Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Frustrating Day Overall ~ Wednesday July 5, 2017

Luckily for us, the neighbors stopped firing their fireworks before we went to bed. I had an uncomfortable night, but then my period started this morning so it was probably due to that, plus my feet were hurting a bit. Ugh, I need to start walking regularly again!

Greg left at 5:30 a.m. to go to the airport this morning for his 8:25 a.m. flight. I hope he made it because it's 8:12 a.m. and he is not replying to my texts.

I'm about to leave for the eye doctor, and then I'll go grocery shopping. Ugh, I'd rather stay home but we're out of fruit!  I had a yogurt for breakfast this morning because my plans to have cereal were derailed since I had no bananas or berries.

To Do List...
  • Put trash and recycling out for collection DONE
  • Plan my food intake for the day 
  • Exercise 
  • Record today's food intake into MFP 
  • Do the dishes 
  • Make banana chocolate chip muffins
  • Grocery shopping and errands DONE
  • Record my receipts into the spreadsheets Don't need to do
  • Submit receipts for rebates
  • Explore Vanguard's Personal Advisor Services webpage and get started on process 
  • Create Greg's online Social Security Account (with him) and update my documents
  • Schedule credit card payments
  • Post trip pictures on French blog
  • Finish backing up all pictures to my external drive (later on this week when Greg is away and the kids are still in bed so I can hog all the bandwidth!)
  • Figure out where I was in the process of backing up my external drive!
  • Make hummingbird nectar
  • Transplant all seedlings from berm and patio to the empty garden beds
  • Cut up Greg's old sheet for rags
  • Fold the laundry
  • Put the laundry away
  • Finish clipping coupons
  • Put new coupons away
  • Back up my blog
  • Sweep or vacuum my bedroom (when my bed gets delivered on Wednesday)
  • Sweep and mop kitchen
  • Clean upstairs litterbox 
  • Mend some items from the mending basket
  • Take Youngest Son driving
  • Vacuum fridge's coils
  • Express mail a check to the mortgage company to pay off the mortgage DONE
  • Explore Will and Power of Attorney forms on LegalZoom and discuss with Greg
  • Find a good picture of our cats and order bag from Shutterfly for Daughter with freebie code
  • Clean out the battery drawer, inventory what batteries we need and buy them on Sales Tax Day (hurricane season, need to research when that will be)
  • Finish the 2014 Powerpoint document for Daughter
  • Add clip art to all 2012, 2013 and 2014 pages that I created and print them
  • Declutter this past year's school files and prep new files for this coming year
  • Check if there is any money in Daughter's school lunch account and if so, request that it'd be transferred to Youngest Son's
  • Tape the Strength Training videos and put on dedicated SD card
  • Place Amazon order for daughter's items and new bed

  • I didn't sleep terribly well. My alarm rang at 5:15 a.m. and I saw Greg off on his business trip.  Then I went back to bed (I had reset my alarm for 7 p.m.) but it took me a long time to fall asleep again and when the alarm rang for the 2nd time, I was in a deep sleep phase so it was harder to wake up the second time than the first!

  • Since I had showered last year, I got dressed, fed the cats, brewed a pot of coffee, collected the trash and brought the last trash bin and the recycling bin down to the curb for collection.

  • I was starved but I didn't feel like making an omelet so early in the morning and my plans to have Cheerios were derailed because I only like them if I have some fruit sliced in it and the only fruit we had left were apples... and I didn't feel like having an apple!  So I decided to just have a yogurt and treat myself to a breakfast panini at Wawa after my eye doctor appointment.

  • I ate my yogurt and drank some of my coffee while earning the Microsoft Rewards credits and a couple of Swagbucks. I'm very leery of the videos now and I'm so close to the 2200 SB (I'm at 2126) that I might take surveys to try to get to 2200, order a gift card, and then not participate in SB (aside from the easy stuff like Deal of the Day and the Daily Poll) for the rest of the month...

  • I also checked the new weekly ads for Aldi and Save A Lot online and noticed that I could get cheap strawberries and raspberries at Aldi again (yay!) and cheap chicken breasts at Save A Lot. I probably have some in the freezer but it's just as easy to buy a package that I don't have to defrost, since I've planning on cooking a couple of chicken-based dishes in the next few days.

  • I had to leave at 8:15 a.m. for my 8:30 a.m. appointment and I hadn't heard back from Greg on whether or not he had made it to the airport on time, found a parking spot and made it through Security before his plane took off at 8:25 a.m. so I was worried. But he texted me right before I got to the doctor's to say that he was on the plane and they were taxiing away.

  • I had a couple of minutes before my appointment so I dropped off the 2 books at the Little Free Library around the corner.  I saw another painted rock in it, but again one probably painted by a little kid, which wasn't all that appealing so I left it there.  I saw that the Clermont group is having a meet-up at one of the local 7-11 stations next week, I believe, so I was trying to get my Daughter to go there with me. The 7-11 has agreed to give a free Slurpee to anyone who brings in a painted rock that they have found.  But I don't know if we'll go.

  • My eye doctor is super nice, I always enjoy my visits there because we spend the whole time chatting about our kids, etc.  As I suspected, my close-up vision had a "significant" decrease, whereas my long-distance vision only decreased slightly. Also my middle field has decreased some. I asked him about tri-focals and also the transition lenses. He had warned me years ago that since I experience motion sickness quite easily, that transition lenses were probably not optimal for me.  But this time he said I should try them and that if I didn't like them, he could send them back and they could give me the ones with the lines and it wouldn't cost any more. As a matter of fact, I found out afterwards that the transition lenses actually cost more. Oh well.  I have money in the FSA account anyway.  I picked the exact same frame as the ones I'm wearing now because it's comfy and I don't like change :)  My co-pay for  everything ended up being $65 but the transition lenses automatically include the non-scratch guarantee, whereas I would have had to pay extra if I had picked the cheaper lenses with lines.  It'll take about 10 business days to get them.  I paid with my Health Federal Savings Account Visa card so with pre-tax money that have already been set aside.

  • While I was being examined, I heard a text coming in from Greg (I have a special ring for him!) and I was puzzled because he was supposed to be in the air at that point... well, I checked the message once I got to my car and there was a problem with the plane and they were returning to their gate and thought they might have to switch planes!  I checked his itinerary and he only had 1 hour layover in Denver... and the United Airlines app showed that his flight would be landing in Denver exactly at the same time as his other flight was taking off for Vancouver... and the next flight isn't for another 8 hours!  Poor guy.  Eventually his flight left an hour and 10 minutes late but didn't have to switch planes.  I hope they land in Denver safely. Maybe he can take an Uber and visit the city a little?  
  • From there on, I went to run my errands:
    • Wawa:
      • I ordered an egg white + vegetable panini  ($4.17, I paid with Amex and hope to get 2% back in Rewards since it's a gas station!)
      • I redeemed my app Reward (free coffee on Wednesdays in July) for a 24 oz French Vanilla coffee. I added some fat free milk and 5 packets of sweetener and sipped on it while I was shopping.
      • I was planning on eating my sandwich at the last empty table outside while I caught up on blogs on my phone, but there was a very rude man taking a phone call on speakerphone at the table right beside it, so after I took pictures of my food, I just left. He gave me a smile as I got up and I told him he was very rude. He was too busy talking so I don't even think it registered until I had left!  Grrr.
      • And then my panini was horrible.  The bread must have been dry to start with and they toasted it too long so it was like biting into two biscotti.  I've had their paninis before and they were excellent. I ate while driving to Aldi and I didn't want to drive back to complain so I'll have to complain via the survey on my receipt. So disappointing!  That's what I get for not making my own omelet this morning.   also need to remember that we have English muffins in the freezer, I could have made myself an egg white McMuffin.

    • Aldi:
      • The parking lot was almost empty but the store was full of elderly people so I think a bus from one of the retirement communities must have dropped them off. So it was a bit of a challenge to navigate the aisles because they were numerous and slow and in my way and those darn carts are way too big.  I tried to remain patient, though.
      • But then Aldi ticked me off because they didn't have several of the things that I needed (grape jelly, reduced-fat shredded cheddar, Fit & Active light mayo, a specific flavor of couscous that I thought I had seen there before), their 1/2 gallon bottles of whole milk were all marked "sell by 7/6" which is tomorrow but they weren't marked down (so I bought 2% milk instead since the sell-by date was 7/21), and their price tags are wrong a lot. This week, the spinach was once again labeled $1.79 but rang for $1.49, whereas the couscous was labeled at $0.99 but rang up for $1.29.   I didn't go back to talk to the cashier because, unlike Publix, it's not like they adjust the price down for you, they just look at you like you're lying, go check their sign, and then say that they'll take care of it but rarely do. Still, it's very annoying.
      • I spent $92.72 in total (non food items were $20.20 and food items were $72.52) and I charged it to Amex for 3% back in Rewards.
Food items

Non Food Items
    • Dollar Tree:
      • I was going to go to Michael's to buy double-sided tape that's needed for the Greeting Card class that my daughter and I will be attending, but at the last minute I decided to check Dollar Tree first. 
      • The new Bulk Nation is moving in right next door to Dollar Tree!  That'll be very convenient for me. They're supposed to open this month at some point and they're busy putting up shelves and working on the interior at the moment.  I can't wait to check it out. I don't think I'll shop there often, but it'll be nice to have the option to buy some stuff in bulk... and I hope it's cheaper by the weight than even Aldi.
      • Dollar Tree had double-sided tape, woohoo!  I bought a couple of rolls. I also got a ruler since I thought we only had one and we each needed one for the class, a table mat that I will use under the kittens' food bowls in my bedroom, and a new slotter "turner" spatula since I broke mine (also from Dollar Tree) a couple of days ago.  I'm annoyed that I couldn't find one that had a slender handle instead of the chunky one that I ended up with, because it makes it so much harder to store in my countertop caddy. But oh well. And I didn't get one from the thrift store because that would have meant another stop and utensils aren't necessarily cheaper there.
      • My OOP was $6.35 and I charged it to Amex for 1% back in Rewards.
The placemat isn't pictured
    • From there, I went back to Wawa, this time to redeem my survey reward coupon for another 24 oz coffee since I had printed it by mistake instead of forwarding it to my BFF and it expired on 7/7.  I picked Hazelnut this time and also got 4 cups of half and half and 4 packets of sweetener.

    • My next stop was Save A Lot. I got:
      • They had papayas!  Woohoo! So i bought 2 of them at $0.99/lb
      • I grabbed just one package of chicken breasts on sale at $0.99/lb
      • A jar of grape jelly (32 oz for $1.99)
      • A jar of sugar-free strawberry spread (13 oz for $1.99, Aldi doesn't offer any sugar free spreads at all)
      • one yellow onion at $0.99/lb
      • a dozen large eggs at $0.99 (they went up 20 cents since last week)
      • and the one package of whole wheat tortillas for $1.49.  They had a bunch of the regular flour tortillas in that brand but only one of the whole wheat tortillas. I should ask the manager to order more next time. I bought them even though I had bought a package of Multigrain + Flax flatbreads at Aldi since they're 80 cents cheaper.  They'll keep.
      • My OOP was $17.60 and I remembered at the last minute to use one of the Visa gift cards that I had bought back from Youngest Son (since I'd get only 1% back in Rewards with my regular credit cards anyway...) so technically there was no money out of my pocket today as the money had already been accounted for in my budget last year.

    • As I left Save A Lot, a  fire truck came by with lights on and sirens blaring and a little bit down the road, I saw that there had been a pretty bad accident, closing the highway in both directions!  Thankfully I was able to make a U-turn immediately and then took back roads to get back to my little town. I'm grateful that I wasn't stuck in traffic, something that I abhor!  Also,  I called my daughter to make sure that she was home and not one of the people in the accident. She was... and we discussed that she wanted to watch "Lord of the Rings" but would wait for me to get started :)

    • My next stop was the Post Office, where I used a Priority Mail envelope to mail our last mortgage payment, woohoo!  I paid $6.65 and now I wonder if I should have bothered because the anticipated delivery date is Saturday. It'd probably would have gotten there at the same time with just regular mail. Oh well.  Once again I used the Visa gift card so no money out of my pocket (today at least) either.

    • My last stop was RaceTrac:
      • I refilled my and Youngest Son's Sodapalooza cups for free.
      • Also, I noticed that they had received the 1-oz Jack Links "steak" jerky sticks that qualified for the freebie coupon I had received with our Sodapalooza cups, so I redeemed one of the coupons and set the snack aside for Greg for when he goes fishing.

  • I was back at home by 11:30 a.m.  The kids helped me unload the car, and then the kittens had to inspect everything, as usual :)  I took pictures, including by category, as I used to do, just for Susan :)  I'll publish a separate more detailed post about my shopping goodies later on, Susan.

  • I froze the 4 packs of raspberries on a tray.

  • Sadly, I had some food waste today. About 1 cup of shredded cheddar had turned, and that brick of Neufchatel cheese from Aldi that once again I forgot to bring along with me to ask for a refund even though I had put a note to that effect on my shopping list. Ugh.

  • I put everything away and then my daughter and I started watching "The Fellowship of the Ring". I've seen it many times, and my daughter used to watch it with her brothers, but she never paid too much attention to it. Right now she has Game of Thrones withdrawal (and we have to wait until early August to start watching the new season that starts airing on 7/16 because Greg will be away, aaargh!) so she's decided to watch LOTR in the meantime.  I love that trilogy so I'm excited to be watching it with her.  She's working on her hook rug while watching, and I'm typing this post :)

  • I haven't planned my food intake for today yet, so for lunch I made kind of my usual: a turkey and spinach wrap, a cup of cantaloupe, and my strawberry shake.
I skipped the salad today
  • Greg landed in Denver too late to catch his next plane so he's stuck at the airport for 7 or 8 hours now. I urged him to talk to United about getting a meal voucher or something and he reported that they gave him $10.  Better than nothing. Poor guy, he hates traveling by plane and this isn't helping at all. I reminded him to contact his hotel to let them know he'd be late so they won't release his room, and also his boss since they were supposed to have a business dinner tonight.

  • I had texted Middle Son to wish him good luck with his interview today (he was interviewing with Disney's Fine Arts Photography in order to be able to be cross-utilized by that division once in a while). He called me back afterwards and said it went very well and will start being trained in early August.  We chatted for a little bit and then he had to go.

  • Then I checked my email and saw that the Director of the Educational Foundation had replied to the email I had sent on Friday afternoon seeking clarification on a number of issues that had to do with the funds my daughter was supposed to receive from them for college.  She just asked me to call her to discuss it. Aargh, I wanted an email to get a papertrack! So my daughter and I paused everything and made the call. A few things were clarified but it sounded like we had to go talk to UF's Financial Aid office to get the final word (since what was told by Financial Aid at Preview, according to my daughter, contradicted some of what was said on the call today!) so I charged my daughter to make an in-person appointment and told her we'd drive to UF to get all those ducks in a row before classes started.  As of 11 p.m. tonight she hasn't called yet, so I reminded her to call them tomorrow to make the appointment. I really wish this was settled already.

  • In the middle of watching the movie, my daughter's hood for her hooked rug broke. She really wanted to keep hooking her rug while watching the movie so we decided to drive to Michael's, once I realized that Greg wasn't home so there wasn't any rush to get dinner on the table by 7 p.m. Since Youngest Son loves Michael's, we invited him to tag along and he accepted. But then I thought that perhaps Walmart would also have those and I told my daughter we should go there since I have gift cards for Walmart. She and Youngest Son still wanted to go.  I thought maybe I'd stock up on some grocery items with the Swagbucks gift cards while I was there since I've been avoiding going to Walmart for months.  We took the Focus for fuel economy.

  • Somehow on the way over there, we discussed buying items for her college room.  So in the end, this turned into a major shopping trip to outfit her room, bathroom and get some kitchen stuff too for her apartment.  We did the hook for the rug too. Poor son, who was following us through the store dutifully, bored out of his mind!  I didn't even use the gift cards after all, I decided to keep them for my groceries, as I had intended them to be, and I charged the $317.74 to my Amex for 1% back in Rewards.  Thankfully, it was a quiet day at Walmart, we didn't have to stand in line at the register (I know!) and we had the most pleasant and cheerful cashier ever. I wish I had noticed her name as it's not on the receipt.  Sorry, I didn't take any pictures, but here is a picture of the shower curtain she picked, taken from the Walmart website.  I really like it!

  • In order to thank Youngest Son for being so good, I offered to drive to the nearest RaceTrac, where there is an ice cream bar, so we could redeem 2 coupons for free waffle cones that had come in with our Sodapalooza cups.  So we did.  While we were there, we also gassed up the Focus ($2.067 a gallon) and I earned more loyalty points on my RaceTrac app and will get 2% back in Rewards on my Amex card. I didn't partake.

  • I also had promised him that we would go to Michael's and that I would buy him an item.  So we drove there. He found two things that he wanted and he had his own 40% off discount so he bought the cheapest one with his money and his coupon, and I used my own 40% off coupon and my Amex (shoot, I should have used one of the prepaid gift cards!) to buy him the other item.  I also found something that I wanted so I asked my daughter to buy it with her 40% off discount and she charged it to my Discover card for 1% back in Rewards.

  • There were a few things that my daughter needed but that we knew we could get much cheaper at Dollar Tree than Walmart, so we ended up at Dollar Tree, where I spent another $22.33 on my Amex (1% back in Rewards).  $2 of it was for reusable ice packs that Greg can use for his fishing instead of always buying ice. I texted him a picture and he was pretty happy.

  • Lastly, there are a couple more things that we had decided to order on Amazon so I will place an order tomorrow.  I had put aside $600 for room and school supplies for her so I'll be deducting these expenses from that.

  • Then we drove home and unloaded the car.  I forgot to mention that when we had left the house, we had found a huge square-shaped box on our front porch that Fedex had left there. It was my platform bed base that I had ordered from Youngest Son had helped me carry it inside the house so it wouldn't be stolen while we were gone.

  • So when we got home, he helped me get the contents out.  I was surprised at the size of the pieces, they looked big to me, but I figured that perhaps once it was all assembled, some pieces would overlap, like in an adjustable frame.  He helped me carry the heavy pieces to my bedroom upstairs and then I set about putting the base together.  It wasn't very complicated but the pieces were heavy and I was really wondering how the heck it was going to be adjustable in the end because the two pieces together took pretty much my entire bedroom! The intructions said "Full. Queen. King. Cal-king" 

so that's why I hadn't thought twice about the size of the parts, and thought it was an adjustable sort of thing (and thought "Wow, I wonder why the different sizes were priced differently on their website, then?!").  But in the end, it was clear that something was very wrong. So I went back downstairs and looked at the outside box more closely and noticed that it said:

Aargh, they had sent me a KING size! No wonder it took my whole room!  And half of it is still too small for me to use for my full-size mattress so it's completely useless to me, I still don't have a bed and now I had to deal with contacting them about the whole thing. Needless to say, I was FURIOUS. Seriously furious.  So first I did an online chat with their customer service department. The rep was nice and apologized, but he asked me to repackage the platform, TAKE IT to a UPS store and they would take care of the return and send me a "$5 e-gift card" for my trouble.  Well, $5 would not be enough to cover the cost of gas for me to drive there, much less back home, and I'll be damned if I lug this very heavy and unwieldy box anywhere because they screwed up!  Which is what I told him. So he asked me to call their "level 2 people" and he would add a note to my order about it.  I went from FURIOUS to 10 times even more furious (good thing for him it was a chat and not a phone call, he would have gotten an earful), and advised him to quit Target and get a job at Amazon because they are much more customer-friendly and he'd probably not get yelled at as much (although I really was pretty pleasant during that conversation considering my level of frustration).

  • So I called the number and it wasn't the right number but a spammy voicemail that wanted me to listen to some bullshit offers to lower my phone bill, etc, etc.  I kept on pressing "0" to get an operator, thinking that I was calling Target and it was their phone tree, but after the 4th time I pressed "0", the "duh" bulb lit up in my head and I realized that either he had given me the wrong number or I had dialed the wrong number. I can't be sure because they didn't give you a way to save the chat before closing the window.  Arrrgh. So now some spammy company has my cell phone number and proof that I called them. Lovely.

  • So I had to look up the number myself. A digit in the middle of the number had been wrong. I dialed, and this time it was indeed Target according to the recording. I pressed the appropriate numbers on the phone tree, it rang... and promptly hung up on me. This time, I went nuclear. I haven't been this pissed in a long, long time and I take after my dad when I get pissed, which isn't pretty.

  • So I dialed again and this time chose different numbers on the phone tree and got a live person who didn't introduce herself. So my first question was "What is your name?!".  What type of customer service is that? When I'm really really mad, I start by apologizing because I'm very upset and I'm going to be very unpleasant probably, and then I state the problem in very minute details, recounting every step I have already taken, including reaching the spammy number.  The lady listened, didn't interrupt, apologized for my trouble and commiserated that I had the right to be very frustrated.  So far, so good.  Here is what I wanted to hear: "It's not your fault, it's ours. Please keep the King size and dispose of it as you wish (I would have called Habitat for Humanity's ReStore to come pick it up, I have no need for a King-size base, our rooms aren't big enough!) and we will send you the correct size overnight at no cost to you." but despite her niceness, what I got was "I'll schedule UPS to come pick it up from your house. You need to repackage it, and you can leave it outside, you don't have to wait for them, but it might take up to 3 days for them to come get it. There is no need to put a return label on it, UPS will bring their own label.  Oh, and we've been having problems with several people ordering the full-size and getting the king-size so I see that a ticket has been opened but there doesn't seem to be a resolution. I wouldn't want to re-order it for you only for you to get the wrong size again..." which I appreciated because I couldn't deal with this level of frustration again. BUT "and you can't get a refund until we've received the frame back at the origin point." So let me get this straight: they screwed up my order, I still don't have a bed, I have wasted time and energy not only to put the damn thing together but now not only do I have to break it down, but I also have to repackage it,  I had to contact 2 different levels of Customer Service , I have to hope that no one will steal it before UPS picks it up, and then wait until I get my money back?! What if that's all the money that I had and I had to wait for it so I could get a new bed somewhere else?! Nuclear, doesn't even describe it.  I told the lady that she shouldn't bother re-ordering anything for me because I'm done shopping at Target. I explained that Amazon would (and had in the past) have apologized, told me to keep the item (and told her I would have donated it) and sent me the proper size right away and that because of that, I bitterly regretted not shopping there but that from now on, Amazon would be getting ALL my business and again apologized for taking it out on her because I did know she could only do what Target allowed her to do, and then I thanked her and hung up without waiting for her reply. She had already confirmed that she would be processing my refund request and that she would email me with a tracking number. I also mentioned to her that I would be contacting their CEO about this whole debacle because, of course, when she had put me on hold to process the UPS pick-up, I had already researched his name and was in the process of researching his address.

  • So I traipsed back upstairs and took the whole damn thing apart, and carried it back downstairs.  It was heavy, I was tired.  Let me tell you that some very very blue language was being used, I don't think the kids have ever heard me used such bad language and I'm usually not a prude to start with.  Youngest Son helped me put everything back in the box. Of course, because I had cut the zip ties that held certain parts together, it wouldn't fit in the box properly and one side was all ripped up. So I used a lot of my own packing tape to tape everything back so UPS wouldn't start losing parts upon shipping it back and then they would deny my refund.  I didn't think I could get madder than I was on the phone, but I was wrong. I got madder as I dealt with the stupid box.  

  • So then I asked my daughter to drive her brother somewhere for the two of them to get dinner because I sure wasn't in the mood to cook. She readily accepted but before they left, I asked where they had decided to go and she said "Domino's". So I placed the order online, using my Customer Rewards number because I was just 10 points away from getting a free pizza.  They also wanted bread sticks and I said "fine!" because I was stressed and I wanted them to eat delicious bread on my behalf since I shouldn't have any, LOL!  So the total amount came to $22 and some cents and I didn't care a whit.  They went to pick it up.

  • In the meantime, Greg had been emailing me that Louis CK was on the plane with him from Orlando to Denver. Nice sighting, although I don't care for Louis CK. I know I'm in the minority but I don't find his shows funny at all. Middle Son loves him, though.  Anyhoo, he happened to call me to tell me he was about to board his flight, finally (poor guy!) so we chatted a bit about his flight experience and I told him the broad lines of my Target experience and he said he had to go because he knew I'd get even more upset rehashing everything, lol. I hope his flight (and his luggage!) makes it to Vancouver tonight! Oh, he did tell me that he had redeemed some Microsoft Rewards points for an Xbox store gift card, but that they had deducted his points without sending him the card and that when he checked on his order, it said it had been cancelled!  So he had to email them to ask to either credit the points back or send him his gift card. He has yet to hear back from them. We're not doing terribly well today, the both of us, with Customer Service, are we?!

Louis CK
  • Then I checked my email and there was this message, entitled "Get Started Making Your Target Return":

What the what?!? Well, which one is it?  Can I keep it or do they need it back by 10/4?!?  And when am I getting my refund?!  I replied to the email asking exactly that and asking the sender to put a name to their reply so I knew who to refer to if and when there were further problems with this situation because I have lost any confidence in Target.  Good grief, this is Walmart-level shit right there, excuse my language. Well, it's been over an hour and I still haven't gotten a reply back. I checked my credit card account and NO refund has been issued. I'll check again tomorrow but so far the level of incompetence has been astounding so I'm not hopeful...  

  • Now it's past 10:30 p.m. and my whole day was pretty much spent running errands and dealing with this. I never finished my lunch, haven't had dinner (Well I begged the kids for one piece of Parmesan Bread Bite or whatever it's called and it was delicious!), haven't even started inputting my receipts in my spreadsheets, much less submitted them for any rebates (although I'm now realizing that I shopped at Aldi and Save A Lot which don't qualify for most of the rebate apps, and MobiSave has completely stopped offering generic rebates that can be redeemed with any receipts, sob, so I guess I don't have to worry about it at all.). I'll just post some pictures of my trip on this post and call it a day.  I feel a pressing need to express some gratitude right now to change from a very negative state of mind into a more peaceful one so I can get some sleep tonight!  See, Bless, I could never deal with your pharmacy and doctor's office receptionists.  You are a saint.

  • For a friendly eye doctor and his friendly staff
  • For vision insurance so my $380 visit + new glasses only cost me $65
  • For being able to pay off our house in 15 years instead of 30!
  • For awesome kids who were very helpful today
  • For Customer Service Departments, I guess. What a shitty job to have and I feel bad for them (I worked in Guest Relations in the Disney Parks for over 5 years so I know first-hand how bad a job this can be when you're not empowered to make the customers happy) and I'm thankful that I don't have to be one of them anymore.
  • That Greg is finally on his way to Vancouver tonight!

  • Two 24 oz coffees from Wawa (one with app Rewards, the other with survey reward coupon)
  • Four Sodapalooza refills (two for Greg on his way to the airport, one for me and one for Youngest Son), from RaceTrac
  • A 1-oz Jack Links meat stick with Sodapalooza coupon, from RaceTrac
  • Two Waffle cones with Sodapalooza coupons, from RaceTrac
  • I should qualify for a free pizza from Domino's once my reward points hit my account :)
  • Greg got $10 from United Airlines since he has a very long land unplanned layover 

So happy to have my kitties. As I type this, Princess is nestled on the cushions next to me and her little paws are touching my arm, probably to comfort me?  LOL.

"Put them up, put them up!"
I hope your day was less frustrating than mine.  Yes, none of this was life or death, but even with this perspective, it doesn't make it any less frustrating. What's even worse is that I look at what I was trying to accomplish today and I really didn't do anything really constructive. Arrgh.  Tomorrow is another day and I hope it's a better one!


  1. Oh, my, Nathalie! Between your Target people and my clinic and pharmacy, we are batting 100! Hope you get a refund and a resolution about what to do with the bed frame, tomorrow.

    1. LOL, I couldn't let you be the only one battling bad customer service, Bless! It's past 9:30 a.m. and I never got a reply from Target about my latest email asking for clarification, and I just checked my credit card account and a refund has not been issued either. I'll give them until this afternoon and I guess I'll have to pick up the phone again. More of my time wasted having to monitor something that I shouldn't have to worry about!

      I didn't get a chance to check blogs yesterday so I need to go read about your adventures and see if you obtained satisfaction with your own customer service issues. I hope you did. There is a far more important impact on you than me not getting my bed frame!

  2. Customer Service is definitely not what it used to be. Hope tomorrow is less frustrating.

    1. Thanks, Anne.I think the only thing we can do, as customers, is let the CEOs know about the experiences we're having with their companies, point out the companies that actually DO have good and customer-friendly policies and let them know we're taking our business there. Target is really struggling as company in the marketplace versus Walmart and Amazon so you'd think they would have made sure to keep their remaining customers happy. Anyhoo, I went on Amazon last night and saw the same bed platform (same brand) for $20 less than I had paid for it at Target and I'd get 5% back in Rewards from Amazon afterwards too. I should have checked Amazon the first time around after finding that platform on Target's website!

      I decided not to order the same brand though, on the off-chance that the wrong size glitch is with that supplier and not Target itself, and ordered the exact same bed platform from a different company, also for $59 with Prime shipping, and it's being fulfilled by Amazon so I know that if I do have a problem with the order, I'll be able to contact them and obtain resolution. I just hope to get my money back from Target sooner than later (nothing credited to my account as of just a few minutes ago) and that they do clarify what I am to do or not do with the king-size platform that's cluttering my house now. I guess I'll drag the box outside on the off-chance that they did schedule UPS to come by. It's all so annoying to have to deal with this. I would feel better if Habitat for Humanity was able to benefit from this whole debacle at least!

  3. I can just see you sitting on the futon, with the laptop opened, and you trying really, really hard to list some gratitudes for the day. In that frame of mind I would be "chewing nails and spitting rust", my mom used to say. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth right now after reading about your days....both you (and Greg) and Bless. I hope your week turns out better.

    Happy to hear that Middle son is being cross-trained for work in the fine arts photography division. Things seem to be going very well for him at the present time.

    There are lots of days when things don't get stroked off the big To-Do list. It happens often to me and there isn't really any good reason for it. But today you had a huge dollop of "life happening". However, your daughter has a huge head start on equipping her apartment for the new school year. I'm sure she is excited by that. Big (((HUGS)))

    1. "A huge dollop of life happening", I love it! And I love you, Susan! Your comments always make me chuckle, especially about trying very hard to find gratitude items to list, hahaha :)

      Yes, Middle Son seems to be making strides towards hopefully establishing a lot of contacts and getting in-house experience that would benefit it if and when a position opens up in the Photography Division that he really wants to work in (which is part of Marketing, Advertising and/or PR, I think). I just wish he would get a full-time position with some benefits too. Right now he's classified as a seasonal worker which doesn't entitle him to much, least of it is any hours. At any moment his source of income could dry up without any warning at all and then he'd have to scramble again because Disney definitely has off-seasons, even though it tends to be busy all-year because of various festivals they put on. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe they'll upgrade him to "part-time" status at the very least.

      I'm not sure if I'll be able to strike a lot of things off my list today either. I have a lunch scheduled (and right now I'm piddling away on the laptop instead of trying to be productive, lol!) and then I do need to spend quite a bit of time inputting all those receipts in my spreadsheets and scheduling bill payments that I had supposed to do yesterday. It's one thing when you "lose" time like this by doing something fun, but yesterday wasn't that much fun! Looking at the silver lining, though, I "saved" $20 on the bed platform by ordering it from Amazon for $59 (well, provided that Target ever refunds me the $79!), I'll get to have an outing in Gainesville with my daughter to go meet with Financial Aid, and we don't have to go back to Walmart now that we've bought all the stuff we needed from there. All good things!

  4. Ugh, what a stressful encounter all around. I often feel bad for customer service agents, too, as so often they are just there as a first line of defense for the company, not really to resolve problems.

    Kind of cool that Greg was on the plane with Louis CK! Michael is a big fan and was impressed. ;)

    1. Tell him Greg said in his text to me "he was a big guy and was wearing a sports jersey in first class so he kind of stood up". Apparently he was sitting in the last row of the first class section and Greg was sitting in the front row of the "peon" section :)

  5. Louis CK was on the plane with him from Orlando... Maybe I'm admitting to living under a rock when I say that I have no idea who Louis CK is. But I do know that it's exciting to have someone famous on a plane with you. A few months after we had moved to Florida, I was on a flight to Washington, D.C., and then-governor Charlie Crist was on the plane. I even talked to him for a while, told him I was new to Florida and that I had lots of family in Germany wanting to come visit Florida now. Heh.

    Oh, and I so understand your frustrations about having to deal with Walmart-level shit from Target. Nothing is more precious than my time (not even money), so I really, really hate having to spend time on BS like that. I would have been nuclear, too!

    1. Yeah, Louis CK is very popular so you HAVE been living under a rock, Pixel, although I think his shows were mostly available on cable when they first aired. Nowadays you can watch some of his stand-up on Netflix.

      Did you know Crist was the governor when you talked to him? Back when I worked at Disney, part of my job was being a VIP Tour Guide. My favorite celebrity was Miss America (Debbye Turner) who was a sweetie and who would call me when she was in town doing other stuff so we'd get together and just hang out. We wrote for a few years and then I guess life got busy for her and we lost touch. When I was her tour guide, Dan Quayle (the Vice President at the time) was in town for a golf tournament and a photo opportunity came up so she and I walked on the 8th hole of the Disney golf course where he was playing so she could go shake his hand. It had rained and we were wearing heels so needless to say, it wasn't a very dignified walk! However, when we got to him, surrounded by Secret Service agents of course (it was a little intimidating!) he shook her hand and said "Nice to meet you" and then turned to me and shook my hand and said "VERY nice to meet you!". Hahaha. He wasn't a darling of the press at all, but I was still tickled pink that I was next to a GORGEOUS woman who had been crowned Miss America and said "VERY nice to meet you"... to me. LOL. WHat did I know, I was something like 23.

    2. Ha - I did know that Crist was the governor when I spoke to him. I even took a picture of him standing in the waiting area for the flight.

      OK, I had to google Debbye Turner, too (clearly, I AM living under a rock!). How cool that you got to meet her and hang out! And to meet Dan Quayle really tops it all, unless you got to meet the president.

    3. Nah, I think most people wouldn't know who was Miss America at any given time, honestly. I didn't meet the American president but I had a French politician who was a minister and then became the Prime Minister of France (since then he's been convicted of corruption, but haven't they all?!) and his family on tour while they were themselves on vacation with the French Prime Minister at the time (who, I think, was also convicted of corruption at some point, my case in point!). We were having lunch at the Magic Kingdom in Cinderella's Castle and there was a lull in the conversation so I asked him "So... what's going on in France right now?!" HAHAHA. What a dumb question to ask, honestly. I'm so embarrassed just thinking about it. French politicians are notorious snobs so I wasn't surprised that he didn't even reply to me, hahaha.


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