Monday, April 3, 2017

April Goals

These are the goals that I plan on working on in April. A lot of them will be recurring throughout the year, but I do want to list them so I don't forget about them.  I will hold myself accountable by posting the progress and/or results at the end of each month.

The goals are not listed in any particular order of importance. I need to work on all of them.  I know it's a lot. It's a lot less than I was planning on listing!

  1. Purge the dresser in the upstairs hallway
  2. Purge the plastic containers in the kitchen
  3. Purge the top drawer of the file cabinet
  4. File all the pending documents
  5. Call my mom
  6. Write a letter or card to my great aunt, or call her
  7. Schedule lunch with Middle Son
  8. Schedule outing with Daughter
  9. Schedule outing with Youngest Son
  10. Go on a walk every weekend with Greg
  11. Go kayaking at least once
  12. Visit at least 2 new state parks, with or without Greg
  13. Have lunch or visit with each of my two IRL friends
  14. Lose 2 lbs (weight goal: 218.6 lbs)
  15. If/when we go out to eat, drink only water and order salads and other low-calorie meals
  16. Drink at least 32 oz of water a day
  17. Exercise on my recumbent bike every week night for at least 35 minutes
  18. Input all my food intake in MyFitnessPal
  19. No screens past 11 p.m.
  20. Do the dishes every night after dinner 
  21. Mop/fake mop the kitchen once a week 
  22. Vacuum or sweep the rest of the house once a week
  23. Wash kitchen windows
  24. Use brush on fridge coils (last done on 2/28) 
  25. Read at least one book
  26. Water the garden once a week when it hasn't rained
  27. Turn the compost bin at least once
  28. Wipe old laptop of confidential/personal information
  29. Schedule dermatologist appointment for Youngest Son
  30. Have Greg start giving our son driving lessons on the Focus
  31. Back up the external drive to its own external drive
  32. Inventory the pantry
  33. Inventory the freezer
  34. Get pollinator flowers in pots for the garden (spend no more than $50)
  35. Send a quick email to my French BFF to see how she is doing

  1. Add $166.66 to our Emergency Fund
  2. Earn one $25 gift card in Swagbucks
  3. Earn one $5 gift cards in Microsoft Rewards
  4. Continue to try to spend only $50 on average, per week for groceries
  5. Continue avoiding going out to eat: pack picnics, plan meals taking into account what's going on on certain days and how I'm likely to be feeling about cooking on those days
  6. When eating out/ordering in drink water and order low-cost, healthier foods
  8. Buy fewer snacks
  9. Continue to track all expenses in my spreadsheets
  10. Report all expenses on the blog, daily
  11. Continue avoiding food waste as much as possible and reporting on Food Waste every Friday
  12. Continue to try to purchase as many items from the thrift store as possible
  13. Calculate our Net Worth on 4/1
  14. Read the latest issue of Kiplinger Magazine
  15. Continue tracking Greg's paystubs in my spreadsheets
  16. Continue tracking all of our expenses
  17. Stay on top of RaceTrac surveys
  18. Continue passing on items and coupons to my BFF
  19. Find out when Greg can work from home and schedule maintenance appointment for my SUV
  20. Discuss with Greg having him call Vanguard to roll his previous employer's 401(k) into an IRA


  1. Yes, there are a lot of goals for this month. I realize some of them are left over from March, but you have added a slew of others. I can read the determination in some of those failed goals last month, and I laugh. It is almost like you are "lecturing" your sub-conscious to obey this time around. If only we could will our motivation to do the right thing. I feel where you are coming from.

    1. You are being very kind, as usual, Susan! Most of my April goals are the same as my March goals, sadly, but also most of them will repeat from month to month because they are goals I aim to reach every month. I'm lecturing my sub-conscious a lot, yes, but it didn't seem to work very well this past month! However, I did declutter my "plastic containers" kitchen cabinets this afternoon and got rid of a bunch of stuff that was taking room in narrow cabinets and that I never used so I might actually be more productive in April than I was in March :)

  2. Yay, you already achieved one goal and the month has hardly begun! I'm sure you'll do just fine on the other goals, too. Just keep at them! Persistence is the key! We need to get you a T-shirt like your daughter's!

    1. Oh, you are SO right! I should definitely get myself a T-shirt like my daughter and if anyone challenges me (we live in a very Republican county), I can always explain that I was told that I needed to persist at my monthly goals! Great idea, thanks!


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