Monday, April 3, 2017

Day Book: Monday 4/3/17

Outside my window... it's definitely warmer and more humid these days. It's 69F/20.5C at 7:15 a.m.  I just opened the windows in the living room and the large one in the exercise room that gives the cats a clear view of one of the bird feeders.  It's already warm on the kitchen side of the house (facing east) so I'm keeping that side closed.  I think it won't be long until I have to close all the windows and turn the AC back on.  Birds are singing outside and the construction on the house on the next block is about to start. There are a lot of workers there today, I think they might be putting in the roof? Anyway, that'll likely meant quite a bit of noise today.

I am thinking... that April started on the wrong foot as far as frugality and watching my food intake are concerned and that I don't seem to have much motivation to turn the tide, so to speak...

I am thankful for... a great weekend, it was both relaxing and enjoyable

From the learning rooms... so my son signed up for his 10th grade classes last week, I hope he gets placed in the classes he requested, which is never a given. He also requested French I on FLVS this weekend so he should be starting that in mid-May. He is going to be attending the AP Human Geography Study Group 2 days a week starting this week, which will give me the opportunity to have him practice driving back from the high school since I'll be picking him up an hour after classes end and the traffic should be much lesser by then.  I'm not sure what my daughter has going on but she only has her virtual classes this week and she has a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow for that summer job.

From the kitchen... so what's new? Piles of dirty dishes and I need to craft a dinner menu for the week. I'm defrosting ground beef for tonight, we'll have burgers and corn on the cob. Beyond that, I don't know yet.

I am wearing... tan shorts, a light great T-shirt and those Nike sneakers that pinch my feet.  I think I might just donate them to a thrift store, they're really uncomfortable.

I am going... to the library, possibly, this morning, to return some materials and pick up any coupon inserts they might have, if any.  At this point I'm planning on biking there.  If I don't, I'll ask my son to return my materials tonight when he goes to volunteer.

I am reading... "Sleepy Head" by Mark Billingham.  I started it on Saturday but it didn't "grip" me so I'm not sure if I'll be doing much reading this week.

I am hoping... that I get my mojo back!  Today I'm tired and sore from yesterday's hike and feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought that it's Domestic Monday and I have many chores that I should do.

I am hearing... Greg getting ready for work upstairs, a cat crunching on its kibbles, birds singing outside.

Around the house... I just dropped off Youngest Son at school, Greg will be leaving for work shortly, my daughter is probably still asleep. The cats are lounging around, some of them are looking out the windows and trying to see birds and squirrels.

One of my favorite things... my Rykk√§ sneakers.  I'm really reminded, when I wear the very uncomfortable Nike, that the Rykk√§ feel like slippers on my feet!

A few plans for the rest of the week... chores, biking to the library, picking up my son from school and having him practice driving, a trail walk and visiting "Spring in the Garden" on Saturday with Greg and going to D&D game on Sunday with Youngest Son.  I should have plenty of time at home to do chores.

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

And I'm going to bite my pillow!
Have a good week!


  1. Love the picture! I am surprised at how quickly it got so warm, over there. It's still on the cool side, here, at least in the mornings and evenings. Daytime temps. are in the 70s and comfortable.

    1. Lucky! But it just rained a whole bunch this afternoon so I'm happy about that!


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