Monday, May 22, 2017

Day Book: Monday 5/22/17

Outside my window... it's muggy. It rained a little last night and it was drizzling this morning so the roads are slick and wet dead leaves are on the ground. My windows are all fogged up. It wasn't enough rain, but we'll take it. Our highs this week will be mostly in the high 80's, getting hotter next week :(

I am thinking... that I need to "ferberize" Explorer so I can finally have a good night's sleep without a cat bugging me. I'm tired.

I am thankful for... a quiet weekend at home.

From the learning rooms... Daughter graduated on Friday night, she's officially not a high schooler anymore.  Youngest Son started the last 3 days of 9th grade this morning.  They only have finals so I have to pick him up every morning at 11 a.m.  Additionally, he's already taken all his finals, apparently, so he'll mostly be working on his AP World History Summer Project.  The initial call with the French teacher for FLVS didn't go well at all last week as she insisted on having my cell phone number for monthly calls and I refused to give it to her. In the past all the other teachers have been able to email me instead of calling me but she insisted that phone calls were mandated and her principal was "strict" and she went by her principal's rules. So I told her to get with her principal and get back with me.  So Youngest Son hasn't started the class yet as she hasn't officially "enrolled" him. Listen, I might sound like a bitch but I don't need to be called every month to be told my kid is "progressing well" and asked if I have any questions. I don't. I don't interact with his real-life teachers either because he's self-sufficient and an excellent student. The only time I talk to them is at Open House and then if he's sick as I send them emails to inform them.  I hate being on the phone, I don't want people to have my cell phone number.  Surely there are parents who can't be reached during business hours or are deaf and accommodations are made.  And again, all the previous FLVS teachers just sent me a quick email, to which I replied "thank you" every month and that's been enough.  I'm sick of the bureaucratic bullshit.  So we'll see if we hear back from her soon and what she has to say.

From the kitchen... I just did the dishes for the whole weekend. It wasn't a lot because I didn't cook at all.  I didn't make a menu for the week so I'm just going to wing it.  Tonight will be Shrimp Linguine Alfredo and salad.

I am wearing... black yoga capris, a black T-shirt and my walking shoes.

I am creating... still have to finish creating pages in PowerPoint from my old blog for 2014, and then embellish all the pages I created on Thursday and Friday with clipart and print the ones relating to my daughter. Then I need to figure out how to "bind" them.  Maybe I'll just leave them loose, gathered by years with binder clips, and find a decorative box at Michael's to store them for her.

I am going... to pick up my son from school. They're letting the kids who have a permission slip out at 11 a.m. and the line is going to be enormous so I won't leave my house until 11:15 a.m., which should allow me to skip most of it, hopefully.  I'll take my son to Donut King to get a snack as a special treat and then we'll stop by RaceTrac for Sodapalooza refills. I'll do a variation of that tomorrow and another on Wednesday.

I am reading... my old blog as I'm recreating the PowerPoint pages.  I should be reading those travel books in preparation for my and my Daughter's trip that will start in less than 2 weeks. Yikes.

I am hoping... that we get some more rain. That my funk goes away soon.

I am hearing... the bull frog that lives in the unoccupied house's empty pool behind my house. My windows are closed and the AC isn't running for a minute so I can hear the frog. That thing is so loud.

Around the house... the kittens just all settled for their morning nap.  I needed to vacuum so I'll wait until they're playing this afternoon.  My daughter should be coming back from her dad's today.  Greg is at work and Youngest Son is at school.

One of my favorite things... my mattress. It really is very comfortable.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Picking up Youngest Son early from school through Wednesday, trying to fit grocery shopping in there at some point, taking my SUV in for its maintenance appointment. Greg and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage this week but we don't have any plans save going to a restaurant, probably Carraba's.  I wish we had recognized, back when we got married, that having an anniversary around Memorial Day is a huge PITA since everything is always crowded that weekend.

Here's the picture I'm sharing... My baby brother is having a concert on June 10th in Paris.  He's an excellent, self-taught, acoustic guitar player and he sings the blues with a big ol' French accent, lol. I'd usually ask him to stream it so I can watch and listen to him, but I'll have to miss this one due to being on the road with my daughter, probably :(

Have a good week!


  1. Congratulations on you daughter's graduation. Hasn't she finished two years of college also?

    1. Thank you! Yes, she earned her A.A. at the same time and was recognized at graduation (along with another senior who accomplished the same). It was the first time in 6 years that someone from our high school accomplished this.

  2. How cool of your brother to have his own concert!

    1. He tries to book a few every year, usually in small cafés in Paris so I think here we'd call them "gigs" but in French it's "concert" :)

  3. Cool about your brother. Are you musical yourself? My late husband had a beautiful bass voice and self taught himself the guitar also. Grandsons both sing and play instruments and older one was honored this year with outstanding male singer! They go to a school for fine arts with an AICE program so can get music and academics. I was just telling younger one, I would have chosen drama since I can't draw, sing, or dance! I can't act either but I did a little bit in junior high haha.

    1. My older boys (and probably also my daughter) would have loved going to a school for Fine Arts. They both did band in middle son and high school. My daughter loves singing but disliked choir/chorus. She loves painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.
      I'm not musical at all... or have any kind of creative/artistic talent. I just enjoy listening to music, visiting museums... Both my brothers taught themselves the guitar and really enjoy playing. My brother from Marseille's GF is a professional violonist with the Opera de Marseille. We actually have musicians on both sides of our family, but mostly on my dad's side. Several of my cousins are very musical, including one cousin who is a concert harpist, married to a concert oboe player. Oldest Son majored in Jazz Studies in college and I think that he gives music lessons and gets the occasional gig. It's a tough career path to choose, IMO.

  4. Congratulations on 16 years of marriage. It will be fun to go out to dinner and reminisce. On that same note, it must be wonderful revisiting your old blog and recalling special times as you prepare this gift for your daughter. You will be creating new memories in just two weeks time. Wow! Hopefully, this trip will lift that veil of "funk" and get you feeling a lot better. I am sending you heartfelt wishes for a great time.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes and your congratulations!


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