Friday, June 30, 2017

Last Day of June! Friday 6/30/17

So I ended up going to bed really late last night, 1:30 a.m. I think, but I slept pretty well. I had turned off my 6:30 a.m. alarm to let Greg fend for himself, but Explorer woke me up at 6:28 a.m.  Then he and I cuddled and fell back asleep, until Princess showed up and tried to (and succeeded in) wedge herself between him and me, and then THEY cuddled and then they started bickering and then I calmed them down and then I had an armful of cats, while just laying there. It was pretty much heaven, especially since I didn't have to pee for once. But, I still decided to get up at about 8:15ish because things needed to be done.

  • Plan my food intake for the day   DONE
  • Exercise DONE
  • Record today's food intake into MFP WILL DO AFTER DINNER
  • Do the dishes 
  • Reinstall Windows 10 on daughter's laptop with Microsoft Answer Desk's help HOPEFULLY TONIGHT
  • Review Walgreens and CVS ad previews DONE
  • Work on new shopping list DONE
  • Finish reading my library book that is due Monday
  • Take Wawa survey DONE
  • Explore Vanguard's Personal Advisor Services webpage and get started on process WILL DO THIS WEEKEND WITH GREG
  • Post trip pictures on French blog
  • Write and mail postcards to my mom and great aunt DONE
  • Back up all pictures to my external drive IN PROGRESS
  • Figure out where I was in the process of backing up my external drive!
  • Pull weeds  IN PROGRESS
  • Make hummingbird nectar
  • Find two books to donate to The Little Library when I go to the eye doctor
  • Balance the checkbook DONE
  • Cut up Greg's old sheet for rags
  • Iron Greg's business clothes for his trip next week
  • Sweep and mop kitchen
  • Clean upstairs litterbox DONE
  • Mend some items from the mending basket
  • Draft an email reply re: daughter's FL Prepaid/Scholarship ongoing saga DONE AND SENT
  • Take Youngest Son driving
  • Vacuum fridge's coils
  • Go through mortgage pay-off statement and make timeline
  • Cut my bangs DONE
  • Finish trimming the backyard (by AC unit and shed, around trees) DONE

  • I hadn't set aside any leftovers for Greg to take to work today since I was busy with the laptop problems and then I forgot about it. I didn't get up with him but it looks like he might have made himself a sandwich.  Woohoo!

  • When I turned on MY laptop this morning, after powering it off completely last night, it started with a very loud kind of grinding noise, as if the hard drive was spinning very fast and very noisily. It's never happened before and I just got the laptop this past December!  The noise stopped after I logged in to Windows and the desktop appeared. I powered it down again and then turned it back on and this time it started normally. Phew but I'm worried.  Arrgh, technology stresses me a lot these days. My stress level had gone down after talking to the Microsoft Answer Desk rep last night and knowing they were trying to help us and then it shot right back up again this morning.

  • What is NOT helping my stress?  The fact that the owner of next door's house (he/she is renting it to the couple who lives there right now) is over at the house and has his pick-up truck parked very close to our house (still on his property) and is blaring country music from the radio. It's been going on for quite a while. Our house is on a crawl space and the booming music just can't be ignored because of the amplification. I turned on Pandora on the Vivaldi channel and upped the volume quite a bit but I can still hear the thumping and it's starting to really get on my nerves.  I don't want to get into yet another fight with the people owning the house (I've called the cops on them several times in the past when they lived there) but this is not right.  No one but you want to listen to your crappy music, whether it be country, rap, classical, pop, jazz... be respectful of your neighbors!

  • By the time I got dressed, fed the cats, checked my emails, replied to blog comments and brewed my coffee, it was close to 9 so I hopped on the recumbent bike and got 55 minutes of exercise (10.3 miles).

  • I used another free k-cup collected from one of our Holiday Inn Express (or was it Country Inns and Suites?! I can't remember) hotel room during our trip to brew a small pot of coffee.

  • While I was on the bike I...
    • Started planning my food intake for the day (I'll be making Beefy Tortilla Pie for dinner, a recipe from "501 Delicious Diabetic Recipes".)
    • Caught up on the news and blogs
    • Earned the Microsoft Rewards mobile credits
    • Updated several of my apps
    • Reviewed an app

  • Once I was done biking, I made my usual breakfast.  This time, I just threw away the egg yolks.  I also brewed a pot of decaf.

  • There were no nCraves available this morning and my 1st daily goal is 105 SB.  I really doubt I'll reach that today, much less the 2nd goal of 200 SB, seeing that I'll need to spend the evening reinstalling Windows on my daughter's laptop.

  • Daughter has nothing to do without a laptop today so she volunteered to take her brother to Michael's. I accepted. I love spending time with Youngest Son, but I have stuff to do here. PLUS...

  • I just remembered that it's Friday and there's a Law & Order Marathon on ION TV :)

  • I earned the PC Search Microsoft Rewards credits.

  • I wanted to get started with establishing a relationship with Vanguard Personal Advisor Services online but I'd feel better if Greg was here since our account is under his name anyway so I texted him to ask that he spends time with me this weekend on this. He hates financial stuff so I told him he could just read his Kindle next to me and I'd keep him updated on what they were asking me. He agreed.

  • Daughter and Youngest Son left to go to Michael's. She also wants to research food prices at Aldi and Target.  I told them to get lunch and charge it to my Discover card.  I also printed a 40% off coupon for Michael's and gave it to Youngest Son.

  • As for me, I finally remembered to cut my own bangs when I passed the bathroom. 

  • Then I headed to the backyard to finish trimming it. It's so hot outside, I'm exhausted after just about 45 minutes! I was thinking about trimming the front yard this weekend, but we don't have an outlet in the front of the house and I don't think our extension cords would be long enough, and I can't leave the front door open when plugging it indoors because then the cats would escape.  Oh well.

  • Ah shoot!  I took the Wawa survey with my Wednesday receipt and forgot NOT to print the coupon since I was going to forward it to my BFF, who still hasn't replied to my text, though.

  • Ncrave videos showed up in my line-up so I started playing the automatic ones. I'm in a better position to reach my first goal now!

  • I finished planning my food intake for today so I would know what I could have for lunch (same as usual, plus 4 Reduced Fat Thin Wheat crackers today!) and went to prepare it.

  • So the kids ended up eating at Panera's... arrgh, I wish they had told me before they left as I have gift cards for Panera's!  They charged about $17 to my Discover card. I'll only earn 1% back in Rewards (or maybe not even that much because I haven't used my Discover much this year).

  • I balanced our checkbook. I like seeing our forecast in the following month so I can judge whether we'll need to transfer money from savings to make sure the bills clear without running into problems or not. I have a lot of "hidden cushions" hidden in there, but we've cash flowed all the expensive car repairs and tune-ups and the 2-week trip so far, so at some point I'll have to transfer some.

  • The kids came back and Youngest Son reported saving $10 with the 40% off coupon I had given him. Woohoo!

  • I reused a bread bag to clean the upstairs litter box.

  • Then I vacuumed the living room, hallway and exercise room.  Afterwards, I asked for Youngest Son's help in putting a futon cover back on one of the two futons that we have in the living room. I had washed it over a month ago but never put it back on.

  • I did make my first Swagbucks goal after all, woohoo!

  • My daughter received the mailing that she was expecting regarding the 2+2 Scholarship that I had won for her. Unfortunately, what she got doesn't answer any of the questions that we have.  Worse, it shows that instead of being the account owner of the Florida Prepaid plan in which the scholarship was deposited, someone at the Educational Foundation is the account owner and she's merely the beneficiary. This is going to cause significant paperwork to have to be hunted and coordinated between several people every semester for my daughter to receive money back from either that or Bright Futures. Based on our experience so far with the foundation, that is not encouraging. So I wrote a long email to the stakeholders in the situation, copying my daughter, outlining the background of everything, the concerns that we have, the questions that we'd like answered ASAP and strongly suggesting that the best outcome for everyone would be that they transfer ownership of the prepaid fund to my daughter, period. Of course, everyone is out for the long holiday weekend, so it'll be Wednesday at the earliest, if I'm being optimistic, before we have any answers.  I expect she'll go to college and we still won't have straight answers. It's so frustrating.

  • I cooked dinner early because I thought it would take me much longer than it did.  Thankfully, Greg left work a little early too, although I'll still have to reheat the Beefy Tortilla Pie that I cooked.  I shouldn't have assumed that I had all the ingredients, though. I had to substitute cannellini beans instead of the light red kidney beans that I was supposed to use, and white wine vinegar for the red wine vinegar I was supposed to use.  I hope it's still good!  I'll make a side salad to go with it.

  • While I was cooking, a sudden very strong gust of wind picked up and we heard a loud noise upstairs. I sent daughter to check her room and I went outside and saw 2 medium size branches on the ground, one that hit our roof and then our yard waste bins. I didn't want to stand under a tree with falling branches in a windstorm so I did go outside the porch to inspect the roof, but I expect it'll be OK...

  • I'm publishing this early since I expect to be on the phone with Microsoft in a couple of hours and then dealing with reinstalling Windows 10 on my daughter's laptop. Wish us luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Do you have any plans? I think Greg and I are going out to breakfast tomorrow and then picking up the new-to-us couch from the thrift store.  


  1. I loved reading about your early morning kitty cuddles!

    I hope you and your daughter will get the answers you need regarding her scholarship and there won't be any difficulties with her obtaining her funds.

    That's scary to have a branch falling like that! Hope the roof is OK. I worry about my eucalyptus tree when it is windy, because I've heard that their branches tend to break off and fall! So far, so good, though! But I should probably get it trimmed before this winter.

    No plans as such for the weekend. I want to do a few things around the house and garden and some crafting, but anybody's guess what I will actually get done!

    Have a lovely day, tomorrow. Enjoy your breakfast out.

    1. We were lucky not to lose power. My daughter's BFF lives just a couple of blocks away and they lost power for 3 hours! Then last night the power company texted me to say "We know there's an outage in your neighborhood, the trucks are on their way. Text 1 if you still have power". We did, but I messed up and texted "2"! Greg said "You had ONE job..." LOL. This morning I noticed the tree trimmers from the power company and they were trimming a bunch of trees around the neighborhood. So I'm guessing branches had fallen on some power lines.

      Have a great rest of your weekend. I don't plan on doing much tomorrow. The dishes need to be done (again?!) and I want to do some financial stuff with Greg in the afternoon.

  2. Computer issues are, indeed, frustrating.

    Why don't you want to eat the egg yolks? I know they got a bad rap for a long time because of the high cholesterol, but now they say otherwise.

    1. I don't want to eat the yolks purely because 2 egg whites = 1 meat exchange whereas 1 egg = 1 meat exchange and also it's fewer calories to eat 2 egg whites and a whole egg :)


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