Monday, May 8, 2017

Day Book: Monday 5/8/17

No, I'm not back to blogging regularly. But I like writing Day Book posts on Mondays as it helps me plan my week!

Outside my window... It's sunny but bone dry!  It's supposed to be 89F/31.6C today, ugh. I watered my flowers earlier today and the birdies were singing. I spotted cardinals, a hummingbird, lots of wasps and bees, a few butterflies and lizards, and a solitary sandhill crane flying overhead.

I am thinking... that I need to get out of my diet/exercise funk and do something about my ballooning weight, darn it!

I am thankful for... Greg getting to Romania safely this morning! I was worried about him all night, especially since he only had 1 hour in Vienna to go through Customs and change terminals. But he made it and is now ensconced in his 5-star hotel.  I'm a little grumpy about that, though. Lucky bugger.

From the learning rooms... My daughter has been done with her exams and classes for a week already.  Youngest Son will be taking the AP exam for Human Geography on Friday. I'm nervous for him, I hope he does well!  He'll be attending the "banquet" for his FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) club on Wednesday. They're just meeting at Golden Corral, which happens to be his favorite restaurant.

From the kitchen... my daughter is baking cookies as I type this. I haven't made a menu for the week but I know what I'm cooking for dinner tonight and tomorrow... and probably Wednesday and Thursday too!

I am wearing... black yoga pants, a dark grey V-neck T-shirt, my walking shoes.

I am going... to watch more episodes of Game of Thrones with my daughter this afternoon.  We're binge-watching it so many hours are spent on the couch.

I am reading... the trivia on the GoT episodes on :)

I am hoping... that Greg's return trip goes well later on this week, that Youngest Son scores well enough on the AP exam to earn the college credit, that it rains soon!

I am hearing... "Forensic Files" on the TV. I'm not paying much attention to it since I'm typing this post so I'll have  to start from the beginning.

Around the house... It's not all GoT-watching, I did do chores this morning! I washed all 4 litter boxes, did the laundry and hung half of it outside to dry, watered all the plants, and more.  My daughter is baking cookies right now. The cats are amusing themselves.

One of my favorite things... my 2017 Sodapalooza cup from RaceTrac:)

A few plans for the rest of the week... I'd like to go pick blueberries with my daughter, possibly tomorrow.  I'll do my grocery shopping while my son is at his banquet so I can pick him up without having to drive back to Clermont again.  I'll need to be picking Greg up from the airport upon his return.  In between all of that: chores and watching more episodes of Game of Thrones and Forensic Files!

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

I was very relieved that my prediction that the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, would get elected President of the French Republic turned out to be wrong. I love to be wrong in those cases!

Have a good week!


  1. Sounds like a good start to the week. I hope it continues that way.

    1. Thank you, and i wish you a good week too!

  2. I am assuming that Greg is in Romania for his work. I hope he gets to see some of the country or the city he is in, instead of sitting in windowless boardrooms all day.
    Picking blueberries? I love that. I can't wait to see how you are going to use them. I hope you have a very entertaining week.

    1. Yes, he is there for work. He has a couple of teammates who are based there. He's in Bucharest, staying there the whole time. He's in meetings all day but they go out to eat in the evenings. The trip to get there was very long, almost 24 hours. He couldn't sleep yesterday after he got there (he said he only slept 30 minutes during the trip!) but today he was "a zombie" according to him. He's coming back on Friday, with another long trip, poor guy. This is why I insisted on dropping him off and picking him up from the airport, I didn't want him driving after all that! I'm guessing we won't be walking together this weekend.

      My daughter didn't get up this morning so we didn't go pick blueberries. We might go tomorrow morning, if she wakes up! I was just planning on eating them plain or in my cereal :) Making muffins sounds like too much work...

  3. Wanted to check I. And say hello. I got my first hummingbird feeder today, will post pics once I get it set up. I also got a squirrel proof feeder.

    1. Hi Sandie! Woohoo! I hope you get to see lots of hummingbirds! Squirrel-proof feeder? I'm jealous. I haven't seen many squirrels recently, though, and none in my feeders at all. I think maybe the drought has made them move closer to the lake? I'm not sure. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, Greg is traveling a lot these days! Does he get frequent flier miles, or do they go to his company's account?

    1. We had an argument about that last year when I realized that he had NEVER signed up for a frequent flyer program with any of the airlines he's been flying for years. He claimed that the miles should go to his company anyway (not anything that he's been told, he just didn't want to bother with the frequent flyer miles as he only flies when he's forced to!) and I told him that most companies let their employees keep the miles. As far as I know, he still hasn't signed up for any programs and it's pissing me off like you wouldn't believe...


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