Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Errands with my Daughter ~ Wednesday 7/19/17

I'm going to skip the bullet point format today because I'm tired and this is easier, ha.

I had a bad night. I didn't go to bed when I said I would, it was too late. So I was hungry and snacked on a pretzel bagel.  When I did go to bed, it felt that I tossed and turned and was uncomfortable for a long time. When I finally woke up, it was only a couple of hours later but my legs hurt and my eyes hurt like I had grit in them and stung. I thought it was allergies at first,  but then I started thinking that I was probably dehydrated. So I drank some water and then was able to sleep well, but it was only about 3 hours before my alarm rang. Consequently, I was in a deep sleep when it rang and it was extremely hard to get up and I've been dragging all day.

The good side of being dehydrated is that my scale recorded a small loss when in fact I felt quite "bulky" because I haven't been regular.  As soon as I rehydrate, though, my weight will probably go up a little :)

I fed the cats, took the recycling out for collection, brought my neighbor's empty trash bin back up their driveway (they're out of town for a couple of days and family will come to feed the pets but having your trash bin out 24 hours after collection is kind of a dead giveaway, isn't it? I always keep an eye on their house and the comings and goings when they're gone because they were burglarized by distant acquaintances a couple of times in the past),  considered making an omelet but it was too early for me so I just had bowl of generic Cheerios with a banana. I should have packed a snack to take along but I didn't.  I did plan my food intake right away so I felt good about that... but then I ended up eating out for lunch so now everything is messed up :(

I earned a few SB and the Microsoft Rewards credits for the day.

I looked at the new Aldi and Save a Lot weekly ads online: Aldi is offering a toaster oven this week for $25 and my daughter decided yesterday that she wanted one. How serendipitous!  However, I wanted to check out at least one thrift store before I bought a brand new one.

My daughter got up as well since she had asked to come with me on my errands to pick a few more things she needed for college. I only had 3 stops on my list originally (vet's, eye doctor and Aldi) but then I looked at the list she sent me and the new Aldi and Save A Lot ads and added a few more stops.  In the end, we made 10 stops!  I'm exhausted!

As we were leaving, my neighbors' relatives were coming out of their house so they made sure that I knew who they were and why they were there, LOL.

First we stopped by Save A Lot.  I bought some grapes (on sale @ $0.88/lb), grape jelly, an onion, 2 boxes of acetaminophen for my daughter and myself and some bag clips for her as well.  The OOP was $11.19 and I used a prepaid Visa card that I had bought from Youngest Son last year so no money OOP today.

Then we went to my eye doctor. My new trifocal, progressive lens glasses were in and I just needed for the tech to fit them properly on my face. I thought I might get nauseous from the progressive lenses, as my doctor had warned me about it, but I've been wearing them all day and I really love them. I can see much better now, which is so nice. I kept the same frames so there's no change in my appearance. You know I don't like change so it's not a surprise, right?  It's the 4th year in a row that I pick the same frames :)  I love the staff at the eye doctor's they're all so nice and personable. The tech remembered that my daughter had come with me to help me pick glasses one year, but that was probably at least 6-7 years ago! No co-pay today since I prepaid for the glasses a couple of weeks ago.

Since the South Lake Animal League thrift store is right around the corner and I had 2 bags of donations in my trunk, we went there to donate everything and also to see what we might buy. I found 2 things: a toaster oven for my daughter priced at $15.  There was another one for just $10 but it didn't heat up past 350 degrees so I spent the extra $5 for the one that works perfectly.  It's a little larger too.  She heats up chicken nuggets in ours quite often and since they have to pay utilities at the apartment, I figured that using a toaster oven would be cheaper than using the big oven on their stove.  I also found a brand new roll of sisal rope for $4.50. I have no idea whether it's a good price or not, but we do have a cat scratch post that needs to have the rope replaced so I'll be working on that.  The OOP was $20.87 and I charged it to Amex for 1% back in Rewards.

From there we drove to Aldi. We had the shock of our lives when we turned into the parking lot because half of it was gone and the whole building was under construction!  It was so jarring that we kept on saying "This is the Aldi parking lot, right?  We're at Aldi right?" LOL. Then I remembered seeing news stories about all the older Aldi stores getting remodeled this year.

Woah!  I wasn't expecting this at all! There was no advance warning and the signage says that the store is open during the remodeling and doesn't mention that it'll be closed for the whole month of September AT ALL.

Thankfully, it was still open although the traffic flow is really awkward now and you can't bag your groceries inside the store anymore.  We mostly bought items that my daughter needed (dishwashing liquid, sandwich bags, toilet paper, things like that) and a few items for me: cat litter, a large container for the cat food, milk, some produce, light mayo (not the kind I wanted but at least now I have a spare jar!) and flavored sugar free creamer.  The total OOP was $53.43 and I charged it to Amex for 3% back in Rewards. I haven't calculated what will be attributed to which part of my budget yet.  I asked the cashier when the remodeling would be done and she said "October, but WE WILL BE CLOSED THE WHOLE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!" Aaaaaargggh, sob, sob, sob. I need to put a reminder on my calendar, I just texted my BFF with the terrible news. I guess I'll be driving to the nice one in Mount Dora in September because it'll still be cheaper than shopping at Publix, lol.  However, if they make ours look as nice as the one in Mount Dora, it'll be worth it.

The food I bought at Aldi
There were a few items we hadn't gotten at Aldi so we decided to go to Walmart next. I decided right away that I was going to use my Swagbucks gift cards for everything, so we just added items to the cart and I didn't even flinch at the prices.  Most of what we got was for my daughter but I did get some drain unclogger, a roll for cat hair removal, sugar free apricot spread, reduced fat cheddar cheese, my favorite pens, and some Sharpies for myself.  Once again, I haven't figured out what will be part coming out of which area of my budget, but actually it was all free to me (otherwise it would have been $74.54) since I used Swagbucks gift cards.  While we were shopping. I ran into my favorite Save A Lot assistant store manager. I hadn't seen him in so long and had been wondering where he went, but he told me he went to work for the store in Winter Garden!  It's funny that we usually see each other once a year outside of Save A Lot and we figured out that it had been a year since we had last ran into one another. We chatted about our families (his oldest will become an Eagle Scout in a couple of months) for a while, he's so nice. He made sure to include my daughter in the conversation :)

The food I bought at Walmart for us. The rest was either non-food and I didn't take pictures or for my daughter.

My daughter had been hurrying me along prior to this but suddenly she decided that she needed new sandals. She hadn't found anything she liked at Walmart, so she asked if we could go to Payless. It's all  the way near SuperTarget, another 10 minutes away but I said "yes".  We were hungry, though, so we had some mandarins from Aldi on the way there. I forgot to go to Wawa first though.

We found a pair of sandals at Payless on sale for $12.99. I charged them to Amex for 1% back in Rewards.  There were purses and she needs a new, larger one, but there was nothing she liked at Payless, so we decided to go to Target since we were right there. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't shop there anymore :)  Anyhoo, she found a pair of fake "Keds"-type tennis shoes that she liked for $16.99 and then she found the exact same purse as mine but it was grey (mine is Navy blue) and it was on clearance at $17.48 (half price).  She asked if I would be willing to switch purses since I didn't mind the grey and she'd rather have the Navy blue. Hmm, OK.  So we bought the purse too.  The OOP was $34.99 after the 5 cents discount for using our own bag and the 5% REDcard discount.

Then I realized that I had skipped Wawa and we needed to back track some because I wanted to get my free coffee today (Rewards member freebie on Wednesdays in July).  We were both super tired and hungry so I offered for us to get sandwiches from Wawa. She agreed because she really wanted to try one after I had been singing their praises. But we were also thirsty and I didn't want to buy drinks since we have 4 Sodapalooza cups, so we first drove a little farther to go to RaceTrac, got our 4 free soda refills, and then went to Wawa. I gassed up my SUV at $2.149/gallon, or 15 cents higher than last week! But I got a receipt with which I'll take a survey and earn a free coffee coupon to redeem on Friday when I meet my BFF there for a date :)

My two refills and my daughter got 2 as well.

Then we went inside and I got my free 24 oz French Vanilla coffee. I wanted to get a free sample of hazelnut coffee as well, but I didn't have any free cup holders for it in the car, so I skipped it. We ordered our paninis. The OOP for the sandwiches was $13.68 (NOT cheap but so yummy) and I charged it to Amex, hoping that it'll qualify for the 2% in Rewards since it's a gas station, plus I asked for my receipt (they don't give it to you automatically) so I can take the other survey and forward it to my best friend so she can redeem the coupon as well.

We ate our sandwiches and drank our free sodas in the SUV while I drove to the vet's, where we picked up our cat and kitten food ($104.97, charged to Amex for 1% back in Rewards).

And then we finally drove home. I am soooooo tired. Once again, no chores will be done today save for taking care of the cats. I'm drinking the coffee from Wawa, which won't help my dehydration problem for now, but I wouldn't be awake if I didn't drink caffeine right now!

I switched the contents of my blue purse and transferred them to my gray purse. It felt like I was quitting the Union and joining the Confederates, lol.  The thing is, my blue purse had become very soft and pliable in the 4 years that I've been using it. and the new one is quite stiff but anything for my darling daughter, right? Sob again. Yes, she was appreciative!

After I put everything away, I settled down with some coffee and my last 3 macaroons from the box we bought at Trader Joe's yesterday. We should have bought more!  Princess came to cuddle with me and then New Kitty came to cuddle with me too!  Princess was looking at her kind of reproachfully (she doesn't like to share, lol) but she didn't say anything.  I petted them both for a while and then decided to look at the various rebate apps to see if I had anything to redeem. I find that doing it this way doesn't force me to spend money that I wasn't planning on spending just because there's a rebate available. I'm only able to redeem a $0.25 off any item rebate today so I submitted my Walmart receipt.  Additionally, I submitted my receipt to Walmart's SavingsCatcher website in case I can receive any money back from that (probably not, but you never know).

My daughter also wanted a lap desk for her laptop and the one from Aldi was too small. I found one on Amazon that was large enough and had a left-handed mouse pad so I ordered it for her. It was close to $30 but also had a coupon for $1.04 off the purchase (?!) so I redeemed the coupon. My $5 credit from the Amazon Prime Day gift card purchase was applied to the balance too.  Additionally, I ordered an Apple-certified charging cable for my phone to replace the one that failed yesterday. That was $7.99.  I declined to apply any Rewards points to my purchase so I paid for the whole approximately $35 OOP with my Amazon Visa card and will receive 5% back in Rewards. I'll apply the Rewards when I schedule my credit card payment.

I forgot to mention that today is once again Law & Order Marathon Day on ION TV (woohoo!) so I have it on in the background while I'm typing this post.  I love that there are so many shows that I can watch for free on over the air TV.  I emailed my lawmakers yesterday because there's some initiative to cut funding to the organization that is ensuring that we can all receive programming from our local stations, grrr.

My SB Team is still winning the team challenge so I decided to try and get the 600 team points. I'm way behind since it's already Wednesday in the late afternoon and I've earned fewer than 100 team points!  So I'm running the videos again but it's making me nervous. I spent $75 in Swagbucks gift cards today, however, so I should try to earn more, especially since I'm thinking about passing some one to my daughter for her expenses in college this year.

Well how about that?  Upromise emailed me that I had earned $0.99 back from that lousy "French" restaurant meal last Wednesday. I guess they were tracking my Discover card. I guess that's better than nothing.

I input all my receipts into my spreadsheets and wrote a Grocery Shopping post. Sigh. I wasn't supposed to shop at all this week!  I'm addicted to Aldi and I can't quit, though, hahaha.

I took a Wawa survey with one of my receipts and printed a coupon for a free any size drink or coffee, which I will redeem Friday morning when I meet my BFF.  I'll take the other survey tomorrow since I'm not sure that I can take more than one per day.

Well, I was able to meet my 1st SB goal of 100 SB today and I'm up to 444 team points. So I might get to the 600 team points by Friday after all. My team is still in 1st place.  Update: at 10:09 p.m. I'm still wide awake (because I drank the XL coffee from Wawa!) and I'm still running the videos.  I exceeded my 2nd Daily Goal and I'm at 594 team points, woohoo!

Our water bill was $57.51 for the past period. I scheduled a payment to be mailed from my bank (free to me) and was able to report a cushion of $268.33 (difference between what I budgeted vs. what I have had to pay so far this year for this bill) to next month's "water bill bucket".

I scheduled several credit card payments and balanced my checkbook.  I had wanted to redeem my Amazon Rewards points as a credit towards my bill, but I only have something like 1907 points and they want me to have 2000 points in order to either get a credit on the card or get it as cash in my checking account. Arrrgh. Every day that it stays in the Amazon account is a day when Greg could be ordering something and using the points inadvertently because it defaults to using them.

I asked my daughter to fix her own dinner because I didn't feel like cooking. I don't feel bad at all since she'll be on her own in a month anyway and I provided lunch already, lol.  I made myself a chicken sandwich with some of the chicken breasts that I roasted on Monday, some guacamole and a whole wheat bun. I also had a small spinach and strawberry salad with light balsamic dressing, and I'll have 1/4 of a small papaya for dessert. I was so happy to have planned my food intake in advance and then it all went kaput when we ate out and I had some macaroons, lol.  But I think my dinner is fairly healthy so I should be OK.

My daughter left her earbuds on the couch while she heated up some meatballs... wanna guess what happened to them? Yep, Explorer found them immediately and chewed them up.  This has got to be the 10th pair of earbuds or charger cables we've lost to the darn kittens this past year.  I told her to kick his little butt and she said "well, it was my fault, I knew better".  Yep, but that kitten still needs to learn his lesson. Anyhoo, this was a pair of free earbuds she'd gotten at UF Preview, but it still leaves her without any earbuds and she listens to music on her phone all the time. Oh well.

I spoke with Greg and Youngest Son tonight.  For people who told me they loved canned food, they're actually eating out every night, LOL.  They even went to Wawa tonight and took a picture for me because I'm the one always raving about Wawa's food offerings :) They visited a museum of Aviation (in Virginia Beach, I think) and there was a cat hanging around in one of the hangars. The staff told my son that the cat would let him pet him but then would bite him. So my son said he took it as a challenge and went to pet the cat. This is my cat-crazy son, you know, who is rarely without a cat perched on top of him.  So he approached the stray and the cat did the flopping thing for him and let him pet it and never bit him at all :) He's a cat whisperer, that one.

Speaking of kittens, here is a picture my daughter took of the boys while she was playing with them tonight, lol.

LOL, they're brothers, alright!
I have no appointments tomorrow morning and nothing planned and I really hope the cats will let me sleep in. I wish you all a good night as well.


  1. It felt like I was quitting the Union and joining the Confederates... You are too funny...this made me laugh out loud!!!

    After running all these errands, you DESERVED to sit on the couch with coffee and macaroons!

    1. Darn tootin' right!

      I wish I had macaroons right now... but I skipped TJ today because all those people in the stores were getting to me. And now I regret it!


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