter's Easter box. Guess I'll have to ask for suggestions because I couldn't find a thing! She has a ton of books and clothes and their apartment is tiny and no room for many toys. I got the grandboys Disney gift cards and ordered them some candy from See's so they are set. Well, no cooking today- lots of leftovers and guess I could finish up my monthly work. I still haven't made pizza!!!!

    1. I hope your sister's knee is better! Greg bumped his against the kayak this weekend and he has a huge and very nasty looking bruise just above his kneecap but he says it doesn't hurt.

      Hmm, I wouldn't know what to put in her Easter box... movie tickets so her parents can take her to see one?

  4. Greg's food and your bento box look delicious! My oldest son just got back from Taiwan, where he had posted a picture of the food he got after he "walked into a restaurant without an English menu and just pointed at a few things." He ended up with some dumplings and sushi. He has more guts than I do!

    1. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with menus, I wish the server would just order something for me!


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