Sunday, March 19, 2017

Recuperating Sunday! 3/19/17

We didn't go kayaking today.  My cramps arrived almost 24 hours after my period did and I remembered that I really didn't want to be paddling on probably alligator-infested waters during my period so I told Greg last night that I'd probably not want to go today.  He was fine with it, we can go anytime since the lake is a block away!

So we both slept in today. Me, very uncomfortably on the couch (weird how it can be so comfy one night and like a bed of rocks the next!) until 8 a.m. and he upstairs until 10:30 a.m.!

I had harbored a slight hope that perhaps the newspaper delivery person hadn't realized that my subscription had ended but they did. No paper (i.e. no coupons!) for me today. Sob.  So I went ahead and added a weekly reminder for myself to walk or bike to the library on Monday mornings/early afternoons to try and nab any coupon inserts left in the donation pile.  It'll be good exercise regardless, and if I take my bike, it takes me something like 20 minutes total.

I fed all the cats, brewed my coffee, caught up on the news online, and set about editing my Spring Break and Saturday recaps. And here we are, it's 1 p.m. and I'm still in my PJs.  I'm listening to the Tony Bennett channel on Pandora. Well, I was until Greg went out to mow the yard so now I'm mostly hearing the lawnmower.  I had been asking him not to mow it because we had clumps of "daisies" that the bees love, but it was really looking unkempt so I unleashed him today, hahaha. He loves mowing, for a reason that escapes me, so he's happy.

Youngest Son woke up mid-morning and has been on his computer. Daughter apparently is up because she made toast apparently, but I haven't seen her yet. Today is the deadline for all those college class projects that she was supposed to be working on over Spring Break so I expect that she'll be working all day up in her room.

The weather is gorgeous and we have the windows open. The kittens are running from window to window, following Greg around the house. They're both intrigued and terrified of the lawnmower.

Having young cats is like having young kids: your house is always a mess and something is always getting broken.  We have socks lying all over the house because Tabby Kitten loves playing with socks and steals them from everyone's room and laundry baskets/hampers and refuses to put his toys away.

Socks, socks everywhere!

And then Princess loves my craft "drawers" and doesn't clean up after herself either.

I guess she got tired of the pipe cleaners and now she wants to sew her own clothes?!
Earlier, Tabby Kitten jumped on our soundbar and was trying to reach over the TV. He was ignoring my stern orders to get down until I started getting up to go swat him, and then he jumped off in a hurry, and in the process sent the soundbar, which is already precariously balanced atop the old microwave stand that doubles as a TV stand, crashing to the ground. Arrgh!  Thankfully it's not broken but it left a big dent in our wood floor.  Then I caught him chewing on the end of one of the handles of my recumbent bike.  And yet earlier today, he managed to sneak into the closet in the master bedroom, the one that is connected to hidden passages under the eaves that I have been warning Greg about. I never saw Greg so stressed!  It's "his" kitten and his fault that he got in the closet, but thankfully he came out when he heard Greg charging downstairs to get a flashlight to try to find him!  Ah those kittens, we love them but... they definitely don't make life any easier, lol.

Oh, but most of the time they're so angelic :)
I did earn a couple of Swagbucks this morning but it was mostly 2 Search awards. They've lowered my 1st goal to only 30 SB and I won't even bother reaching that!  Update: at 8 p.m. I'm up to 25 SB with basically mostly Search Awards.  The bonus is only 3 SB so I don't think I'm going to bother playing videos for 2 hours.

Without coupon inserts to clip, I guess it's time for me to try printing some via Swagbucks and other sources. I did upload digital coupons to my CVS app and I'll do that with Publix as well.

I think I'll make tuna patties for dinner. I have a pork roast but I'm keeping that for the crockpot tomorrow since we'll be in St Augustine.

Last night, I was trying to find a new show to watch on Amazon Prime (I fell asleep during an episode of "The Crown", btw, it was the one about the 1952 toxic fog cloud. It was so boring.), and noticed that Season 3 of "Bosch" will be coming out April 21.  Woohoo!  I love the book series by Michael Connolly and loved Season 1 of the show (but didn't like Season 2 at all), so I'm hopeful season 3 will be good.

Just realized that I have a coupon for a free large fries at McDonald's that ends today (no purchase necessary!) so I might need to go. But if I don't, it might be a No Drive Day... arrrgh.

So I printed a few coupons and then placed an order on to use up my $20 in free money via the Discover Deals.  I did look to see if they might have the 3.5 qt bowl for my Kitchen Aid mini mixer, but they didn't (of course!) so I ended up buying myself 2 more Fila exercise tank tops. I really like them and with the weather heating up, I might just be wearing exercise tops all the time!  They were on sale for $14.99 each and after the Kohl's cash, 30% off code (LUCKY30) and free shipping code for Kohl's Charge Card holders (FS4MARCH) and Florida's 7% tax rate, I paid $7.47.  Not bad, but I guess I wouldn't have spent anything if I didn't have the $20 in "free" money.  But since I'll definitely be wearing the tops, it's all good. Oh, also I went through Swagbucks so I guess I'll earn a few SB (I think it was 3 SB per dollar spent)

I entered my weight into Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices for the past 3 mornings (oops forgot to weigh myself this morning, will have to do that next Sunday now) and yesterday's walk and I earned 180 BR points.

I was late entering several bonus codes on Kellogg's Family Rewards, but I earned 25 points per code:


  • I also earned all the Microsoft Rewards credits for the day.

    Then I finally replied to all the comments that wonderful readers left over the past week. I had been very lazy with this and even lazier than you might think because I read everyone's blogs but didn't comment and now I'm thinking that I'll just start fresh tomorrow by commenting on new blog posts instead of going back and commenting on old ones.  So: Bless, I'm glad you had a good week and was able to make it in to work.  Laura, sorry you were grumpy, I hope your week went better after that!  Daisy, congrats on the budget and the grocery shopping!  Dawn, great jobs on all the bargains and happy birthday to your sweet son!  Sandy, I'm sorry the blizzard finally hit you guys and I hope you didn't lose power and are doing well. If I didn't mention your blog or name, I'm sorry!  I have a headache right now and having a hard time focusing.

    Greg and our son took the kayaks down to the lake. There goes our No Drive Day!  I'm so glad they're enjoying this together. Now I'm thinking that maybe we should have bought 3 kayaks so our son would come along on our outings... Well it's almost 3:30 p.m.  The boys came back, they had a great time and now want to go get Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's, so I gave them my phone to get me the free large fries. Yep, no dieting here, still on vacation!  I had to yell at Greg again, though, because he pays cash instead of using our Amazon Visa card that earns us 2% back in Rewards at restaurants!  Ugh, it really annoys me that he keeps doing this!

    I took a shower, finally. My showers are very short, especially when I don't wash my hair, which I only do about once a week.  However, when I take baths, I soak in them for at least an hour!

    Well, crap.  I just checked the new CVS ad and the milk isn't on sale this week.  So on the sad side, I'll have to pay for milk at Aldi this week, and on the happy side, I don't have to go to CVS, which will save me time. So yay? Sometimes saving time is just as appreciated as saving money!  Which would you rather save?  Me, usually it's money since, quite honestly, I have plenty of time.

    I got a group email from the D&D group leader (the one near UCF) about a new campaign starting next week, and they're offering a workshop on Thursday night for newbies on how to play D&D 5th edition, create a character, etc.   After consulting with Youngest Son, it looks like we'll be heading to that and then we also signed up for a game in the new campaign (this one seems to be truly aimed at new players or at least new characters Level 1) for next Sunday at noon.  I really wish the local group would work out because I don't relish driving to UCF (one hour away via toll roads), especially twice in the space of a few days, but I like to support my kids' interests when I can. And I can do that, that's for sure :)  This time, I'm organizing myself: I got a recycled 1" binder that I had gotten from the thrift store and will be printing a few blank character sheets and other information, in there, and I told Youngest Son that I want my own dice.  So I ordered myself a set on Amazon and paid with my Amazon gift cards so they were free to me. Woohoo!

    My son walked to the park for a while and when he came back, I asked if he wanted the manual for the new campaign that will be released 4/4. He really wanted it, so I used up my Amazon Visa Rewards and the balance from my Microsoft Rewards gift cards to pre-order it on Amazon for a mere 20 cents out of pocket! He'll use it after we're done playing our campaign to play the campaign with his own club at the library.

    Greg finally unhooked the hose from the back outside faucet, like he had promised me to do something like 2 months ago. Again, procrastination paid off, as I had thought to go buy a large wrench from Ace Hardware since we didn't have one of the proper size, but apparently he had brought back a whole bunch of tools from his parents' after his dad's passing and had large wrenches in the lot. So he used one and was able to unscrew the hose, finally!  I'm going to be able to use the hose reel that I had bought, finally, and we'll stop tripping over the hose.  I really need to spend time in the yard and straighten it out.

    For dinner, I made tuna patty "burgers" and finally cooked the corn on the cob that I had bought at Save A Lot a week and a half ago. I cheated again and used paper plates again. Yes, it's wasteful but so would all the water that I'd need to use to do the dishes...

    Greg and I watched some more Seinfeld episodes after dinner.

    Ooh, oops, I just realized that this post had been published at 2 p.m. by mistake and unfinished. I've lost my blogging mojo!  Sorry about that.


    1. I just finished reading your recent blogs- lots of happenings! The kids are off school here today also but Flagler County has school. We had a long spring break. I'm headed for Palm Coast at 7:30- I have some clients there who leave early and I need to see them. I'm behind this month and also have to go to Daytona this week. We tried to get some pie when we were in Disney on pi day but never found any boohoo. Your adventure in Aldi's was priceless! I usually go right when they open or Sunday mornings after church- no crowds then. My hometown in Iowa had one of the first Aldi's in the US so I went there before it became chic LOL. My sisters both say Aldi's ick..they remember Mom buying all those off brands and having a trunk full of cans. She just dumped everything there and we kids had to put it away. Did you not buy a corned beef? I've had it everyday and am sick of it- just 1 sandwich left that I didn't get around to freezing. Today I'm having leftover cabbage soup. I'm going to try to stay away from shopping until Wednesday- I don't have a shopping day per se; whenever I feel like going.

      1. Aww, sorry you didn't get your pie on Pi Day! I'm not sure where you might have found some... perhaps at the American Adventure pavilion at EPCOT? But you didn't visit that park, it sounds like. My friends all thought the same about Save A Lot, "ick", when I started shopping there years ago. They were spoiled with Publix, lol.

        I did buy corned beef, several packages of it. I'm trying to remember if I still have 1 or 2 in the freezer. I cooked one the week before St Patrick's Day and it turned out horrible so I haven't cooked it again. Last year, I had cooked it in the crockpot with sauerkraut and it was absolutely delicious but I didn't write down which recipe I used so I need to go through all my recipe books and printouts again.

        I hope you have a great week, Nan, and that you are able to catch up on your work :)

    2. The first cat we had had a thing for socks also. She would collect them and build a nest. We didn't know she was doing this until one day I dropped something under my night stand that was covered with a cloth to the floor. Underneath, there were probably 20 socks or more. So the dryer wasn't "eating" them after all. She carried socks around her whole life and spent a period when she graduated to sweaters and underwear.

      1. I'm laughing, picturing you realizing that the dryer wasn't eating the socks and the nest of fluffy socks under your night stand! What a rascal! I collected all the socks that I could find this morning and I have a whole Amazon cardboard box full of it. I wish Tabby Kitty would get as excited to bring them back upstairs to Greg's room as he seems to be bringing them downstairs and leaving them laying all over the place!

    3. Just caught up with all your posts over the spring break! Sounds like you had a lovely week off. I think we should all go on regular spring breaks!

      1. You sure deserve one after working through your illness and treatment, Bless! Are you going to take any vacation time this year?

    4. Which would you rather save - money or time? <-- I consider this a deep and important question...with an answer being different at different stages in your life. The lack of money and time can be quite stressful, and for many years we were so poor that the lack of money dictated the answer: save money. Now we are finally in a position when we are no longer poor, but the lack of time tends to be stressful. So we made some deliberate, calculated decisions to save some time: we now hire someone to do the yard work and we paid someone to paint the house and, recently, to install a new kitchen faucet.

      I believe the most stressful situation for someone is when there is lack of money and time.

      Well, I'll stop now that I've gone all philosophical on you, LOL.

      1. You are so astute. I guess we're the same with things such as oil changes. We could save money by doing it ourselves, but it would be a pain in the butt because of the way our driveway is, so we prefer to pay to have those done for us.

        And you're right, it's super stressful when you don't have the money or the time to get something done. I remember those days as well and that was one of the reasons why I became a SAHM when I got laid off. Someone needed to be available to take all the kids to their doctor/dentist appointments, activities, etc. without having to stress about losing their job because their bosses were ticked off that they were always asking for time off. In the end, foregoing the income proved to be a better decision because it was much less stressful for our family.


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