Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Grocery Shopping This Week

Wednesday is my main shopping day. My official 2017 weekly grocery budget is $100/wk for 4 people (2 adults, 2 teens)... through August and then it'll drop to $75.00/wk for 3 people (2 adults, 1 teen) as my daughter will have moved out.

This week, I found chicken breasts and cherry turnovers on clearance. I also stocked up on grape jelly and sugar free flavored creamer. Prices were great on berries so I bought a lot. Lastly, I splurged on a nice piece of seasoning salmon fillets.  

Let's see how I did!

Budget for the week: $100
Total OOP: $80.91
Rebates expected: $0.00
Total spent after rebates: $80.91
Money left in budget: $19.09

Money left in budget for the month ($100 = 4 weeks @ $100): $201.64

Baking Supplies: $0.00 OOP

  • None needed

Beverages: $3.18 OOP

  1. Aldi was out of those the last couple of weeks so I grabbed 2 containers when they were back in stock this week. I use it in my plain daily coffee to make it a little more flavorful :)
  • 2 canisters sugar free French Vanilla creamer (Aldi) @ $1.59 each = $3.18

Breads: $7.69 OOP
  1. Woah, I bought way too much bread this week! 
  2. I guess the whole wheat buns were just on temporary price reduction last week, instead of "new low price" as the tag had said, because they were back up to $1.29 this week :( Also, I didn't pay attention and grabbed a bag of hot dog buns by mistake instead of hamburger buns. The new sign claims that they're a "seasonal item", which I hope isn't true because I've been buying them every week!
  • 1 loaf white bread (Aldi) @ $0.83
  • 1 package whole wheat hot dog buns (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 package whole wheat hamburger buns (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 package Fit & Active flat bread (Aldi) @ $2.29
  • 1 package whole wheat tortillas (Aldi) @ $1.99

 Cereals: $0.00 OOP
  • None needed

Dairy: $5.51 OOP
  1. It's still hard to judge how much milk we go through every week, especially since my daughter is moving away on Saturday and she's our milk lover. So I grabbed just half a gallon since it was on sale, but I got whole milk, so I plan on stretching it with water.
  2. I wanted to stock up on the string cheese since it's 50 cents cheaper than it's been in the past, but it takes on a weird taste and consistency if it stays in the fridge too long, so I limited myself to just 1 package. I give one stick to Greg in his lunchbox every day and will suggest to Youngest Son that he takes one too because I think he should eat more dairy.
  • 1 half gallon whole milk (CVS), on sale @ $1.99 but FREE thanks to CVS gift card earned via Amex Rewards and also received $0.25 back from Ibotta so MONEYMAKER.
  • 6 cups yogurt (Aldi) @ $0.33 each = $1.98
  • 1 package American cheese slices (Aldi) @ $1.49
  • 1 package light string cheese (Aldi) @ $2.29

Dry/Pantry/Freezer Goods: $11.82 OOP 
  1. The grape jelly was finally in stock, yay!  I bought 6 jars since Greg has PBJs every day.
  2. I keep on buying light mayo even though I already have several containers of it in the pantry, so I need to stop!
  3. I've stopped feeling guilty for preferring the already made taco seasoning mix ever since I've realized that Aldi sells a lower sodium version of it :)
  • 1 jar light mayo (Aldi) @ $1.89
  • 6 jars grape jelly (Aldi) @ $1.29 each = $7.74
  • 1 jar salsa (Aldi) @ $1.49
  • 2 envelopes reduced sodium taco seasoning (Aldi) @ $0.35 each = $0.70
Produce/Juice: $15.85
  1. I can't recall another year when the berries were that cheap for so long without having to use discounts and coupons so I stocked up again. I'm loving my daily fruit salads made with those and my homemade pineapples :)
  2. I love spinach and actually my family is more amenable to eating it in sandwiches and salads than Romaine lettuce so now I buy 2 bags. I'll probably make spinach strawberry salad this week too.
  3. I'm going to make zesty refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers and some serrano peppers that I froze so I was happy to find the cukes on sale this week at $0.29 each.
  4. I buy the organic black beans at Aldi since they don't have no salt black beans. Those have much less sodium than the regular kind. I don't like paying more for less, though, LOL.  I really should just cook dry black beans in the pressure cooker but convenience wins here.
  • 4 lbs strawberries (Aldi) @ $1.29/lb = $3.87
  • 4 pints blueberries (Aldi) @ $1.29 each = $5.16
  • 3 cucumbers (Aldi), on sale @ $0.29 each = $0.87
  • 2 cans organic black beans (Aldi) @ $0.89 each = $1.78
  • 2.70 lbs bananas @ $0.44/lb (Aldi) = $1.19
  • 2 bags spinach (Aldi) @ $1.49 each = $2.98

Proteins: $31.38 OOP
  1. I can't resist good prices on chicken breasts so I bought a family pack even though I have a few packages in the freezer already. We love chicken.
  2. Next time Aldi has the turkey andouille sausages, I'm going to stock up because they were cheaper and healthier than the chicken sausages. This week, I bought the spinach and feta flavor for a change.
  3. I splurged on salmon. Not only did I buy the more expensive already seasoned version (because they were out of the plain fillets in smaller packages) but I bought a larger package too because the cut was nicer (thick throughout).  I hope it's good!
  4. The lunch meat continues to be priced $.80 cheaper than usual so I bought 2 more packages for my freezer.
  5. The kids have decided that they prefer popcorn chicken to chicken nuggets. It's only 20 cents more expensive than the nuggets so I indulged them.
  • 4.16 lbs split chicken breasts (Aldi), on clearance @ $4.45
  • 1 package spinach feta chicken sausages (Aldi) @ $2.99
  • 1 lb each Black Forest turkey and ham (Aldi) @ $2.99 each = $5.98
  • 1 bag popcorn chicken (Aldi) @ $3.99
  • 1 6-ct corn dogs (Aldi) @ $2.19
  • 1.31 lbs mediterranean herb salmon (Aldi) @ $11.78

Snacks: $5.48 OOP and got $3.49 back in Register Rewards

  1. The candy and mint came out of this week's budget but gave me Register Rewards that I will redeem on grocery items next week.
  2. The turnovers weren't needed but for $1.99 after the $1.00 discount sticker, it'll save me from heating up the oven to bake the quick bread that I had planned on baking :)
  • 4-ct cherry turnovers (Aldi), on sale @ $1.99
  • 1 package Trolli sour worms (Walgreens), on sale @ $1.50 and received a $1.50 Register Rewards
  • 1 container Mentos NowMints (Walgreens), on sale @ $1.99 and received a $1.99 Register Rewards
So far this year, I have spent:
January - $292.05
February - $248.17
March - $196.87
April - $417.07
May - $319.07
June - $292.90
July - $371.92
August so far... $198.36

Did you get any great deals at the grocery store this week?  Please link up or share your finds in the comments :)


  1. Well done with your grocery shopping this week. Your cherry turnovers had me craving turnovers! If it hadn't been quite so hot, I might have even made some (with apples or peaches, since that's what I have). I might still make some this weekend, and bake them in the toaster oven! But then, I'd want ice cream to go with it and that's where things start to go downhill for me!

    1. "If you show a reader a turnover... she's gonna want to make a turnover! And if she makes a turnover... she's gonna want ice cream!" is what was going around my brain when I read your comment, LOL. When I was growing up in France, we had applesauce filled turnovers called "chausson aux pommes" and it was one of my favorite pastries! I hope the weather cools off for you soon!

  2. LOL, I did make the apple filling, last night - sliced and sauted half an apple in some butter with sugar - and ate it warm, just as it was, without the pastry and the ice cream. It satisfied the craving and I could pretend it was a relatively healthy dessert!

    1. Yum I don't know if it was very healthy but it sounds very good!

  3. Your salmon and spinach purchases reminded me of one of my favorite, quick go-to dinners during busy weeknights. I put half a bag of spinach in a casserole dish, put an already-seasoned salmon fillet (I buy the frozen kind at Sam's Club) on top of the spinach, nuke it in the microwave for 5 minutes or so, and dinner is done.

    Dave doesn't like fish, so he makes himself veggie burgers on the days when I eat this.

    1. 5 minutes? On high? I need to remember that trick! Does your microwave stink like fish afterwards? I pan fry it for 6-8 minutes so it really doesn't take much time, but 5 minutes would be even better!

    2. Best trick evah!!! A German lady who worked as a cashier at my Aldi in South Carolina told me about it. The microwave does not stink like fish afterwards. I buy the Morey's seasoned salmon fillets (Publix has them BOGO every once in a while), put the frozen fillet on top of the spinach and nuke (I add about a minute or two to the directions on the package, because of the added spinach). And then I eat it right out of that same container, which is nice because, you know, no pan to clean. And the seasoning from the salmon soaks right into the spinach, giving it a nice flavor.

    3. I'm definitely going to have to try this as I'm told I can't have any chicken or beef (or, I suppose pork, unless they're ground) until my mouth has completely healed. It sounds delicious! And I like no pan to clean, for sure.


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