Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer 2017 Road Trip ~ Day 10: Six Flags Over Georgia and Driving Back to Florida (Sunday 6/11/17)


Forget what I said about the bed being comfy. The mattress was bouncy like a waterbed! My daughter moved around a lot so that kept on waking me up, the room wasn't dark enough, the kids running in the room upstairs sounded like a pack of elephants until late.  Finally I put my sleep headphones and my Kindle on and listened to 2 episodes of Forensic Files before pulling the headband over my eyes and I fell asleep like that, but I woke up a lot.

Consequently, I'm tired again and cranky.  My daughter didn't sleep well either. We agreed that we were going to try our best to get home tonight as I really don't want to spend another $150 for a bad night at a hotel. We really were spoiled as we hadn't had any problems until a couple of nights ago (save for that hotel with the renovations).

We had a quick breakfast and are now waiting for 9:45 a.m. to go to Six Flags Over Georgia. For some reason, the park doesn't open until 10:30 a.m.

I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast... I guess photographer fatigue is starting!  I spent some time uploading coupons to my digital accounts since we had nothing to do until it was time to leave.

Greg is fishing at Lake Louisa State Park right now and just texted me a picture of a fish he caught. He's going to release it since he didn't bring a cooler.

We drove to Six Flags Over Georgia, which was only about 15 minutes away.  Once again, the traffic was heavy going the opposite way.

I paid the $25 for the parking and presented my tickets on the Six Flags app right after the Security Checkpoint. It worked very well and we were in!

The weather was overcast so my pictures didn't turn out. Also I took very few of them and only
with my cell phone. So I'll be borrowing official pictures from the Six Flags website too :)

I guess the reason why the app won't show the ride wait times until after noon is that it's never too crowded in the morning?  We really didn't stand in line at all!

My daughter, about to board a roller coaster on her own
We did have to rent a locker to put our fanny pack and purse so I decided to pay $5 for the unlimited locker rental throughout the day. I'll tell you, it would be very frightening to do this on my own as I had to leave my glasses in the locker too (or I would have lost them on the roller coaster) but then I couldn't read any of the locker numbers, or the keyboard to input our code to reopen the locker, etc.  Poor vision really becomes a disability in situations like these!

I can't remember the details of all that we rode but there was a cool one called the Superman where you end up riding suspended in the air with your belly to the ground, as if you were Superman flying though the air!  I'm sure I would have enjoyed it much more if my darn bangs had been shorter and didn't flop in my eyes the whole time, obscuring everything. Arrgh. Surprisingly, it was not an uncomfortable ride at all!

I'll tell you what is uncomfortable, though... a lot of the ride cars were made back when people weren't quite as fat as we are nowadays and in a few instances, I barely fit in the seats and guests in front of me had to exit the ride because they couldn't fit in the seats at all!    I was relieved that I was spared that embarrassment, and here is another reason why I need to lose weight!

I think we rode this one...

We took the "Sky Buckets"  at some point. I don't like heights but this doesn't bother me. However...

 This one terrified me!  It's called the SkyScreamer and it looks like fun since you're sitting on a swing. But then it rises 23 stories up!  I closed my eyes the whole time, I was so afraid!  Still, we rode it twice...

Picture borrowed from the Six Flags Over Georgia website
But the most scary rides, in my opinion, are the wooden rollercoasters, although I felt safer on them this time than back in 1993 when I visited with my ex-husband and my youngest brother, because they've made the cars themselves safer. Still, it's wood in humid Georgia and our wall had just crumbled back at home because the wood was all rotten, so we had that in the back of our mind when we went on those two:

The Georgia Cyclone (Picture borrowed from the Six Flags Over Georgia website)

And the Great American Scream Machine (Picture borrowed from the Six Flags Over Georgia website)
Oh yes, I screamed alright!

My daughter rode several rides on her own, but I rode 6 different rides, one of them twice.

We had lunch at the Panda Express place since my daughter loves Panda Express. However, you pay a premium for eating in a theme park and I thought that the food was very expensive. $10 for a bowl (rice, 1 meat) and another $4-5 for a soda!

By 1:00 p.m,, the crowds had started making their way around the park and I fired up the app to check on ride wait times. Only their app only refreshes the wait times once an hour, which pretty much makes the app useless for that purpose since it ends up being so inaccurate!

It was getting pretty hot, too. I would have stayed later if my daughter had wanted to, but she was getting uncomfortable in the heat.

I took this picture of the Batmobile for Middle Son who is a huge superhero fan.
 So she decided that she wanted to ride this ride below, the Joker.

I waited for her while she rode. When she got off, she said she had hurt her neck and couldn't move her head very much. Oh no!  She was having a hard time looking over her shoulder so I told her she wouldn't be able to drive if she couldn't check the blind spot, and that if I had to drive all the way back to Florida, we might end up stopping and spend another night in a hotel.

We rode that SkyScreamer for a 2nd time since she had really liked it and then she said she was ready to go. It was about 2:30, I think. I felt bad that she didn't get to ride all the rides that she had been interested in, so I bought us some funnel cake to make us feel better, ha. Diet be damned. It was our last day on our trip!

It was pretty small despite a $7.99 price tag! I also bought 2 bottles of water, at $6 for 2.
So it ended up being an expensive day, but we did get to ride more rides than we expected to and overall had a great time. The park is very nice, hilly, with trees and clean. I was very dirty when I had visited back in 1993, so I was glad to see all the improvements.

I also liked that they had many food choices in the park and not always the same menu at each location.

So we left Atlanta at about 3ish, I think. I'm typing this on June 21st, and I've already forgotten a lot of it!

Traffic was horrendous going the opposite way again, like completely stopped for several miles.  As we were going to get on I-75 in South Atlanta, my daughter got on Google Maps and found out that there was a 6 to 7 mile stretch of either very heavy or stopped traffic, so I instructed her to find me a side road parallel to I-75 that I could take instead. She did, right in time, and so we lost about 30 minutes because that was a road with lots of traffic lights. But as soon as the traffic cleared up on I-75, we got back on it and stayed on it until the Florida Turnpike.

We made good time and I felt fine so we decided to just drive on home that night.  We stopped to pick up dinner at a Bojangles at the border with Florida and I called Greg to update him on our progress. He said it had poured all day at our house but that the rain had just stopped so we should have a nice rest of our trip. Famous last words...

We entered Florida and it started sprinkling...

... which very soon became a huge rainstorm!  It poured the whole way home, pretty much! But there must have been more people who wanted to get home than us because everyone was driving very fast, including the trucks, and we ended up making up the 30 minutes that we had lost in Georgia!  I hadn't drank too much so I didn't need to stop to use the bathroom as much as I had during the rest of the trip.

My daughter's neck was hurting a bit and I figured she had gotten whiplash. I gave her my sweater to fashion a cushion for her neck, which helped.  We played our favorite Weird Al Yankovic songs on Spotify and sang along. We had a great time!

At some point we passed an SUV that had "Just Married 6-10-17" on their back window so I honked at them while we passed them and my daughter flashed them the thumbs up but she said they looked at her like we were crazy?!  Maybe they were in the middle of their first married fight on their way to their honeymoon at Walt Disney World!

Anyhoo, thankfully the rain didn't cause any accidents and we got home at about 9:30 p.m. We were very happy to see Greg, Youngest Son and the cats, who acted like they didn't know who we were, of course. That's what cats do!

So that's it... the conclusion to our 2017 Summer Road Trip.  We had such a great time!


  1. I think you were very brave to go on the roller coasters! I don't like roller coasters and have been on one only once - the Big Thunder Mountain ride at Disneyland when my daughter was small. She loves roller coasters, though, and would have loved all those rides you went on. And the funnel cake, too, as she loves them! I'm assuming your daughter's neck is all better now. Glad you were able to get home without any difficulties in the rain. I hate driving in the rain. I am glad you had a good road trip. :)

    1. As tame as the Big Thunder Mountain ride is at Disney, it was terrifying to my kids when they were younger. It's tame but still a rough ride. But it's so fun, I love it! As I'm getting older, I find myself being fine if I never get on another roller coaster, hahaha. The newer ones are definitely scary although you're so much safer on them than on the old wooden ones.

      Yes, my daughter's neck is fine now, thanks for asking. She went to Busch Gardens on Friday and didn't complain about her neck and I completely forgot to ask her about it. Funnel cakes are soooooo good. Aldi had the premixed batter for those in a plastic "pitcher" last week and I was so tempted to get one or two... for the kids, you know! But I didn't. I hate cooking or baking with hot oil, it makes my kitchen smell for days and it's very hard for me to resist the food. It's one of the reasons why I don't make my own French fries.

  2. Awww! It's over. What a great road trip....memories to last a lifetime. You must have been ready to call it over, but still a little sad. What a fun day to end the trip. Just this week I was watching a show on television that explained why as adults we are not able to withstand some of those rides that we couldn't get enough of as kids. It has something to do with our vestibular system in the inner ear as we age. But apparently you can do exercises to strengthen it. I could never ride roller coasters, so there is no way I can train myself to enjoy at this point in life. I am amazed though that you were able to do all the rides you did. I'm glad you and your daughter had a wonderful time.

    1. The ear thing makes sense, I also get motion sickness on them much easier than I ever would in the past. I'm just glad I didn't get sick this time!

      We had such a great time. It was nice to get home but I could have gone on longer if we had interesting things to visit. I think my daughter was ready to come home, though. I was trying to get as much of her as possible before she flies away forever (pretty much, nothing will ever me the same after she goes to college) but she's excited about starting her new life and "getting enough of my mom" is not a thing on her list, I don't think. LOL.

  3. Glad you had fun at Six Flags and finished your trip on a good note. Thanks for taking us all along on this trip and sharing your pictures with us!

    1. My pleasure! It always nice for me to go revisit my old posts too and reminisce. I forget so many things if I don't write them down!


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