Monday, July 24, 2017

Day Book: Monday 7/24/17

OK maybe I won't have cake...

Outside my window... it's sunny at 10:35 a.m. Boy, I have to clean my living room windows, though... so I just got up to look at the outdoors more closely, and I heard thunder and I see the gray clouds are moving in... so it'll be raining this afternoon, probably. Earlier I spotted a squirrel digging through the front yard, I haven't seen many of them this summer, probably because they hide while it's so hot.  Also my backyard needs to be mowed. I mentioned to Greg that I should mow it but he said to leave it for Youngest Son to do when he gets home.  You don't have to tell me twice... especially since I give Youngest Son a virtual $15 to mow, that he can cash in when he needs pocket money.

I am thinking... that today is NOT going to be Domestic Monday.  I have little laundry to wash so it can wait and since my boys are coming home on Friday, I'll probably spend Friday cleaning :)

I am thankful for... Greg and Youngest Son having a wonderful trip so far. Greg has loosened the purse's strings with my encouragement and they spent a couple of nights in a hotel, have been eating out at restaurant once a day instead of eating sad canned ravioli every day, have visited interesting places... it sounds like it'll be a trip to remember :)

From the learning rooms... Youngest Son's guidance counselor replied to my email this morning and confirmed that he was indeed placed in Biology Honors (yay) and that the schedule of deadlines for the Dual Enrollment Process hasn't been posted yet so there's nothing to do at this point but keep an eye on their website. My daughter should be able to register for her classes next week, which means she'll probably retake the math placement test this week, I think.

From the kitchen... there's nothing going on there.  I'll reuse last week's menu, which I never used, but also I might just roast another 5-lb package of chicken breasts and just eat that all week.

I am wearing... black V-neck T-shirt, black and turquoise yoga pants. I'm sockless and shoeless.

I am creating... absolutely nothing right now but I'll be creating a floral arrangement this afternoon.

I am going... to the library this afternoon for another floral arrangement class.  I'll probably swing by RaceTrac for Sodapalooza refills afterwards.

I am reading... nothing.  I need to flip through the magazines that I downloaded to my Kindle and also through Kiplinger's, though.

I am hoping... that my younger brother is OK following his beloved cat's death.

I am hearing... commercials on TV (Law & Order: Criminal Intent is on for another 10 minutes and then I'll switch to Pandora and listen to classical music).  A cat scratching around in a litter box.

Around the house... my daughter is still asleep. The cats are doing their cat thing.

One of my favorite things... you know, I think of things throughout the week and forget to jot them down and then I always draw a blank come Monday!  I guess today I'm going to nominate (again) libraries.  I love libraries and I love the staff at our little library.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I have NO plans on the books for this week, save for my Floral Arrangement Class today, my usual grocery shopping, and having to at least vacuum and do the dishes at some point this week!  My daughter and I had talked about going back to the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala so maybe I'll suggest we do it this week.

Here's the picture I'm sharing... I haven't been saving any pictures for this (and barely taken any pictures at all lately!) so here is a picture of a then 2-year old self picking strawberries at my beloved grand-parents town house :) I wish I were still blond and stylish like that, hahaha.

Have a good week!


  1. Really cute picture. I wish I were still as blonde as I was as a kid too.

    1. There's got to be a support group for people like us. My daughter can join in, she was as blond as I was when she was little and now she's joined the "dirty blond, light brunette" club at the ripe age of 18 and she's also in denial. She has Swedish AND Polish genes so you'd think she would have remained blonder longer.

  2. Your graphic made me laugh. I love the Oatmeal.

    Have fun at the flower arranging class!

    1. Ha me too, also his unabashed love for his Tesla when he first got it got on my nerves and I had to stop reading his site for a while. I looove his cat cartoons, especially "How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You" hahaha. I just hope he doesn't sue me for borrowing his cartoon for my header. Gulp. It was an homage, really.

  3. I think you should have a "me" day, today. Enjoy your time at the floral arrangement class, treat yourself to a nice treat of your choice, have take out for dinner and just take it easy. Your 2 year old self is very cute and stylish! Just adorable!

    1. Thank you Bless! I mostly followed your recommendations although I didn't order take-out for dinner :)

  4. As I was scrolling down on this page and the last picture started coming into view, I immediately recognized the house as a European house...a house where the windows sensibly open toward the INSIDE. Don't you miss those kind of windows?

    What a cute picture of you! I was blond as a little kid, too. :-)

    1. Ha! You know what I miss the most? It's shutters. Real shutters. And I guess I miss not needing mosquito screens on all the windows!

      Every time I see a grown woman with blond hair, I always suspect that she dyes it. I mean, come on! You're from Germany, half of my genes are from Poland... we should be blond, still, too!


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