Monday, July 17, 2017

Day Book: Monday 7/17/17

Outside my window... it's sunny and there are big white puffy and light gray clouds. We have 60% chance of rain predicted through Wednesday. The neighbor(s) just finished their yard work and it's now peaceful.

I am thinking... that if I hurry up and get the laundry started, I might still have a chance to dry it outside before it rains!

I am thankful for... air conditioning. When it hiccuped last night and I couldn't get the thermostat to work properly and then it didn't seem to cool off, I had a little moment of panic. It's too darn hot! But it was nice and cool downstairs this morning and we are comfortable.

From the learning rooms... I showed Youngest Son how to "print" his French class notes to pdf so he could save them to his laptop because he took it camping with him and intended on studying French while on the road. My daughter is planning on studying some more calculus today. I need to learn from my kids, get off my butt, and get busy myself!

From the kitchen... sigh. I still haven't done the dishes. I have chicken breasts in the fridge waiting for me to bake them. I still haven't made a menu for the week. Nor have I planned my food intake for the day.

I am wearing... black yoga capris and a bright pink Under Armor exercise top. I'm about to put my walking shoes on so it's more comfortable walking around.

I am creating... quite honestly, a mess. My whole house feels messy to me, except for my bedroom which feels very relaxing (and it's possibly why I enjoy lounging in bed in the mornings these days!)

I am going... hmm, nowhere today. I might make a RaceTrac run to get some free Sodapalooza refills but otherwise, I have plenty to do here.

I am reading... nada. Blogs and Reddit. Trying to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers, though, and most bloggers aren't posting :(

I am hoping... that I get some motivation to get going. I have made a long To Do List for today on my phone and I have yet to do any of it and it's already 11:30 a.m.!

I am hearing... a commercial on TV (I have "Remington Steele" playing while I type this!) and the beautiful sound of my AC running :)

Around the house... my daughter is up and probably getting started on her math studies. The cats are lounging about somewhere.

One of my favorite things... my bedroom. I love it. I kind of miss the intimacy of sleeping with Greg but honestly, I looooove sleeping alone (well, with several cats!).

A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm going to try and accomplish some chores today. Tomorrow my daughter and I will be driving to Gainesville to get some answers in person from UF Financial Aid and see where she'll be living. We might visit Trader Joe's too.  I think that I'll go to Publix on Wednesday (even though I said I wouldn't do any shopping!).  If I can get myself to call Suntrust or Chase to get the bond question resolved, I might be able to meet my BFF later on this week to get them either cashed in or have my identity certified so I can mail them in.  On Saturday, I'll be going to attend a workshop about hummingbirds in Mount Dora (again, I should just move there!).  My daughter and I had talked about going on a bike ride (her idea) but now that I'm pressing her about it, she's much less willing to go!

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

BOGO cats :)

Have a good week!


  1. Your cats look so regal, like they are surveying their kingdom. Ha. You have got a few plans for this week. You have places to go and people to meet. I think I will just be going out for a few more vegetables to make into some more high fat low carb recipes. Otherwise, I need to get some items scratched off my to-do list. Company is coming soon. My daybook is here.

    1. "Regal", yes, that's a very appropriate adjective for this picture, lol. I hope your diet is going well, Susan!

  2. The thought of the air conditioning going out always makes me nervous, too!

    LOL at "BOGO cats" - but that's exactly what they look like!

    1. I used to call them "the twins" but the rest of my family never agreed that they look alike, even though they've all confused them a time or two.


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