Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lazy Wednesday ~ 7/26/17

When I woke up this morning, I was wondering why I couldn't move my legs so I looked down and, of course, there were 3 kittens huddled around my legs and feet, hahaha.  Usually Explorer sleeps next to my head but I guess today he wanted to be with his siblings. They were all conked out. I went to use the bathroom and then, since they still hadn't moved, I got back in bed, checked my email and the news on my phone and then fell back asleep until 9:30 a.m.!

Needless to say, I'm not feeling too motivated to go grocery shopping!  I took a shower, fed the cats, brewed my coffee, had a bowl of Very Berry Cheerios (9 grams of sugar?!?) with some strawberries for breakfast, and called Greg. He reported that his back is all better now, yay!  And also that they had changed their plans and were now coming home tomorrow. Gulp. But hooray!  I did warn him that since I was going to clean on Friday and my daughter and I will be gone tomorrow, the house might not get cleaned up before they get home and he said he didn't care.  I love my husband :)

So, of course, I could be cleaning today (and really, it's most dusting and vacuuming and doing the dishes) but it's Law & Order Marathon Day today so... we'll see.

It's sunny outside and not super hot yet, at least in my shady driveway.  I really miss the cooler weather when I can sit on the patio with my coffee and watch the birds. These days I can hear them sing in the trees around us, but they rarely venture out of the cool cover of the trees. I do see a lone cardinal at the feeder in the evenings, but that's about it.

I still checked the newest Aldi and Save A Lot ads, and as I was hoping, the grape jelly is on "Back to School" sale at Aldi at $1.29 and honestly, I'm going to stock up and buy between 8 and 12 jars of it.  The lunch meats are also cheaper so I'll try to stick some in the freezer as well. Produce-wise, they continue to have strawberries for $1.29 and also blueberries for $1.29 so I'll be buying a lot of those and probably freezing the blueberries.  As far as SAL is concerned, they're selling chicken breasts for $0.88/lb, so I'll be buying some of this as well and hopefully everything will fit in the freezer :)

Greg sent me a text that they just ran across the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken and that there's a museum so they stopped to visit it. Youngest Son loooooves KFC so that was a great way to start their day, lol!

Walgreens sent an email to say that from now on, the Balance Rewards points will expire after 12 months.  That shouldn't impact me, as I redeem them as soon as I hit a $5 reward, but it might impact you.

I earned a few SB (11 SB for a Search award again, woohoo!) and I'm running videos to try and meet my 1st (and 2nd?) goal.  My 1st goal is 40 SB... and woah!  I just checked my ledger and even though I just started running the videos, I've already exceeded my 2nd Daily Goal because I received a Shop & Earn credit. Woo!

I'm considering buying a $100 gift card to Red Lobster since Greg and I do enjoy eating out once in a while, so we might as well buy the gift cards when there is a good bonus attached...

I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards credits and I'm very close to getting a $5 Amazon gift card :)

Speaking of gift cards, Swagbucks emailed my the $5 Chili's gift card that I had ordered. I'll hold on to it and give it to my daughter when she leaves for college.

I had put a library e-book on hold on Overdrive, which emailed me this morning that it was now available and had been checked out to me automatically. I downloaded it to my Kindle Fire and now I need to remember to read it, lol.

McDonald's had a coupon for a free McFlurry with any purchase in their app so I texted Greg and Youngest Son to let them know and less than an hour later, I got a Discover Card alert that they had spent $2.66 at McDonald's :)  My boys love their McFlurries and shakes!

For lunch I finished the little bit of brown rice and red beans with some reduced fat cheddar cheese and chicken. Then I finished the cherries. Yep. I've eaten the whole darn bag of cherries bought yesterday.  I still have one caffeine free Diet Coke Sodapalooza refill from last night so I'm sipping on that. It's a little less fizzy than yesterday but fine (I don't use ice in my drinks).

There are very serious wildfires all around Marseille right now so I emailed my brother to find out if he and his GF are being affected.  Hopefully their mountain house is OK, so far it looks like the fires are along the Mediterranean coast.

My daughter has been studying Calculus for 2 days straight. This afternoon she decided to drive to RaceTrac to get herself a Sodapalooza refill and offered to get me a free coffee with the coupon in her app.  Woohoo!

Lest you think I did absolutely nothing again today (you wouldn't be too far off the mark!), I:

  • Fed the cats
  • Cuddled with several cats (I know, so taxing, right?)
  • Cleaned all 4 litter boxes (and reused a plastic bag that my daughter brought back from Target earlier this week, to hold the contents of said litter boxes)
  • Repeatedly swept litter off the floors (darn cats!)
  • Swept the kitchen
  • Took the recycling bin down to the curb for collection
  • Later on, brought it back up to the house
  • Restocked both bathrooms with toilet paper (a very important job!)
  • Turned down my daughter's offer to bake a cake for Greg and Youngest Son tomorrow because I already have too many dishes to clean (and, in all honestly, she's just been piling them on, which is irking me but I can't be too much of a hypocrite there, can I?!)
  • Checked the mail (another very arduous task!)
  • Started reading the library e-book but then I got distracted by something (which is more and more common these days) and then completely forgot about it.
And I still have several hours left in the day, **wink**. OK you've seen through me, it's really just a way to try to pep myself into doing what I really need to be doing, namely the dishes, dust and vacuum!

So when I checked the mail (OMZ, it's so hot outside, I didn't realize how much hotter it was than yesterday!) I found the following in there:
  • Great Clips coupons for $7.99 a haircut.  Our prepaid cards allow us to get a haircut without anything OOP but I prepaid $9.99 per haircut. If Greg and Youngest Son need a trim soon, I'll have them use the coupon and pay OOP because the prepaid cards don't expire so using the coupons instead is really saving us money.
  • Coupons for our favorite ice cream and donut places. We may not use them but it's better to have them available just in case, than not :)

  • The ad for the grand opening of Bulk Nation in Clermont!  Woohoo, it's finally opening on 8/5. I can't wait to check it out and you can even bring your own containers, although they have to be pre-approved and pre-weighed at the store.  I would imagine that I would bring mason jars since that's how I'd store whatever I would buy there anyway.

I texted my BFF to let her know if Bulk Nation's opening and suggested she signs up for their emails since they offer coupons.

Speaking of being hot, a couple of days ago I turned the thermostat up to 75F on the living room side of the house, to try and save some money on electricity.  It was a little stuffy when I went upstairs at night but it was mostly OK since I have a fan blowing on me all night anyway.  However, it was so much hotter today that I decided to lower the temperature back down to 74F at night. Just 1 degree makes a difference upstairs!

It hasn't rained in a couple (3?) days so I might have to water on Friday. (note to self).

At dinnertime, I asked my daughter for input on what she wanted for dinner but stressed that we were eating food from home, at home.  Her only feedback at first was that she had made spaghetti for lunch so she didn't want any pasta. Fair enough but I was thinking about making pasta, LOL.  Then she mentioned that she wanted breakfast for dinner so she'll make it herself as she knows I don't want that (well, I do want it but I can't have it).  So, in the end, I decided to make myself kind of a "big ass salad" as Laura called hers this week, hahaha. Only I just used lettuce, cucumber and chicken and it was only a "little ass salad" because my bowls aren't that big. And now I have a goal to find a large bowl so next time I want a larger salad, I can have it without using a serving bowl all to myself, ha.

Hmm, I had left the manual focus on so... this didn't turn out!

I'll have papaya and a yogurt later on.

I activated a couple of Plenti offers for Winn Dixie. I don't shop there but, as I always say "you never know".

In case you or someone you know suffers from cystic acne, I read in a Reddit thread this morning that blister bandages (aka hydrocolloid bandages) work wonders.  I'll have to try it with Youngest Son as he sometimes gets some on his back and neck. Let us know if you've ever tried it and what you thought of it!  The Redditors commenting on the thread who have used them were all very enthusiastic about it.

Greg called me tonight from the middle of Georgia where he and Youngest Son are staying at a Holiday Inn Express on my recommendation :) I'm glad they're treating themselves on their last night!  He talked to his mom who had gone to a different doctor today to get a 2nd opinion on the situation with her back and this doctor is saying that she has not 1 but 3 bulging discs and that the surgery she'll need is much more extensive, requires 3 days in the hospital and then 10 days of around-the-clock care.  She wanted to hire a company to help her at a cost of $4K but Greg is thinking he'll fly up there and work from her house, like he did when he went to help his dad.

Well, I've managed yet again not to do the chores that I had thought that I'd do... big surprise. If the dishes don't get done tonight, I'll get up early to do them before Daughter and I leave for the museum, but I'm going to try and get them done tonight, and then vacuum before we leave tomorrow.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. Glad you got all those very important tasks accomplished, Nathalie. Not sure I'd have been able to decline an offer to bake a cake, though! That takes a lot of will power! Very sweet of Greg to say he doesn't mind that the house won't be cleaned before he comes back; I think he missed you!

    Hope you heard back from your brother and he's not affected by the fire.

    Hope you have a lovely day with your daughter. Take care. Bless

    1. I would have loved to eat cake but I didn't want MORE dishes to wash :)

      No, I still haven't heard back from my brother so I hope it only means that he and his GF are at their mountain home where there isn't cell phone reception or internet... and that there aren't any fires there!!!

      We ended up not going to the museum today but my daughter and I still went out to lunch and then we did the grocery shopping together so it was still time spent together, which I enjoyed :)

  2. We totally use serving bowls for our salads! The kind that would be used to serve vegetables on the table, I guess. I usually plate our meals to control portion sizes, so we only really use serving bowls if we have company.

    A ROLO McFlurry sounds really yummy, although I don't love McDonald's ice cream. Michael and I went out to get Frosties last night at Wendy's and they are running a promotion right now where the small size is $.50/ea. So now I want to go out again tonight!!! :P

    1. I'm relieved that I don't care for ice cream or milkshakes or anything like that otherwise I'd be cheating on my diet even more than I am right now! Enjoy your Frosty if you end up getting another one!

  3. cream has always been my big downfall! I used to eat a big bowl of it (you know, like 3 - 4 servings). Then I decided to just buy Klondike bars, Dove bars, or those Ben & Jerry's ice cream sandwiches, just to limit myself. Of course they are not diet food, but if I budget my calories carefully, I can have one of those treats every so often.

    I love "big ass" salads!

    1. I shouldn't tell you this but there's a really good deal on Klondike bars through 9/1 (tomorrow!) at Publix. They're on BOGO and the Publix coupon brochure has $1.00/1 coupons but the coupons expire tomorrow.

      Also... believe it or not, I woke up from a nap on Sunday craving ice cream (I don't usually like ice cream) and I ended up eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's before dinner. It's a good thing that I got my tubes tied because one could wonder...


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