Monday, March 6, 2017

Day Book: Monday 3/6/17

Outside my window... the windows are open because it's nice and cool outside but not cold. It's 60F/15.5 C at 7:30 a.m.  The sky is partly cloudy and indeed the forecast for today is "cloudy" with a high of 72F/22.2C but it's not preventing the birds from singing to great the new day.

I am thinking... that I wish I had thought of taking an ibuprofen last night, because I was so sore. I had a terribly uncomfortable night and the first thing I did when I painfully made my way downstairs this morning, was to take an Advil!  Now, an hour or so later, I feel better.  I don't know why I never think to take a pill when I don't feel well.

I am thankful for... Advil. Seriously. I'm/was in serious pain!

From the learning rooms... I have no idea what's going on with the kids and school this week, we didn't discuss it, but next week is Spring Break for the both of them.  I still don't know if my Daughter is going on that Bahamas cruise with her dad or not, I need to ask her.

From the kitchen... A weekend's  worth of dirty dishes is waiting for me. Lovely!  I have to draft a menu for the week since I didn't do that but we'll have the burgers that I didn't cook last night, tonight. I defrosted a loaf of pumpkin bread that I had just put in the freezer yesterday morning because apparently it was a hit with my son even though it didn't have any chocolate chips in it. Also, I need to figure out how to use the few leftovers that we have.

I am wearing... my favorite light olive green capris from the thrift store, a light gray T-shirt from Target and my Rykä walking shoes. Instead of my usual bun, I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail today.

I am creating... well, I'm still updating my French blog although I don't think anybody is reading it.  I may just stop, then.

I am going... to sit on my patio in a little bit, I think.

I am reading... "Red Sparrow" by Jason Matthews. It's actually due in 3 days so I need to see if I can renew it because I just started it last week.

I am hoping... I don't know what to hope for, anymore.  I guess that I stop being sore so I can have a Domestic Tuesday tomorrow because I don't feel up to having a Domestic Monday today!

I am hearing... birds singing through the neighborhood, Greg's brakes squealing as he backs down the driveway to go to work. Traffic in the distance, if I focus on it.

Around the house... the cats are in the windows, enjoying the cool air and the bird calls. My son is at school, Greg just left for work, my daughter is still asleep. She only has online classes today and she works on them at her own rhythm.

One of my favorite things... my walking capris.  I must have already talked about them. They're actually soft cotton yoga pants from Fila that apparently have now been discontinued. They're so comfortable, I feel like I'm wearing PJs when I put them on!

A few plans for the rest of the week... you mean, aside from sitting around all day today?  Let's see... Well I do need to catch up on those pesky chores (dishes, write a menu, laundry...) and I really should try to get on my recumbent bike this week (groan), grocery shopping /errands on Wednesday, meeting my BFF for coffee at Wawa on Friday morning, going to the dump with Greg on Saturday as he is planning on taking down our rotting front porch, going to Fort Cooper Days at Fort Cooper State Park on Sunday with Greg and our son to watch the Second Seminole War Skirmish Reenactment and possibly hike a little.

Here's the picture I'm sharing... Greg sent me an article published in a British tabloid about Myakka River State Park and he wants to go visit it (it's near Sarasota) because of this... yeah, that's a whole bunch of alligators!  Did you see that one bird wading in the water?  That's either one stupid bird or a very brave one!

Source: The Sun
Have a good week!


  1. Aw, I am sorry you are so sore, Nathalie. But, at least, you know those muscles got a good workout! Do some gentle stretching and take a very hot shower; hopefully, that will help. Continue to take some ibuprofen, as well. :)

    1. Thanks, Bless! The worst was the soles of my feet and then I think I pinched a nerve in my right leg, but after taking that one Advil I felt better and today I'm as good as new. Oh crap, that means I need to do chores today, doesn't it?! Groan.

  2. I think that would be too many alligators for me to be comfortable around. That's some picture.

    1. I can only hope that he took it with a long zoom and that he wasn't that close to the pond!

  3. Holy cow -- that's a lot of gators!! I just wrote an article for work that included some information about alligators and our fascination with these reptiles.

    1. To be honest, I'm kind of hoping that we won't see that many when we do make it to that state park!

  4. I saw an article about all those gators in Myakka River State Park on Facebook!

    When my muscles are sore from exercising, I drink some tart cherry juice. It's supposed to help with inflammation and aids in sports recovery. I don't drink a lot of it, sometimes just a shot in my tea, but it does seem to help. Well, and ibuprofen does, too.

    1. Interesting about the tart cherry juice... but unless I can get that at Dollar Tree, I think ibuprofen will be my remedy of choice!


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