Monday, March 27, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Day! ~ Sunday 3/26/17

I had a good night and slept in until 9 a.m.!  I know!  It felt quite decadent!

Greg had told me that if he slept well, he was planning on taking the kayak to go fishing in the lake near our house in the morning.  I did hear him leave this morning but I don't know what time it was.  It's past 10 a.m. now and he's still not back.  I was debating biking to the lake to try to take some pictures of him but I'm comfy on the couch and I'm thinking he might be coming home soon? Hopefully with a fish :)

This morning I decided not to bother with Swagbucks since the automatic videos isn't an option in my line-up today. Poop.  My 1st daily goal is only 30 SB, too. Oh well. I did earn a couple of SB by taking the daily poll and checking out the daily deal, and then I got a 9 SB Search Award.

Did you see my earlier post about the free Walgreens 8x10 reprint?  The code is only good today but until 11:59 p.m. CENTRAL time.  Just yesterday I was commenting that we didn't have an 8 x 10 of Tabby Kitten when he was very little (but we do of the other 2 kittens) so I looked for one and found a picture of Greg with Tabby Kitten and Princess back when they were only a couple of weeks old and ordered a reprint of that. The new Walgreens site didn't prompt me to make sure the picture was cropped properly and I realized that after I placed the order so I hope it'll print OK.

I emailed Daughter and Youngest son with the code and a few friends with it too.  I'm the freebie fairy :)

I'm about to check which coupons are worth printing this week (if any, I'm getting tired of dealing with coupons to tell you the truth, especially since 95% of my shopping is done at Aldi nowadays), and then it'll be time to leave. I hope we have a good time and that the room isn't as loud as last time. It's really a struggle for me to hear and understand when it's so loud and also the young guy who is the Dungeon Master talks by putting his hand over his mouth, which drives me nuts. Would it be too motherly for me to ask him to stop doing that?!  Probably. Do I care?  Probably not, unless my son gets embarrassed.  If I can't hear, I might just drop him off the next time and go find a trail to walk on in that area for a couple of hours, or do my grocery shopping as Aldi is close-by.

The weather right now is nice and cool so I have the windows open.  The cats are enjoying listening to the few birds that are chirping.  I still haven't seen a hummingbird at my feeder and I need to get the other ones out too since I now have the extra hanging poles!

I guess dinner will be burgers and chips.  I haven't gotten the ground beef out of the freezer yet but I can always defrost it in the microwave this afternoon.

I printed a bunch of coupons, including a few I'll mail to my BFF and others that I'll donate to the South Lake Animal League thrift store and now it's time to go. I'm going to drive by the lake to make sure Greg didn't fall overboard, since I haven't heard from him and the silly man refuses to wear a life jacket!

Youngest Son and I left to go to our D&D game session near UCF, an hour away, at 10;45 a.m.  We decided to stop by McDonald's to pick up lunch and eat it on the way (yes, I could have packed sandwiches, but I didn't feel like it!) and drove by the lake to make sure Greg hadn't capsized. He hadn't.  He reported getting "a nibble" but he hadn't caught any fish.

Took this picture with my phone, hence the graininess.
At McDonald's, we were told that it was too early for lunch as they don't start serving lunch until 11:00!  So they serve breakfast all day now, but we have to wait until 11 to have lunch!  Arrgh. So we bought 2 egg McMuffin meals and redeemed a $2.00 off $10 coupon from my app, and still managed to spend more, I think, than if we had gotten lunch meals.  I was annoyed at myself because I could have just stopped by RaceTrac and gotten us a free breakfast sandwich by purchasing a bottle of juice with an app coupon and a free hot dog with one of my survey reward codes.  Arrgh, arrgh, arggh, failures everywhere.

We did avoid to spend too much in tolls by catching the turnpike in Orange County, though.  Being Sunday, the traffic wasn't bad.

You know I was kind of dreading this game, but actually, all the research I had done into my new character that I built some scratch helped a lot and I ended up having a great time.  This is also because there were only 6 of us players and 5 of us had played together at the Thursday workshop and were relative newbies.  The room was still loud, especially since the other D&D group elected to play right next to us instead of at the other end of the room, and it was really hard to hear the person playing our Dungeon Master, especially since he read the descriptions really fast and was a terrible reader.  But I had him repeat several things several times, and nobody seemed to mind.  We ended up playing FIVE hours.  FIVE!  I thought it would be maybe 3 hours and I was really dragging at the end, mentally.  We did get drinks and a couple of snacks from the shop, so I spent $6 on those.  At the end, we were looking through the shop and found new figurines that my son liked so I spent another $15 on those too.

Source: Pinterest

Meanwhile, Greg had taken my daughter to get shakes at McDonald's and since he still hasn't installed the McDonald's app on his phone, he paid full price, about $6.

He had also raked the leaves in the yard and built us a kayak rack with reclaimed wood from our previous shed.

He was exhausted and so was I, although for much different reasons.

In another frugal failure, I called him from the road and declared that I was going to pick up dinner on the way because I didn't feel like cooking, and since no one seemed to have any suggestions, I just picked up Chinese again.  So another $49 spent on eating out.  I'll have many failures to report at the end of the month. But hey, you only live once and we can afford all this so I'm not going to feel too guilty about it.

At home, we chatted with Daughter and Greg about their day and ours, and then Greg and I watched some Seinfeld episodes, I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards, and then I fell asleep on the couch!  I did go to bed at about 11 p.m. and couldn't go back to sleep so I watched 4 episodes of "Forensic Files" on my Kindle (which gave me a lot of trouble with the Netflix app again, I'm getting tired of this!) before falling asleep again at about 12:30 a.m.

I felt like this weekend went by way too fast.  What about you?


  1. I went to a fundraising formal tea that also had a guest presenter on servants during the early 1900's and late 1800's in New England. It was the 5th annual event hosted by a local historical society. I made my DH a simple lunch before I left and we ordered pizza for dinner. A low key Sunday.

    1. Oh, that presentation sounds so interesting! You're always so busy, Sandie, I'm sure you appreciated a "low key" weekend. How are you feeling these days?

    2. It was interesting. And thank you for asking about how I feel today I feel OK

    3. PS, thank you for posting the Walgreens code I was able to have another photo of my daughter and I done for free

    4. I was hoping to hear "great" but OK is better than "bad" so it's good, right? You might need an aspirin after reading this :)

  2. Thank you so much for the heads up about the Walgreen's enlargement. I sent in a photo from our trip to Cumberland Island and I hope that it is a nice print (can't always tell). I can't believe you played for five hours -- I would be loopy!

    We ate out quite a bit during my spring break -- I was so busy working on other things that cooking wasn't that much of a priority. I don't think we went too, too much over our actual budget, but we'll see. Eep!

    1. I think a vacation isn't a vacation (and a staycation counts as a vacation in my book) unless you go out to eat. I mean, you do need a break from cooking, once in a while! I'm glad you got the picture reprint. I hope it turns out well!

  3. Our McDonalds here, too, don't serve burgers etc., until about 11:00 a.m. I was very unhappy when they told me that, because I wanted a hamburger (it was around 10:00 a.m.), not something else. Now, after seeing that picture, I am thinking a Big Mac would be nice! :D Glad to hear that Greg was fine and hadn't fallen overboard! Nice kayak rack, too! Glad to hear you enjoyed playing your game. You are getting the "coolest mom" award, I'm sure! I'm glad you treated yourself to take out for dinner - I'd have been too tired after gaming for 5 hrs. to cook! Sounds like you had a nice Sunday, Nathalie. Mine was quiet, as I rested.

    1. I'm not too sure that the other players think that it's cool that a mom is playing with them, but they haven't said anything about it. I'm quite sure they won't miss me this coming Sunday. I'll have to ask Youngest Son if anything was different. I did have a nice Sunday, thanks. You had a quiet one but that's what you needed.

  4. I'm thinking that if you guys build a kayak rack from recycled material, you're entitled to eat Chinese takeout! Being frugal isn't about denying yourself everything, it's about making conscious choices about what you can afford and what you want. I always joke about my camera splurges...made possible by eating a lot of lentil soups. :-)

    1. You're very wise... and also lentil soup is delicious so I don't think you're denying yourself either, hahaha.


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