Sunday, April 23, 2017

World Book Day ~ Sunday 4/23/17

Note to Self: drinking fully caffeinated Diet Coke in the evenings will help you stay up until your kid comes home from Prom (or wherever) but will also help you stay up past that time, and then wake you up once an hour to go pee after that.  Don't plan on going kayaking the next morning because then you'll spend the night wondering if you should go downstairs and leave a note on Greg's chair to warn him you're sleeping in and NOT going kayaking, or if you should just stay in bed because if you do go downstairs and do all that, you'll never get back to sleep after that. Rinse and repeat.

So... I didn't go kayaking today.  Neither did Greg, after all.  Had I known that,  I wouldn't have gotten up at 8:30 a.m. to tell him to go ahead and go without me!

I opened the sliding door briefly this morning. A whiff of forest fire smoke convinced me that I shouldn't go drink my coffee on the patio. Poop.  I checked the Florida Forest Service site to see if there was a fire close to my house.  Not that close, but looking at the map, the smell of smoke wasn't all that surprising.

I ran out of my mild coffee and the only coffee I have in the pantry is one bag of decaf and several cans of pretty darn old Maxwell House and Walmart brand coffee.  I selected the small can of Maxwell House "Dark Roast". Sell-by date?  2012.  It's vacuum-sealed so I'm not sure why there's even a sell-by date.  So I guess I'll be drinking those for the next few months. Ugh. I don't like the taste. I really wanted donuts or croissants, but Greg refused to go get any and once again claimed that he has never liked donuts. So this time, I grabbed my phone, had him repeat that and taped him so next time he claims that I'm crazy and he never said that, I'll be able to replay it for him.  I didn't feel like getting dressed to go buy donuts, so for my breakfast I scrambled 2 eggs, toasted 2 slices of bread, and nuked a box of breakfast turkey links.  I only had two. My son will have the rest, probably.

Today is the first round of the presidential elections in France. I never got to vote in French presidential elections.  I hope that crazy and nasty Le Pen doesn't get elected, but I fear that she will be.  Update: well, she'll be in the run-off, as I suspected she would be.  Ugh.

In frugal news, I printed a few coupons via Swagbucks, including a pet coupon that I'll add to the envelope that I'm donating to the South Lake Animal League thrift store, uploaded digital store coupons to my CVS app, uploaded digital manufacturer coupons to my Publix digital wallet.

I also worked on my Rewards programs: I ran automatic videos on Swagbucks to meet my 1st goal of 30 SB for the day and it was met by 9:30 a.m.

And I earned the maximum daily credits on Microsoft Rewards.

Also, Zinio emailed me that new issues of 2 magazines that I occasionally read were available to read for free online via my library system. I don't need any new recipes and I'll be getting my in-print copy of Kiplinger's soon (free subscription) so I'll wait for that.  Which reminds me that I had yet to read the last issue that I've gotten!

Today is World Book Day!  In honor of this occasion, I downloaded two e-thrillers to my Kindle Fire, borrowed from my library. I think I probably have already read them, but I didn't account for them on my Book Catalog so I shall re-read them and do so.  I guess that's my plan for today: Rest.Eat.And.Dive into a good book :)

Greg looked restless and put on his socks. I thought he had decided to go kayaking after all but he announced that he was going to wash his truck. That brought cries of protest from yours truly because 1) we're in a severe drought 2) driving the truck into the backyard like this constantly is really tearing up the yard and 3) the spraying handle on the hose is broken anyway. So he said he'd take the truck to car wash, thinking that I would protest because it means he has to drive into Clermont and then pay to get the truck washed. Only, using the carwash is a far more efficient use of water if you have to get the truck washed. Which he doesn't. Grrr.  So I hope he does go to the carwash and waste the damn $6 so he can have a shiny truck sit in the airport parking for a week.  Double grrr.  I suggested he took our son so they can get haircuts on the way home too.  I'm guessing he won't stop to get me donuts, though.

He installed the outdoor carpet on the kayak rack that he had built so now the kayaks won't get too scratched when we slide them in and out.

Then he and our son went to get the truck washed, to Lowe's to get some supplies for the front porch project, and to get their hair cut. They're no longer shaggy, yay!  They paid with the prepaid Great Clips gift cards so it only cost us the $4 in tips out of pocket today (and we only spent $9.99 on each haircut with the card, instead of $14 each).

Meanwhile, I started reading one of my library e-books while listening to Smooth Jazz on Pandora and I fell asleep on the couch!  When I woke up, I ended up flipping through the end of my book as it wasn't very good. The other one, "Mind Prey", I had already read a couple of times. It's very intense and I didn't feel like reading it again, actually, so I returned both books and borrowed 2 more.

I gave Greg his passport since he's traveling to Canada this week. I hope all goes well.

It's close to cooking dinner time. I had a very late lunch (3 p.m.) so I'm not hungry at all!  I never feel like cooking when I'm not hungry.  I guess I ought to feed my family, though.  Never mind, Greg is taking the lead!  I'm not sure if this means he'll go pick up food somewhere (probably!) or not.

I watched an episode of Forensic Files on Netflix. When I opened Netflix today, that "Great British Baking Show: Masterclass" show appeared in my line-up.  I had to do a manual search for "The Secret Life of Pets" and actually type the whole title for it to appear as a choice, which is odd.  Also my version of Netflix still has the stars rating, which I prefer.

Oof, I feel very tired and I can't stop yawning and it's not even 6:30 p.m.!  It might be an early night for me tonight.


  1. Happy World Book Day to you, too! Sorry you couldn't fall asleep and then, you couldn't sleep in, either! That must have been rather frustrating! Hope you are able to get a good night's sleep tonight, though. Wow, that's a lot of fires in your state! I hope you get some rain soon to help put them out! Hope you have a good day, tomorrow.

    1. My weather app thinks we have 75% chance of rain today but quite honestly, I don't see that happening :( It smelled like smoke outside last night but not this morning.

  2. I'm with you on the diet coke- I cut all caffeine off at 4 PM! Of course I'd probably be able to stay up past 9 if I drank a can. So did your daughter 'enjoy' prom? I used to set an alarm so I could wake up and make sure the kids were in! I always went on to bed, even when my husband was alive. I've never been a night owl or fallen asleep on the sofa or in a chair. Ever since I was a kid, if I get tired, I go to bed. I actually read something about the French election and the run off. When you left France, did you intend to return or maybe you didn't think about that at the time? I have a German aunt who married my uncle when he was a soldier there in the 50s. Sadly, my cousins never learned German- I think you said your kids aren't bilingual either. Aunt Edith and my uncle are still alive- both in their mid 80s living in Indiana. So what did you end up eating yesterday? I am thawing some corned beef/cabbage soup for lunch and dinner. My freezers are almost empty which was my goal YAY! No cooking today.

    1. I forgot to ask her if the room looked nice, what snacks they had, etc. They only spent about 90 minutes there but that ended up being more time than I thought they would last! She had a good time going out with her friend (they drove to Cheesecake Factory afterwards for dinner and she did say they had an awesome time there) but I don't think Prom will be a lasting memory for her.

      When I left France, I didn't have any specific plans but I don't think I thought I would live the rest of my life in the USA. I did hang on to my French citizenship for 12 years after marrying my first husband. Before we had kids, we actually were going to move back to France to work at Euro Disneyland when they opened the park, but then we compared how much they paid with the cost of living over there as opposed to Florida and decided to stay here, have babies and build a house. Then we were talking about possibly moving there when the kids were little but that never happened either. Now I can't imagine living here full-time again. Florida is my cherished home :) I do miss France but it's based on nostalgia.
      The kids ended up asking Greg to pick up dinner from McDonald's. I really wasn't hungry so I didn't get anything and later on I had a banana and some bread. Corned beef sounds delicious! I have 2 packages of it in the freezer, I need to find my recipe that I had cooked last year because it was so good. Great job on emptying your freezers, Nan! Are you going to fill them up again now?

  3. When I read the day before that you were having a Diet Coke to help you stay awake while waiting on your daughter I thought, "She'll never get to sleep." I guess there was some truth to that. I'm hoping you get a good rain soon to help with all of the fires. Not being able to go outside is the pits.

    1. You were right! My goal was to be able to stay up until she got home, but once she was home, I had a really hard time falling asleep.

      Thanks for the wish of rain for us. We need it really badly. Our poor fire crews are overwhelmed. It smelled like smoke outside again last night, but not this morning. However we do have a chance of rain today (although I doubt that we will see any) so the humidity level has increased. I don't think I'll sit outside at all today and I'll probably put the laundry in the dryer.

  4. Don't leave us hanging....did Greg pick up dinner or not? Did you have to cook, or did you let your family starve? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Those pesky kids... we decided to let them starve. The end.

      No, no, no. He asked them what they wanted for dinner and they said "McDonald's" so he was a good egg and went to get food from there. Then he got home and said "it's the 2nd Sunday in a row that I go get McDonald's for dinner. So I think that definitely qualifies us as a redneck family." If he thinks that was going to make me mad and decide to always cook on Sunday nights from now on, he was completely wrong :)

      I didn't finish my post because I fell asleep while he was at McDonald's! I woke up just long enough to start a new episode of Forensic Files and fell asleep again! I did that something like 3 times. Finally, I just went to bed at 10 ish. I was too tired to finish the post and truthfully I didn't think anybody would care about what we ate that night, hahaha.

      I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing week ahead of you, Susan.

  5. Well, now I feel a little better about not getting my car washed in many, many's because of the drought. Yeah, that's why, I'll stick to that. ;-)

    1. LOL. Me, I say it's for the protective layer of dust.


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