Monday, May 15, 2017

Day Book: Monday 5/15/17

Outside my window... it's 7:21 a.m. and cloudy and grey although we have sunny weather predicted and a high of 86F/30C.  It's 69F/20.5C right now. My street is tiny and very quiet.

I am thinking... that summer vacation is approaching fast (next week!) and that I need to work out a routine for myself or I'll be miserable. My life these days is lived by the rhythm of having to take my son to school in the morning, and awaiting his and Greg's return.  I offered to drive Greg to work over the summer but he declined, lol.  I'm seriously thinking that I'll have to get a job once my son goes off to college, just so that I'm not feeling the uselessness that I feel over the summer.

I am thankful for... Greg having come home safely from Romania and Middle Son's visit last night.

From the learning rooms... Daughter had her graduation on Friday night, Youngest Son doesn't have any exams this week that we're aware of (finals next week), he's finishing his driver's ed classes this week and he hasn't been assigned to an online French class on Florida Virtual School yet.  Middle Son has started his Summer term general education classes that he needs to obtain his degree. They're online but one of them is a hybrid class that requires him to be IN class on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  so he needs to try to get Mondays off over the summer, which might be hard as Disney expects him to have full availability. I hope it works out for him!

From the kitchen... I need to make a menu for the week and do the dishes.  I'll probably bake something too.

I am wearing... a pink V-neck T-shirt from Target, a pair of tan cargo shorts from Goodwill, low socks and my walking shoes.

I am going... nowhere today, I don't think. Oh, I have to pick Youngest Son up from Driver's Ed class tonight so we'll stop by RaceTrac to get Sodapalooza refills.

I am reading... I started 3 different ebooks on Saturday and hated every single one of them. In desperation to have something light and entertaining to read, I borrowed a series of 3 Nora Roberts ebooks (old ones) from my library.  Only, I had forgotten how clich├ęs and cookie-cutter all of her books are so it's been aggravating me more than anything else. Maybe I'll try one of her newest ones again.  Sigh. I used to loooove her, read over 100 of her books one year.  Sometimes I feel I'm too critical as I'm running out of authors to enjoy.  I have "The Millionaire Next Door" and a couple of issues of Kiplinger's magazine to go through, but it's harder for me to get in the mood when it's non-fiction.

I am hoping... that it rains some more this week. It poured for 4 hours on Saturday afternoon and that was awesome!

I am hearing... distant traffic through the closed windows, otherwise, just the click clack of my keyboard.

Around the house... Daughter is still asleep, Greg just left for work, I dropped off Youngest Son at school earlier. The cats must all be sleeping somewhere because I'm not hearing a peep and none are in the living room (I scolded the kittens for eating the big cats' food earlier so they're staying clear of me).

One of my favorite things... my credit cards :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... let's see, I think it's a humdrum week ahead: i need to make sure my daughter doesn't forget she has a doctor's appointment today. I really need to schedule my SUV's check-up. I'll be picking up Youngest Son from school a few more days this week as he's finishing driver's ed.  Grocery shopping and errands, as usual. Maybe watching my daughter's graduation if they end up streaming it.  Then on Sunday I told my BFF that I would drive her and her kids to the airport.

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

I had another one of these Tropical Lemonades from Lily's on the Lake yesterday afternoon.
So good!  Greg had one too.

Have a good week!


  1. I enjoy reading your Day Book posts. You are not useless and you know it, but making a routine for summer might be a good idea. Some early morning walks after Greg leaves for work, before it gets too hot, perhaps? Maybe do some fun activities with your son and daughter on a couple of days? Then there's grocery shopping on Wednesday and a day or two to relax. Personally, if I didn't have to get up early to go anywhere, I'd sleep in, relax in my PJs all day, read and play on the computer! Hope you have a lovely week, Nathalie, even if it is humdrum. Take care.

    1. You know, save for the sleeping in and staying in my PJs part, you described my daily life, ha. I definitely need a routine, and that would be a perfect time for me to get back to using my recumbent bike on a regular basis. I do want to schedule visiting state parks and I'll probably drag the kids there too. Youngest Son has a lot of volunteering to do with our library's summer program (several times a week in the afternoons) and he and Daughter will probably be sleeping in until noon every day so it'll be up to me to figure out something to do in the mornings. Maybe I'll pick up my genealogy research again, that's always fun and very absorbing!

      Thanks for the pep talk, Bless! Have a great week too.

  2. Not too much going on here- I pick up GS today instead of Thursday since I'm going to Daytona Thursday. I mowed the yard- my grass looks bad...not enough rain and bare spots still from Hurricane Matthew. I had a big tree come down across my front lawn. I started working when youngest was 16 to prepare myself for her leaving for college. It was a great decision on my part because I love my job and am still sort of like a mom to many of my clients and I get paid! I went to Aldi's yesterday and only spent $6. Guess I really did not need much. Menu this week will be chicken soup until I finish that and then tuna salad since somehow I've accumulated 7 or 8 cans of tuna! I love to read too- mostly contemporary novels with quirky characters. I don't care for romances or mysteries. I love Anne Tyler, Ann Padgett, Chris Bohjalian, Wally Lamb, Elizabeth Strout, Kent Haruf (he recently died)and I even like Jody Picoult. I recently started reading Larry McMurty and am reading Lonesome Dove.

    1. Ohh, thanks for mentioning tuna salad. I picked up several packages of pita bread on sale at Aldi last week and I do have tuna. Lunches have been boring since I haven't been cooking much so I don't have leftovers.

      I used to love romance novels but i've fallen out of like with them, which is annoying since there's always an endless supply of them!

      Have you ever read any books by Stewart O'Nan? He's one of my very favorite authors. Not a mystery or romance writer at all, I guess contemporary novelist would describe him pretty well. I need to check my library catalog to see if they acquired others books by him than those I've already read, actually. I'll have to check out the authors you mentioned. A lot of people mention liking Jody Picoult but I've never read her.

      Have a great week with your clients!

  3. Glad to hear that you had some rain. We've had a lot of rain, but we don't need it.

    1. And I will gladly take any rain that you don't need! The world makes no sense these days, in more than one way :) I hope you get sunny days so you can spend time in your new backyard.

  4. I love retirement. I loved my job, but work was always getting in the way of my life. I felt there weren't enough hours in the day, and still feel that way. You work hard Nathalie, but you need to keep things fresh. I think genealogy would be perfect. It is something you are passionate about and when you start, you lose sense of time. It would create a sense of balance in your life. There are always going to be things that need doing, or things you feel you should be doing. You don't need MORE routine. You need a creative outlet. Ahem! You are a great writer. Maybe you can explore that further?

    1. You're so sweet. I have to disagree with you, though. You and I are different in that routine is something that I need really badly. I need order and rules. I dislike chaos and randomness very much, it stresses me. Even though I chafe at HAVING to do things, I'm mentally much better off when I DO have certain things to do. So having to drive my son to school in the mornings, pick him up at night, having Greg coming home at a certain time, knowing that we'll go walking on the weekends, all of those things calm me down. Now, I enjoy having my own time to do as I please for several hours during the day, but whole days of not HAVING to do anything that I don't have the choice to ignore? It's hell for me! I probably should start volunteering somewhere, like the library. I just don't want to be around people, most of the time.

      As for needing a creative outlet, I also have to disagree. I know it's hard to understand when you yourself are a creative person who thrives on making things and expressing yourself via your art. But I'm don't thrive on that at all. As a matter of fact, I really dislike having to be creative! I find it very stressful (that word again!) when the expectation is for me to "create" something. I don't like wrapping gifts, decorating, having to think of a photograph's composition. I don't like crafts (I never did finish making that squirrel sign). I wish I did, and I guess I feel inadequate that I don't, and this is why I'm so eager to always buy the supplies for projects and making plans to make something myself. But if I'm honest, I dislike all that stuff. To answer your question from another post, no I never did make a memory book for my daughter. I had completely forgotten about it! I never even wrote monthly updates in the journal that I had started writing for her when she was born. Bad mom!

      Sorry to be such a downer. I appreciate your compliments and your encouragement, I truly do. And I'm happy that you are enjoying retirement so much. I still need to find that little "something" that allows me to be fulfilled. It'd be much easier if I liked people and enjoyed being around them!

  5. Now I want one of those tropical lemonades...wonder if there is a recipe somewhere online.

    I wish we got some of that rain! It always seems to stop when it gets to husband reports that it rained at work for a long time, and we got nothing.

    1. I'm very often like you... we look at the weather report on TV and there are bands of storms everywhere around us BUT none over our little town! It's frustrating when you hear of everyone else getting the rain we need so badly but it's still dry like the Sahara at your house, isn't it? We got some rain last night, but not a lot. I hope you got some too!

      I've been saying "cucumber-infused" vodka because the taste of cucumber is fairly strong, but maybe they just let the cucumbers sit in the lemonade for several hours? I found a recipe on AllRecipes that is non-alcoholic, but one of the commenters states that she adds lemon vodka to it and another states that they let the cucumbers marinade in the lemonade for several hours... I ought to go buy a bottle of lemon vodka :) I'd skip the basil, you can't taste it at all.


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